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Pointless and almost no plot.
Patient44415 May 2016
Crocodile movie with very little crocodile, screen deaths, but tried to copy Lake Placid as much as possible.

In order to understand the copy cat reference you'll have to watch it, but that's a sin right there, as there is no reason to do so. Even tho it is a short one, it seems to last forever, and the ending just goes on and on. The acting is amateur, the camera is weak, almost no crocodile action, and some gore coming from different directions.

It was a complete waste of time. I don't get the comedy part so much, I guess it just couldn't take itself serious. And the ending. That part was truly unbearable!

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Weird but watchable......
s327616912 October 2016
The Hatching is a weird but watchable horror spoof, from the UK.

This film is so indescribably odd, its actually quite hard to review. Imagine, for a moment, a film script about a rustic village, a spot of serial killing, with a crocodile or two, throw in, just for fun. That's what you get and its such an exotic and implausible mix, on a certain level, it actually works.

The standard of acting is reasonable, if not exceptional. The characterizations are for the most part, on the money but that's not to say there are not some noticeable shortcomings.

The story meanders, more than a little and the characters don't really feel "complete". There's also a real lack of meaningful dialogue and whilst some opportunities for rustic Brit humour are taken up, just as many are missed.

In short, not a bad film. Its quite watchable but nothing special either. Its a shame too, because with wittier, more concise scripting, it could have been more. Six out of ten from me.
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British killer crocodile movie
unbrokenmetal11 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
'The Hatching' tells the story of Tim (Andrew Lee Potts, known for the TV series 'Primeval' which had plenty of dinosaur fights to prepare him for this). 15 years ago as a kid, he released 2 crocodiles into an English swamp by mistake, after they stole eggs from the zoo nearby. Now he returns as a grown man because he inherited the company of his father. In between checking the books and partying with old friends, he goes fishing in the swamp - and finds two crocodiles grown to enormous size. And they're hungry. Many people disappear in that area or only parts of their bodies are found. Not all of the deaths are to blame on the crocodiles, though. Some members of the community have more terrible secrets to hide...

I really enjoyed it and was surprised to see so few reviews here. This British movie is a nice variation from the typical American monster movie formula. Instead of screaming bikini chicks, you get a sick sense of humour here, and the story manages an unusual combination of monster movie and serial killer movie. I think it works, except for the unnecessary sequence attached after the actual ending: a narrator telling you what became of each character, as if it wasn't enough to know who died and who survived. They should have skipped that bit.
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Tongue and Cheek
jimbradyart14 October 2016
I watch a lot of movies, some bad and some good, however, this one falls into the category of sitting on the fence. I didn't know what to expect and was delightfully surprised and watched it through to the end. The scenery and environment scene were typically filmed in the English countryside and everything seem to fit into a mad little community. Although an obvious low budget film it was very entertaining and the acting was good enough to keep my interest, it's tongue and cheek and meant to be so. So don't be expecting a high budget thriller, it's witty in places and the crocodile is hilarious, reminded me of 1970's dinosaur movies. So would I recommend it? As long as you are in the mood for dry wit and forget the effects of most blockbusters then yes.
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Good, but spoiled with the terrible special effects.
trevegan24 June 2017
It's a bit tame in parts, (the humour)... and the characters, apart from Lard and his mate, are too weak, but essentially, the people who produced the prosthetic gore and effects, were lazy, not just because of the budget, but careless. One could do a lot better with no budget. Apart from that, the directing and photography was perfect and refreshing. Not to be taken seriously, so it's fine. Some of the really subtle parts were the most hilarious, so you can't blink, or you'd miss them!
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Worth a watch - weird and gave a laugh or two
becki_rainbow30 January 2018
Onviously a completey ridiculous story line but worth an hour and a half of anyones time. Acting was pretty good, decent production and raised a few smiles from Me throughout.
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Excellent entertainment
Leslie-beacham31 January 2015
I was an extra in this film and have seen it twice at private showings. Firstly, I doubt that an abundance of Oscars will be handed out for the film (although the sound was pretty good). The actors, despite some having a natural Liverpool / Yorkshire / Lancashire accents, could speak fluently in the required English West-Country accent (something I have been trying to do for the last thirty four years)! What is brilliant about the story is that it is out of the ordinary. Having slept mostly through "Turner", wondered how anyone could think up a story such as "Gravity", I have also now become tired of "Game Boy Movies". For those wondering, "Game Boy Movies" are for the lazy game boy player - you don't need to push the buttons as it is done for you on screen. Taking this into account, "The Hatching" is a brilliant release. A "Horror/Comedy", it connects with the ordinary person - you and me in a horror situation and therefore something that everyone can relate to. Although there are a couple of OMG moments in it, the horror is based more or less the same as seen in "Hot Fuzz" (a sort of tongue-in-cheek affair). You can be laughing one minute and jumping out of your seat the next. It is "Shakespearian" in that it has two plots. Filmed on the Somerset Levels just before the floods, it should hopefully help to put that area back on the map again. Originally targeted at the 15 to 25 age group, I have seen it played to an audience of the 55+ brigade and it got a great reception. A low budget film, it was directed by Mike Anderson, a great "people person" who formed a great bond with both actors and crew and deserves huge success for this effort. No doubt, because it is low budget, it will have its critics, but in my view, it is well worth going to see - excellent entertainment.
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Boring, pointless and clichéd
sauravjoshi8524 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The Hatching is Horror/ Fantasy movie directed by Michael Anderson and stars Andrew-Lee Potts, Laura Aikman, Thomas Turgoose and Justin Lee Collins.

This is supposed to be a crocodile movie with a very little sighting of the crocodile, it's very difficult to review such movies as there is nothing much to write about the movie.

The screenplay of the movie is uneven and doesn't looks gripping, the screen just jumps from one scene to other, the characters had not been introduced properly and you have to wait till the climax of to understand who is who.

Acting is just average and the characters were neither too good nor too bad, there are few attempts of humour which sometimes hits the mark and sometimes misses. Dialogues are clichéd. Locations are wonderful.

The movie lacked some serious CGI as the crocodile looked like made of rubber, they should've used CGI to make the movie looked realistic. Climax of the movie is totally illogical and unbearable, now which idiot leaves his wife near a murderer to catch another one, how did his wife who was all tied with iron chains miraculously gets freed?

For me it's a waste of time.
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Fun but avaerage Brit creature-feature comedy
The_Celluloid_Sage6 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The tagline for this film is 'Does for the moors what "Jaws" did for beaches', and well, it doesn't exactly do that (American Werewolf in London holds that title) but this curious little Brit comedy-horror does just about work, just, though it does fall fairly flat in a few places.

In late 2013, early 2014 production on this title was supposedly pretty much wrapped up. For whatever reason it did not release until almost 3 years later. Directed by first time feature director Michael anderson who before this, had only directed a couple of shorts. Interestingly, he he had worked on American Werewolf as a clapper loader along with a few other films in the eighties, as well as being a cinematographer on a couple of things in the nineties.

Add in (with the aformentioned Anderson) a TV series regular in Potts (Primeval), Aikman (Freight) who is perhaps more known for her video game voice artist work than her on-screen credits and Turgoose (This Is England, Eden Lake) who is not exactly shall we say prolific, this all adds up to a curious film that could have been a major disaster. The script from Squire adds just enough wit to keep this rolling along, naturally helped by the recent successes of other similar films such as Shaun of the Dead which really helped revive this sub-genre.

Anyway, as to the actual storyline, Tim Webber (an adequate Potts) sneak out of boarding school one night on a dare to steal some crocoidile eggs from the local zoo. As you do one might say. Naturally, as any idiot could envisage, it all goes horribly wrong with Tim taking all the responsibility. Fifteen or so years later, Tim returns home after the death of his father and this is where the film begins in earnest.

Only our intrepid hero finds something a sinister lurking in the local moors and canals which is quitely and unassumingly dispatching with the local Somerset villagers. Nothing to worry about then I hear you say. Can Tim make amends for his actions fifteen years earlier? will Tim become just another statistic along with residents of this sleepy village? Do we even care? Well, given the raft of rubbish that is released yearly, especially VOD and straight to cable, this one is probably worth finding out, specially when you add in the rather off-beat serial killer sub-plot.

Is this a sensible film? For sure it is not. Monster feature, serial killer, comedy with a little horror mixed in, it is certainly all of those and more. A simple film made all the weirder by the plot and characters, and there are many weird characters. But it is all this and more that makes the film the curious little treasure it is. Am I biased with it being a British film? I'd like to think not, but certainly the humour is what I have grown up with and maybe that resonates a little more with myself than perhaps it would with others.

As has been mentioned, the script is fairly good and keeps the comedy elements nicely mingling with the more serious sections of the film, though some more character development would have been nice, or at least some of their motivations aside from our protagonist. Is the actual storyline a little silly? Hell yes it is, but that adds to it's charms. And tell me, when has any creature-feature ever had an oscar worthy plot? Does it steal elements from Lake Placed and such films like Alligator? Yes it does but this just keeps things refreshing and original enough to keep you entertained.

As for the bad, well the acting bar a couple of the main actors is nothing to get excited about, the special effects are not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination (neither is the creature either) and the film does suffer from some meandering moments. Perhaps it's biggest failing is the actual lack of creature action. But thinking on this for a moment, if you were to add up the screen time of a creature in a flick like this I really don't think it is low comparing to other films.

We all love a good dodgy B-movie creature feature, but why? The creature itself is hardly on screen. Now given the budget for this film was a rumoured one million, then I personally think they did fairly well with using that money. To sum up, there are far worse films for you to spend ninety minutes of your life watching and if you are a fan of either the creature-feature or Brit horror-comedy than you can certainly do worse.

The Sage's Rating: 5/10
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Not a bad movie for fans of TV movies.
lorddrewsus26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is almost like a made for television movie. There is also someone who claims to be an extra in it, reviewing it. If they are that, it's easy to see their enthusiasm. This is a fun movie. Complete with one of the greatest cinematic dialogues in history. One character asks another if they believe in werewolves, and quickly answered by an unflinching resounding yeah. Great stuff. Some gore, some monster, some laughs. It is worth a watch just like the "extra" critic says, once or twice. Maybe even by it for years of enjoyment. Good character acting, in spots. The fact that they think it's a werewolf up until the gator eating goat scene is fantastic.
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A crocodile is a dangerous animal
nogodnomasters16 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Three boys escape on their bikes on the backdrop of a full moon to take an unauthorized tour and crocodile egg robbery at the Zoolyard Garden.Similar to Thunderdome, 3 kids enter, 2 kids leave. Tim, one of the boys moves out of town and leaves his eggs behind. 15 years later Tim (Andrew Lee Potts) returns to town and reunites with his friend Baghi (Muzz Khan).

The town has some quirky characters including Uncle Stan (Justin Lee Collins) who likes snakes. The first hour of the film, things go slow. At an hour we get a twist and a change in direction. These regular crocs lived for 15 years in the moors of Somerset warm water, although not once did anyone espy them sunning themselves. These are regular crocs and not Lake Placid genetically modified dinosaur crocs. Once you get past that, the scene on the cover is not in the film either.

Four real crocs and two fake ones (and it is sooo easy to tell the difference) were used for the film. This is a horror comedy and was a bit light on both. Certainly would have more appeal to a British audience who enjoy subtleties than an American audience who feast on blood and action.

Guide: F-word, sex. No nudity. Soft 3 stars
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Really bland and underwhelming British killer croc film
kannibalcorpsegrinder8 October 2017
Returning back to his hometown, a young man who accidentally unleashed a vicious man-eating crocodile with his friends when he was a kid has started attacking and eating the villagers yet once they realize the crocodile isn't the only threat they head out to stop it.

When this one works, it's due mainly to the fact that there's quite a lot to like here with the creature on the loose and stalking people. The opening sequence in the croc farm where it accidentally gets loose and turns on the kids in graphic fashion starts this off on a fine note, the creatures' rampage on the friends in the swamplands around town makes for a stellar series of chilling stalking scenes that delivers solidly and the group going out to first tackle the creature in the river gives this a solid outing that includes some fine action moments of them trying to use their plan to attack the creature which makes this one quite an enjoyable time. It also managed to have a great bit of fun afterward with the celebration at the town hall which keeps this one in a rather light and jovial setting, and once there keep on rolling through the second half where it gets the plot switchover into the cannibal slasher. This here picks up nicely in the final half due to the fine confrontations with the psychopathic duo in the swamplands where they all must break free to battle the new threat brought out at that time. Beyond the gore for the few kills, though, these here are all that work for this one since it does have some big problems. One of the main issues is the fact that there's just so little croc action throughout here that it really feels like a backseat character in its own film with the ease with which it's captured and then summarily dismissed for the cannibal duo. That storyline takes over the final half hour of the film without having the croc at all involved which does affect this one enough that it really lowers the film by really downplaying the central aspect it had spent so long establishing and throwing this side-plot that only had a few minor mentions beforehand into the main closing section of the film in its place. That limits the croc to even less screen time in an already cramped section here as this one hardly ever features the creature when it's the main point anyway as the slack pacing keeps it off- screen for long sections of time with only those few brief lively attacks to punctuate the time until that switchover which drops off even more, especially with the laughable duo brought to bear here which lowers that story even more. Lastly, the film's other problem is the special effects for the croc, which is so rubbery and lifeless that it really takes a lot of fear out of the creature with its fake creation quite prominent throughout here. These really hold this one back overall.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, violence against animals and graphic scenes of violence against children.
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Brit Schlock Horror
steve-everhard12 March 2017
I've read some ridiculous critic reviews comparing this movie unfavourably with Shaun of the Dead, which cost at least five times as much to make and didn't include the added distraction of kids and animals in the cast, for that alone the director should be commended!

This movie isn't intended as serious horror but as a Brit-style humour-fest of ridiculous characters in ridiculous circumstances, plus animals, animatronics and kids. Many seasoned directors wouldn't take on that task with a $1M budget let alone a director in his first feature. The humour will either work for you or not and the acting is certainly better than the first two Harry Potter movies!

The cinematography by Gerry Vasbenter is sumptuous for a low budget movie, with moody shots of the Somerset Levels and some great river scenes. Sound is excellent and Jon Cameron's bouncy score sets expectations early on. Alistair Crocker's sound mix is remarkably good for a movie at this budget level. Michael Anderson's ambition is commendable but the cast is always going to be a compromise at this level.

Highlight of the cast is the lovable Georgia Henshaw who moved effortlessly between fun party girl and truly horrified almost-victim and extremely good value for whatever they paid her for the part. The interplay between Jack McMullen as Russell and Danny Kirrane as Lardy was measured and well delivered by both. I hope we see more of them. Justin Lee Collins was essentially himself but didn't detract too much.

All in all I enjoyed it for what it is - a simple piece of entertainment, not without flaws but remarkable technicals at this budget level.
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Dreadful Unfunny Rubber Monster Movie
Stephen_A_Abell30 March 2017
As a lover of B-Movie Monster Movies, I really was looking forward to this one as it's set in England in Somerset and stars Andrew Lee Potts, Thomas Turgoose, and Justin Lee Collins.

On paper, this sounds like it would have been brilliant, however, what we get are an unfunny comedy and a rubber crocodile monster movie. In this day and age, we should be able to do better with the special effects. Even if you have to resort to creating an artificial creature, that is pivotal to the plot, at least do it right. The croc looks like it was built out of leftover Wellingtons and if it took a bite out of you all you would do was laugh, as there's no skull and no jawbones... it's all loose and floppy.

There are also some dismembered body parts that also suffer from the no bone syndrome, I've never seen a floppier leg. These atrocious effects are the only thing that's funny in this movie as writers, Michael Anderson and Nick Squire, aren't the best at writing comedy and it really shows in this movie. Apart from the laughable effects, the comedy falls flat on its face - and not in a good way like slapstick.

Michael Anderson who also directed this picture doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of his cast. Potts and Turgoose are very good actors and I would watch anything they are in but this proves that under poor direction even good actors can come off weak and insincere.

If you like comedic monster movies then stay away from this film.
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Like this movie
madmix66624 November 2018
I have watched this movie many time and i like because.. . First its a Croc movie and i like... So... Acting is decent... they have many surprise and the script is good. Actor of this film have a natural charming presence.
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