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Sex & Nudity

  • The Doctor is briefly seen naked in the TARDIS (pertinent parts obscured by the TARDIS console) as he needs to be disrobed in order to enter a certain location. At Clara's behest, he dons holographic clothes, which Clara and the audience sees - but it is stated that the Doctor is still naked, and we later learn that others still see him nude. Later, Clara also disrobes, but again has holographic clothing so we don't see anything. Nonetheless there is some innocent innuendo related to all of this. A deleted scene distributed online (and likely to appear on the DVD release) has Clara hugging the Doctor in his holographic clothes before remembering he's naked.
  • The Doctor and Tasha exchange innuendo and it is hinted that they had a relationship once. At one point she chides the Doctor for planting an uninvited kiss on her.
  • Most of this will go over the heads of younger viewers.

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