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Hell isn't a word. It is a sentence.
nogodnomasters14 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Death House was founded in 1954. It is a high-security high tech prison that experiments with the inmates by wiping memories and installing new ones. They use something called "Milk of Amnesia" to add to the bad pun list. We get introduced to the facility with two new hires taking a tour, folks that don't seem to have memories.

Level nine of the prison hold 5 prisoners known as "The Five Evils." One female prisoner with a chainsaw has the nickname "Leather Lace." The prison loses power and guards with automatic weapons are no match for unarmed mostly shirtless inmates. Kane Hodder leads a group of inmates. Like Jason, he can't die.

The film's plot was strained. A more conventional asylum could have worked better with characters that pay better homage to older films. The strength of this feature is that the cast is a who's who of slasher horror films. Even minor and uncredited roles include major slasher stars and scream queens such as Sarah French and Danny Trejo. Many of the Troma crowd are here also. I wish they had a better script.

Guide: F-word. Nudity (Cortney Palm, Sarah French + a couple more)
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Inept in just about every way you can think of
Wizard-87 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Don't be fooled by the fact that the makers of this movie managed to round up an impressive-sounding list of beloved B movie actors - most of these players have very little screen time. Actually, that is one of the least of the problems of this absolutely terrible movie. The main problem with the movie is that it makes very little sense. The story has something to do with a special prison that is (I think) conditioning inmates in a special way, but I couldn't describe the movie much more than that. Things seem to be happening at random and without proper explanation throughout, as if ideas from many completely different movies were being combined into this screenplay. To add insult to injury, it takes over 40% of the running time before the crisis starts to unfold, and when this does happen, the movie's pacing doesn't increase much more than before. And who thought it was a good idea for almost all of the second half of the movie to be filmed in almost complete darkness? The only reason why I am not giving this travesty the lowest possible rating is that some of the gore effects are pretty impressive. But even if you are a die hard gorehound, you'll feel ripped off even if you see the movie for free on Netflix as I did.
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my notes
FeastMode26 July 2019
This is not a movie. this is a joke. calling straight-to-dvd quality would be an insult to straight-to-dvd movies. if this was a first year student film it would get a D. i could tell immediately. this isn't a B-movie, it's a Z-movie. i wouldn't be able to describe to you what this movie is about, i really don't know. (1 viewing)
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Bored To Death House!
gwnightscream16 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting something a little decent, especially when you got horror icons like Dee Wallace (The Howling), Kane Hodder (Jason X), Tony Todd (Candyman), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator). I won't even bother with the plot because I quit watching this after the first 15 minutes because it was boring and sucked. There's some bloody/gory make-up effects, but that's it.
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Umbrella Corp Does Prison With Satan
tesswysko27 May 2019
Wow...Well, let me first address my title. I am both a HUGE fan of Dante's Divine Comedy- Including Inferno, on which this movie is SUPPOSED to be based structurally, AND Resident Evil, including the Paul W S Anderson adaptation that had a lab going underground in the exact same fashion(and had NOTHING to do with the game's set up.) The movie notes saying that each layer pig the prison was to be based on another layer of Dante's Inferno. If that was delved into, I'll be surprised, because at one point in VR, they started talking about the different layers, but they never divulged what each layer was for, in fact, the facility Drs kept MOST information about how the facility was run not only tight lipped, but ODDLY so! SO MUCH was left unsaid!! Strike One!

I'm a HUGE FAN of Tony Todd and Sid Haig! We met Sid last year at Detroit Nightmare Expo, and me being "The Dark Angel," 25 year Music industry Exec specializing in Shock, Black, & Glam Metal, also a model on several metal CD covers, and now 6 years into owning 4 channels as a Media Influencer, and my husband a VERY well - known musician, he was taking multiple photos at multiple poses with us to get it right for PR, then he & my husband wanted me to sit on his lap! I was about 150 at this point, and he has this big, imposing voice, and presence on movies, but in real life, he's getting older and tiny! I made an excuse about being fat and crushing him, but it WAS the truth, in a way...i REALLY would have LOVED a photo like that, but not at his expense! But i digress, you BARELY see these AMAZING actors in this film!!! Definitely quality over quantity, but it was just such a waste of talent!

This movie could have REALLY BEEN SOMETHING!!! It has a great idea - they never developed. Half of the cast are A grade actors - with very little screen time. A REALLY IMPOSING set - but almost everything is shot in the dark. An interesting(if terribly misguided) premise on prisoner rehabilitation - which they barely scratch the surface on, and they don't develop most of the prisoners, and the ones they DO develop dont end up playing much of a part really.

Ok, good. The way things happened in the shower scene was good foreshadow and there WERE quite a few hints, you realize about an hour AFTER you end the movie. You don't want anything up in your face, but an hour later?? Lol! I DID give this a solid 7, I don't want you to think I'm as heartless as some of the people in this movie, it was enjoyable, I took my phone with me when I needed a BB. I didn't want to come back to it lol! Don't miss it either, Check this one out, it's worth it, but NO KIDS!!! : NUDITY RAPE BLOOD&GORE CANNIBALISM ....OF A CHILD REPRODUCTION OF THE RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT DISCUSSION OF BESTIALITY AND OTHER TOUGH SUBJECTS

Best to just put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, and pop some popcorn.
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Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible
clintstevens24 May 2019
The blatant 'ballot stuffing' is SO obvious...'The best movie ever made that will stand the test of time.' Really? If the people fronting this waste of celluloid wanted others to give this garbage 10 stars and a rave review, they should have found fiction writers that could have been smart enough to be a little more realistic.

As it is, most people considering watching this will skim the list of critiques and will be intelligent enough to see this trash for what it is. The only thing about the film that moved me is feeling sorry for all the B horror movie actors that felt they had to lower themselves to make a buck.

If I could, I'd give the movie a minus 100. Just pathetic.
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This movie hasn't even been released yet...
duckboy-9417126 August 2018
Death house says original release was September 2017 & February 2018 , B.S. it's now August 26th & nothing so any reviews of this movie are completely FAKE !!! it's now scheduled for release November 2018 for streaming and DVD release for end of December, if I were a betting person id say release would be somewhere around never & when hell freezes over...
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108YearsOld18 July 2021
Barbara Crampton, Dee Wallace, Tony Todd, with such a cast for a horror movie, why??? Were they being scammed to be in this movie?? WTF??
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Gunner Hansen is Looking Down with Pride at what Harrison Smith has done with his Prized Project , "DEATH HOUSE" !
timodo18 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"DEATH HOUSE" Blurs the Line between Good & Evil ; & exemplifies the Power of the Mind ! The Human Mind can & Will Conquer All adverserties when properly Applied ! Man Over Machine ... Mind Over Matter ... Freedom Over Authoritarianism ... "DEATH HOUSE" is the Thinking Man's Newest Bible ! Of Corse , If Your just looking for Violence, Monsters, Horror Queens & Kings , & Beautiful Naked Women , ... Look No Further ! This Star-Studded Cast has Line-Up of Talent dating back over 50 Years . The Stars are Gorgeous & Talented newcomer Courtney Palm is Perfect as 'Toria Boon' , Government Agent , Loyal But Searching for the Truth . Courtney is an Exceptional Talent & Her Fine & Dandy Shape is on Full Display in Her Shower Scene , along with Her Co-Star Cody Long , Playing Methodical Agent 'Jae Novak' . Iconic Tony Todd begins & ends this Epic as 'Farmer Asa' Recruiting Ama Lynn Kinney 'Elise' & Gabrielle Stone 'Linz Hadden' for his Toxic Farm . NoBody Plays 'Crazy' Better than Dynamic Debbie Rochon' ; & here She Steals the Movie with Her Portrayal of 'LeatherLace' , with a Performance that will resonate in Nightmares for Years to Come ! It's only Fitting that Gunner Hansen makes his Final Appearance Alongside of Ms. Rochon , as they've Danced that Dance before , to High Accolades ! Kane Hodder is Brutally Efficient as 'Sieg' , & Dee Wallace & Barbara Crampton Practically Conduct an Acting Seminar as Drs. 'Eileen Fletcher' & 'Karen Redmane' Respectively ! 'The 3 Satans' is a Brilliant Concept, brought to Fearful Fruition by Bill Oberst Jr. , Sean Whalen , & Bernard Farcher . Sid Haig Shines as the 'Icicle Killer' , Appearing with a Sensationally Stacked Sarah French !Also Appearing are Camille Keaton as 'Kristi Boon', Bill Moseley as 'Giger' , Lindsey Hartley as 'Balthoria' , Michael Berryman as 'Crar', Brinke Stevens as 'Dr. Banks' , Elissa Dowling as 'Dr. Rowena' , Tiffany Shepis as Dr. Peter' , & Lauren Compton as 'Dr. Logan Harrison' ! Even Danny Trejo makes an Uncredited Appearance ! I was Especially Thrilled & Excited to See Horror Queen Genoveva Rossi , D-Mon Productions Sheri Fairchild & Frank Nicosia , Big Timothy O'Hearn , The Always Proficient Gregory Blair , & The Always Ultra-Beautiful Max Wasa , Who Makes the Most Magically Delicious Appearance in the Film ! The Whole Cast & Crew have done Gunner Proud ; & Thank You Gunner & ALL !!!
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Unbearably Dull
nitro7225 August 2019
What should've been tons of horror movie fun - considering the participation of so many of the genre's heavy hitters - turns out to be unbearably dull & lifeless due to a confounding script & direction at a snail's pace
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mvike29 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I have no idea what was going on besides they kind of wanted to brainwash prisoners ...but WHY was the main bad guy "immortal"? No clue! What was so special about the "5 Evils" No clue! Why were THEY immortal? NO CLUE!!! Nothing is ever explained. The "moral" of the story is....? You need bad guys and good guys both to have a balance....? Lol okay?

Awful movie with one awesome Scene, with the "we don't want to be freed" zombie monsters, which was I BELIEVE was taken from the CreepyPasta "Russian Sleep Experiment" very very cool horror scene!!

The movie as a whole though...

Acting - 3/10 Special effects - 1/10 Story - 3/10 (done right could be 8/10)

It was just a MESS, what was the purpose of the VR crap?? DIDNT need any of it!!! What was Tony Todd's character doing...? Eating oil?

And the "twist" that they were actually inmates (YAWN) has been done to death, and the whole "Whats your tattoo mean?" Scene gave it away with flashing lights basically...

Your story is about wiping memories ...and your two main characters have tattoos that they can't remember getting or what they represent....? OH YEAH THEYLL NEVER SEE IT COMING!!!!
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tin-B10 May 2019
Why would I bother to critique a movie this bad? Short and sweet:

It's on Netflix. That's my only excuse. I like to find something redeeming in every movie, even with a bad rating. There is nothing. NOTHING. It's not the good kind of bad movie which I love watching. No, no no no and NO.
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Good cast.... Horrible movie...
coflorida4 October 2020
I'm sure like everyone else... saw the casting list knowing some of those guys are legends in other horror flicks..... but all them lumped in this garbage pile of a storyline... Is unforgivable....
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It wasn't that bad just didn't have much of a plot
mochteam2 December 2019
This was a bad horror movie that tried but it had pretty decent special effects. Decent enough acting for "this" type of horror movie. Enough pretty women and T&A to keep your attention throughout it. The problem with the movie is the plot. Even the movies plot description about Dante's inferno gave up about 10 minutes into the movie. This has nothing to do with that idea.

It even starts out with random scenes that don't make any sense and this theme continues all the way through the ending. There is some attempt at a story but the story is so mangled it just doesn't make any sense no matter how you try to assemble it.

The only way to make sense of this movie is not to expect it to make any sense. I guess someone could write a novel on all the things wrong with this flick but really why bother it's a mindless film good for watching with friends to have something to joke about.
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Electric Voodoo
LouAbbott22 May 2019
A glorious gore fest featuring some of the most famous actors of the Grade-B, grind house genre (though most have small roles). "Death House" is certainly not for the weak of knee or especially the weak of stomach. So the film may or may not make sense. Does it matter? Who cares? Electric Voodoo. Good name for a heavy metal band.
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mkivtt31 May 2019
I watched the first 30 minutes of this while trying to find a horror movie worth watching. There's so much garbage out there... This came with a 91% recommendation on Netflix. Boy, do they need to fix their match algorithm... this movie is a 0% match to my likes.

There are a few names in the cast you'll recognize, from older horror movies. I guess the makers wanted to cash in on their "cult" status. Adrienne Barbeau, that guy from Cut and Run with the weirdly shaped head, the guy from Candyman I think, the guy from some Rob Zombie movies. They all needed a paycheck I guess.

The acting is terrible, the plot is undecipherable, the gore is mediocre, and the sets and clothing suck. But the plot... boy oh boy. It's completely unwatchable.

Spare yourself the misery of this turd.
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Legendary Cast Unite For This Fun Horror Flick
jjenk91119 May 2019
This movie has quite the cast of horror legends: Kane Hodder, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Barbara Crampton, Dee Wallace, Michael Berryman, and others. Even Adrienne Barbeau provides the voice of the virtual tour of Death House.

From what I understand, this film was made with some sort of Adobe software, which gives the presentation of an amateur art film, with someone using cheap CGI software post production. Sure, the film doesn't look good because of it. However, there are some gruesome, gory practical effects that make up for the cheesiness. It's one of those turn-your-brain-off-and-watch popcorn flicks with some of the greatest horror legends of all time. The late, great Gunnar Hansen originally wrote this film, but died in November of 2015, before he got to see the finished product.

I loved it. I recommend it watching it with a group of friends.
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What a terrible movie..
patrickbivona24 November 2018
As a huge fan of horror I was very excited for this movie; however keeping my expectations to a minimum. The plain and simple of it... this movie is terrible. The writing is garbage and the story makes absolutely no sense. The terrible story and writting took away any kind of fun in seeing actors such as Tony Todd, Sid Haig and all of the other horror icons.

Don't bother, its really that bad!
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It's THAT bad.
corytrevorson8 November 2018
I really wanted to like this one, being a fan of all the horror legends it contained. It started off like it had a plot, but then the director said "Nevermind, I'll just do whatever.", and the movie collapsed in on itself.
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Randall-Flagg018 November 2018
What did I just watch? Was the film maker on crack? The story made no sense, the acting was horrible, the direction was a joke, etc. Avoid this garbage at all costs! Seriously, the people that put this out should be ashamed.
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Bad acting, bad production, bad ass.
kderuy-8242220 May 2019
This movie sucks. And you love it. It's not good, it's terrible. From the acting, to the story, throughout it all. It's awful. This movie, if you can call it that, is terrible. It doesn't make any sense and it seems like no one knew what was going on.

That being said. It's horribly satisfying. A cheap thrill. It has gore, nudity, and cameos. That really should have been the tagline.

I watched this knowing that and it paid off for a few laughs (at the movie, not the forced comedy). Think of this as a 'tongue-in-cheek'. It's not trying to be good. It's TnA, bloody, and stupid.

Kick back and enjoy.
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Reunited and it feels so deadly.
shanemoose-887158 December 2018
While others may call this movie the "Expendables of Horror", I consider it a silly and dark (figuratively and literally) love letter to the fans. If you want an obviously low-budget crossover with some of your favorite Horror movie actors in a ridiculous premise, you got it! Just remind yourself that this is low-budget so don't go in this film expecting something around the lines of 'Crimson Peak', in terms of scope or effects. This is a fun time for the Horror fans, no one else.
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A big let down of a movie....
jpickettiii14 May 2019
When I heard of this movie, I was very excited due the movie having all of my favorite horror movie icons and the trailer made the movie look better than it actually was. The script (IMO) did not explain any of the back stories of the characters, the script seemed to be a bland story and the story seemed to jump around a lot and was seemed to be written by a bored tenth grader. The graphic nature of the horror (Especially the half alive skeleton people in the cooler was a cool affect and the scream was very unnerving and probably the best part of the movie. I wish they did a back ground story on the half alive people.) is why I am scoring this a three. Without the graphic parts I would have given this a one. This movie would be ok for a time waster but nothing more. The crew could have done so much more with the story but did not. I think this should have been a mini-series instead of a movie where time could have been given for the background of the characters.
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Move over Gone with the Wind
djfuzz-3627519 February 2019
The best movie ever made that will stand the test of time. Please make sure you order a copy before you stream it! You won't be sorry
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What's this film really like? Honest non troll or shill review
geeklegionofdoom8 December 2018
I saw the Death House Twitter account begging for people to give positive reviews for the movie, as according to them, the 'Trolls' have had a go at it. So i will give this an honest constructive. It is true amateur reviewers will often either give a movie an extreme rating, either 1 or a 10 . Neither of which is particularly helpful . So i'll go through the positives and negatives of what i can contribute to the conversation .

What worked?
  • It is fun to spot all the plethora of horror and B-movie actors , some of which only have a brief walk on performance.
  • There is one truly stand out scene , where there is a bunch of skinless zombie like creatures, that does look really impressive effects wise.
  • Kane Hodder is pretty good in this

What didn't work
  • Too concerned with setting up a sequel with Tony Todd's character
  • The cinematography is very poor. It's far too dark and under lit, making it impossible to see what is going on sometimes. I appreciate it's taking place in an underground prison, but you have to write your script and film it so people can see what is going on. Besides, no one is watching this for realism.
  • With the exception of the scene mentioned above. The effects are very poor. Horrible green scree, poor cgi after effects and even other practical effects look bad
  • The acting isn't good , our two lead protagonists are wooden, and even veteran actors like Dee Wallace turn in a poor performance. It seem like the director has done one take, and just accepted it.
  • The biggest issue is the story and script . It is all over the place , it simply doesn't make a lick of sense from beginning to end . Right from the start where it's never fully explained who and why our two lead characters are and what they are doing there at the beginning of the movie, right up until the end with the quite frankly embarrassing 'Five evils ' scene. The narrative structure is so poor, confusing and convoluted

Ultimately this movie should have invested it's finances behind the camera rather than being so concerned with all the cameos , which ends up being really a waste of the actors time .

A real waste of an opportunity and concept . Although i don't like this typical internet behavior of it's either a 1 or a 10 . I think it's equally deplorable for a film company to essentially coerce the weak minded to giving overly favorable reviews.
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