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Season 2

12 Jan. 2015
Amandas valg
Once again all the guests are back at the hotel. The truth about Morten is told and new visitors arrive.
19 Jan. 2015
Den store fest
The Seaside hotel is at it's other end getting ready for Amanda and Count Ditmar's engagement party. Everyone's expectations are high except for Max's - he is not happy having to watch Amanda saying yes to another man. Mrs Andersen has called in extra help from the neighbouring hotel but when it turns out that this extra help is the same girl who has just married Martha's boyfriend, the kitchen is stewing with tension. Weyse is resorting to new means in his attempt to seduce Mr Aurland's wife, meanwhile Amanda has to remind her father of what he promised her in ...
26 Jan. 2015
Sønnen fra Amerika
10 years has past since he left in anger but now Poul, the son of the late Mr Andersen, has returned to the hotel to close the matter of the inheritance of the hotel with Mrs Andersen. In the kitchen, the girls are speculating about what really happened between the serious young man and his father and they wonder if he has arrived because he wants to take over the hotel. Amanda has decided to ignore her father until he holds up his end of the deal and clears Morten's name but all of a sudden she discovers a secret, which can solve the problem without the help from ...
Mrs Andersen tries to take out a loan in order to be able to buy Poul's share in the hotel but the bank turns her down. When a buyer wanting to take over the hotel appears, Fie decides to inform Poul of what his actions are putting Mrs Andersen through. The female guests at the hotel are tired of their husbands' laziness and decide to take a trip to Skagen. But as it turns out, the men are perfectly capable of having a party without their wives. Morten returns to the hotel free of all charges, so now finally, he and Fie can be together. Due to a great thunderstorm, ...
16 Feb. 2015
Mrs Andersen has been promised that even though the hotel is being bought by someone else, she can keep running the hotel and that the girls will stay on to help her. However, it turns out that the new buyers are not as sincere as they appear to be. Mrs Fjeldsø receives a letter from her son and enters a state of shock, which has her sister resorting to unconventional means to figure out what has happened. Merchant Madsen has been very successful on the American stock market and is now very much caught up in stock speculation. In the kitchen things are happening as ...
23 Feb. 2015
Sandhedens time
The summer is slowly coming to an end and it's the moment of truth for both the guests and staff at the Seaside Hotel. It has become more and more difficult for Morten to hide the way he is earning all his money from Fie. Mrs Aurland has to decide whether or not to tell her husband that the child she is carrying isn't his but Weyse's. Amanda and Max are planning how they'll be able to meet up after the holidays until the truth also catches up to them. Only Mrs Fjeldsø is completely settled in her belief; she has been let down by her son and there is no way of making ...
2 Mar. 2015
Madsen has made a fortune at the stock market in New York and to celebrate the great success, he and his Mrs rents the hotel for a private hunting party. Fie and Mrs Andersen has been busy getting the hotel ready for visitors outside of the season and the girls are extraordinarily called in to work. Amanda is fighting the wistfulness of being back at the hotel after the breakup with Max and finds a confidant in Fie. Meanwhile, the jealous actor Weyse, fears that he will accidentally injure his rival Mr Aurland during the hunt. But on this October weekend in 1929, ...

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