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Season 4

5 Oct. 2016
Bienvenido a los 60
The contracts that don Alberto has with the Italans state that they can only run the business for 5 years launching Ann and he would return to velvet after 5 years has pass
23 Nov. 2016
Mateo is set to leave Spain to NY in search of Alberto. Patricia is caught having an affair which was then punishable with jail time. The police come looking for her. In Ana's absence (she's in Italy receiving an award) the Italian tries to take credit for her new line but is beat to the punch by Don Emilio. Clara and Mateo reunite kinda sorta. Hurry and finish, this ghost of Alberto is really getting old. Oh, and Christina makes wedding preparations for Carlos and Ana. They're set to marry next episode.
14 Dec. 2016
Y entonces... llegó él
A summary of all the romance story between Alberto and Ana. From the beginning of their relationship when they were kids. The story telling takes us directly to the moment were Ana's friends stop the wedding and Alberto arrives with Mateo from New York.
21 Dec. 2016
El gran día II
Mateo makes a big confession to Clara, Raúl finally finds a romance if his own, Rita has a scare, and Anna and Alberto get their happy ending at last.

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