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fastest 3rd act in the wild west
djurrepower26 December 2021
Somehow I feel like this movie isn't finished. I see a lot of great work, and good ideas. But the story feels unfinished. This is most notible when we have the highpoint of the conflict in the last scene of the 2nd act. And this conflict is resolved the very next scene. And I can't help but feel that this story had so much more to explore. I could have seen this movie surpas coco, with it's more original story, but alas.

7/10: great but had so much more potential.
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"No one is youer than you." - Dr. Seuss
lee_eisenberg13 December 2021
I interpreted "Encanto" to mean that one's strength is not determined by traditions or other people's understanding of strength. Strength is about knowing the ethical thing to do, even if it challenges tradition.

And of course, it's good to see the depiction of a woman who isn't defined by her relationship to a man. Impressive movie.
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Magical, but not quite enchanting as it could have been
cricketbat27 December 2021
Encanto is a creative movie featuring beautiful and vibrant animation. However, the story feels a little underdeveloped. While there are some magical and emotional moments, it seems as if they didn't know how to end the movie. The lack of a strong villain also makes this movie a little less compelling. Nevertheless, the music is fun, and we enjoyed watching Encanto together as a family.
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SnoopyStyle31 December 2021
The Madrigals live in a magic house under the protection of an everlasting magic candle. The candle imparts a special power to each one of the Madrigal kids except for Mirabel. She feels left behind. When she has a vision of devastating cracks in the house, her Abuela wants to cover it up and ignore it.

This is a magical movie. I really like these characters and the mystery is interesting. It kept me intrigued and then the movie hits me with that revelation. That's a powerful scene. It's a scene of a reality that is more powerful than most other family-friendly animated movies are willing to go. It's the step that puts this onto another level.
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Incredible Disney animated movie
masonsaul26 November 2021
Encanto is another Incredible Disney animated movie that continues their winning streak with a fun, extremely vibrant and emotional film that also has great messages and mature themes, even if the narrative is predictable.

Stephanie Beatriz gives an incredible lead performance and María Cecilia Botero, Diane Guerrero, Jessica Darrow and John Leguizamo all give great supporting performances.

The direction by Jared Bush, Bryon Howard and Charise Castro Smith is superb, it's constantly visually inventive and extremely well paced. The animation is reliably perfect, ridiculously colourful and consistently visually stunning. The songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda are excellent.
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No Real Problem to Solve
actaction26 December 2021
It keeps talking about magic ending, because of selfishness; but specific selfishness isn't really shown to us by the grandmother... so why does the door close at the beginning (did the grandmother try to stop the magic from continuing because of the prophecy?). The problem isn't ever really that big of a deal & whatever it was it solved itself, with very little effort or adventure or hurdles to overcome. Basically, they are afraid of messing up the magic so they mess up the magic. They they become brave and love each other and everything is fine after all. I guess that's what I just watched. Pretty animation, not bad characters, but not memorable at all.
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My favorite Disney film since Frozen.
matthewssilverhammer30 November 2021
While it has some of the current Disney tropes, it's refreshing to watch a film & not know where it's going - unique characters, plot twists, story turns, emotional gut-punches. It's a movie about magic that reminds us that real magic is when one person puts someone else above themselves. A vibrantly beautiful, hopeful, exciting, & consistently funny treasure that argues that when we prioritize the facade of strength & love over the reality of them, we lose both.
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Not what I expected
Sandra-durand8027 January 2022
The animation is beautiful, bright and colorful. The voice acting was wonderful. The storyline was okay. Too much singing. I know I sound horrible saying that, but I wished they could've toned it down with the singing. My young sons were a little bored and I was too. I mean, it's a very nice movie, don't get me wrong, but it's not a 10-star movie in my opinion.
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Great Soundtrack, Not-So-Great Storyline
KiParvizi2 February 2022
Though I usually tend to love Disney films, I felt "Encanto" fell short in terms of its plotline. It's a bit of a slow starter, which contributes to my fairly mid rating. However, whatever the storyline lacked, the soundtrack gave double. You won't be able to get these songs out of your head (and I'm okay with that)!

It's a hit or a miss. You either love it or find it on the lower end of the Disney spectrum, but either way, it's not a terrible film... It just could be better.
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Disney on autopilot
MissSimonetta17 January 2022
When someone calls a movie "cute" in my social circle, it generally means that the movie was inoffensive but not memorable. That describes ENCANTO to a T. The characters are amusing and the animation is lovely (particularly the use of color), but the story seems less like a structured plot than a meandering series of musical setpieces. The music is not particularly memorable either-- I saw this movie two days ago and about all I can recall is the chorus of "We Don't Talk About Bruno."

I feel bad dogging it because the message of the film is a good one. The movie also features a less overdramatic presentation of a dysfunctional family, which is nice. But that's about all I can give the film-- good themes do not a great movie make.
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I probably expected more
pisceschick-0017517 January 2022
It was cute. Mostly entertaining but I got bored many times (maybe because I'm an adult and this is geared toward kids). I heard a lot of great things and people told me to watch it but I didn't really love it. I don't see myself watching it again anytime soon. I think I expected too much also because I absolutely loved Coco and it's one of my favorite films.
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Only colourful in animation, nothing else
m-ramanan30 January 2022
RATED 4/10 Language: English Source: Hotstar

The movie started very good and the magics are eye candy... its all over in first 15 mins, after that it is run off the mill story and animation... the remaining script can be written in the back side of the cinema ticket. The climax is so pathetic, even for kids - I believe.

Easily skippable one...
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Amazing Film Filled With Great Emotions And Lessons That Bring Big Surprises
rannynm24 November 2021
Encanto is an amazing film full of teachings that brings big surprises and great emotions to the public. You´ll be thrilled with the many beauties and magic in this film.

The film tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz), a girl who is part of the Madrigal family, a family where everyone has super-magic powers. But, is Mirabel of the same alignment as they are? An unexpected event that puts the family in danger, can change everything.

The storyline is well written. I really love the characters. They are funny and nice and the kind of people that everyone likes. My favorite parts are when Antonio Madrigal talks to the animals. I love animals and have always wanted to understand them. Watching this film gave me a greater desire to communicate with animals. This is magical! I also like the part when Mirabel is going to save the family and she says something funny. The special effects are terrific. Everything is super colorful. The background music is extraordinary; the music I like most is the adventure song when Mirabel takes off on her adventure. I love the adventure genre and this music accentuates it. As for costumes, I particularly love the costumes that show their tradition, yet at the same time, are contemporary outfits. They are so beautiful!

The message of the film is that we need to believe in ourselves, Never give up, because in the end you'll find a light.

I give Encanto 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18, plus adults. Encanto releases in theaters and on Disney+ November 25, 2021.

By Anna Clara B., KIDS FIRST!
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Encantop of It's Game For Fun and Feels, But Not The Adventurous Tale I had Expected
rgkarim25 November 2021

The Animation: No surprise, Disney is capable of masterpieces, and they continue to push the envelope for making these movies come to life. Encanto is certainly an incredible display of movement, smooth transitions and numbers that take the energy of Disney and amplify it tenfold to unleash on the big screen. It's dynamic, it's fun, and it utilizes so much of the environment that it presents itself as the musical it set out to be. The design explodes out in an amazing color, fantastic designs, and that campy details that bring you the happiness of a close knit Disney family. It's certainly a core element of the feels of the movie, and will easily capture your attention within seconds of starting.

The Culture: Disney has been big on bringing culture to their films and they once again managed to succeed in unleashing the honorable themes that come with it. Encanto is all about family, and the movie works hard to show that essence in the form of meals, helping the community, and trying to dig deeper into the darker corners that we all might hide. It's a beautiful representation of the work family building is, and tries to bring the other important elements of the culture into every scene they can. There is communion over dinner, the integration of the animals and plants made famous in the South American jungles, and the arts of crafting that are effortlessly integrated into the casa. The musical numbers bring the fervor and fire of the dancing, implementing the usual Disney movements, Encanto's numbers try to mix in a little South American dance spice and it works fantastically. Soon the mythos starts to leak into other elements and brings with it a grand display of the values and nuances that my limited studies have suggested they value. The result is a homely, and welcoming film that the young ones and young at heart will like, and potentially motivate families to dive a little more into cultural heritage.

The House: Encanto's main setting is this central house that the magic family lives in. You might think a house is not the most impressive Disney setting, but you'd be surprised at how well they utilized this enchanted villa into the story. The first is just the setting itself, a massive display of cultural architecture that we mentioned earlier to give symbolic nods to the Columbian architecture. Expanding on that, the rooms that the Familia have contain the magic that Disney can make, and opens the door for lots of new avenues to exploit in the future. Two of the rooms we see are the things of dreams, with the imagination oozing out in the extensive, physics defying, displays they have become as jungles and fields erupt into one magical room. Soon, the house turns into the obstacle course to find the clues to saving the magic as the dark parts of the house emerge. And then, the house becomes an actual character, an anthropomorphized obstacle that has its own means of adding to the story as it protects and pulls the family into its moving embrace. In a comical manner, the house bobs and weaves its own dance, having a lot of fun character though it never speaks a word to the characters it helps on a daily basis. The house was a fantastic piece to connect everything, and one of the biggest Disney elements of the movie for me.

The Music: You've got the Hamilton head manning the wheel on the original songs and he accomplishes things super well with his ingenuity. I found Encanto's work to be a lot more diverse than some of his previous work, but still holding the same quality and fluidity that he has mastered for so long. The opening number is fast and exhilarating, the mixture of stage show with the Latino spin I expected of him. Soon, the other numbers follow, always having that Broadway feel, but being curtailed to the movie to help hold the emotions of the movie moment and still be fun to sing. And he manages to add more genres to his repertoire in this film, and I loved the chorography they instill in the movies helping elevate the words in the quirky mixture of comedy and dance. Helping diversify the mixture of music, comes the nonmusical works, a score that again blends the festive nature of Latin culture and guides it towards serious sequence moments and festive parties. I actually preferred these moments to the big numbers and I absolutely loved how they brought the energy without being too extravagant.

The Heart: Encanto is a very relevant film to me, and like Disney does, has some great lessons that don't cross the political lines for me. Mirabel and her family have a lot of dynamics that are realistic, and within the walls of Casita, holds levels of storytelling that dug deep and made me feel attachment to my own family. I loved the big lessons of Mirabel not being a superhero, but was able to still work towards the mystery, which I think is important to note in the world of celebrities we idolize today. Other areas still run deep too, and that very core can impact a lot of people both young and old who watch this film. I loved the message being integrated well into the film, and not going too preachy as sometimes happens with messages in the film.


Character/Power Usage: Character usage is not the worst in the movie, but I can't lie that after the opening of the film, I had hoped for more character usage and balance than what I got in this film. Encanto's powers are not the most unique, but they offered some potential to collaborate in this mission to save the magic and discover the secrets in the house. Yet, the powers were sort of wonky, with some of the characters only doing their powers to the extent of what you saw in the trailers. The magic of the rooms and that imagination we get in the opening numbers, sort of fades to the background and I would have loved more of that magic to come in to the story instead of just the songs.

Music Over Full Plot: Much like Frozen, Disney seemed to have put the songs before the story with this piece. I had fun with the numbers, but they became the center stage of the film where everything was about those numbers. The story's predictability was in part due to the budget going to these songs alongside the power struggles mentioned above, was because of all the focus on the soundtrack The movie has a great respect for the character motifs, and those elements of the story are strong, but I can't lie that it still did not have all the elements that Tangled, Zootopia, and Wreck it Ralph have made famous in their lineage. Throw in that the characters who were built up to be important are sort of haphazardly used, with only two really getting the primary integration I expect of these movies. Perhaps that will occur with Disney+ making another special a few years down the line, and their rooms, that magic, and their adventures will be in the next spin off that the House Of Mouse is making common.

The Lack Of Suspense/Worthy Antagonist: My least favorite part of the movie has to be the antagonist and the adventure elements missing in this film. Encanto, much like Soul, is more so a dive into the battlefield of human emotions and hardships of life. As great as this is, it still is missing the adventure theme that I've seen in other Animation Studios, lacking those mind bending creatures and myths for our heroine to conquer. The mystery was actually not that deep or complicated, and the struggles to find the answers came a little easier and quicker than what I kind of expected from the trailers. Again, a super powered household would expect to have bigger challenges, but it was sort of swept under the rug making it lack the same bite and suspense that again other films do so well. Even the antagonist was not the usual level of creativity that they've done, which though it fits into the story, still could have used a little more adversity to drive the bus.

The VERDICT: Encanto is a very fun film, with the heart and soul of the Latino culture and the values that many shows/movies have stated they hold. The animation and design are top notch as Disney always does, and I loved the energy imbued into the various scenes of the film. That house was a brilliant, multidimensional tool that accomplished so much and it allowed a lot of things to be integrated in the short span of time. The music of the film is definitely a high point, and floods much of the film to get you dancing in your seat and buying soundtracks later on after the movie gets older. Sadly, the movie has too many characters and too little time to integrate every character in adequate time to be meaningful to the story. Encanto needs more time and adventure elements of the story for a guy like me, blending that heart and proving that fortitude by giving a good opponent to storm. Yet, the puzzles, the mystery, and that usual Walt Disney fervor is a little tamer in this film, and I would have liked a little more of that sauce to break things up and give that punch that I quite enjoy. Still, the movie is worthwhile and fun for a theater visit, especially those who enjoy the musical theater element more than an adventure. And it is definitely a great movie for the family to check out this week if looking for harbor from Black Friday.

My scores are; Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0.
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Very average
chris_rowe-881-16882024 November 2021
I get Disney is getting deeper and trying to show more important topics but this film felt very average, as a huge Disney fan I've seen 95% of the films, love some golden oldies but moana and coco are two of my favourites, I Was pumped for this.

The first song played it just felt off, it kinda set the tone, the film isn't bad but there's nothing remotely special here, the animation and colours are a given at this point, it's Disney.. it won't look bad.

The story was very dull, convoluted and over explained at several points, the humour failed and in a full cinema heard maybe 3 laughs. The characters were ok, not especially memorable and definitely quantity over quality, it had so much potential but did so little with it.

Another film with a similar style was Vivo, a Netflix film that wasn't hugely advertised but was head and shoulders above this, musically, visually and on an entertainment level, ironically the go to music guy Did both films and the difference in quality is outstanding, vivo had 5/6 great songs, this had 1 ok one and few average at best.

It'll entertain no doubt but you won't leave it like you did watching the first lion king or frozen or even a lesser title, it's easily forgotten and in disneys library doubtful one you'll revisit.

1/10 is as ridiculous as 10/10 in this film, it's not horrible just not great.
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Bored me silly in minutes
drael6425 December 2021
And it didn't get better, sadly. It is a meeting point of tropes, cliches and songs that go on too long. A kids movie needs fun, excitement and humor. This lacked any real sparkle.
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I wasn't enchanted...
paul_haakonsen26 December 2021
When I saw the posters hanging around town for the upcoming Disney animated movie "Encanto", I must admit that I was definitely interested in watching it. Sure, I didn't even know what it was about, but I liked the posters, and let's just face it, Disney does usually pump out pretty good animated movies.

So as I had the chance to sit down and watch what directors Jared Bush, Byron Howard and Charise Castro Smith had to offer with the 2021 animated movie "Encanto", of course I did so. And thus I sat down to watch it now with my 11 year old son.

At least he thoroughly enjoyed it. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I found the storyline to be somewhat bland and tame. There wasn't much appeal to the storyline told in "Encanto" for me, so it wasn't the best of Disney animated movies by a long shot. Hold on, don't get me wrong here, because I am not saying that "Encanto" wasn't watchable or bad or anything, no, no, not at all. It was just, well, bland.

Visually, now this is where "Encanto" was hitting a home run. I have to admit that the visual effects, the graphics and CGI, the colors, the art style, and all was just spectacular. And that alone was actually making it well-worth sitting through a viewing of "Encanto". I have to tip my hat in admiration of the animators and artists here, because they definitely worked the Disney magic.

I have to admit that I was not familiar with the vast majority of the voice talents that brought the characters to life in "Encanto", aside from John Leguizamo and Wilmer Valderrama. But I will say that Disney definitely had managed to get a great ensemble of talented voice actors and actresses for "Encanto".

With "Encanto" being an animated Disney movie, of course you will be in for numerous musical segments throughout the course of the story. However, I didn't really find any of the songs in "Encanto" to be particularly catchy. Perhaps they need to be heard a couple of times in order to stand out. So on that account, then "Encanto" was lacking that Disney magic.

If you enjoy Disney animated movies, then by all means give "Encanto" a chance. It is incredibly beautiful, and perhaps you will fall in love with the storyline and the characters, just because I didn't doesn't mean that you won't.

Ultimately, then I was somewhat disappointed with "Encanto", which also reflects my mediocre rating of five stars for this 2021 animated movie. "Encanto" definitely didn't spur the need for more than a single viewing on my behalf.
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Some strange story telling devices
garabedian1238 February 2022
Remember in Aladdin when time stops and Jasmine starts singing and we are supposed to know its happening inside her mind...Well the same thing happens here except at the end of the vision other people react to it. Which makes no sense at all.

This happens a lot of times in Encanto...actualyl thats all it does. That is the whole movie and its a weird one. Songs spoken in words thats not really singing...Both these are repeated throughout the film and its just the same thing over and over again.

Without the motion this movie would be terrible. In every scene lots of things are happening just for flare and without this i do not think the movie would have done so well.
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A little too obvious!
kowas_29 January 2022
Sure the animation and technical aspect is 10/10 but I guess you have to rate a movie based in the "movie" part of it. What lacked for me was the surprise. Feels like you know the ending from the start and the journey to get thee is a little too forces. The music is nice but sometimes a little out of place and almost it's there so the sake of it being there. LMM music is great but here it lacks to gel with the story. Maybe a little too targeted at kids.
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kosmasp2 March 2022
It actually may be way too inclusive for some. But it is more than a nice touch to see Disney dealing with certain things. Not just story and character wise from the rich history of the company, but also when it comes to society, family and what is expected of individuals.

We have a female main character who is not out to find love - she is trying to figure out where she fits in. Again on more than just one level. Yes the movie has magic in it, but somehow they still managed to keep it grounded. Having said that, one of the best lines is an exchange of two other characters who discuss marriage with a nice twist/end to that talk.

Of course not all things are shiny and great. For those who do not like movies to have singing in them ... well I have to dissapoint you, because there is quite a lot of it in here. On the other hand, the old school Disney movies had a lot of singing too. So just think of this combining the old with the new (culturally aware and all that). On the other hand the songs that are here may not be too memorable for many. They are fun and they are light - and they even seem to have some teases against other songs (let it go you say? Or maybe it is just a coincidence - yes I doubt it too) - but they might not stick and stay with you as much as other songs from classics have.

Still overall a step into the right direction, the movie even has passages in spanish (though it remains mostly in singing form). Pixar being part of Disney is elavating them - but also other animation studios that upped their game and made Disney up their game themselves. We may not have a physical enemy here, but sometimes the enemy is within (ourselves) - and home has to be built ... same with communities ... and a good movie that involves a lot of different departments like this one.
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Beautiful visuals, underdeveloped story
jbbabycrafts27 December 2021
This movie was lovely to look at and as others have noted, it was refreshing to see cartoon characters who looked more like every day life. The story itself was simply missing. It's a shame because there were so many, and I mean many, interesting characters to work with. One of the great things about The Incredibles was how characters creatively used their powers to face problems. This movie could have benefited from the same formula tackling family dynamics, learning to value one another's unique contributions, while facing an outside threat. In this case, the crisis of dwindling magic and a crumbling house wasn't enough to create an engaging story. When it ended we all looked at each other surprised and confused- that's it? It's over? It was fine to watch it once in Disney+ without paying extra. Just disappointing.
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No Encanto
samjlopes3 January 2022
Very interesting idea but boring and not so magical execution. Wasted potential. Flat story and predictable. Songs are forgettable. No Disney magic here.
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Not sure why it's so well received ... ?
Kareneo13 February 2022
It's nice enough - some lovely animation, brilliant saturated colours etc. At least two really good songs, but as I'm accustomed to the best of Disney animation, this one really doesn't hold up to the standard of the classics. I'm thinking things like Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid etc.

The story feels like it was written by committee, a really big committee!

It feels like nobody on the writing team got anything close to what they wanted (the danger of writing as a committee, naturally). Overall it's some kind of nonsensical mish-mash, I'm not really certain what story they were trying to tell. Perhaps something like 'old people are mean, and young people try too hard to please'. Who knows?

Quite watchable, but definitely does not live up to the hype. Nothing new to see, and in the end it's quite unsatisfying because the story was just nonsensical and the stakes never felt particularly high, unlike the aforementioned Disney classics.
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Fails to enchant
Sir_AmirSyarif5 December 2021
Byron Howard and Jared Bush's 'Encanto' is bright and colorful, yet it fails to enchant. It has some brilliant, visually appealing scenes and plenty of entertaining musical numbers to keep audience hooked, but the plot feels undercooked and trivial.
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The most overrated movie of 2021 and one of the most overrated Disney films
mrashtastic8916 January 2022
Encanto isn't worth all the hype it has, the storyline never invested me and it makes one of the worst mistakes a movie can make.

Encanto has one of the worst Disney protagonists ever written, she is completely incompetent and makes so many decisions without thinking and is pretty selfish.

She forces things that don't need to be forced and really none of the characters were distinctive enough to be relatable.

They had one trait that defined them, that was it.

Encanto is also incredibly formulaic and extremely melodramatic, the family dynamic doesn't make sense at all.

Encanto is very overrated and I'm gonna give it a C+.
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