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Sex & Nudity

  • Some kissing and make-outs throughout. No nudity and nothing graphic.
  • A teenage girl straddles a teenage boy lying on a bed, and they are kissing. She is in her bra and his shirt is open. Deep cleavage. They are going to have sex, but then he stops it.
  • Talking about a teenage girl, a teenage boy says to other teenage boys ,"She has two hot titties."
  • A woman and a teenage boy kiss in a pickup truck. She straddles him and takes off her jacket. The scene cuts away. Later, they are shown sitting back with satisfied expressions. They talk and she says, "Maybe we can go for round two."
  • A women wears a silk dress with no bra.
  • A teenage girl is wearing tight jeans and a shirt that shows her midriff and cleavage. A man compliments her "ass," and she asks him if he likes her body.
  • A teenage girl wears a lowcut dress showing lots of cleavage. She has on no bra and you see a couple of glimpses of her nipples pushing the fabric of the dress.
  • A man and a woman kiss passionately while moving to the bedroom. They take their shirts off, and you see his bare chest and her cleavage. They kiss more and fall together toward the bed and out of view.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is strangled in bed
  • A family is held at gunpoint and tied up in their home. Their assailant frequently points his gun at the head of a mother in front of her children and also points the gun at a young child
  • There are a few moments where characters are injured and wounds and blood are shown. In particular a man breaks a window and cuts his hand which drips blood across the house. We later see the blood spots being cleaned.
  • A woman hits her attacker over the head with a hammer. She later hallucinates that she can see blood and hair when she picks up a hammer.
  • A man is stabbed in the smomach with a dagger and can be seen bleeding.
  • A man uses a magical object to set buildings on fire and also kills a man by setting him on fire, the man can be seen ablaze and screaming in pain
  • A teenager waves a dead piglet around his classroom in front of his classmates. He then slams the piglet down on the table where the organs and intestines spill out.
  • Season 2: A girl bites a boy's lips. Blood is shown dripping.
  • 2nd season a lot bloodier and gorier than first. Woman "eats" a man's face, graphically and with heavy amount of blood.


  • 3 Uses of 'Bitch', more than 10 uses of 'Shit', 2 or 3 times saying 'Damn'.
  • Several uses of 'shit' per episode, including by underaged children.
  • While the 'f' word is not mouthed (in season 1) it is shown written on a mug several times during the series.
  • There's a Season 1 episode titled "Ray Of Fucking Sunshine," but it is censored when viewed on the show's home page on Netflix.
  • There is 1 GD*

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Tyler is seen smoking. Brief.
  • A teenage boy is seen drinking excessively at a party. He is shown drinking spirits. straight from the bottle
  • A woman seen drinking alcohol and appears visibly drunk

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The shadow creatures & Echo's shadow form in the final episode could be creepy to younger viewers.
  • A man kills himself at the beginning of the series with a key that sets things on fire


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman and man are kissing on a bed breathing heavily. He is shirtless and she is in bra and panties. She straddles the man and chokes him. He thinks it is for sexual pleasure at first, but then tries to stop her. She refuses to let go and kills him.

Violence & Gore

  • Echo pushes a young child in front of a moving train.
  • The father gets shot and killed. Blood shown, but not a lot.
  • A spider chases the Locke family, and is eventually squashed. Goop splatters everywhere.

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