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  • The Governor plans his next move as he, Lilly, Tara and Meghan adjust to new surroundings.

  • The Governor, Lilly, Tara and Megan are welcomed by Martinez's group of survivors. After a patrol of Martinez, Pete, Mitch and the Governor, Martinez plays golf on the roof of a RV. Out of the blue, the Governor kills him and Pete takes the provisional leadership of the group. The Governor also kills him and then he threatens Mitch to assume the leadership of the survivors.

  • The Governor and Megan are rescued from the pit by Martinez, who is now in charge of a small camp of survivors. He, Lilly and Megan are living in a rundown trailer and Martinez has made it clear that he's in charge, not the Governor. As time goes by, the Governor decides that the leadership of the group is dangerously weak. He's tries to leave bur realizes that taking control of his new surroundings is likely the better course of action. He realizes they will all have to relocate and he knows exactly where they should resettle.


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  • Martinez, backed by a group of armed survivors, lifts little Meagan out of the ditch. He then offers a rope to the Governor. "You OK, Brian?!" yells Lilly. Martinez looks at the Governor in confusion. Then he understands. Martinez offers to the Governor and his new brood join their group on two conditions: Martinez is in charge and there is no "dead weight" (i.e. contribute or be cast out). Later, the Governor, LIlly and Meagan wake up in a leaky trailer home parked next to a military tank. Apparently, the Governor has agreed to be a good soldier and play house.

    He goes on with a party of Martinez's men looking for a survivalist thought to have hoarded supplies nearby. They find a body tied to a tree with a sign nailed to it that says "Liar." The body is missing a head. Later, they approach a ramshackle house. Outside is another headless body bearing the sign "Rapist." Inside, they find the likely perpetrator, who hung a "Murderer" sign on his own chest before shooting himself in the head. The dead man clutches a photograph of a woman and child.

    The group hears banging. The Governor leads the men to the basement toward the sound, which is revealed to be the woman and daughter -- now walkers -- shambling about. The walker duo attacks and the Governor violently ends both of their "lives" with his knife. Later, the Governor studies the photograph of the two back when they were alive. Martinez notes that the Governor seems "different ...changed." Says the Governor: "I am." Says Martinez: "Good."

    Later, the group of survivors eat lunch and drink the dead survivalist's beer. Martinez mentions Woodbury, but the Governor doesn't want to talk about it. Lilly then mentions that this camp is the first time she has felt safe since the outbreak, which earns her a hard look from the Governor. Later, Martinez, who is rather drunk, hits golf balls off the top of a bus, just like they used to do in Woodbury. He talks about "sharing the crown" with the Governor and wonders how "Brian" can risk getting attached to another family that he is only likely to lose. Martinez squares to strike the ball again -- and the Governor BASHES him in in the head with a club.

    The Governor then tosses Martinez from the top of the bus, drags him into the nearby ditch, which is crawling with walkers, and feeds him to the undead.

    At night, the Governor sits on his bed inside his shabby trailer and weeps. Lilly enters and asks what's wrong. He claims to have had a bad dream. The next morning, Martinez's men pull together the survivors and explain that their leader got drunk and fell into the pit. Everyone is shocked -- even more so when Pete, a former Army man, declares that he will lead until a vote can be pulled together in a few days. It's not long before Pete is asking for help in leading from "Brian."

    On a hunt, the Governor, Pete and hot-headed ex-military man Mitch run across a small camp of people. Mitch wants to rob them, but Pete refuses. Later, after hunting and killing no more than two or three squirrels, they come across the camp again and find it has been raided -- not by walkers, but by humans. Pete is just sad, but Mitch is angry. "They took our stuff!" he rages. The Governor goes back to his own trailer and tells Lilly and Meagan to start packing. He's seen enough and it's time to go. "Things are about to go very wrong here," the Governor says. "Do you trust me, Lilly? Then pack your things. We're leaving tonight, OK?"

    That night, the Governor drives away from camp with Lilly, Meagan, Tara and Tara's new girlfriend, Alicia, in tow. He slams on the brakes when he finds that the road out of town is blocked by a "moat" of walkers constructed to keep people out -- or maybe in. The next morning, the Governor calls on Pete. "We need to talk," the Governor says. Says Pete: "About Mitch? I knew this was coming." The Governor then stabs Pete in the back, killing him. The Governor then knocks on Mitch's door.

    Holding a gun on Mitch, the Governor explains that Pete is dead. He says that Mitch was right about attacking and robbing the camp the previous day. He says that Pete was weak because he was too concerned with doing the "right thing." "I'm running things now and I will do anything it takes to protect this camp," the Governor explains. "I promise you'll never have to worry if you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing because we will do the only thing." The story will be that Pete died on a supply run saving the others. He's a hero. "People love a hero," the Governor says.

    And so the Governor takes over the run of the camp. Later, as the Governor and Lilly make nice in the trailer, Meagan is attacked by a walker. She screams. Meagan runs, but trips. She is about to be eaten when the Governor shoots the walker in the head. A terrified Lilly tries to comfort her terrified child, but the Governor just turns and walks away. He knows they need a safer place to make their lives. And where might that place be? The Governor takes a little ride ... to the prison.

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