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Sex & Nudity

  • Strong sexual themes are used especially an animal which has a perverted problem.
  • A dog is sexually perverted and is attracted to different woman. There is one scene that the dog is jacking off to dog playboy. The dog also pulls up a woman's skirt to look at her undergarments. We also see that the dog also likes to constantly lick his private part. The private part is not shown.
  • Several scenes are shown inside a strip club in which women in revealing clothing are poledancing.
  • A woman's nipples are shown from the clothes but we can only see dots on the place where the bra is located.
  • A sexual reference is used when the word "come" is used to say that the police officer has arrived. The scene has many explicit double entendres.
  • The dog has sex with a bear. Humping motions and sexual themes is implied in this scene. The dog has sex with a dead moose.
  • A close up of pornographic magazines with explicit titles and images is shown.
  • An old man is hung upside down in a tree and forced to wear a spiked leather thong and ball gag in his mouth.
  • A young boy is given large breast implants and then sexually sought after by men at a strip club.

Violence & Gore

  • Graphic and extreme brutal scenes of violence.
  • A man has his intestines ripped out from his stomach with blood spurting out and gets thrown in the river. Also two drivers have a car crash in the theme song causing their bodies to explode and eyes pop out.
  • A dog drags a woman into an alley and cuts off her scalp with a knife then cuts off her legs as well. The dog wears the human scalp and legs to walk upright. Later one of the severed legs is shown laying on the ground and then two animals fight over the bloody leg.
  • Later the woman with severed legs and no scalp is shown poledancing.
  • Animals are graphically shown dead such as a moose is shot multiple times.
  • Mr pickles is a very violent dog with a extremely sadistic personality. What he does to other people is extremely cruel and ends up in bloody results.
  • A boy has his face ripped off by a dog and falls down a cliff. Later he is shown with many broken bones and horrific gruesome injuries. Then a dog kicks a rock on his face, crushing his head in a very bloody manner.
  • A man gets hanged in the restroom with a blue face. His intestines is shown ripped out of his stomach and tied in a knot.
  • The dog tortures other people by making them slaves and killing them gruesomely. A man is seen inside a cage with the lower half of his body severed.
  • An alien bursts from a man's stomach graphically in a movie parody.
  • A severed finger and eyeball are shown on the ground with maggots crawling on them.
  • Mr. Pickles is shown wearing a woman's torn off face over his own.
  • Numerous satanic ritual scenes depict graphic torture.


  • Brief uses of very mild curse words such as "ass" "damn" and "hell"
  • Most foul words are sexual innuendos that vaguely imply mature themes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters are seen smoking cigarettes.
  • A man drinks a beer and later beer cans are seen floating in a river.
  • A brand of beer is used and gives the same effects of steroids.
  • A dog buys and drinks a bottle of vodka and huffs gasoline from a rag.
  • A large crack pipe is seen inside a briefcase and is later used as a candle holder.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show is constantly filled with brutal violence and disturbing characters. Mr. Pickles is a satanic border collie who talks in a frightening demon voice.
  • Mr. Pickles is shown laying on a throne made of human flesh, faces and severed feet while scenes of torture and depravity occur around him.
  • There are many drawings and sketches in the credits of violent and satanic images.

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