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Expected worse
banosd19 July 2014
Took my 5 year old to see this fully knowing the franchise is worn out after having seen the disappointing Cars 2 and the first Planes. The plot is more interesting here as it plays out like an 80 minute episode of Rescue Heroes.

The animation is fantastic as you would expect. Having animated planes allows for more panoramic views of the woodlands and fires.

Sounds like kids were bored during the sad parts. The story didn't really need this as it's all predictable. You knew Rusty would defeat the odds to save the day in the end. Dane Cook voiced Rusty similar to Owen Wilson's Lightning McQueen, very down to earth without being over the top.

There is certainly nothing groundbreaking here but the action scenes were good enough for my son to say he liked it (which is all that really counts!).
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Surprisingly Exceeds my Expectations.
michaelhirakida26 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Surprisingly to my knowledge, Planes: Fire and Rescue is not a cash in on the Cars Series. Unlike most sequels, The film was made to show the day in a life scenarios of firefighters fighting fire season where here in British Columbia where I live, the fires threaten many people. This is one of the best things about the film, Disney Toons, who is the studio behind the first Planes movie shows they're capable of living up to the standards of their Farther and Mother animated studios which shocked me.

At 84 minutes long, the movie opens up with a message dedicating this movie to all the firefighters who risked their lives. So now on to the film, Dusty Crophopper has won many trophies. But on the eve of a festival in Propwash Junction, his gearbox is damaged and his friends tell him he may never fly again. After an accident, the main town firefighter Mayday is in danger of losing his job and Dusty tries to get himself Certified as a Firefighter to get his job back. But is in danger of a greedy lodge owner trying to ruin everything and his life.

The most memorable characters I found in the movie was Dipper. The main girl plane of the movie. Like Ashanti from the last film, she is a new 'Friend' of his. I put it like that because she is actually a very creepy stalker. I felt uncomfortable around her because I was worried this relationship might lead to something creepier. Also, Blade Ranger played by Ed Harris is memorable mainly because this lead firefighting plane was in a show called 'Chops' which is the Cars Universe equivalent of Cops and Magnum PI.

Animation wise, it got better. The animation is lively and thanks to the sound effects it makes the animation more convincing when Dusty and the gang are out battling fires.

The story I liked. Because it has some flare to it. It gets sad within minutes, it gets evener sadder without an hours running time and is more serious than the first. More maturity to it, more life to the world, more character development, it is bigger and better. Some of the stuff is funny too. In one scene, Dusty is shown a VHS tape with the Cover of Howard the Truck, then to see its not that, but 'Chops' as I said before. I was laughing so hard when they showed that.

Overall, Planes: Fire And Rescue proves that you can do more with a sequel than just cash in on it, you can tell a engaging story that will tell you about life. It really was a better sequel and should be shared with the whole family.

78/100 B

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actually better than the first
SnoopyStyle20 February 2015
Dusty Crophopper is now a successful famous air racer. He returns to Propwash Junction to promote the upcoming Corn Festival. His gearbox malfunctions and there are no replacements. His racing career is over. He recklessly pushes to the limits and crash lands at the airport. Old fire truck Mayday barely is able to put out the resulting fire. Government inspectors put the airport on notice. They need another firefighting vehicle. Dusty decides to get certified as a firefighter.

I like the start of this movie a lot. I like Dusty's problem. I really like Mayday. I don't really like the move away from Propwash Junction. First it feels unlikely and unwarranted. Also it's just better to stay with some of the characters especially Mayday. The fire and firefighters could easily come to Propwash Junction. The stakes would be elevated if his hometown is threatened with destruction. The fire fighting scenes are quite exciting and a vast improvement over the first movie. This is generally a better movie than the first. It's rare but I think this movie is too short. There is a straight to video quality to this that better writing could solve.
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Quite decent movie from Disney
poomann19 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, maybe wasn't the year movie but it's quite decent, it's much, too much better than cars 2 and for one instant i thought that it was a Pixar movie, okay, okay, maybe doesn't reach the quality from Pixar but Disney is improving in the stories and it left a very good taste. The scenes and animations are excellent and the story isn't only for kids, on the contrary it's quite decent for the adults, the characters feel like a real persons and its much better than the first movie. The only bad thing that i see is that Disney could improve the background of the leader copter or even change it, because Disney follow the same way since the cars story, one ace that teaches or trains for a bad past happening, maybe this doesn't bad but could be better. In summary it's an excellent movie from Disney and without songs, yeah!
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Fly Away
abcvision23 July 2014
Planes: Fire and Rescue is about second chances. Dusty is a hot shot plane until one day he is at a crossroads in life, so he decides to join the world of fire rescue. Filled with a cast of fun characters this movie touts on bravery and the forgotten machines that protect us during unexpected natural disasters. In this case it is fire. There is a little bit for everyone, excitement, romance, and team work. This movie is cute and has a fun story line. The animated characters give a reality to the behind the scenes of fire fighting. It also gives you a boast on the optimism of new opportunities. No matter what happens you are able to reinvent yourself and be a part of the team. Colorful and enigmatic Planes: Fire & Rescue make you ready to take on a life of adventure.
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The "CHiPs" Reference was the Best!
3xHCCH21 August 2014
The first "Planes" was a pleasant surprise. It may have had practically the same "race-against-all-odds" story as "Cars", "Turbo" and many other animated films. But "Planes" still managed to be distinct and charming on its own, for both kids and adults.

We get a lot of this homespun country charm again in this second installment called "Planes: Fire and Rescue." Our hero cropduster Dusty is having problems with his gear box and cannot push his engine to racing anymore. A fire at his hangar revealed the inadequacy of the fire-fighting capabilities of his area, so Dusty decided to try and have himself accredited as a Fire-Fighter.

For adults, this may be an average affair for the most part. Even my tween kids did not too interested about watching it. Personally, my favorite part was when it was revealed that Dusty's stern mentor Blade Ranger (authoritatively voiced by Ed Harris) was once an actor in a TV cop-show called "CHoPs", which had the very familiar theme song of 70's motorcycle cop show "CHiPs"! The nostalgia brought a smile to my face.

The story is pretty slim, standard and predictable, so this episode spent a lot of time showing grand forest vistas, amazingly realistic and scary fire scenes and more amazing aerial feats by Dusty and the other fire-fighting aircraft. Despite the fact that this is a film for kids, I give it props for tackling a form of heroism not usually shown on the big screen -- fire and rescue teams.
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It's a fun movie
tvfoxhole2 August 2014
I do not understand why everyone is so down on this movie. The story is original - talking planes fighting forest fires - can't recall that being done before. The animation is top notch. The characters are funny. The movie went really quick....which is a good thing in my mind. There were NO political messages as was the case with the Cars movies. They could have easily spun a global warming message with the fire fighting but didn't go there.

Be sure to sit through the credits to find what happens to the park administrator. This movie is much better than Planes and almost on par with Cars II.
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Entertaining Film for Youngest Viewers
rannynm29 July 2014
What a funny and entertaining film! I did not know what to expect, this is the fourth film in this vehicle's universe with the two Cars movies and then the first Planes movie. I was wondering if maybe Disney pushed it a little bit. However, Planes: Fire and Rescue is an entertaining film that is a fantastic sequel in this magical franchise. The story isn't about just one topic. This is a little bit of humorous romance and also a lot of action. They make some pretty funny jokes while adding a little sprinkle of drama and a great message for the kids as well. The story starts when Dusty sadly learns that a key component in him is broken and he thinks he will never race again. When a fire breaks out in his airport, they realize the town needs a second firefighter. Dusty steps up to the plate and goes into training. If you want to find out what happens and if he becomes a firefighter, you have got to watch the film. What a great add-on to the series; the jokes are perfect. Julie Bowen (Lil' Dipper) is funny through the end. Also, there are a lot of great messages and a lot of references to things in real life. However, this film is very predictable. Ten minutes in, I knew the ending, so it probably would be more captivating for a younger audience. Also, Planes: Fire and Rescue is very similar to the last three films. There is a challenge, a serious character and some comedy. Other than that, the voices are well done and they even changed a Native American folk tale into the version of vehicles just for this film! Very clever! My favorite scene is when Dusty first arrives at the firefighting station for his training. He is introduced to some Smoke Jumpers, cars that parachute into the fire to tackle fallen trees and save wildlife. One nearly takes off his head and the other two introduce themselves. Once they all get acquainted, the first fire breaks out and cars and planes all get into action in a well-choreographed manner! This is a kid's film and nothing really is here that parents should be worried about. I recommend it for ages 3 to18. Even kids that don't understand it will enjoy the bright colors. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars for great jokes and a fantastic story line, even though a bit predictable. Reviewed by Gerry O, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
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There is no other way to describe it: this movie and the first are awesome!
Escudo254 August 2016
I love this movie and the first one. I don't care if it's made for kids; I'm 30 years old and have a great time with these movies!

What really makes me love them so much is Dusty. He is a kind, caring character who never puts himself before others. The voice work is really good as well, as are the aerial shots. The filmmakers go to a lot of trouble to depict the flying sequences with as much realism as possible.

The plots are pretty basic, but that's okay. This isn't The Lion King or How to Train Your Dragon level of story-telling, it doesn't need to be.

I want to see more adventures with Dusty and his friends. I hope they are making a third one!
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Great for younger kids, fun for parents
dnilnilcl29 July 2014
It was great to see a true kid movie that was still entertaining for adults. The movie was well geared towards young kids, with age appropriate themes, just the right amount of tension, and a solid story. A much more cohesive movie than Cars 2 and a different style story from either of the Cars movies or the 1st Planes. In truth, my kids would have loved to see another racing movie as they love cheering Dusty or Lightning McQueen on, but as the parent, it was nice to see a different story line. This is not a movie I'd seek out as an adult without young kids, but tagging along with them was a fun time for all. The tribute and dedication to actual firefighters was a nice touch as well, adding some depth to a kid fair. Some reviews have criticized the film for lack of depth, intensity, detail of animation, etc., etc. Those reviews are misplaced as the movie is not aiming to be Citizen Kane or art house fair. Its a young kids movie, plain and simple, and its a good one at that. Nothing wrong with being a good kids movie that is aiming to only please kids. My kids loved it and could care less if the frame rate matched that of Frozen or Toy Story.
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Planes and
Figgy66-915-59847029 August 2014
29 August 2014 First film of choice at the Plaza Dorchester tonight - Planes 2 - Fire and Rescue. Those who know me know that I am passionate about aviation and animation, so put the two together add a tub of popcorn and I'm in heaven. Another splendid offering from the mighty John Lasseter at Disney, Planes, like cars before, has a play on ordinarily life but this time with an aviation slant. There are planes doing human jobs, all the buildings, signs, billboards, restaurants etc are all designed to accommodate all kinds of aircraft from single turboprop, airliners and the large rotating blades of the helicopters. When Dusty Crophopper - air race champion - is found to have a gearbox problem he thinks his racing career is over and he goes to Piston Peak to train as a firefighter. He meets a whole new gang of planes - each with their own huge personalities and he goes through many highs and lows to achieve his goal. The best lines from the film were from the parachuting groundcrew who when told by their transport plane ' I never understand how you can jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane' replied - 'It's okay we are just jumping out of you!' A good soundtrack too, look out for the line dancing fork lift trucks, and at the beginning of the film I spotted a British airways airliner in the crowd.
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An excellent adaptation of a Tennesee Williams Play
moonrazer-487-18439319 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK maybe not, but Planes Fire and Rescue is a good kid's film that parents should be able to enjoy as well. The animation is gorgeous, much better that the original and the fire scenes are really well done. The plot is better than the original Planes but there aren't too many surprises. Dusty is forced to face his mortality and the end of his racing career when he learns that his gear box is failing and he can no longer get maximum power out of his engine. The Doctor at Propwash says that the gear box is out of production and finding a replacement is unlikely. Dusty, in a fit of depression, takes a late night flight and upon landing starts a fire at the airport which all of the Propwash characters must work together and struggle to put out. Once the fire is out, the investigation begins. The airport at Propwash Junction is closed by authorities when they determine that Mayday, the airport's long time fire truck is inadequate to deal with emergencies. This is especially bad news since the annual Corn festival is close at hand. (Geek Note: while most of the characters in this series are based on real aircraft and vehicles, I've had trouble identifying what kind of truck Mayday is. This is particularly embarrassing since I'm a past chapter president of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Motor Antique Fire Apparatus in American, SPAAMFAA, and yes it is a real organization. My guess is that he is likely British, possibly based on a Bedford chassis used for airfield crash trucks by the RAF during WWII) To reopen the airport, Mayday must be upgraded and a second firefighting unit put in service. Since Dusty is no longer able to race and really doesn't want to go back to cropdusting. (The job offer he gets is pretty funny) Dusty decides to become the second fire fighting unit at the airport. His mentor Skipper has a friend named Blade Ranger who commands an aerial firefighting unit at Piston Peak national park. Dusty takes off to receive his training and certification. At the airbase, Dusty is given some female attention from Lil Dipper and the star treatment from everyone except Blade Ranger. We meet several other characters including Wind Lifter. Wind Lifter, a former lumberjack turned firefighter provides a Native American perspective and serves as a spirit guide to Piston Peak National Park. His stories are both poignant and hilarious. He's like a rotary wing Tonto, although Tonto was a Planes Indian, sorry Plains Indian. It's revealed that Blade Ranger also has a storied past as a TV star. Dusty is fitted with a pair of pontoons for scooping water. While in the hanger he sees a bulletin board with spectacular pictures of firefighting aircraft and wants to know how he can get his picture on the board. He's told that "You have crash". One night the firefighters gather in a hanger to watch some of Blade Rangers old show called CHoPs, California Helicopter Patrol. It's an excellent parody of the 1980's CHiPs based on the exploits of two California Highway Patrolmen played by Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada. In CHoPs Blade is teamed with his partner Nick "Loop'n" Lopez to fight crime around Los Angeles, they even use the same radio call signs as they did in CHiPs . Lopez is played by none other than Erik Estrada himself, who seems to have made a career of playing himself in parodies of CHiPs. We learn from one the characters that Lopez was lost in an accident on set and that Blade was there but did not know what to do to save him. The show ended and Blade became a firefighter to compensate. It's told as a story so it's not very intense, little kids should be OK. (Geek note: This is very similar to what happened to the 1973 Ward LaFrance fire engine that was used on the TV show Emergency. This truck had a brief cameo appearance on CHiPs. Once the show had ceased production, the fire engine provided fire protection in Yosemite National Park for about 15 years before coming back to the LA County Fire Museum.) The training and firefighting is pretty much a Top Gun meets Backdraft meets Thomas the Tank Engine kind of thing but for the most part works. Before Dusty takes off for his first mission the mechanic says "Say Cheese" and snaps his picture. Dusty asks what that was for and he's told it's for the board. As I said before the animation is very good at times almost breathtaking. Some of these scenes might be intense for younger kids although I didn't hear any screaming in the theater. I won't reveal the rest of the story but suffice it to say, it's nothing that hasn't been done before although I think it was well done. Now I'm off to Target to if the new diecast toys from this movie are in. I want to get Mayday, Dusty, Lil Dipper .....
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More of the same, with a smaller story
infoalwaysacritic1 January 2016
Presenting itself as an episode, and not a sequel was key for Disney - Pixar in releasing Fire and Rescue. The subject, by all appearances in the trailer, sounded more like a children's TV show than a hour plus experience. As such, expectations of viewers are adequately set low for this pseudo sequel. Following the old adage, promise low, deliver high, Planes Fire and Rescue does just that; it promised little, and delivered more, showing that they may have learned from the lackluster cars 2.

The key here is that they delivered more, not to be confused with being great, and with sober expectations, can be enjoyed for what it is; a warm and fuzzy story for kids that is relatively content safe and funny. Strengths include revisiting a consistent portrayal of their source material, which is growing expansive. As such there are nods, often irreverently funny, to some of the recognizable entities in their other films. Rusteeze medicated bumper ointment and Dusty's former employer's pungent fertilizer make a return, one even justifying a short film on the Blueray/DVD release.

When looking at the plot itself, the writers come harrowingly close to undermining the basic point of the first film. By the end of the movie, they have corrected the deviation, though only by resolving things through the most obvious of manners. This resolution was so glaringly obvious that my own small children complained they could see it coming, though this shouldn't detract from the journey of getting to the end, which is a visual spectacle. They may have gone a little overboard on the fire, but the concern for Dusty is the anchor that keeps you engaged throughout the film.

With a significantly smaller story, and an ever ready abundance of new characters, this movie is sure to delight the small child audience for which it is intended, though sacrificing the depth of the original. Parents should know that there is more innuendo in this film, and like the original also contains several stereotypes that may offend. These include an native Indian helicopter and an inappropriately behaved fan who is present through most of the film.
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An Exciting Adventure
johnlabouyer21 July 2014
I enjoyed this film because it had amazing animation and I loved the characters. If you like airplanes, you will love this fun Disney film. This is an animated Disney film about a Plane named Dusty Crophopper whom wanted to join the Fire and Rescue team to save the town he lives in. There are also funny moments that everyone will enjoy. Disney has done a great job with the characters and their personalities because they are fun and enjoyable. I also think that this film is just as fun as Cars. I love watching Disney animated films because they are my favorite movies to watch and they will always be classics for generations. I loved this movie and I want to see it again. I hope that everyone will enjoy it too.
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Decent but not great
postaldude101316 April 2015
I had great expectations for both "Planes" and "Planes: Fire and rescue". Both were letdowns! Neither film had the humor, heart and charisma that have characterized previous Pixar films. Ever since Disney bought out Pixar I have noticed a distinct decline in the quality of films made under the Disney Animation Studios logo. Disney has, in my opinion, ignored great Pixar directors like Andrew Stanton, Pete Doctor, and Lee Unkrich. These directors have made the best animated films on the planet and Disney doesn't use them! I have also noticed much of the production work is done in India with Indian animators and production staff. Is there a reason for this? I am not saying they are worse or better than animators in America. They are good. Disney needs to bring back Andrew Stanton, Pete Doctor and Lee Unkrich.
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Surprisingly good for a Planes sequel
trooper578322 March 2015
Having seen Cars 2 and Planes, both were really disappointing compared to the first Cars, which was great. As films themselves, they are extremely mediocre when it comes to storytelling and character arcs, but nice in animation and charm. I was really dreading to go see Planes: Fire And Rescue(I was originally not going to even rent it), but I decided to take risks and man up. I saw the 3D version, mind you. Actually, it's pretty good for an animated film handled by a direct-to-DVD studio. I do have an issue with how some characters are animated and Windlifter(voiced by Wes Studi)is way too stereotypical for my taste, but this movie is amazing to look at! The backgrounds look fantastic with the flying scenes, and the 3D helps you get the feeling you are in a fire. As for the comedy, it's mostly bland, but there are a number of sight gags and a few puns that are funny. The score by Mark Mancina is beautiful, particularly the big fire in the climax. Overall, I thought it was great for what it was, but if you expect a lot, don't be surprised by the outcome that you won't really like it, so if you want it to be good, lower your expectations a bit.
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Predictable but not bad
ianberg23 July 2014
It had a predictable ending however there was enough humor and action throughout to make this an enjoyable Saturday matinée for my wife, our toddler-aged children and myself. I actually enjoyed this more than the original Planes. I laughed out loud when "Boat Reynolds" was introduced. Overall a very happy movie. Even the villain of the movie doesn't seem that upset with his lot in life at the end. Fantastic visuals during the third act. The continuing adventures of the plane could be turned into a TV series that my kids would want to watch. The only thing controversial in this movie would be the green helicopter that speaks with a Native American accent and only seems to say clichés like you would hear from Tonto of the Lone Ranger.
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Fantastic underrated work of animation.
LinkGoku11 November 2014
Dusty Crophopper damages his gearbox and is unable to race, to help his friend he starts firefighting, the perils await.

After Planes (which I seemed to enjoy more than most) received very low ratings it was hard to see the light for this film. Fortunately Planes: Fire & Rescue manages to outdo its predecessor.

The movies is filled with lots of familiar actors lending there voices. There's lots of funny moments including Some good innuendo that'll go over the kids heads.

But the real highlight for this movie is its amazing action and effects. Its incredibly fast paced with lots of glorious flight sequences.

I wouldn't call this movie perfect, in fact I purposefully overrated this film to try get its star rating (currently 5.9) higher. But overall this is an awesome work of animation that's entertaining for all ages.

Don't listen to all the negativity. This is worthy of being called another Disney classic in my book. (BTW while I enjoyed the first film I wouldn't consider it a classic)
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Andrea-leandri24 August 2014
Me and my kid went to see it in 3D on a rainy Friday afternoon. I was not expecting much having seen the first. Ended up i loved this second one twice as much as the first. I thought it was enjoyable for the daddies and very cool for the kids. Compared to the first this one has more exciting scenes and the graphics are nicer. Story is also funny and has very good characters.

It's got all the typical Disney ingredients so if you loved cars and planes already you will love this one too.

Go watch it it's me recommendations. Greetings from the Netherlands and ka-ciao!
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Missed the mark
cinematic_aficionado12 August 2014
The story revolves around Dusty a lovely plane who learns he cannot race anymore as his engine is about to burst. Not one to give up he tries to prove he can still be useful.

Whilst it is admirable for one to not lose spirits in the face of adversity the way this has been displayed in this animating adventure has proved ineffective.

Dusty comes across as a stubborn plane who in his refusal to accept he is damaged and stay put manages to constantly endanger himself as well as other planes. There is a failed attempt, a telling off, then another incident and another etc... Given he cannot race he opts for becoming a fire-fighter but the problems remain, his engine is not up to the task. More failed attempts and endangerment.

Whereas the spectacle/cinematography is acceptable the moral of the story falls short and given how the cinema was filled with youngsters something tells me it did not convey a very poignant message.
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In This "Planes" Sequel, Dusty Goes Through a Literal Baptism of Fire to Become a Real Hero.
japamo14 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Successful professional athletes, sports figures, and racers are often considered heroes, but I'm not so sure that term strictly applies. Yes, sportspeople work hard and diligently, and risk pain, injury, and even sometimes death, to entertain us and remain at the top of their craft. However, they usually get plenty of money, perks, admiration, and adulation –not to mention the best medical care- for their troubles. I believe true heroes are unsung; that is, they put their own personal desires aside to do the hard, dangerous jobs that most other people avoid to save others and make others' lives better, with no expectation of wealth or fame. Professional wilderness firefighters certainly fit this bill, and the "Planes" sequel, "Planes – Fire and Rescue" (hereafter "Planes: F & R") is dedicated to these real heroes.

"Planes: F & R" starts with Dusty Crophopper (voice of Dane Cook) literally flying high. After his "Around the World" victory in "Planes", Dusty has been racking up the racing trophies and soaking up the fame and fortune. Of course, fate throws a monkey wrench (almost literally) into Dusty's plans when his gear box starts malfunctioning. As the movie penetrates into Dusty's metal guts, we learn that –as far as I understood it- years of high speed have chipped away at the box. From now on, in a kind of reverse of the movie "Speed", if Dusty goes too fast, he will break apart and crash. According to Dusty's faithful fuel truck Chug (voice of Brad Garrett) and dutiful forklift Dottie (voice of Teri Hatcher), no replacement gear box exists.

Now feeling useless, Dusty mopes around Propwash Junction airport, his base of operations, until a new opportunity presents itself. Attempting to reach high speed again, Dusty crash- lands and starts a fire. The resident fire truck, elderly Mayday (Hal Holbrook) tries to put out the fire but doesn't have enough water. With help from several forklifts, Mayday pulls down the water tower to put out the flames. Despite the rescue, bureaucratic transportation management truck Ryker is not amused with the lack of firefighting protocol and lack of an additional licensed fire fighter. Swallowing his shame and disappointment, and wishing to preserve Mayday's job and dignity as well as keep the airport open, Dusty volunteers to undergo training to start a new career as a firefighter.

Dusty flies to Piston Peak airport to begin training. He meets several characters just as quirky and colorful as his friends back home, like Lil' Dipper (voice of Julie Bowen), a flighty (no pun intended) water-dumping plane who develops a crush on Dusty, and the Native-American- like, mysterious, inscrutable, laconic heavy-lifting helicopter Windlifter (voice of Wes Studi). Rough-edged forklift mechanic Maru (voice of Curtis Armstrong) replaces Dusty's landing gear with pontoons for water landing plus wheels for regular landing. With morbid humor, he informs Dusty that unlike pictures of racing planes taken for winning, pictures of firefighting planes and helicopters are taken only when they crash and burn.

Dusty comes under the tutelage of Piston Peak's main firefighter, the all-business veteran helicopter Blade Runner (voice of Ed Harris). Like Skipper (voice of Stacy Keach), Dusty's former mentor, Blade Runner is gruff, disciplined, and no-nonsense. Despite his best efforts to teach Dusty how to scoop up water from lakes and rivers to dump on forest fires, Dusty's gear-box problem keeps holding him back. Since Dusty hasn't revealed his new handicap to him, Blade Runner naturally thinks Dusty is a stuck-up, selfish, goof-off.

Then a real emergency strikes. The Fusell Lodge (get it?) hotel bursts into flame from a nearby forest fire. There is not enough water to battle the blaze because the vain, sycophantic (i.e. kissa$$) park superintendent SUV Cad Spinner (voice of John Michael Higgins) incompetently diverted the water to the roof sprinklers just to impress the Secretary of the Interior (voice of Fred Willard). He also delays all the guests from fleeing the approaching blaze –again to impress the Secretary- until it's almost too late.

Blade Runner's crew, including skydiving smokejumper bulldozers, do their best to fight the fire. Blade Runner eventually gets damaged and must find shelter in a mine. He reveals to Dusty why he became a firefighter; he was once a police copter in the "CHiPs" parody "CHoPs" but lost his partner Nick "Loop'N" Lopez (voice of Erik Estrada) in an accident he couldn't prevent. In turn, Dusty finally reveals his problem. Blade Runner tells him not to quit and what it really means to be a hero. Dusty goes off to get enough water to not only save the forest but also an RV couple Harvey (voice of Jerry Stiller) and Winnie (voice of Anne Meara) stranded on a fiery bridge. Again, Dusty must pour on the speed to get enough water. Does he have the courage to do it? Can he literally keep himself together? Will Dusty get certified?

In its broad outlines, the plot and structure of "Planes: F & R" closely resembles its predecessor "Planes" in its student/master relationship, respecting elders' experience, and overcoming personal obstacles to succeed. But this time, it shows Dusty becoming a better "person" because his success is no longer selfish, but beneficial to others. As he encounters the photorealistic flames, fallen trees, and rushing river rapids, as well as the meticulous technological aspects of firefighting, we urge Dusty to complete his baptism of fire and become a real hero. "Planes: F & R" makes his journey harrowing, humorous, instructive, intelligent, suspenseful, and inspiring. Firefighters, and anyone else, in my opinion, watching this movie will feel their spirits uplifted (again, no pun intended).
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Planes: Fire and Rescue
phubbs21 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well here we are with the sequel to a poor movie that was a spin off of another half assed kids movie, yet bizarrely this movie is actually pretty good! The first adventure in the skies was basically a very dull very poor 'Cars' spin off that didn't do anything we hadn't already seen in the 'Cars' movie. It was quite awful with seriously lackluster characters truth be told.

Yet despite this something has happened here which has turned the franchise upside down...almost. Yes its all the same dubiously clichéd and stereotypcial characters and yes the plot isn't exactly the greatest piece of original writing ever to touch down...but its actually fun! Put simply, Dusty the Air Tractor has ruined his internal bits n pieces with too much hardcore racing. Whilst being the arrogant cocky little sod that he is he crashes and causes a fire which in turn alerts some fire safety inspector truck dude to close the airport due to lack of a decent firefighting crew. In order to restore the airport to its former glory Dusty goes off to Piston Peak National Park (GREAT NAME! and presumably in the Wyoming/Colorado area of this universe) to learn to be a firefighter plane.

From there on its the predictable overused age old scenario where at first Dusty finds it hard mixing in with the fire crew. He slowly gets to know the team, discovers one female plane fancies him but the chief Ranger chopper thinks he's no good for the team, he won't make the grade. After numerous training sequences, whinny sulky moments, some heart-to-hearts and one to ones...a major fire breaks out which means its time to get down to the business of saving the day hero style. Essentially its the underdog schtick all over again with a highly obvious outcome all round for every character...the little plane that could.

I think the main difference from the first movie is the fact the visuals here look really really nice. Don't get me wrong its nothing that's gonna blow you away in a shower of epic CGI just looks very good and way way better than before. The first movie looked like an obvious made for TV flick and very basic. This time its been upgraded with a fresh coat of Turtlewax and its gleaming in every frame, background foreground and all the vehicle characters.

There is a wide selection of characters in here also but surprisingly that doesn't compromise the story. Actually many of the new characters are highly likable and really add a much needed to boost that was lacking before. Ed Harris as the Fire Ranger chopper is as you would expect...stern serious and without a sense of humour, but he's still a likable fella because he fair and righteous (not in an all American way though), and he looks good as a fire engine red chopper. Wes Studi voices a character that seems to be of Native American descent...I'm guessing by the way he speaks as I don't think its mentioned. This might seem incredibly clichéd by now...which it is...but again he's a great character. His large green Skycrane design does eerily suit this Indian notion to a tee with its long curved blades that kinda look like long drapes of black hair and of course the helicopter wrap or colour scheme design seems to replicate typical Native American warpaint/face paint (around the eyes).

Gotta give kudos to the cool little team of smokejumpers that are made up of small JCB construction/excavator vehicles. Not only do these guys look quite cute nippy and cool, they are also quite amusing and not in any way annoying! I half expected them to leap into action by combining together to form a large Transformer-esque Constructicon (nerd smirk). There is a large voice cast in this movie, many small and large characters but at no point does it ever feel swamped, its handled well.

Despite the plodding exhausted plot premise at least they have tried to expand the story without retracing their steps. Yeah sure we've seen this kinda of thing before but the fact they make the old characters push forward into new territory creating a fresh angle for themselves (firefighting), and not going back to the old original plot premise of crop dusting/racing (which is hinted at but swept aside), is a big positive. I was sure at one point that Dusty would probably go back to his racing ways (predictably)...but no! he doesn't, he moves on and this in turn generates a nice new chapter for the franchise.

In that I wouldn't mind seeing another entry here. The blend of various vehicles is fun to watch if totally ridiculous at times, why would they need certain buildings like restaurants ? why would they have drinks in glasses at a function? wouldn't every building be humongous to house certain vehicles like large planes etc...Try not to get too technical with this incredibly insane premise as it is after all completely a kids flick and in no way meant to be taken any other way. Miles better than the first movie, leagues ahead with quality and some nice little visual gags for us older folk...Boat Reynolds! 'CHoPs' instead of 'CHiPs' (old 70s/80s TV show, in this universe its based around choppers/helicopters) and 'Howard the Truck'.

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Fabulous Movie !!!!
jasonkavetis4 August 2014
The last time I saw an animated movie was Hercules in 1997. I decided to check this out just to see how much things have changed and also cause I'm a lover of any movie that features wilderness aerial shots. I was absolutely blown away by this film. The stunning visuals and animation alone are worth the price of admission. I just saw this in 3D and was so impressed by how visually beautiful this movie is. I would recommend this for viewers of all ages not just kids. And if-like me-you love California wilderness scenery, you're in for a real treat. The movie really captures the look and feel of the Yosemite wilderness and lodge areas very nicely. Run don't walk to see this!!
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Better than the first
michaeljhuman27 July 2014
The worst thing I could say, given the genre constraints is that this is the exact plot you expect. Dusty has yet another issue preventing him from being all he can be.

So he joins the firefighters. I was personally interested in firefighting as I live in a city that was devastated two years in a row by two fires, I know people who lost homes, but I guess that's irrelevant except to say that's why I gave #2 a chance even though I found #1 a bit dull.

The visuals were great. I watched in in 2D. There was a scene where the firetruck, feeling sorry for itself was in the garage and I was really impressed with the subtle artwork in that scene.

Be prepared for a whole slew of puns obviously. The dialog is strictly average, but some of the puns made me laugh ( I like puns.)

I think what made the movie watchable were the following- * Great CGI * Good action * Likable characters * Me personally resonanting with the firefighting theme and the dangers faced by brave firefighters

If you disliked Cars or Planes, don't bother. If you thought Planes was only OK, maybe give this one a shot. If you generally like CGI movies with the typical Pixar zero to hero plot, go see it :)
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Fun, Simple, Kids Film
rgkarim18 July 2014
Another weekend, another Disney movie in the form of inanimate objects being brought to life and giving them personality. My first film to review is a pickup of a Pixar abandoned world that transitioned from the hard paved racetrack to the free roaming wilderness of the open sky. You have guessed it, my movie is on the latest Disney sequel Planes: Fire and Rescue, a movie that many see as another addition to the world of kid's movies to appease a growing population. Is this the simple stereotypical kid's film or does it stand out from the flood? Let's cut the chatter and get to the review.

Let's face it, the one certainty you have when it comes to Planes is it is going to be kiddy and they meet your expectations. Disney has made a nice friendly movie, lacking the secret naughty jokes that adults love, for good simple fun in a nice convenient package, where everything happens in just the right circumstances to drive the story. The colorful world will grab most children's attention, depending on their energy level, and leave their eyes wide with excited fun. The animation is hands down impressive, a nice collage of anthropomorphic movements interlaid with smooth flying through a beautiful world as they start to catch up to their former partners. My favorite parts of the movie involved the majestic flights through the generated world of canyons, lakes, and forests, often putting us in a first person perspective that makes you feel you are in the cockpits and perhaps a little dizzy. To help give it some suspense, the planes dive into some turbulent skies as the fires, which seems to start up so quickly, create a dark haze for our cast to travel in. While kids may get tense, and our brave men and women of service may appreciate the "edge", it did lack some edge, more on that later.

Now you might be thinking, "This is Disney, surely something sad has to happen that will make my little one cry?" Well surprise, surprise Planes flies over the depressing twist and keeps the movie lighthearted for the most part. With the opening message and dedication to the brave fire fighters, you expected a little more drama to drive the plot, yet Disney chose to keep the fun going with as little stress as possible. While this should keep your kids laughing and smiling, or in some cases running across the theater mimicking the planes, it leads to a simplistic film that may leave older audience members bored. Planes lacks a lot of excitement and zest that some of the previous Disney films contained, that creative spark that entertained us for so many years lost to the lower threshold of entertainment we have all set for ourselves. Now this doesn't mean all is lost, for Planes has some rather witty puns that had me chuckling from time to time, but aside from that the humor is based on your ability to appreciate cultural references and how child like your humor is. The good news though, is that parents won't have to spend too much time in this light hearted movie, for it runs less than 90 minutes, which is a great time span for a movie such as this.

So what else is worth mentioning about this film? Let's talk a little about the voice acting. Planes Fire and Rescue stars Dane Cook, the crude comedian again diverging from his usual stand up to give a mediocre performance. The animation, more than the voice acting, captivates the emotion more, but Cook's monotone voice is easy to understand and fitting for the character. Ed Harris does a nice job as the stern trainer, somehow being harsh, but packing wisdom and experience that mimics his years on the Silver screen. Fans of Modern Family will be happy to see, or hear in this case, Julie Bowen whose overdramatic/overacted character has been captured in plane form. The audience was laughing at her delivery, her character both creepy and yet endearing as she tried to guide Dusty through his training. Yet my favorite voice was from former Nerd Curtis Armstrong, whose rough, cut to the point, honesty never gets old for this reviewer, especially when it comes out of a little pipsqueak like Maru. Voice acting aside, the designs of the characters is well done, taking common patterns and colors of rescue vehicles and crafting them into symbols that match the ethnicity they represented mainly for the Native American helicopter.

Planes is a fun, family adventure that brings joy, happiness, and very layman humor that will entertain the young. Again the visuals are nice, the story very easy to follow, and the world colorful and fun, with little emotional diversity. Yet, Disney could have easily made this one of their original movies, and put it on TV, not only sparing us a carbon copy of their teenage romantic plots, but also saving us some money as well. My suggestion in to forego this movie, unless you really need something to curb your children's energy, or you are just looking for simple animation. Otherwise save your money and stay home in the comforts of your own home, waiting for a few other films coming in the new few weeks.

My scores for Planes are:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 6.0 Movie Overall: 5.0
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