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I want more, but better storylines
aan_ke14 February 2020
I feel this has so much potential, that beautiful house, those magic keys... but I want to know the story behind it, what about the Locke ancestor, did he know more? I was drawn to it to bingewatch, but some of the scenes are really boring and "too easy" and I felt annoyed about some of the kids' decisions... I'm kinda hoping for a season 2, but hopefully written by better storywriters.
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Great world, lots of potential, poor execution.
willsmankowski10 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching the whole season, and I can't help but feel disappointed.

The show starts off very strong and I was engaged from the first episode. The characters are dealing with trauma and trying to make sense of it, which is a great start. However, as the show kept moving, I couldn't help but feel like the wheels were slowly coming off. It feels like the writers bit off more than they could chew (To clarify, I mean that they created more plot hooks than they could resolve).

I found myself feeling incredibly frustrated at the characters (except for Bode who, for some reason, happens to be the smartest and most capable out of everyone in the show) while watching them continually make decisions to facilitate their own demise almost without a second thought. It's hard to empathize with characters who don't think anything through. I felt incredulous as the Locke kids (mostly Tyler and Kinsey) kept getting completely duped by Dodge. The only thing that keeps the whole story together is that, for some unexplained reason, Dodge can't take the keys from the kids unless they give them up (apparently, a wizard did it or something). The moment they realize that, all they should have to do is keep the keys on them. Roll credits (they do subvert this a bit with Sam showing up and taking the "go anywhere" key, but that's quickly resolved in order to give it back to Dodge). Here's an idea, why not use the astral projection key to explore the omega door! or the well! Why not use it to spy on or locate Dodge? Use the head key and throw a bunch of books about the keys and Key House in your head! (the first thing I would have done is bought a bunch of books and thrown them into my head to become smarter than Dodge.) Tyler learns the entire history of the town this way (also some useless facts about Britain), but his knowledge never becomes useful. The writers love to show off the what the keys do, but they never truly explore what's possible. They don't end up learning the nature of anything involving the keys. Nor do they seem curious about how they were made or where they come from, even though their lives are at stake.

When characters make bad decisions, the point is that there are consequences the characters will have to deal with. Instead of these consequences forcing character development, none of it is ever resolved (What happened to Sam? or the astral projection key? Bode knows how it works and not once does he suspect Sam might be a ghost even though they find his body in front of the door.) Instead, we get bait to keep us waiting for season 2 (Eden secretly getting hit by the "bullet" felt so lazy and unearned when they showed it after it happened. The family catharsis at the end also felt incredibly unearned as the whole audience knows they probably failed. I knew from the moment they found "Dodge" unconscious that it couldn't be that easy.) It's clear the show creators are more concerned with making more money than sculpting a compelling narrative.

I predict Season 2 will feature the same villain with the same goal doing the same things (you can only use dramatic irony so many times before it becomes tiresome). I'm already bored just thinking about it. Count me out. I haven't read the graphic novel but I can only assume it's better so I would rather read that instead.
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It could have been soooo good!!!
kimsemyraha12 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to love this show but just couldn't. It was pretty badly written, definitely aimed at middle aged teens. A insane amount of plot holes, characters constantly making really really stupid decisions that made it really frustrating.
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Lazy writers- stupid characters
godinalecia13 February 2020
You know, This could have been pretty good. But the writers are lazy, and make their main characters dislikable. Every new thing the protagonists all find out, it's wasted because none of them get smarter. They don't use it. They just act like idiots from start to finish. And I mean they are DUMB never figuring things out or retaining what they learn, or getting any smarter for it. So? They loose everything giving the bad guy every tool needed to win.

The only smart characters are the antagonist and the youngest kid (Bode) after his 1 initial big mistake in the very beginning, but I won't spoil that. Just be prepared to be high disappointed in everyone again and again. Oh and again and again.
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Wow please don't cancel just fire the lazy writers
armaud7712 February 2020
This show had me hooked on episode one with high hopes I dove right in on an epic two day binge fest only to come out feeling wet and disappointed the idea was amazing the execution not so much with quite a few highlights that kept me holding on to the bitter end I can only blame the lazy halfa$$ writing for my disappointment it really had so much hope but the overly stupid decision making and lack of explanation (where the hell did the music box go) really punched me in the WTF's so out of twelve different writers I'm sure they know which ones are to blame (does no one proof read screenplays anymore) please take it amongst your selves to rid yourself of the lazy ones and come back with an amazing second season!! P.s. I'm a chef not a writer so I'm not going to proofread this :)
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Went from watchable to dumpster fire by Episode 7.
derekmwoods-3577513 February 2020
It's gonna seem great until the 7th episode, when you get front row tickets to witness a group of writers throw their own careers into the garbage.

It seriously feels like they were trying to speed-run the feeling disappointment that was Game of Thrones season 8.
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Interesting idea, plenty of stupid moments
victoragus8 February 2020
So, ok, I haven't finished it yet. It's more or less interesting, but it has some moments just heavily stupid, like the writer thought: it's time to lunch, so it must be ok with this stupid solution to the plot. It's a shame. Episode 7, the one I just saw, was more than enough. Sorry. What a pity and a waste of time, money and work.
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Why do writers need to make their characters sooooooo stupid?
strizbiz-9942910 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Ok...yeah....let's give the power to find the keys to a kid with zero common sense....who doesn't listen at all...and constantly does stupid things...over and over...and over...and while we're at it, let's make the mother completely clueless and can't remember anything...and let's just make people so stupid things over and over. To me the writers are just lazy and apparently can't make a story work with intelligent characters, it started out ok and got worse and worse, I'm about 5 episodes in and doubt I'll bother watching the entire series. It should be called a series of stupid events. The kid who finds the keys just needs to be dropped off the cliffs so he can't do more damage.
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Good potential but getting worse and worse.
vmetin8 February 2020
Weak scenario. Everyone did stupid things. While watching I said "why?, how? just don't"
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Do the writers think people are ACTUALLY this stupid?
willisjc-7529221 February 2020
I really wanted to like this show, but there are TOO many lapses in logic and plot holes...Literally, everyone is lacking in common sense, even the police force!! The only character that's remotely intelligent is Bode, and he's a child, and even then, he's still annoying...I really would LOVE to have a conversation with the writers and director and try to understand how they thought that this plot made sense, because the story does NOT support itself at all. I would love to get into specifics, but I don't want to spoil the plot for new viewers, but I definitely won't be back for season 2. 👎🏾
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Could have been great
txdego20 February 2020
But ended up being trash, so close yet so far, budget CW network fail.
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Hard Pass
willisharris-6967110 February 2020
Skip this show. The show is visually nice, but the sheer stupidity of each character makes this a hard pass. Watching their constant, idiotic characters make dumb decisions every time is the most frustrating thing anyone should have to witness. Seriously, don't watch it.
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Could have been AWESOME
imaginarycamera19 February 2020
... if it weren't for the poor, poor writing. The concept of the story was really interesting, and I imagine it would have been so exciting to see IF it were developed and written properly. Instead it was written as a teen story, for dumb people. Such a pity, really.
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Great idea but stupid characters
raghav-thakur-rt12 February 2020
It's a great idea and had massive potential but the writing is awful, the characters make stupid decisions and Keenzy is irritating. Wasted my time, has bunch of filler and irrelevant things. The kid is the most intelligent. They were trying to copy stranger things, but the characters are idiots and unwatchable.
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good premise bad writing.
luckyjedi-8575710 February 2020
I really want to like this show. I like the ideas and even the overall story of the show not to mention the potential but the writing feels lackluster. It's as if they knew the beginning and the end but had no idea how to fill it in and connect the dots. The story only moves forward because of characters constantly making the worst illogical decisions possible over and over and over until they bridged the gap. There is only so much stupid viewers can handle from the characters before they rip their hair out and want to stop rooting for them. And from reading other reviewers I'm not the only one pointing out these flaws.

I understand this is based off a comic which I haven't read and that the story might have been taken straight from the pages but that's not an excuse as to why the story doesn't feel fluid and believable and that corrections should have been made in order to make the story better. So I would like to see the writers up their game next season much like lost in space season 2 did and give us a more immersive and cohesive story.
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Full of plot holes.
emckaskill12 February 2020
The premis had potential.

Unfortunately the characters lack motive and are constantly making poor decisions to the point where you're yelling at the screen about why they shouldn't be doing what they're about to do or why that thing they just said is ridiculous.

The plot is inconsistent and full of holes. The rules that apply in this world don't often make sense or seem forgotten about in the next scene and the ending left a lot unexplained which normally would seem mysterious as if they're setting up for season 2 but in Locke and Key it comes across as lazy and unrefined.

Really frustrating.
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Another great potential ruined by Netflix.
CHOOSEurWORDS11 February 2020
I'm not going to waste to many words on this complete disappointment. The story is weak with too many boring dialogues. There's never any tension. The creators didn't focus the story around the magic. The viewer doesn't get to know the history behind the magic. The characters neglect to search for answers explaining all of it. They don't even use the magic to their advantage. Instead the makers serve the viewer a boring teenage high school drama. The characters are unlikeable, behave very unnatural and utter retarded in most situations (see for most irritating examples in episode 7). I wanted this series to be exciting and engaging but as usual Netflix completely managed to botch it up.
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Watch this if you want get angry
sagahemmingsson19 February 2020
I've watched 8 episodes and I do not know if I can bare to watch anymore. I am so baffled at how stupid the characters are. I can't even express how frustrated I am. It is like their mental cognitive has castrated my vocal chord. I'm at the point where all I can do is squirm in my bed and sigh whenever they make decisions.

And it's such a shame. The effects are nice, the concept is cool. This could've been a hecking nice show but gosh jolly no. Nope. Insanity awaits whomever with a logical mind that watches this.
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There is potential there
carbball10 February 2020
I love the idea of the story but man does it take along time to get there. All the high school drama was use less and really off putting. In the first few episodes the time spent on the keys is like 5% of what's happening and I honestly wanted to skip ahead. I like the idea of the story and that's the only thing that kept my interested to finish the series. Here's hoping season two is better.
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Kinsey is a terrible character
dewightlawrence17 February 2020
I just created this account to state that this series would be at least tolerable if Kinsey was likable. Not alot of fictional characters i hate more than her, if that was the writer goal then 10/10. Every episode after she lost her fear is just painful to watch. I find myself wishing to see any other character than her, especially that wonderful specimen of a man Rufus.
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Interesting premise with poor writing and annoying characters
AeonsLegend13 February 2020
Locke and Key is well made. It looks and feels pleasant and the story about magical keys certainly is interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode. Certainly not amazing or antyhing, but I did want to watch the next episode. What happened in the upcoming episodes went from bad to worse.

Especially Kinsey and Nina are almost impossible to watch. Kinsey becomes an insufferable selfserving wench. I rarely hate characters in a series, but Kinsey is one of the most obnixious characters I've ever had the displeasure of watching.

Then the mother Nina. A fly on the wall character who somehow always has this insane grin on her face. When she is talking about people dying? Grin on her face. When she hears about a troublesome youth? Grin on her face. I guess it's her default facial expression, but it's extremely annoying.

Bode is the typical characters bad writers use to create tension. He does things by himself without involving anyone and also doesn't tell anyone what is going on even though what he is doing can doom them all. him and Kinsey basically act like brainless self obsessed kids. That's not how you create proper tension. That's how you create annoyance. Because you're insulting peoples intelligence with this. It's basically the writers saying that the viewer is an idiot and they can get away with it. they even copied from another terrible netflix show called Sabrina. I guess it is ok to use special abilities to bully people. Because that is the message we want to give teenagers.

Tyler is a bit all over the place. Sometimes he seems to be the mature one and then he goes off and act like a moron again. His character is just pure chaos.

I mean you start living in a house with magical keys and doors and none of them actually want to work properly together to figure things out.

All in all I really tried to like the show, but after 6 episodes of high school drama, tedious characters, stupid decisions and little to no magical keys it's a real downer. I guess if you live in the USA and are in school then maybe this is a bit more interesting, although there are better high school drama shows out there. If however you're looking for something more mature then look elsewhere.
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You know you're in trouble when the audience wish the murderer kills the main characters
ario-3411917 February 2020
Couldn't get past episode 7. I don't read the book, but at the beginning I thought this show really has potential. Too bad it has shi++y writers that have written the main characters to be more and more of a couple of certified a-holes from one episode to the next. After episode 6, I decided to give it one more chance. And what do you know, they wrote another main character that had been sober for years, back to drinking, which was an excellent promise of another main character being written into an a-hole. And who are we supposed to root for?

Don't waste your time on this trash. And how did it get the 7+ ratings when plenty of the reviews I've seen gave it a 1 to 4? With more or less the same tone as my review, if I may add.
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A missed opportunity from Netflix
mdbourke-282-8999738 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
What a shame! This could have been a gothic dark tale with an emphasis on the horror and fantasy, instead it was a poorly acted and woefully scripted mess! The characters were what you would expect from a CW show, not the dark mind of Joe Hill ( who makes a cameo as an ambulance driver)

I am not familiar with source material so can it compare.

Pacing was wrong and the ending was to contrived and the setup for season 2 was predictable.

Oh well!?!
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Had potential, ruined by terrible writing.
coreyjpier17 February 2020
No sure how this movie has a 7 star rating? I feel like IMBD lies about rating from time to time when wanting to promote a biased movie of theirs. Because All I'm seeing through reviews is low ratings. Anyways. This had to of been one of the most painful Netflix shows to get through. After coming across trailers that looked to be promising with great cinematography, I was instantly let down with Netflix adding the worst character's in a show I could think of. Upon my first episode watch, the characters had no redeeming qualities and continued to do things that just made me like them less each scene. Getting to the later episodes, I was hoping there was gonna be a turnaround and the main protagonists were going to learn from their mistakes and become better people, but instead become the worst hypercritical dunces who continuously make worse and worse decisions throughout the entire show. I had never been more annoyed and frustrated from watching a show. I highly recommend passing on this trash.
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Solid story line, Hlhate the characters.
susiesd-6957419 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This show have soooooo much potential to be great....I just can't get past the annoying, dumb decisions the characters make. Their odd temperaments, Bode's annoying high pitch voice, Kinsey's selfish brat behaviour and Nina's complete obliviousness to everything....makes it super hard to keep watching.
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