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The Anti-RomCom we were all waiting for!
justin-209-15279630 May 2018
The Thin Line is a great example of how to make a movie feel familiar but unique and funny but heartfelt - in a backward sort of way. The animation segments are quite entertaining and well done and the production value in the film is top notch. I'm admittedly biased, because I worked on the film, but I've worked on a lot of things that I don't really endorse because they're not that good. This is definitely that good. It's hilarious and memorable and hits all the right notes. Definitely take a look!
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Great untypical romcom
maharetdeagle29 October 2020
If you want to see something different you should watch this you'll be pleasently surprized.
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Disjointed, fails to deliver on romantic aspect
fandomfatale31 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This felt like two ideas mashed together, two ideas that don't really fit together. For me, it was disjointed and disorienting.

The animated sequences are quite funny but the character who was contemplating suicide didn't seem to be the character we were with in most of the other parts of the movie. The family drama probably helped explain why Jessica was the way she was but I was here for the rom-com and didn't care for that aspect of it. The family relationships and the relationship with the friend Taylor were all laid out in ways I found confusing. I thought the romance was pretty compelling but then they don't end up together at the end so why did I watch this movie? The rom-com description is what made me want to watch it in the first place. I felt like it was implied they might be drawn back together later since "Tone" the final love interest wasn't what he seemed, but if that's what was intended then why would you deny your audience the most satisfying part? It was nice to see Jessica come into her own at the end but the philosophy was all over the place. If it's meant to be anti rom-com, you could have fooled me: it delivered pretty well on being a unique but standard rom-com, just without the final scene where they get back together. It's a shame because that was the part of it that I was really enjoying.

I enjoyed the friendship of the girls at the coffee shop and I think the lead has charisma. Robert was a very interesting character (probably the most interesting character) but I feel like we don't get any closure with him. That aspect felt unfinished.

There was some good stuff here but I have trouble recommending it except to the most desperate of rom-com fans.
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