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(2013– )

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Season 5

12 Feb. 2018
De nye gæster
Set in the midsummer of 1932, the broker August Molin and his Swedish born wife Alma arrive at the beach hotel. They arrive directly from the Klitgaarden in Skagen, where the king, Christian X, spends the summer. Morten returns from Copenhagen, where he and merchant Madsen are building houses together.
19 Feb. 2018
Anes hemmelighed
Count Ditmar arrives at the beach hotel together with his new wife, Mitzi, and his mother. But because the wood samples that Madsen requested from Molin, have not arrived yet, Molin and his wife decides to stay another day. But they have to move to the only available room, which is a single room. Madsen's wife overhears that Molin doesn't want Madsen to contact Varming. So Madsen calls him and learns that he doesn't know anything about the wood. Meanwhile Fie's sister, Ane, appears to have secrets. The owner of the hat shop, where Ane works, calls Fie and it appears ...
26 Feb. 2018
Alle mine længsler
The distinguished stockbroker August Molin, has come down with a nervous stomach. The sale of the timber to Merchant Madsen is dragging on and today is his absolute final chance, if he doesn't want his fraud against his demented client revealed. Mrs Alma Molin has put aside the couple's troublesome situation for a while and is looking forward to filming Amanda's advertisement on the beach. Weyse has also agreed to participate, without knowing that the shoot will stir feelings he thought was of the past. Finally, Valter is once again trying his luck with Edith, and Mr ...
5 Mar. 2018
Little Severin has been stung by a wasp but Weyse is convinced that he has been bitten by a viper and that immediate action is needed. Morten also wants to see action as Merchant Madsen bought the timber of Molin, without conferring with him - but the meeting between the two business partners turns out quite differently from what Madsen has feared. And Edith has fallen head over heels in love, which is insufferable for Otilia, who feels like testing the bliss. The mood is differently peaceful between Mr and Mrs Molin, after the successful sale of the timber and an ...
12 Mar. 2018
Besøg sydfra
Merchant Madsen is certain that Morten is trying to trick him and forces Max, who is highly reluctant to say the least, to go spy for him. Greater things are at risk for Ane and Fie, as Ane's newborn baby has been removed from her home by Jesper's father and placed at an unknown orphanage. Fie realizes that Jesper is the only one who can help them but how does she find him? Count Ditmar's German wife, Mitzi, has visitors arriving from south of the boarder, as her younger brother and his Nazi friends, marches in. Meanwhile the power game continues between Mr and Mrs ...

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