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Abysmal, poorly paced, horribly acted and pointless.
ptracw22 June 2016
94 minutes that feel like 3 hours.After an interesting opening premise is presented the move dwindles into a blithering mess of bad acting, pointless and unbelievable story and absence of any tension or true horror. Even as a lover of the most low budget of 'cam' movies, this movie is the worst of the worst. By the end of the movie everyone seems to have a camera somewhere in the right place. People in their most awkward moments are not worried about the cameras.Seems like in the middle of this small town out in the country there are cameras everywhere to capture everything! The acting is painfully bad. What makes matters worse is the actors appear to be trying their hardest to be convincing, but man do they fail. There is a huge plot hole regarding the reaction of the female leads character to a "branding" on the main characters chest that is just obvious to anyone with a brain.

It feels as long as TITANIC and AVATAR combined. Has no tension, no scares, mediocre gore effects and is a confusing long winded attempt at something that has been done many times.
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"We have such wonderful things to show you".
lost-in-limbo22 August 2018
I was suckered in by the premise... although sadly for most part it fails to meet those expectations. How to classify the film? A homegrown micro-budget, indie found-footage crossed faux-documentary with cult group influences, and creature-feature elements. I know, it's a mouth full. It does draw you in, yet, doesn't go anywhere out of the ordinary to compensate for its meandering nature. Not a complete misfire, and nothing to do with its tiny budget (although it shows in how they present the story), but the familiar plot is a slapdash of well-worn ideas scrappily pieced together, which goes nowhere fast.

Our protagonist Kyle Cole, along with his girlfriend return back to his family home a decade later to face to the scorn of his home town in the wake of his beloved older brother's death, which still plagues him to this day. He wants closure from these demons, so he agrees to film it with a cameraman to help document the process. However we learn there's something much more to his return, as there seems to be a worrying connection between Kyle, and a local cult leader (where there are stories that this man can raise the dead) that sets something unstoppable in motion.

Don't go in expecting much in the way of monster-action, unless you fancy off-screen growling and stomping. We don't see the beast come to play until the last slaughter packed 20 minutes, where we catch glimpses amongst shaky camera movement. Chaotic is best to describe it. There are minor touches of gore, nothing special, and practical monster FX, that's if you can make out what you're seeing.

What you'll find is that the main attraction really does lie on building character, or at least a script trying to. It's overly talkative, statically drawn out and wants to psychologically breaks down the situation. Mystery stays thick, surrounding Kyle's personal baggage, and his involvement with this cult group. What starts off shady eventually begins making sense (well not in a spell-it-out-for-you manner) leading to a bleak resolution. Then there's the inserted interviews covering what happened to Kyle before, and after the horrific accidental death of his brother. We hear from different people in the town. Quite a stop and go experience. Making it more palatable were couple of the performances. Austin Madding is stably fine as Kyle, but namely Bill Obsert Jr's creepily understated cult leader and Joshua Mark Robinson's unhinged hick disciple keep you interested. At times I had trouble with the audio, specially understanding dialogues, and there are some questionable scenes of how can they still be video filming/or who's now filming.
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Caught him with the giant Jell-o mold
nogodnomasters28 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kyle Cole (Easton Lee McCuiston/Austin Madding) likes to film everything instead of helping his All-American brother Ryan (William Ryan Watson) who gets caught in some farm equipment and is ripped to shreds. The townsfolk blame Kyle who goes and lives with his aunt. Tanner (Shaun Gerardo) is filming a documentary and they decide to do a Kyle homecoming along with his girlfriend Mandy who also got kicked out of drama school. Kyle is not welcomed by everyone and we discover a cult run by Jordan (Bill Oberst Jr.) that was not well defined, but it did have a book and a seal.

Austin Madding and Shaun Gerardo were laughably bad in their performance. We don't get to see the thing from the quarry except for large green hands. This seemed more like a "how not to make a found footage film." Was Tanner filming all those people getting attacked? Was he filming Kyle in the woods the same time as he was filming the town of Kaler Mills (Paducah, Kentucky) ? Guide: F-word, brief sex, brief nudity (Julie Howard)
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It's okay
vmalast15 September 2018
I guess I'm getting tired of the typical red neck round up. Shades Pumpkinhead with inconsistent camera perspectives. Near the end, we are now in Doom gun mode. The acting wasn't that bad. A few things were really drawn out. Would have been better as a short film.
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Put you to sleep faster than Ambien
eburton98418 August 2018
Way too slow. Acting was so-so. I think it was a good concept but the storyline did not do it justice.
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Found footage horror is all set-up and little pay-off
Leofwine_draca16 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR is another local horror film, this time made in Kentucky. It takes the form of a found footage movie which sees a character returning to his home town after a historical tragedy caused him to leave. He soon discovers a mysterious conspiracy and nameless horror lurking in the place he once called home.

I was expecting plenty from this movie, judging by the intriguing description and box art, but what I got was not very much. It's another film which is all about talk and set-up with very little in the way of pay-off. The high-quality look of the production works against it, making it look more unconvincing and home-made, and I was actually hoping for a bit of grain here and there. The overbearingly loud music laid over the action doesn't help very much. The conspiracy angle of the story isn't bad but the leads are unsympathetic and the characterisation poor.
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You like Pumpkinhead? The Beast Within? Blair Witch?
mriguy422 December 2014
The Doom's Chapel Horror is an homage to 80's monster flicks with a Blair Witchian 'found footage' kind of spin. I usually run the other way when I hear FOUND FOOTAGE but some films can pull it off. The DCH brings it all together with some good suspense, action and enough skin and gore to warrant repeat viewings. The casting and acting are WAY above your weekend SYFY and CHILLER fare and I recommend it.

The unique soundtrack was composed by musician Josh Coffey.

Standout performances by Bill Oberst, Jr. as the cult leader and Steve Crowley as the town sheriff.

Shot mostly on location in West KY.
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My Review Of "The Dooms Chapel Horror"
ASouthernHorrorFan17 March 2015
"The Dooms Chapel Horror" is a blend of classic creature-feature and contemporary cult horror wrapped in found footage. The plot follows a young man revisiting his home town past wrought with tragedy, that soon discovers a new horror unfolding in the community, one in which he is to blame. It takes on an organic, home movie feel at the beginning but soon spirals into a chaotic mangling of docu-horror and classic monster movie madness.

The acting is hit or miss with a lot of the cast in "The Dooms Chapel Horror", more so with over-acting than not living up the task. Most of the characters feel authentic enough, but I felt several of the characters could have toned it down somewhat and still been just as impactful. Still Holt directs a nearly perfect found footage concept with events unfolding fast, chaotically, and full of emotion. Once the cult aspect and the lead character's actions that created the horror unfolding takes off, "The Dooms Chapel Horror" morphs into a thrilling nightmare. At times I got lost in the events unfolding before me, and yet at other times the momentum falters a bit before picking back up.

The special effects and soundtrack featured in "The Dooms Chapel Horror" is a show of true indie quality. Mostly suggestive moments that hint at the horror aspect shown through shaky cam, poor light, and creative angles create the nightmare easily. The creature effects are practical FX works presented in limited amounts on screen that are believable. A lot of films linger too long on cheap props and kill the intended effect and overall momentum of the scene, but that isn't the case with "The Dooms Chapel Horror". Between the special effects and camera tricks there is a real horror presence on screen. The soundtrack, effects do an expected job of creating the mood and atmosphere but are limited, allowing for most of the actual sounds caught on video to do most of the work at creating the moments.

Overall, "The Dooms Chapel Horror" manages to give us a nice, homegrown indie feel with some very electric moments. There is some drag at the beginning of the film, as we build up to the main event but once the film gets going it keeps at a pretty intense pace. The acting is as I said before, hit or miss, and it is inconsistent so it never fully kills the flick, only short moments fall flat. The effects aren't spectacular but they are creative, quality moments that work. The last 3rd of "The Dooms Chapel Horror" is pretty tight, gives some cool thrills and has a wicked ending that I enjoyed. Definitely check out "The Dooms Chapel Horror" because there is enough going right in this film to enjoy.
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Watching and Waiting
rbucy-754-53627113 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A very interesting movie that has many twists and turns. I liked the movie because it was in had two time lines. The characters were very believable. There was a diversity in locations. The monster scenes were graphic and the special effects were great. The movie had my attention from the first frame. I hope there is a Dooms Chapel Horror 2. I would love to see the story develop further. The writer has done an excellent job in writing and developing characters. The film was done as a documentary. Even the cameraman was believable in the film. The scenes were consistent with the time of year portrayed. I was only able to see the movie once, but I would love to see it again.
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Good Locally Made Horror
menaburt0713 November 2014
I was proud to be able to get in Maiden Alley Cinema to view the premiere of this film. I am a new comer to independently made films, so I wasn't expecting much, I was very pleased with this film. The only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is that there were parts of the film I didn't understand as far as the story line, but overall it was very good. Actors Austin Madding and Joshua Mark Robinson, well, I just love them. Joshua is a local and his acting makes me proud. Christopher Bower is just wonderful. I am one that would love to see a horror film without so many four letter words and nudity though and this one had some four letter words and a little nudity, just would rather not have it. So I don't recommend taking small children to see it. If you are a regular movie buff, don't judge a film like this harshly. These people making these films fund the movies themselves and most actors do not get paid. I think that is the mistake that people make when they watch an independent film, so keep that in mind when you view these films. I recommend watching this one. Especially if you like horror films. I am proud of these people and good job to all involved. More film directors and producers should seek local talent in our area, and these producers and directors have taken advantage of that. Paducah, KY, and Metropolis, IL, are excellent areas for scenery and actors. These people have taken advantage of that and I am sure with each film that is made, they will get even better. Keep going guys, excellent job!!! from Melina Draffen AKA (Beth Kozine, author of Forgiveness Not Permission)
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Fresh perspective on found footage...
tkbyfive5 July 2016
The score for this film in my opinion was positively perfect for setting up the very creepy feeling that grows throughout.

I think for too long, found footage has been considered "a single camera medium" and I enjoyed the somewhat vagueness of not having my hand held throughout the story. I appreciate the opportunity given to the audience to connect the dots, so to speak and the risk taken to try something new.

The direction, costumes and production nailed it. I was pleasantly surprised with this Indie Film and believe we will see great works from the Director, John Holt, many of the actors; Alan Walters & Austin Madding and even the Producer, Christopher Bower in the future.
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