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"La La Land" Leads 2017 Golden Globe Awards Nominations, See Full List!

Fresh from its success at the Critics' Choice Awards where it took home eight trophies including best picture, Damien Chazelle's "La La Land" continues to dominate the award season with a strong showing at the Golden Globe nominations receiving seven nods. Don Cheadle, Laura Dern, and Anna Kendrick presented the nominations this morning at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Because of the Golden Globes' multi-genre categories (comedy and drama), some films made strong showing at the nominations such as "Florence Foster Jenkins," "Nocturnal Animals," even "Deadpool!" That's a great thing!

We'll find out the winners on January 8 when the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs live on NBC hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The grand dame of the award season, Meryl Streep, will receive the 2017 Cecil B. DeMille Award! So deserving!

Here's the full list of nominees of the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards:

Best Drama

.Hacksaw Ridge.

.Hell or High
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Watch: Newcomer Sharlene Taulé Describes Getting Footloose and Fancy Free for 'Bravetown'

  • Indiewire
Watch: Newcomer Sharlene Taulé Describes Getting Footloose and Fancy Free for 'Bravetown'
Read More: The 12 Indies to Watch on VOD This May: 'Maggie,' Good Kill' and More[Editor's Note: This post is presented in partnership with Time Warner Cable Movies On Demand in support of Indie Film Month. "Bravetown," is available now On Demand. Need help finding a movie to watch? Let TWC find the best fit for your mood here.] Directed and produced by first-time filmmaker Daniel Duran, "Bravetown" tells the story of Josh (Lucas Till), a talented and successful New York City DJ who can't seem to stay out of trouble. Josh's life gets turned upside down after a minor drug infraction lands him in counseling and forces him to move in with his estranged father (Josh Duhamel) in North Dakota. Although he initially resists adjusting to his new environment, after being roped into helping the school's last place dance team improve their performance, Josh finds himself starting to fit in. In the exclusive, behind-the-scenes featurette at the top of this...
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Josh Duhamel Reveals His Real-Life Military Inspiration Behind New Film, "Bravetown"

  • TooFab
Josh Duhamel's embracing change! The sexy star chatted with toofab's Brittany Kyles where he opened up about his new flick, "Bravetown," and revealed where he drew his inspiration for the role. In the movie Duhamel plays a veteran-turned-therapist who helps a hard-partying DJ (Lucas Till) turn his life around after he's sent to live with his estranged father following a brush with the law. toofab: You play Josh's therapist in Bravetown -- what drew you to the role? Josh: Well, you know, it was different for me. Typically, I would have been playing the part Lucas Till was playing, that guy who's sort of young and in love and lost and all those things. But this was new for me, and I loved the fact that I'm being seen as something different than just the guy in love, who's confused, growing up and everything else. Now I'm
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Josh Duhamel's 5 Favorite Movie Soundtracks

Josh Duhamel is known for playing heartthrobs and action heroes, but in his new movie, "Bravetown," he shows off his wise side as a therapist to a young, troubled teenager who finds his passion in being a DJ.

To celebrate the release of "Bravetown," we asked Josh what he thinks are the five best movie soundtracks -- and he absolutely nailed it.

"Bravetown" is available on iTunes and VOD now.
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Josh Duhamel on Adorable Son Axl: As He Grows Up, I Start to See More of Me In Him

  • TooFab
Josh Duhamel is enjoying every second of fatherhood. The actor recently chatted with toofab's Brittany Kyles while promoting his new movie, "Bravetown," where he opened up about his adorable baby boy with wife Fergie, Axl Jack Duhamel. For now, the sexy 42-year-old star says that Axl is a combination of both him and the "L.A. Love" singer ... but he's starting to see more of himself in their little guy everyday! "I mean the kid is very social. [Laughs] And I guess both my wife and I are both very social. I think he's a very happy kid and I think we're both very happy. I think it's too early to tell. So far, so good," he says. "He's just a lot of fun right now and he just seems really happy and that's what we both care about the most, is that he's a happy kid who is just curious about everything.
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Bravetown | Review

Home of the Brave: Duran’s Debut a Neutered Examination of Grief During Wartime

There’s a war going on, though not one specifically referenced, mentioned or discussed. But then Daniel Duran’s directorial debut, Bravetown, seems happy examining exactly that, the ways in which people are unable to communicate clearly their emotions relating to the traumas that war has inflicted on them. Perhaps in an effort to elevate the material to a timeless realm, screenwriter Oscar Orlando Torres (Instructions Not Included) remains curiously vague on details, the only definitive reference pertaining to the Gulf War.

Josh Harvest (Josh Till) is a moderately troubled teen living with his single mother (Maria Bello) in New York. A rising DJ, a mistaken overdose lands him in court with a mandated sentence of twelve months rehabilitation. His overworked mother is done worrying about him and sends him off to live with his
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Indie Drama Bravetown Sends an NYC DJ to the Hinterlands

Indie Drama Bravetown Sends an NYC DJ to the Hinterlands
Daniel Duran's Bravetown is a textbook example of substance-over-style success: Aside from a showy opening (a tracking shot that snakes through a club, cribbing freely from Carlito's Way, Boogie Nights, etc.), the movie satisfies mainly due to its affecting ensemble and considerable emotional intelligence. Living in New York with his bottle-reliant mother (Maria Bello, in a cameo), seventeen-year-old Josh (Lucas Till) carves out some meaning for himself as an on-the-rise DJ. But when an episode with a pill yields an overdose — it's clear the drug is suspicious when the guy offering it dangles it in front of the camera — Josh is mandated to travel west and reside with the father (Tom Everett Scott) who left him at birth. Josh's ne...
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Watch Bravetown trailer: Josh Duhamel is a lifeline for a troubled kid

Watch Bravetown trailer: Josh Duhamel is a lifeline for a troubled kid
Josh Duhamel is a lifeline for a troubled teen in the trailer for Bravetown.

Stoker and X-Men: Days of Future Past star Lucas Till has the lead role in Bravetown as musically-gifted teen Josh Harvest, who is forced into counselling in the wake of hard times.

Josh has to face up to his troubled past in order to explore his passion for music and find love with a local girl (Katrina Norman).

Tom Everett Scott, Laura Dern and Maria Bello all have supporting roles as the adults whose lives are impacted by Josh on his journey of self-discovery.

This will be the feature film directorial debut for Daniel Duran, who is bringing Innocent Voices writer Oscar Orlando Torres's screenplay to life.

Bravetown opens on May 8 in the Us. A UK release is yet to be set.
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Josh Duhamel, Alice Eve Go Beyond Deceit

Josh Duhamel and Alice Eve have joined Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino in legal thriller Beyond Deceit, to be directed by scribe Shintaro Shimosawa (Fox’s The Following) in his directorial debut.

Malin Akerman, Byung-hun Lee, Glen Powell and Leah McKendrick will co-star in the pic, which centers on an ambitious young lawyer (Duhamel, replacing Dan Stevens after the latter actor dropped out over conflicts with Beauty and the Beast) who takes on a major case against the ruthless executive of a pharmaceutical giant, only to find himself framed for murder.

Eve will take on the supporting role of his wife, but it’s unclear whether Hopkins or Pacino will be playing the chief antagonist. Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (red-hot SXSW selection Hangman) penned the script, which Shimosawa then rewrote.

Beyond Deceit is just one more screen credit for Duhamel and Eve, who are each racking up tons right now.
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Interview: 'Battle Creek' star Josh Duhamel on his character's secrets and lies

  • Hitfix
Interview: 'Battle Creek' star Josh Duhamel on his character's secrets and lies
In a visual flourish courtesy of pilot director Bryan Singer, Special Agent Milton Chamberlain is introduced in the world of "Battle Creek" from a low angle. Above his head, a circle of lights forms a halo. Milt Chamberlain is an angel. Milt Chamberlain is a boy scout. Milt Chamberlain is a golden boy. But Milt Chamberlain isn't exactly what he seems to be. Or at least Battle Creek Pd Detective Russ Agnew (Dean Winters) is convinced that Chamberlain isn't what he seems to be. But every time Russ thinks he's uncover the dark secret that his new partner is hiding, we discover that the secret isn't really the truth. It's a reluctant partnership that forms the spine of "Battle Creek," a quirky, surprisingly funny procedural that was created by "Breaking Bad" maestro Vince Gilligan and then developed as a series by "House" maestro David Shore. Our first impression of Chamberlain,
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'Touch's' Maria Bello comes out as gay in new in-depth profile

  • Pop2it
Actress Maria Bello, most recently on TV on Fox drama "Touch" and NBC's "Prime Suspect" adaptation, has come out of the closet in a fascinating New York Times article about what it means to have a "partner" and telling her 12-year-old son Jackson about her same-sex partner, Clare (pictured here with Bello in October 2013).

Related: Hollywood stars out of the closet

Bello writes:

I have never defined myself by whom I slept with, but I know others have and would.


I have never understood the distinction of "primary" partner. Does that imply we have secondary and tertiary partners, too? Can my primary partner be my sister or child or best friend, or does it have to be someone I am having sex with?


Jack's father, Dan, will always be my partner because we share Jack. Dan is the best father and the most wonderful man I've known. Just because our
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Josh Duhamel Grabs the Golf Clubs for His Birthday

Going out for a day of sunshine and mad strokes, celebrity stud Josh Duhamel hit the golf course for his birthday on Thursday (November 14).

Dressed for the sun and fresh air, the “Life As We Know It” star sported a fisherman’s cap, a white polo and teal shorts. He traded between walking and riding in the golf cart, looking macho with his bag of clubs.

In related news, the 41-year-old is working on a new drama, entitled, “Strings,” which opens in the Unites States on May 2nd, 2014.

According to the synopsis, “A counselor makes a startling discovery as he works with a drug-addicted DJ who has been ordered by the court to live with his estranged father until he becomes an adult.”
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Josh Duhamel Turns 41 -- See More Stars Who Started on Soap Operas!

  • TooFab
Happy Birthday, Josh Duhamel!The "Transformers" star, who's celebrating his 41st birthday today, seems to be getting better with age.Josh has become one of Hollywood's best leading men. He's made all the ladies swoon in a series of romantic comedies, including "Safe Haven" and "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton."The actor's career continues to flourish -- he's starring in upcoming films "Don Peyote," "You're Not You," and "Strings."Duhamel married "Black Eyed Peas" songstress, Fergie, back in 2009. The cute couple welcomed a baby boy, Axl Jack Duhamel, on Aug. 29. The new mom took to Twitter on Thursday to post a special birthday message from Axl with the caption, "Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!" Check out the adorable snapshot!"Overall, I would say the 30s were pretty great," Duhamel told omg! back in 2012. "I learned a lot, that's for sure. I'm a much better man at 40 than I was at 30."As
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Laura Dern Joins ‘Wild’

Laura Dern continues her “mum” voyage of 2014 films as it was revealed today that she will be joining Nick Hornby’s Wild alongside Reese Witherspoon.

Wild, adapted from the memoir by Cheryl Strayed, tells the story of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe. Dern will be playing the mother of Witherspoon’s character. The movie has already gone into production and is set to be released in 2014.

This is not the only film that Dern will have the mum starring role, she will be playing the mum of Shailene Woodley’s character in the adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars plus she will play the mother of a solider in Indie Strings, also set to be released in 2014.

All we can say is we are loving the Laura Dern love lately! What about you guys?

Source: Deadline

The post
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Josh Duhamel, Dan Fogler, and the Goetz Brothers Talk Scenic Route, Shooting in Death Valley, Dealing with the Elements, and More

Scenic Route is directed by Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz and stars Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler as life-long friends who get stranded in the desert when they decide to take a scenic route. What starts out as an opportunity to get reacquainted turns into a road trip from hell after their pickup breaks down on an isolated stretch of desert highway. As they question who they are and who they could have been, their agitation leads to physical confrontation and what begins as an inconvenience becomes a very real life or death struggle. At the film’s recent press day, Duhamel, Fogler and the Goetz Brothers talked about the challenges of bringing to life a movie set in a single location that hinges on the performances of only two actors, the seamless directing process, their shared sensibility, creating an atmosphere that fostered great performances by letting the action play out,
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Exclusive Interview with Lucas Till for ‘Paranoia’

In a high stakes corporate espionage thriller, it’s hard to have good friends that you can trust. And Lucas Till plays that friend that can be trusted in “Paranoia.”

The movie is about an employee, Adam Cassidy, who is a pawn of two double-crossing CEOs of competing telecommunications companies. Till plays Kevin, who is Cassidy’s best friend and tech nerd.

During the press day for “Paranoia” earlier this month, Latino-Review had an exclusive interview with Till. We discussed about his involvement in the film and his character. There were also discussions about his love for video games and other projects—mainly his upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Paranoia” is in theaters today.

Read or listen to the interview below.

Latino-Review: What attracted you to this project?

Lucas Till: I think in the beginning before I knew anything about it—it was the cast. At that point,
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Casting Net: Adam Sandler says 'Hello Ghost,' Melissa McCarthy fights ghosts; Plus Liam Hemsworth, more

Casting Net: Adam Sandler says 'Hello Ghost,' Melissa McCarthy fights ghosts; Plus Liam Hemsworth, more
Adam Sandler (Just Go With It) is set to star in Hello Ghost, a remake of a Korean comedy directed by Chris Columbus in which a man attempts to kill himself, but instead of dying is visited by four ghosts who refuse to leave him in peace until he grants each of them a wish. [Hollywood Reporter]

• Speaking of ghosts, The Bureau of Otherworldly Operations (B.O.O.) has a new agent – Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) has signed on to voice Watts, an offbeat agent in DreamWorks Animation’s tale of a secret government organization that keeps us all safe from ghosts. McCarthy’s partner in B.
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Casting: McCarthy, Tucker, Dern, Majorino

B.O.O (Bureau Of Otherworldly Operations)

Melissa McCarthy has signed on to voice the role of the oddball partner Watts to Seth Rogen's Agent Jackson Moss lead character in 2015's "B.O.O (Bureau Of Otherworldly Operations)" at DreamWorks Animation.

The story follows a super secret government agency dedicated to protecting humans from evil hauntings. The two agents uncover a plot by the agency’s Most Wanted Haunter to destroy B.O.O. agency. [Source: Deadline]

Second Honeymoon

Chris Tucker is attached to star in Phil Joanou's comedy "Second Honeymoon" at Relativity Media. Todd Garner, Ryan Kavanaugh and Karen Bell are producing.

The story concerns a couple who attempt to jumpstart their marriage by returning to Antigua, where they eloped 10 years earlier after a wild week of debauchery. Their plans fall apart when they discover the surprising ways they affected the people they came into contact with one their first visit.
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Laura Dern Follows Enlightenment As Mourning Mother In Daniel Duran's Strings

With the one-two punch of last year.s The Master and HBO.s Enlightened, Laura Dern has reasserted herself as an actress who deserves a lot more screentime. And her upcoming appearance in the multi-threaded and star-studded Mother.s Day doesn.t count, since there.s so much going on there. Now that Enlightened is no more, perhaps we can look forward to more Dern sprinkled into our lives. The Emmy and Oscar-nominated actress has joined the music-oriented drama Strings, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We just reported on the film recently, when Josh Duhamel joined the cast. It will be the directorial debut of prolific Venezuelan music video helmer Daniel Duran, who will direct from a screenplay written by Oscar Torres. And don.t ask me how the film is related to music at all. Dern will portray a character named Mary, a woman who is forever tormented by
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Eddie Redmayne to Play Stephen Hawking in Theory Of Everything; Tracey Ullman Goes Into The Woods; Laura Dern Joins Strings

Casting for a notable biopic, a Disney fairy tale, and an indie music drama: Eddie Redmayne is close to landing the lead role in the Stephen Hawking biopic Theory of Everything, which focuses on the relationship bewteen Hawking and his wife. Tracey Ullman is in negotiations to join Disney's Into the Woods, an adaptation of the Broadway musical in which Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Emily Blunt will play classic fairy tale characters. Laura Dern has joins Josh Duhamel, Maria Bello, Lucas Till, and Tom Everett Scott in Strings, the feature directorial debut of Daniel Duran. More on each project after the jump. Deadline hears Redmayne is the top candidate to star in Theory of Everything.  Documentarian James Marsh (Man on Wire) will direct from a script by Anthony McCarten.  Working Title's Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner are eying a fall production "actively discussing" the female lead,
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