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A decent show
yara-tara167 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show is quite decent. Something new to watch, instead of watching those "Who can sing better" shows. Its very entertaining.

One problem I have is the judges and how they treat China so differently from the others. They give her higher points, even when somebody else performance was better, she ends up winning.

China also gets repeatedly great legendary singers. So far she has gotten Tina Turner, Rihanna, Micheal Jackson, Alicia Keys, and James Brown. Unlike the other contestants, like they have gotten Justin beiber, Lady Gaga, Nicki Manaj, and some other artists. Not particularly "Legends" unlike China who had gotten a million.

I honestly don't care if she is 14, she has to play fairly no matter how young she is. I would much prefer a older person. Because this show obviously can't play fair with youth.

I be since Disney and ABC have a "relationship" of course they used her to promote sales and viewers for her new show(or whatever things they have for China)

Anyway, the show idea is very great. Its nice that the judges aren't so picky.

Some performances include a woman trying to betray a man figure, or vice versa. But sometimes the judges give them low scores.

Its obvious that they worked hard to be in that position. The voice shouldn't really matter (as far as similarity goes). The pitch should matter.

Its absolutely great show that needs improvement!
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Interesting Concept
rambler09273 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As someone who enjoys going out and making a complete arse of myself while doing karaoke from time to time, watching famous people with moderate talent take on an even bigger challenge is a blast to watch. The celebrities they have on the show for this season are quite far apart in terms of recognition ranging from 80's SNL Star Jon Lovitz, to 80's Metal singer Sebastian Bach, to Disney youngster China Anne McClain.

You can sense the ABC favoritism after 2 episodes though when looking at the challenges performance wise given to Lovitz and Sebastian compared to the softball artists given to China. Clearly ABC and Disney are attempting to use this show to push her to more mainstream success, evidence by host John Barrowman - who could easily steal the spotlight if he wanted to - voicing when the contestant finds out their artist for the following week saying, "Let's see what singer was selected for you next week." ABC is using this to advance one of their stars, which isn't surprising, but don't be surprised if someone else wins considering that the competitors are each allowed to give 3 points to one artist of their choice - excluding themselves of course - in order to change up the game.

Content wise most of the songs are going to be public friendly, and while you may need to worry about some dance moves, this is a family friendly show. It's also a chance to get young kids into older and more talented artists like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Billy Idol, and more. It should be an interesting 6-week competition, and while the odds are stacked in China's favor, simply because entertainment value is a factor in judge scoring, don't be surprised if she doesn't win at the end of the day, regardless of the desires of ABC.
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No more kids please!
mikitakaipin16 June 2014
This is an interesting show with great songs, good actors/musicians and it is certainly fun to see the transformations but it is completely ruined by the fact there is a 14 year old CHILD on the show.

China isn't a bad singer but some of her performances were terrible and she still got much higher scores than the other contestants who did waaaay better. The bias of the judges was completely obvious and it made it difficult to watch the show because it was so unfair and since China is just a child she was given special treatment... easy musicians, easy songs & easy performances.

I really hope there is a second season to this show because it is an interesting concept and is fun to watch but if there is another kid on the show I definitely won't be watching it.
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What is this?
eily19 June 2014
Nutshell: semi-famous people get dressed up like famous singers and come out and perform like them in front of judges. I don't really understand what this show is supposed to be. It is set up like a competition, but it is clearly not one. The scores are completely arbitrary and have no relation to whether the person was actually good at channeling the artist or not. The judges include Debbie Gibson, who is a singer, and does give some criticisms though she is just as likely to use her turn to talk to mention her former career or demonstrate her singing ability. She is also the go-to person for the camera when the performer comes out and she can show her "oh gosh what a surprise" face. Darrell Hammond is the other permanent judge, and I'm not sure what his qualification is. He doesn't give critiques of the performances, he just does bits instead. Then they have a guest judge who usually ends up just being a straight man or comic relief. But as I said, since the scores don't correlate at all to the performances, I guess the judges don't matter. I assume they get a list of who gets what score before the taping so the right person wins. Also it is never really spelled out what the criteria are. Because sometimes the judges commented that the person sang well but didn't seem like the person that much like it was bad, and other times they said you sang well even though it didn't sound like the person like it was a good thing. To transform the performers, they use make-up, latex, wigs, costumes etc. But the make-up generally looks completely fake and less like the real singer than the performer's own features did. So that's pretty pointless. For example, Jon Lovitz as "Meat Loaf" looked more like Adam Sandler's Opera Man than Meat Loaf. And China Anne McClain as "James Brown" looked more like a California raisin than James Brown. Everything that happens, from reactions to "spontaneous banter" to judges critiques seems completely scripted and not the least bit natural or spontaneous. And John Barrowman as host- OMG- I used to like John Barrowman now I'm not so sure. Either he's a really terrible actor or he was doing a really good impersonation of a terrible cheesy 70s game show host. When he would double over with laughter and wipe his eyes over things like a Darrell Hammond impression that wasn't even remotely funny I was embarrassed for him. The copyright at the end of the show was 2013 so I'm kind of curious as to when this was actually filmed. It was fun to watch, but like I said I really don't know what it was supposed to be as it was clearly not a real competition. Maybe as other people suggested, it was just a showcase for a Disney star, but if so I'm not sure why they bothered she was completely forgettable. I'd never heard of China Anne McClain before and I doubt we'll hear much out of her later.
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