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Season 4

23 Jan. 2017
Once again it is summer at the North Sea. The calendar reads 1931 and the newspapers are bursting with articles about bankruptcies and world crisis. But that doesn't keep the regular guests from Copenhagen, from being back at the little hotel, where Fie is now in charge of the daily management. However, the maid Edith, is certain that Fie is dreaming about something else entirely and therefore, she seeks out the spiritual Miss Vetterstrøm to figure out what it is. The royal actor Mr. Weyse is riding a wave of success within the world of the moving picture and in order...
30 Jan. 2017
Weyses forbandelse
Fie's younger sister, Ane, is banned from her place at the Preist's house hold and therefore, Fie assumes responsibility of her - but Ane is not an easy one to keep track of. Amanda is finally able to lure Max to come to the hotel, where Bette and Sophus Poulsen are driving Weyse insane, as they have completely taken over on the entertainment front. Since the tormentors are planning to stay for the entire summer, Weyse seeks out higher powers for help. Merchant Madsen still has his eyes firmly set on Count Ditmar's lucrative properties in Copenhagen and is still ...
6 Feb. 2017
Et galehus
Ane is dying to go to Hotel Udsigten to watch Jesper perform but Fie won't let her. Nevertheless, Ane makes plans which leaves Edith in somewhat of a pickle. Weyse has been offered a dream role that would bring him back to the theatre in triumph but his rehearsals are disturbed immensely by a scantily dressed Mrs. Aurland. And then, to his horror, Mr. Aurland discovers new sides to Count Ditmar's German cousin Mitzi. Meanwhile Merchant Madsen discovers some new sides to Morten, which gives him an idea of how he will finally, bring the young shipowner down.
13 Feb. 2017
Mrs. Frigh finally gets some company at the hotel, when her daughter Bertha and the governess, arrive from Copenhagen. At the train station they meet a poor boy who's just arrived on the same train from Copenhagen, travelling on 3rd class. He has been sent to Jutland by his parents to spent the summer vacation at a farm, while they are busy working in order to feed the family. Wondrously, this little boy's fate has Mrs. Frigh meet a compassionate widower. Miss Vetterstrøm has had a very lifelike dream about her great love from her younger years, moving into the hotel....
20 Feb. 2017
Ikke lutter lagkage
Two of the maids have fallen ill and consequently a fear arises in the kitchen that it might be caused by food poisoning - and that some of the guests might have gotten it as well. Amanda is not far from landing a job with the advertising director, Holger Scharff, and therefore, her and Max are invited for a windy get away at sea, with the director. Merchant Madsen has hired the lawyer Mr Kvist, to dig into Morten's past and is waiting impatiently for the answer. Meanwhile, Weyse and Mrs. Aurland realise that the next step in the plan of making a brother or sister for...
27 Feb. 2017
It looks like a storm is coming. Merchant Madsen have nonetheless, to his family's surprise, planned a full-day trip to Råbjerg Mile. What is the matter with the good merchant? Ane knows, there is no way out other than telling her father, that the rendezvous with Jesper has had consequences. But she fears her father's reaction. In the absence of her husband, Mrs. Frigh is still more captivated by the local farmer, Arne Kokholm, while Mrs. Aurland becomes more and more incautious in her relationship with Weyse. And then finally, the sky cracks open in a heavy ...
6 Mar. 2017
Til salg
The summer is declining, but sorrows and joys are far from over at the little hotel. Merchant Madsen receives a letter from the municipal authority's building department in Copenhagen, that puts him on quite a roller coaster ride. Weyse and Mrs. Aurland are awaiting in horror and anxiety for Mr Aurland's move, after he guessed who Severin's father really is. Mrs. Fjeldsø is shaken by Doctor Plough's surprising declaration of love, while Mrs. Frigh is trying to find her feet after her husband has decided to follow the young Kitty Hansen to America. When Molly Andersen ...

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