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Consider its budget!
Patient44429 July 2016
For a small budget production, this script was way over the number of pages you usually see. It had a plot, characters, ideas, good execution, good actors.

One of my favorites is Lance Henriksen, I simply adore the man. From his sci fi early work to the horror side he adopted lately, he is just great to see on the screen. One of the most underrated actors in my honest opinion.

And about the movie: you'll pretty much see full on action. A lot of gun power, some small hand to hand combats, and plenty of blood. Not gore, but blood. You'll see humanity, monsters, light and dark. It is a movie that will keep you going for sure. If you're into horror, or zombies and you wanna pass some time, this is a better way to do so.

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Great action and horror flick.
itzaferg22 August 2016
This is an indie movie but it doesn't feel like an indie movie. It felt like the original Mad Max or 28 Days Later! Great action scenes and lots of quick scare shots.

Johnny Strong (Fast and the Furious, Black Hawk Down) delivers a great performance along with Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Aliens 3, Terminator).

The movie was directed by William Kauffman. He is a killer indie director that makes some great action films with limited budgets. Don't know how he pulls it off. Can't wait till he gets a real Hollywood budget. Chad Law wrote the script. They both did Sinners and Saints, which was another good movie.

Johnny Strong did the soundtrack to the film and it is really good!

The movie was filmed entirely in Texas. If you live in Dallas, you may recognize a few areas. I was surprised to find out that the movie was shot in Dallas at the old Police Station. It is in the same building the Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in. The sets and environments were awesome and made you feel like you were in the post apocalyptic world.
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Pretty Entertaining
SciFighter31 July 2016
Really enjoyed William Kaufman's and Johnny Strong's last outing together in Sinners and Saints back in 2010. That's also the last time Johnny Strong had been on screen except a small short in-between. I wish I could see Johnny Strong do more movies as he normally does quite well Sinners and Saints was a great action flick and I enjoyed Daylight's End just as much.

This movie had a lot of what I like, post apocalyptic setting, lot's of action, some Sci-fi mixed in. This was a good movie for what it was. I see many people saying it's good for a low budget flick while that's true, I have also seen many big budget movies that were really bad. If you have a pretty good script like this and some OK actors and actresses, even on a small budget it can be very enjoyable. That's just what this movie is a good way to spend a few hours. Sure it's not earth shattering but we did enjoy it for the few hours we watched it.

So go in with an open mind and don't expect the world and you might just come out having enjoyed this flick.
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Fun, exciting but will not be very memorable.
drphillgood31 July 2016
I'm a fan of this genre. There's not much new ground broken here, but the movie is fun and very professionally done. A lot of new apocalyptic movies look cheap and this one does not. The action is very well done and the scenes are very intense. The scenes with guns are all very exceptionally done. The character development is weak however, except for the antagonist, who is very interesting. There is very little reason to connect to, or to care about, the good guys though. I see a lot of inflated reviews here, so I registered to say that the movie is actually pretty good, but not as great as early reviews here led me to believe. I think this is worth the "price of admission," but only on a slow night.
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This movie had every chance to go wrong
mochteam12 September 2019
But it didn't. Low budget movie but it's actually a decent watch. Usually when I've watched B-flicks with these themes they just come off as cheesy or cheap. This films uses it's effects very well and doesn't try to be more than what it is. Actually the movie seems to have been perfectly made for it's budget. The costumes and makeup looked good. Why the 7/10 though? Well I never nit pick low budget films like this where they got the job done of being entertaining. Only problems I had with the film is that the grenades had terrible effects and should of just been left out. The guns just seemed to last forever like they had infinite ammo.

As a gun enthusiast myself it always bugs me when the guns don't seem realistic especially in apocalypse movies where they should be conserving ammo. It also kept getting on my nerves that the main character had a semi auto rifle but it fired like it was a sub machine gun. Even worse it was a "Socom 16" rifle (which it said on the bolt. Those rifles take ammo that isn't exactly easy to come by and it's also very expensive ammo. It really would be the last type of weapon you'd want in an apocalypse because you would never find any ammo for it yet he's firing rounds like he put in an infinite ammo cheap code.

Other part of the movie I didn't enjoy so much were some of the other characters with the exception of Sam and Annabelle they all actually seem pretty unlikable. Johnny Strong (haha what a name) the main character pulled off the likeable hero part. The other characters though I mean it was a tough choice between who was the bigger jerk. Acting wise the acting fit the movie.

So yeah a 7/10 for this movie. It was a decent watch for this type of genre.
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Surprisingly good.....
s32761694 August 2016
I have to confess I came to Daylights End with very limited expectations. I was then surprised at how easily it exceeded all of them.

This is a very good film. Its intelligently written, with a implausibly plausible premise and down to earth, honest characterizations, that lend this film a certain maturity. It reminiscent of films like 28 Days Later and whilst it has a B budget, still manages to hand in an A grade performance.

The action scenes, in particular, are "polished". Clearly a lot of work went into the run and gun scenes and I suspect, a military expert was used to lend the whole thing an air of realism.

Just as surprising is the quality of acting. Pretty much everyone from Lance Henrikson, Johnny Strong and the rest of the cast hand in decent performances.

Its remarkable how much can be done with so little, whilst deep pockets Hollywood often achieves so little, with so much. Well shot, acted and directed, with a convincing story, that's very entertaining. Eight out of ten from me.
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someanse7 August 2016
Imo this movie certainly deserve more than 5.

Yes, it looks cheap in many places but it also has redeeming qualities. Basically, everything that comes out of this movie is never very good and in some instances it is really lacking, but overall it is enjoyable.

The characters are very numerous and we don't get to know them very well. They will mostly stay complete strangers to the audience until the end. Even the main protagonist is that way. But on the other hand, they aren't ''flat'',''idiotic'',''generic'' characters (minus the ''BADASS'' hero), they still have decent lines and interactions among each others.

The camera quality though suffers from the low-budget thingy and gives that cheap impression to the movie. While the set is decent>good, the costumes are very authentic, same for the makeup, and the casting (when it comes to visual). Just to explain my thoughts on that, there is a pattern in recent movie where every character is a teenager, with a stupid makeup and a stupid face (I am sure its about makeup and light), a good case is the recent Warcraft.

I do think that the plot is sometimes inconsistent, and that they chose to film some scenes just for the sake of having those scenes in the final cut. Worst, the same is true for some characters: there is clearly one character that is just there to make one scene happens and that afterward becomes completely useless; that can probably be true in other movies, but here it is quite shocking in the sense that everything might indicates that this characters is important or will become important later on. Which never happens, it's just a filler.

My review might look ''weak'' because it doesn't manage to underline the inner qualities or deficiencies of the movie, but it is only because the movie is that way. There is nothing really shiny about it, and although it has deficiencies in certain areas, I still think that it provides for an overall agreeable watch. Despite its faults there is a sense of authenticity that helps build intensity. I have to say, the final-final scene also made me sweat, which doesn't happen so much to me in other movies.

I wish they had a better writer for the characters and plot development, otherwise they still have a decent man capable of taking care of the ambiances&atmosphere; the general ideas are there, it's just that tiny bit of execution and cleverness that is lacking.

To summarize + Costumes/guns/(visual)casting + Intensity + Gunfights ain't bad - Gunfights sometimes feel a bit repetitive and sometimes idiotic - this cheap ''look'' of the camera - some inconsistencies in the plot or some scenes (but that would require spoilers to elaborate) - characters development really lacking
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for the zombie/vampire/apocalypse enthusiast.
stephiemthomas9 August 2016
Chelsea Edmundson, who plays Sam, does an undeniable job portraying the persistent leading lady, eager to fight for all. Her affectionate concern, along with that tough need to survive, makes this attractive leading lady even more interesting. Thomas Rourke (Johnny Strong) is that quietly bold soul that effectively makes the audience want more of his story. Even though I adore a hidden and somewhat romantic side of any story, I appreciate even more, the action leading to a short and surprising reveal. Mr. Strong does just this! All characters exemplified the training and knowledge of how to operate a weapon, as if this was indeed a way of life for them now. The frenzied storm of energy and firearms stayed constant, and the dramatic feud between the devising characters only added to the crisis. As with many films, there sometimes is that surprising unfortunate loss; sadly, it usually would be those characters that could reprise a most beneficial role. I almost want to hate Chad Law for including those downfalls! I believe Mr. Strong made the movie even more appreciable, with his effective score arrangement. This was not a James Horner Celtic, or a John Williams Jurassic Park composition, however I would say that the adaptation, although sometimes toting the line of loud, was certainly apocalyptically fitting. Well done Mr. Strong. I can't leave off the shameless comic relief Drew (Gary Cairns) brings to the film, as well as the sincerity of, and agreeably looking, Ethan (Louis Mandylor). All of this, along with iconic Lance Henriksen, makes for a well-shaped action flick. I feel that William Kaufman did a fine job making these words become human. This is surely a fun movie night for any zombie/vampire/apocalypse enthusiast!
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Another fast paced zombie movie. Too bad the action is monotonous.
peterp-450-29871625 August 2016
To be honest, I feel sorry for those zombies. Their life really is meaningless. A numb existence without any excitement or pleasure. No pleasant dinners at a favorite restaurant. No well-deserved vacation on a sunny beach. No sports or interesting hobbies. Their sole purpose is hunting uninfected fellow men. And when there's nobody left to hunt, the only thing they can do is standing idly somewhere, probably wondering what to do next. Dead boring in other words. The undead in "Daylight's End" have an additional problem. They hate sunlight. Much like the creatures in "I'm Legend". The only difference with the latter film is that you knew how the misery began. In this movie the filmmakers keep you dangling.

Nowadays it's pretty hard to come up with an original zombie movie, since the market is flooded with this genre. Here they tried to give a different twist to this sub-genre by giving the bloodthirsty creatures characteristics of a vampire. That's immediately demonstrated in the opening scene when Rourke (Johnny Strong) finds an undead hiding in a freezer. In no time it's being reduced by Rourke into a smoldering barbecue sausage.

Rourke is a loner who travels across the U.S. as a kind of Mad Max in his armored Plymouth, equipped with a complete arsenal of firearms. His only goal in life is to eliminate as much murderous mutated persons as possible. As gunmen did in the Wild West, he keeps track of the score by carving notches in the butt of his rifle with his immense dagger. The not so talkative Rourke looks ultra-cool and mega-efficiently. The controlled way of attacking, the calm look, always a well thought out answer and always using a targeted plan to take revenge on the creatures responsible for the death of his wife. All this makes him the ultimate anti-hero.

Although this is a low-budget film, at times the images used aren't inferior to those of some blockbusters. By contrast, the acting level of some equals that of an actor in an ordinary television program. Luckily Lance Henriksen's contribution was significantly better than that in "Harbinger Down". And what a surprise. You'll also be witnessing some stupid decisions. Obviously this is necessary in this genre of films. Otherwise nothing significantly would happen. Is there a positive side to this film? Yep of course. It's generously filled with action and swift, fierce confrontations. When Rourke joins a group of survivors, ex-policemen who barricaded themselves in a police station in downtown Dallas, and tries to fend off the daily attacks by zombies, a seemingly infinite number of battle scenes are presented. And it's also hard to keep track of the number of head shots.

And that was the biggest let down for me. After 15 minutes, the course of a confrontation was quite predictable and a bit trite. Over and over again a significant number of zombies are gunned down by a hail of bullets but they still managed to grab a poor soul every time. Oddly enough Rourke failed to hit the big leader despite his skills as a shooter. And skills he has! His precision is masterly and time after time again it's breathtaking to see how an opponent ends up with a gaping bullet wound right in the middle of the forehead. After seeing the head size off the end boss, it's hard to believe he could miss that. "Daylight's end" won't show anything new. It's an action-packed horror and the frantic pace makes sure you won't get bored eventually.

More reviews here :
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Action Packed Romp
mksentinel17 April 2016
If you like full throttle action sequences set in a Richard Matheson world, then "Daylight's End" is the film for you. Lucked into seeing this film at the Dallas International Film Festival last night and was highly impressed. I don't normally jump at horror films...but I did last night...10 times. Thanks to Will Kaufman and company my wife will now be mercilessly mocking me for months.

The gun battles are epic and blow away most studio films. I would liken the gun play to being as cool as John Wick. You can tell their combat coordinator knows his stuff. All in all, this is a very fun movie and definitely worth the watch. One of Henriksen's coolest films in years.
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Decent Zombie Apocalypse
kosmasp8 August 2016
A zombie apocalypse is never a good thing. A movie with that as a theme in it though, can be a really nice thrill ride. So while this may not be the best movie about this ever, it is more than a decent effort. We get the same guy who played the main character in another Kaufmann movie (Saints&Sinners) and gets to shine here again.

Though he is not getting as much attention here, because of the role itself, the action is very well shot. There are clichés abound of course that may weigh down the impact of the movie or the characters fate for some watching. But you should be aware of that. Overall it's nicely done for a small budget movie and one that still manages to have some style ...
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Rouke's Drift
southdavid15 January 2021
Recently making its way on to Amazon Prime in the UK, "Daylights End" is a schlocky action horror movie from 2016 that, whilst far from a classic, or even 'good' film, is far from the worse that the overcrowded scene has to offer.

Three years after a virus has turned most of the population into zombie like wraiths that burn up in sunlight, Rourke (Johnny Strong) meets a group of survivors living in a Texas police station. The survivors plan to find a working plane and fly to Baja, where they believe there is salvation but before they can leave the creatures, led by a seemingly intelligent Alpha (Krzysztof Soszynski) set a trap for them.

Let's not kid ourselves, it's not a good movie. There isn't a lot of budget, though they do manage to make a more convincing apocalyptic city than some other productions have. Where it's obvious is with the terrible fire and explosion effects, that look like a first generation Playstation graphics and also the awful day-for-night shooting, where everything is tinged a weird green. There are a couple of recognisable faces in the film, Lance Henricksen and Hakeem Kae-Kazim, but generally performances are pretty poor. Strong is alright as the lead, though stoic toughman isn't much of a stretch. You can see how he's made a career out of straight to video heroics and supporting roles in bigger movies. He also provides a Chris Cornell-esque song for the closing credits which isn't as bad as you might imagine it would be.

Storyline wise it's cribbing quite a lot from other zombie/vampire movies and really doesn't have many original moments in it, despite a relatively unique twist of the monster, there's lots of retreating and sacrifice and holding the line and "going out on my own terms, man".

With all of those criticisms detailed I feel I should point out that a lot of productions make films nothing like even as average as this, with much greater resources available to them and though I'm unlikely to ever sit through "Daylight's End" again, I don't regret my time spent with it now.
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Excellent action/ horror film
queenwambui786 November 2016
Wow! This movie is absolutely phenomenal! Amazing writing by the very talented Chad Law and directer William Kaufman. I now own 2 of their films. With this film, The character development, the action scenes...made me jump out of my seat ohh and the zombies, you will feel amazingly connected with the characters. I wish to have seen it in the theaters, all those action scenes are full of suspense and leave you wanting more. What great casting! These actors truly delivered. I tell you, this movie is made for T.V! Go buy/ rent it guys, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Chad, I can't wait to see what you have coming up next. Keep pressing on guys! with the rate you're going, you'll soon be a household name!!
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Good Movie with a Good Story and Acting
dnolan71423 December 2016
These low budget films get passed over by many. This production was top shelf and the acting is good, good story line, and the filming, angles, shots and method was great.

Lance Henrikson, a veteran of some of the finest movies made stands out as the lead along with Johnny Strong. Strong played Sgt. Shugart in Blackhawk Down years ago. Solid actor and plays out the enigmatic lead protagonist. Special effects are great, makeup, and weaponry was excellent ! If you're a weapons person, you'll see every known assault weapon, sniper rifle, pistol, etc. you can think of. The actors were handling those weapons like they knew what they were doing. Shows a lot of prep by the production company. Cops and Military will appreciate all of this.

Movies like this makes you wonder...what happens if society breaks down, how people react and groups banding together to survive from others.
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Great action flick
daveandcori4 September 2019
Way better than the reviews make you think. Great story, acting and action.
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Better than people are rating it.
stevenmiller-743198 March 2019
Any zombie film requires you to show some imagination, to let yourself live in a world that does not exist (yet? Do we hope...?). This is a solidly good zombie film, if you like this genre, if you can imagine, if you can submerge yourself in the emotions of the people in this land of zombies, were survival is your single focus... This film is well worth a few hours of your time. Enjoy it, have a drink, let yourself be in this world, whether you are Sam or Rourke, you are fighting for yourself and those you love....every other worry you have does not matter for the next hour or two.
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This is a must see kick ass movie
deidrataylor-500867 February 2019
This movie has great action and Johnny Strong is his usual BAD ASS self and does not disappoint! The story line is great and the cast does an awesome job. This is definately a movie to see for gun action. I definately recommend this movie.
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Decent Movie
jkbmjp28 January 2019
I watched this movie and I thought it was a decent movie. It had a good script, characters, and acting was good. The plot was good but there was nothing to explain about "The Alpha" character. This character was a zombie but how did this zombie have human like characteristics? That was the only question that didn't make sense.

I would give this movie a B+ and I would like to see a sequel.
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Surprisingly badass
israelkirven30 December 2018
Quite possibly the most tactically accurate movie about zombies I have ever seen. As far as I ca tell bring prior service. Non combative. The dialog isn't bloated with unnecessary character development. Lots of action. Realistic scenarios involving seeking out new vehicles( battery). Not like most zombie movies where the gas is never bad and the car always starts. Awesome flick
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Super Solid If you like this genre and don't mind a non big budget movie it's solid
bridgetbreland30 November 2018
Nicely done. Well acted and solidly written. If you enjoy zombie post apocalyptic type movies, it's a good one if you've seen most of the rest. Not big budget but still very good. Glad I tried it!
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better than average zombie film
quasar-0890923 October 2016
considering the marketplace is flooded with hundreds of b level zombie movies like this, it's always best to approach this sort of thing with low expectations to avoid disappointment.

i,m happy to report that for once, this movie actually delivers by being a reasonably good post apocalyptic zombie movie, full of non stop action, a decent plot and sympathetic characters you can actually root for. i also loved the interesting new take on zombies by making them part vampire due to their aversion to sunlight.

Lance Henriksen should be a stranger to no one, and adds some star power to proceedings, even if he isn't the main character. if you have nothing else to watch one evening, give this a try, you may be pleasantly surprised, i know i was.
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Watchable but you'll lose interest before it's finished.
michelb-83-4655418 October 2017
It's on a budget and cinematography is fine. They chose a style for photography, camera work is good so you can watch this flick and not feel it low budget actually.

However, characters are one dimensional and stereotypical. You won't feel attached to any of them which in a zombie movie can be good, people die, but you won't care much neither.

The plot isn't smart, it borrows the two main ideas from two other famous movies in this genre you most certainly have already seen. It also suffer probably by some cuts that left out some scenes that might have helped understand more. Sometimes you wonder a little what's happening. The movie also doesn't offer any background on what kind of apocalypse is and what are these human creatures that drop if shot in the chest not like zombies and burn in daylight like vampires. ???.

All in all there's a lot of good action and we don't need a lot of plot to make a watchable genre's movie, but bad characters and boring although scarce dialogues make this movie a little uninteresting and 20 minutes too long.
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good low budget horror action movie
phanthinga31 December 2016
Daylight's End directed by William Kaufman is a very fun horror action packed movie , it has all the thing a horror action need a likable lead role by Johnny Strong who i think need to be in more action movie and to mainstream audience.Seriously this guy is a perfect 90s action movie.The plot of this movie is simple apocalypse world when a creature part zombie part vampire running around eating people and a group of survival lead by the legendary Lance Henriksen.If you familiar with Kaufman movie you know it will contain good shoot out scene , bad ass one liner and a ridiculously high body count.For a low budget movie this is the best you can get
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Absolutely loved it
noelandcollins4 September 2016
This is a rare film that hits every button for me. Visuals. Performance. Aesthetic. Gunwork. Action. The list could go on.

You need to feel the passion of the people involved in creating the work to truly enjoy it. You do here. You feel it in every frame of the movie. These men and women are putting their hearts into this film, without question.

Obviously it's not going to be for everybody. The film is intense, bloody and unflinching in it's depiction of everything. It does not waste a minute showing how things happened or explaining why things are the way they are. You're dropped into it and if you can't keep up, too damn bad. You don't need any long back stories about how everybody got where they are. Not at all.

There are monsters to kill.
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Military accurate
jedilife7729 August 2016
Very rarely does an action movie get the gun play right, but this one nails it! Great script, tactics and story! Johnny Strong knows what he's doing and William Kaufman brings it all together! This and Deadpool are definitely the best movies of the year! With pros like James Yeager and Sonny Puzikas this movie was destined to have amazing action. Veteran actor Lance gives another great performance as the police chief and Louis Mandylor also gives a great performance. Chad Law is quickly becoming my favorite writer in Hollywood and this scrips shows why. We have all seen zombie movies before, but with the vampiric twist they added to these creatures, it brings the fear back to the vampire that has been lost in recent moves. I have to give this movie a 10 for it has everything an Infantry veteran and horror fan could ask for!
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