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Season 3

28 Dec. 2015
Amandas gæster
It is summer once again, and Mrs Andersen and the girls are opening the hotel for a new season. The year is 1930 and the World War is lurking outside the country boarders. But it is quite different matters, which preoccupy the guests. Merchant Madsen is fighting to recover his position after he went bankrupt last year. Mrs Aurland is afraid her husband will discover the truth - that he isn't the father of their newborn son. Amanda is back in her marriage with Count Ditmar but she is still dreaming of Max. And the royal actor Mr Weyse, arrives in the company of a young...
4 Jan. 2016
A vagabond, who has news of Morten, is hosted at the hotel and makes an impression on one of the girls especially. Amanda and Count Ditmar returns to the hotel after the funeral of the old Count and accompanying them, is Ditmar's mother, who starts to get a sense of what is going on between Amanda and Max. At the same time, a visit is expected from two reputable gentlemen, who are going to asses whether Count Ditmar is suited to replace his father's seat in the Danish Upper House. Merchant Madsen is vigorously trying to acquire funding for his new construction project...
11 Jan. 2016
Fru Madsens smykker
Merchant Madsen has pawned his wife's jewellery in order to gain the capital he needs for his new construction project. This steers the marriage in to troubled waters and Mrs Madsen is very upset. But she receives an unexpected helping hand, when the mysterious lawyer Kvist, moves into the hotel. Amanda has moved in with Max in his summer cottage at the beach, but she fears that Ditmar will act on his threat to cut off the financial support he is providing her parents. Mr Weyse is doing his best to protect young Miss Kitty from Mr Frigh's approaches but he must face ...
25 Jan. 2016
Amanda and Count Ditmar has come to an agreement on how to handle their pro forma marriage but neither Ditmar's mother nor Max, quite agrees with their plan. When she is led to believe that Mrs Fjeldsø is sick, Miss Vetterstrøm returns to the hotel from Copenhagen and the two sisters finally talks it all out over a bottle of liqueur. Weyse is all of a sudden called in for a meeting at the theatre in Copenhagen, where they have received an anonymous letter, which threatens the actor's career. And then Fie's father moves into the little smallholding where Morten used to...
1 Feb. 2016
Both Max and Mr Frigh are suffering from heartache. Max is hurting because Amanda has put him on ice after he messed up in front of Count Ditmar's mother. Mr Frigh is troubled because the subject of his longings, the young Miss Kitty, has gone back to Copenhagen with Mr Weyse. But then both men each receive a letter, which renews their hope. After having moved into the new house, Fie's father is dismayed by his sad destiny. Mrs Andersen decides to cheer him up and she succeeds beyond expectation. And then, in the middle of it all, a very prominent guest arrives at the...
8 Feb. 2016
Kortene på bordet
Mr Frigh has visited Miss Kitty in Copenhagen and decides to go back to the hotel to put his cards on the table. But how do you tell your wife that you are leaving her? Mr Frigh decides to seek advice with the most experienced person on the matter, namely Mr Weyse. At the same time, Merchant Madsen and Max are impatiently waiting for an answer from the architect competition, which could kick-start their business. For Mrs Aurland on the other hand, the waiting is over - if her husband has figured out that he is not the father of their child, it is about time she tells ...
15 Feb. 2016
Fodspor fra havet
The seasons have changed and it is the fall of 1930. Edward Weyse has been fired from the theatre and now makes a living by playing the piano, accompanying silent films at the cinema. Amanda, who is now working as the assistant of the self-absorbed and choleric film director Gerhard Flügelhorn, pays Mr Weyse a visit along with her new boss, who offers Weyse a part in his new film. The hotel is extraordinarily opened out of season, in order for the final scenes of the film to be shot in peaceful and quiet surroundings. Unfortunately, the rumours of the exciting filming...

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