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Sex & Nudity

  • Slight nudity, no sex or sexually graphic scenes.
  • A man's bare butt can be seen briefly on two occasions (same scene, just one is a flashback). In the same flashback scene there is a reference to the size of a man's private part.
  • There are two scenes where baby boys' genitals can be seen; one is computer animated and the other is a real baby.
  • A kids mom is a cortesan (prostitute) - mentioned only. Whorehouse is also referenced.
  • Vague Talk of infidelity
  • Man unsuccessfully propositions a woman
  • Kids call a woman a flat chest bitch
  • Man referred to as having a puny dick
  • A few references to having "big balls"
  • Man called a son of a whore

Violence & Gore

  • Kung fu fighting and weapons violence. Some light blood from mouth punches, sword slashes and stuff like that. Lots of people die, but its not very graphic, they just fall down, occasionally with weapons stuck into them
  • Dog eats at a corpse, heads on pikes on a battlefield. Hidden in shade for the most part, not super graphic
  • Blood splatters toward the camera from an unseen beheading
  • Close ups of bloody butchered meat
  • Guy run through with pike, it protrudes through him. Blood drips from mouth.
  • A kid beats another kid w a rock, his legs are whipped.
  • Attempted suffocation Of a child
  • Guy shot in neck with arrow, blood spatter on wound and pale dead body
  • Various other weapons thrown into necks and chests with some blood trickle and splatter
  • Character attempts to kill a pregnant woman with a knife
  • Characters beaten to death w sticks and burned. Bodies seen afterwards -not graphic but emotional
  • Throat gets slit
  • Man tortured by having skin burned
  • Lots of innocent people, including kids, shot with arrows and cut down with swords
  • Innocents hung and bodies left as a warning
  • Guy gets choked to death
  • Women and children are hung from a gallows, you see them struggle


  • Woman referred to as a dirty whore, bitch, bastard a few times. 15-20 f-words some by kids, sh*t, motherf-er, and sh*tstorm are some more.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking. Few characters are shown drunk.
  • A woman smokes with a pipe.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Though not very gory it can be tense and emotional at times and deals with a lot of mankinds evils against itself. A lot of innocent people are killed.

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