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If the first ten minutes don't do it for you, it's not your type of humor
movieholik22 September 2016
I enjoyed this movie and love all of Linklater's works. Certain directors just mesh well with your world view and style. His humor works for certain people, and it doesn't translate well for international audiences. For instance, I can't stand Kevin Smith's style of comedy, but many people adore it.

This movie took me back to my college years. I attended the University of Texas and belonged to a fraternity. Although we weren't athletic jocks, there were similar dynamics, characters, and situations as with this movie's baseball team. Looking back it was immature and misogynistic fun, however it happened and I had great memories from then. This movie captured that very well.

That said, there was no tension or arc that this group faced. Everything came to them pretty easy, like on a silver platter. There are people like that in life, yet it doesn't make for compelling cinema. I also thought the lead had little chemistry or charisma with his girl. The character played by Glen Powell was the highlight, as was the soundtrack.
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Hated it (at first glance). It grew on me (while watching)
timschreier30 December 2016
I had great hopes for this, ,knowing Linklater's work. I had great expectations also because I anticipated seeing "my" college era and experience through his lens and view. It did not resonate but I was never a part of a Fraternity or clique. What did sink in and where the movie turned for me was the realization that this was a film about discovery and how this group of misfits are finding their own identity. Once I got over the "Jock Talk" and realized that fact, I started to really like this movie. It was an interesting choice to select a group of Baseball players to serve as the vehicle to discovery and identity. It turned out this film did, in fact, resonate with me as I was a loner in college who had many friends who "belonged" to various groups, never once considering myself a part of any particular group. That diversity was one of the best value propositions I got out of my college experience. The quest for diversity was very well presented in this movie picture show.
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Exactly what I needed
cb236926 March 2016
Everybody Wants Some!! was a perfect film for this moment: it consists of little more than a bunch of overly-competitive jocks joking with each other, partying, and trying to get laid over the course of three days before school even starts. It's intelligently written, fun, well-acted, and well-shot. What more could you ask for? Linklater, of course, does it all in a slice of life fashion: the opening of the film doesn't even attempt to describe what's going to happen and the end of the film barely describes what happened beforehand. The movie is almost meditative, and yet continually looking for stimulus in the largest and tiniest things... really whatever kind of stimulus they can get their hands on. Story-wise, it unfolds over almost every part of the era, which is, as far as I could tell, undefined yet seemingly somewhere during the 80s. Each night takes us to a different flavor of the time: disco, punk, you name it... but the genius of the script is that you don't really realize you've been given a tasting menu until you've already eaten everything. It just seems natural when it happens. Everything in this film seems natural, and that's a credit to the director, but also the actors. I imagine casting was the most important part of putting this film together and it seems to have been a success: every actor kills their part. Were they even acting? I have a feeling they were just being themselves. If you want to watch some kids mess around and laugh with them or at them, Everybody Wants Some!! not only is your movie, but probably will be your movie for a long time coming.
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Not about a decade - just an amazingly specific character study that takes place over 3 days in 1980
tonyblass31 March 2016
I went because I thought it would be an "80's Dazed and Confused." But it was so not that, so much better than that. I got to tell you about it. Whereas Dazed was a "generalized" version of the 70's (with a bit too much 90's still in the lens), this movie is about a highly specific group of people (college baseball jocks) at a very specific moment in time (3 days before the start of fall semester 1980, which any nerd can tell you is still technically, not to mention stylistically still very much part of the 70's) at a Texas university (presumably UT Austin). Where Dazed featured over-the-top wacky 70's characters who repeated "catch phrases", this movie is about some very real guys dealing with the transition from being the best athlete in their high school to just an average player at the bottom of the heap who has to get used to being humble and proving himself. Trust me. Go to see the movie that proves 12 years of making "Boyhood" has transformed Linklater to an auteur without peer. This movie is so perfectly in tune, light as a feather but with the full weight of an honest character study, played by an ensemble cast very much in tune with one another. Memorable characters for sure, but never overblown and always breathtakingly real. This is an amazing film. And the soundtrack is sheer perfection.
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Gordon-114 October 2016
This film tells the story of a man who enters college, and stays with his baseball teammates in a communal house. He explores his adult life, with the company and help from his baseball teammates.

Perhaps due to the fact that I am not interested in baseball, I find the story rather non engaging. All I see is a bunch of testosterone fuelled guys doing silly things, having parties, drinking and shouting. It doesn't have a real plot, as there is no central message or moral story to be delivered. We see the lives of these people in three days, condensed in two hours. I don't know what the point of the film is, but i certainly do not find their lives interesting.
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Not everybody wants some of this
E Canuck6 April 2016
This was put together in an entertaining fashion. Trouble for me is that I'd walk a mile to avoid the kind of people the film is about. Always did, when I was younger, avoid the bullying sexist jock and unless you are enamoured, you may not want some of a film that celebrates them off the Richter scale.

There is also the fact that in this Mudville there are only shiny happy people out of Hollywood wardrobe department and there's little resemblance to reality.

That shouldn't stop those who want college and youth myths big on All American ball-whacking, drinking, weed-smoking, look-how-crazy-we-all-are high spirits. There will be lots of people who want some of that.
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Vanity project
gsygsy21 May 2016
Another vanity project from this soft-centred writer/director. A perfectly pleasant, oh-so-normal guy, played effortlessly by Blake Jenner, is our viewpoint as he befriends a bunch of caricatured late adolescents. Mr Normal is not even a thinly disguised version of the writer/director, who evidently saw his younger self as a beacon of sanity in the midst of all that hormone-fuelled excess.

The worst part of it is that Linklater has talent as a filmmaker. The piece is competently constructed and shot, and contains a couple of well-written scenes, notably a split-screen phone conversation between Jenner and the movie's only other credible character, played without affectation by Zoey Deutsch.

In CABIN IN THE WOODS the equivalent bunch of stereotypes gets ritually slaughtered, a fate I several times wished on the quasi-characters here.
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Very disappointed
aangelo-823681 July 2016
I honestly don't know what to think of this movie. I was hoping for so much more. Most of the actors did a good job but Some of the college kids looked like they were 35 years old. The story just stunk. After the fact that dazed and confused was one of my favorite movies I guess I was hoping for something just as good. This movie was beyond bad and something which looks like some high school kids put together. It bounced around so much from topic to topic without actually getting into any of them. I kept waiting and waiting for the movie to get good. Then the credits started rolling and I turned to my girlfriend and said that's it? what the hell did we just watch? I wasted 2 hours that ill never get back on a movie that the best part was the credits at the end. I'm sorry but i'm being honest. Not like a lot of these studio reviews to make you see the movie. Just bad. Very bad.
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a bit too much of the college jock life
dmuel29 July 2016
Yes, the movie was realistic and there were a few, sparse moments of tenderness between Jake and his romantic interest, but I was disappointed by the imbalanced focus of this movie. As most college students, then and now, are not hardcore jocks, this is a skewed vision of college life in that era. We get scant input from other groups on campus.

Compared to Dazed and Confused, which featured a much broader spectrum of teenage life in the mid 70s, including jocks, budding intellectuals, burn-outs, etc., Everybody Wants Some is mainly focused on college jock life and the pervasive misogyny one might expect. At times insightful, and also humorous, the movie simply observes the lives of its characters. But it pales compared to its predecessor, and the overwhelming emphasis on the misogynistic and competitive sexual exploits of its characters tends to fracture and efface the movie's charms.
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"Frontiers Are Where You Find Them"
paul-allaer22 April 2016
"Everybody Wants Some!!" (2016 release; 116 min.) brings the story of a group of baseball players on a Texas college team. As the movie opens, The Knack's "My Sherona" is blasting away in a guy's car. That turns out to be Jake, an incoming Freshman and pitcher. The big screen reminds us that it is "August 28, 1980, Classes start in 3 days". Jake is getting to know the rest of the Baseball House that he is sharing with seven other guys. When they decide to take a drive and try to pick up girls, one mystery girl informs them she likes the quiet guy in the back (pointing to Jake). At this point we're not even 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: first, this is the latest movie from Texas writer-director Richard Linklater, who most recently brought us the brilliant "Boyhood", and much earlier "Dazed and Confused" (set in high school in 1976). It is an easy case to make that "Everybody Wants Some!!" is a spiritual sequel to that movie. The movie's trailer gave the impression that this is an all-out funny, possibly rowdy college-age coming-of-age, and there certainly is plenty of that. But there is so much more to this movie. I love how Linklater lets the scenes develop with uninterrupted shots that at times go on for minutes. Pay careful attention to what life was like in 1980 (no smart phones, no craft beer, etc.). Linklater was 20 at that time (as was I), and he captures it perfectly. As was the case in "Dazed and Confused", this movie features an ensemble cast that surely contains future stars. I'm pretty sure those will include Brian Jenner (playing the Jake character, and previously best known for his recurring role on the TV show Glee) as well as Zoey Deutsch, in the role of Beverly, the mystery girl I referred to. Deutsch is the daughter of Lea Thompson and the physical resemblance is uncanny (and very easy on the eyes). Last but certainly not least, the film features dozens and dozens of killer tunes from that era, from "My Sherona" in the beginning to the Cars' "Let the Good Times Roll" over the end credits. The scenes in the Sound Machine disco tent are among the many highlights of the movie. Bottom line: I felt like this movie was literally made FOR ME, as I was those guys (setting aside the baseball aspects).

The movie opened this weekend on a couple of screens in Greater Cincinnati, and having seen the trailer, I couldn't wait to see it. The Friday early evening screening where I saw this at turned out t be a private screening, as in: I literally was the only person in the theater. Say what?? I couldn't believe it. I will go see any movie by Richard Linklater simply on the strength of his name and the blind faith in his talent. If you are in the mood for a nostalgic yet very realistic look back at what life was like in late August of 1980, you cannot go wrong with this movie. "Everybody Wants Some!!" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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One of the smartest comedies in years.
jdesando18 April 2016
"Don't be afraid to let the experience find you." Willoughby (Wyatt Russell)

Everybody Wants Some!! is a real comedy, not some reality show knock off about college athletes gone bad. It's 1980, it feels like 1980, and the kids are full of 1980's optimism expressed in their passion for baseball and hot chicks. The "experience" the very high, hippie philosopher Willoughby promotes in the quote above comes for most at college, where new experiences find and transform.

The hero is Jake (Blake Jenner), a freshman pitcher joining the rest of the college baseball team in one of their two houses provided off campus, conveniently unsupervised. He represents the youthful idealism of a former high-school star athlete on scholarship at a small south Texas college. Linklater's plot is so charmingly rambling, like his favorite pinball motif, that character development is acceptably absent. With the pastiche of pranks that serve as episodes, seriousness can't prevail anymore than it did in Linklater's classic, Dazed and Confused.

The most interesting character has to be Finn (Glen Powell), the ladies' man spouting Linklater aphorisms like the one above. He's a woman-con who nevertheless comes out with thoughts for life amidst his clowning.

What makes this film different is that from the beginning these wisecracking jocks know they're not going to be picked up by the pros, but they still talk about that happening with the right realistic attitude. Director Richard Linklater, coming off his Oscar-nominated Boyhood, in which he showed unique insight into a growing boy, now paints a portrait of young men quickly transitioning into men who know what's up.

During this coming of age story, the players play at college life with the same gusto they show for their sport, not always scoring but always in pursuit, as if both games were evidence of their right to success, an American characteristic to be sure. Seeing a possible scout painting a house near the playing field, the realization is that he may not be a scout. All everybody can infer is it's good to be ready when any of life's "scouts" should come by.

The wit is omnipresent and occasionally brilliant, evidenced by these two insults: dipshitification and fuckwithery—used more than once to put someone down and toughen up at the same time.

Amidst Twilight Zone VHS's, Van Halen, and Carl Sagan, Linklater has returned us to 1980). And dare I say it, gives a good name to nostalgia.
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Linklater can do no wrong
drk-424235 January 2017
Just saw this movie for the 2nd time and I loved it even more than the first time. Just like every Linklater picture, it is so rewatchable. I enjoyed so much being in this world with these characters. Every single one of them is fully drawn out. Linklater is a magician, someone that has mastered his craft to the fullest extent.

The cast is great. Glen Powell was the stand out for me, he was excellent. Not far behind him was Wyatt Russell who is establishing himself as an exciting up and coming talent.

This was my favorite sports movie since Warrior. I loved everything about it.
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One of the best feel good movies I've seen in years
sammyboo21-999-25251725 April 2016
Richard Linklater just gets me.All his films are about a time and place. They are about living in the moment and in Everybody Wants Some the moment is right before college in the 80s.I wont give you the plot but I will tell you that this smart raunchy funny and endearing comedy about a group of college guys is something to behold. Its a beautiful movie and im still talking about an R Rated Comedy about college baseball players. The humor is real and natural.I know people like these characters.I've joked like this and have had deep conversations like they do in the film. The actors have great chemistry. They can joke and party and yet they can still have philosophical talks about life and what it all means. You follow these characters over the span of 3 days and by the end of the film you just want to follow them throughout the year. The closing scene is just true and wonderful.If I had a weekend like the characters did then I would be doing the same thing. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. Its small yet says so much. Also stay till near the end there is a musical number that is pretty great. Everybody wants some!! is one of the best movies of the year!! ***** out of 5.
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Self-indulgent, boring... nothing you'd expect from Linklater
bob_meg25 June 2016
I've been a fan of Linklater since Slacker and in film after film he's proved that you do not need a linear plot to create a satisfying and revelatory movie experience. That is, if you have characters that are richly crafted matched with actors giving indelible performances. Sadly (and I do mean that sincerely) "Everybody Wants Some!!" painfully exhibits none of those two saving graces. It's as needless as those two exclamation points in the title and as alluring as running into an old high school friend who wants to drag you to his house and show you old home movies for two hours.

I think I understand what Linklater was going for here, but it's still not an excuse for the snoozefest he delivers. I *believe* he was trying for something almost anthropological. That is, studying a very specific type of American male (high-school star jock) in a specific time and place (early '80s Texas) who come to terms with the competitive nature of college (in general, but college sports, specifically). Obviously this comes from Linklater's own experience but that alone doesn't make it interesting.

The fact that it shares many similarities with Dazed and Confused is only going to mystify and irritate most people, especially fans of that earlier film, which was a much more involving and true-to-life portrayal than anything you see in this film. If you'll remember, Dazed had an encapsulated version of Everybody Wants Some embedded into it --- namely Pink's (Jason London) disenfranchisement of the whole high-school sports scene. If you look closely at the mostly unknown cast, you'll notice more than a few similarities between the two character line-ups in behaviors and physical appearance. But Dazed is a rich film. The characters were anything but types (and they did not chant "catch phrases" as one reviewer states... the film's fans created those) and each had many dimensions. None (even Ben Affleck's character) were straight heroes or villains. By contrast, Everybody Wants Some's cast of jocks and jock-babes rarely give us anything we don't expect or transcend any of the rampant stereotypes.

For long stretches... I mean *LONG*... all you get are continuous party scenes that, while well-directed, still don't deliver anything that will keep your interest. There is little conflict, and nothing but the scantest surface interactions between the cast, none of whom give anything but the most vanilla performances. This isn't the first time Linklater's used a cast of unknowns (Dazed and particularly Slacker were exactly that) but Everybody Wants Some's crew is distinctly lacking in both style and charisma.

I don't think I've been as disappointed by any movie this year. And as other reviewers have said, the overwhelming positive critical reception this unstructured mess is receiving is disturbing, to say the least. Yes, Boyhood was amazing on so many levels and easily Linklater's most masterful film, firing on all his strengths. EWS consistently plays to all his weakest.

The more I think about it, EWS's aims are closer to Slacker than Dazed. Slacker was just that... a virtual anthropological snapshot of Austin Texas college life circa 1988-1989. Only Slacker's cast continually gave the audience thoughtful, crazy, disturbing, and provoking words and actions. By contrast, EWS is about as soulful as a kegger. A fun time in the moment, but nothing you'll remember after that. And that might be a very good thing.

** One footnote: If you have a surround sound set-up, you'll notice this film makes the same mistake as many others recently by putting primary audio in the rear channels, making the party scenes virtually impossible to hear unless you just jack the center channel through the roof. Maybe this is something related to Dolby Atmos. Whatever it is, it's irritating as hell. Nothing sinks a film faster than bad sound.
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Chill out movie
carbonxenon29 June 2020
I've watched it almost 10 times. Everytime it was time full of calmness and coolness.
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A fun time with some fun characters
maripere956 April 2016
This movie not only captures the 80s perfectly, but it also creates a comedy that has the same spirit as a comedy that would have come out in the 80s. It is lighthearted, and just like Dazed and Confused, it does not rely on plot but of the joy of following these characters in their day-to-day lives (or in this case the first couple days before college classes start). The jokes are not forced, and you just constantly feel giddy throughout the movie, because you feel as though they are genuinely enjoying themselves - and by extension, so is the audience. The outfits are hilarious (men crop tops and short shorts) but still feel authentic to the time and the characters. The movie features many stars in the making, and by doing so, you care more about the characters instead of big actor names. Richard Linklater does it once again in capturing the human spirit, instead of trying to make it event/plot-heavy but instead focus on human spirit and simply having a good time.
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A fitting 'spiritual sequel' to Dazed and Confused
tomgillespie200224 July 2016
Fresh off the critical success of Boyhood, a coming-of-age project 12 years in the making, writer/director Richard Linklater has returned to the genre he no doubt by now feels entirely comfortable in, the slacker comedy. Dubbed as a 'spiritual sequel' to one of his most beloved movies, Dazed and Confused (1993), Everybody Wants Some!! - a title taken from a Van Halen song - follows a group of baseball jocks in college over the course of 3 days before class, and arguably real life, finally starts.

It's Texas, 1980, and freshman and promising pitcher Jake (Blake Jenner) arrives at one of the two decrepit neighbouring houses set aside for the college baseball team, where he is greeted with a mixture of both excited curiosity and suspicious disdain. Finnegan (Glen Powell), Dale (J. Quinton Johnson) and Roper (Ryan Guzman), a few of the older students who welcome Jake and fellow freshman Plummer (Temple Baker) with a bit more warmth, take the new arrivals on a car journey around campus, where they prepare themselves for a few days of booze, drugs, parties, and trying to convince members of the opposite sex to sleep with them.

Linklater has a distinct feel for a sense of place. Like Dazed and Confused, he somehow manages to conjure up feelings of nostalgia for viewers who weren't even alive at the time. Having been born in 1984, I sadly wasn't there for the 1976 of Dazed or the 1980 of Everybody Wants Some!!, but the two films feel as if you're watching something made at the time rather than a period piece. Questionable fashion choices and even more questionable facial-hair are all present here, as is the obligatory classic soundtrack. which features an amusing rendition of Rapper's Delight amongst a more rock-based sound. The biggest issue people may have the film is that nothing much happens at all, so Linklater takes a huge gamble in assuming audiences will warm to its hefty ensemble.

After all, the bulk of the characters are indistinguishable jocks doing bong hits and offering their unique blend of wisdom for the majority of the film. While this approach may run its course before the credits roll, there is some genuine wisdom to be found here, along with a tinge of sadness. Everybody Wants Some!! is a love letter to that time of your life when you are filled with optimism and the world is yours to explore, and Jake and his friends' journey of discovery and fulfilment is a rite-of-passage experienced by most young men and women. It could also be interpreted as a search for identity as the group wander from their usual disco haunt and try out line-dancing, a punk concert, and a themed costume party set up by performing arts majors, including the auburn-haired girl of Jake's dreams (Zoey Deutch). Call it what you will, but the film's power lies within Linklater's eye for nostalgia, delivering a final shot that captures more feeling than most films struggle to create in 90 minutes.
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Many will not want some of this.
jwbeller2 April 2016
In my opinion, if you're over 25, there is a good chance you will not enjoy this movie. When we saw the previews in the theaters, my wife and I thought this movie would need a good review if we were ever going to see it. It looked like a complete loser, but how could it be that bad if it was made by Richard Linklater who made Boyhood that we loved.

When the critics' reviews came out, they were almost universally positive with a Metascore of 84, and the IMDb user score was around 8.0 The time was convenient, the theater (Arclight in Bethesda) was our favorite, the Washington Post critic Ann Hornaday (who has lost a lot of my trust) gave it three stars and a good writeup. How could it be that bad? Maybe I should have noticed that nearly 10% of the raters on IMDb gave it a 1.

The actors in the film, most of whom are unknowns, did a good job. The filming was very good. But the story, what little there was of one, was a real looser. It centered on the male bonding of a group of baseball scholarship athletes at a college in Texas. It took place during three days before the start of the fall semester in 1980. The first 75% of the film consisted primarily of partying, drinking, trying to hookup, more partying, more drinking, etc. The last 25%, where a real story began to develop, was good.

I rate movies on enjoyment. For instance, Horrible Bosses, which got mixed reviews, I gave a 9. It was very enjoyable and I got a lot of laughs from it. I hated Birdman, which had high ratings similar to Everybody Wants Some. I've come to the conclusion that you can't trust the professional critics, and you can't always trust users on IMDb. The question is, can you trust my wife and me who see about 100 movies a year in the theaters. You decide.
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ground rule double instead of a grand slam
1-010 April 2016
Fun movie. To believe director Richard Linklater's "spiritual sequel" to DAZED & CONFUSED, you'd think going to college was a free ticket to girls, beer and nightly all-niters. And hey, it kind of is, right? Except for the classes. And the awkwardness. Or social failings of any kind. I guess those wouldn't have made for such an entertaining movie though.

All of that is to say that while EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is fun, it isn't exactly true to life, even while offering an authentic look at 1980- era young adulthood. The characters are a baseball team, conveniently rooming in their own pair of off-campus quasi-frat houses: there's the wide-eyed freshman pitcher, the upperclassmen who love hazing and boozing almost as much as they love balls and strikes, the misfit 30-year old stoner (remember, this is Linklater we're talking about), the p-whipped hick.... you get the picture-- it's essentially an Animal House-style ensemble cast where the audience never gets a chance to tire of any one character in particular. Further, because the writing avoids clichés for the most part, each character gets a few good punchlines, and chances to endear himself to the viewer.

And I emphasize HIM-self. Despite the fact that I heard girls chuckling at jokes in the theater, this movie is basically about boys, in college, age 18-22. Lots of scenes about various kinds of male bonding. Others about various forms of competition and/or one- up-man-ship. I wouldn't go so far as to say the movie is sexist, but it's certainly biased towards a male perspective.

All of that said, the characters are like-able. The apparent protagonist, a young pitcher by the name of Jake (All-American looking Blake Jenner), arrives a few days before classes at a Texas university to meet his teammates and new (well-stocked) abode. He's a nice kid with lots of talent, a great smile, and a way with girls. Just like all his teammates. Throughout the film, he scores at the disco, entrances young lasses at the C&W bar, slam dances at the punk show, and just generally aces life. He even wins the heart of a young drama student (played by Zoey Deutch) the day before classes start. Talk about an overachiever!

His teammates run the gamut from witty/charming (Finnegan, in an effortlessly funny performance by Glen Powell) to jockish (Tyler Hoechlin's McReynolds -- a great baseball name to be sure) to a mixture the two. The weirdest character is probably Jay (Juston Street), an over-compensating, aggro pitcher who constantly brags about his fastball and major-league talent. Still, the team members work well and play off each other, and again Linklater demonstrates his ability to assemble a great cast of mostly unknown actors who not only gel, but come off as fun, likable dudes.

The problem is this: there's no real story. Some stuff happens -- mostly fun stuff, to be sure, but I could probably sum up the plot of the movie by saying young, attractive athletes score chicks in a variety of situations pretty easily. Entertaining enough, maybe (especially if you're a hot dude), but compared to DAZED & CONFUSED (or this movie's *real* spiritual partner ANIMAL HOUSE), it comes off a bit one-dimensional. The boys go from one party to the next, making out well pretty much every time -- I kept waiting for the conflict, the consequence, the B part to all the A parts, but it never happened.

In truth, the movie felt like one, long first act. I could almost see this as part of some massive cycle where the next installment would be a 90-minute come-down: bad 2nd dates, hangovers, failed classes, losing seasons. Call me cynical, but even college kids have bad days.

Or course, I might be expecting too much. This movie takes place in 1980 (and rightly, retains a lot of the 70s in its look/feel), so if you judge its story and characters by the kinds of flicks college kids flocked to back then -- PORKY'S, REVENGE OF THE NERDS, ANIMAL HOUSE -- it comes off as intelligently written with good performances. But even NERDS had conflict. Hell, one of bros at ANIMAL HOUSE partied harder *and* bedded the mayor's wife.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this movie. I might even be into a sequel, if it promised a little more character depth, and a story arc that actually, er, arc'd. EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is a good time, and not much more. From a different director that might be enough, but from Linklater, it feels like a ground-rule double instead of a grand slam.
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Not a comedy! Actually not worth watching at all!
aemilijan31 July 2016
Up until now I thought that IMDb score was a credible measure of how good a movie actually was and I thought that with 7.3 at the moment of watching and writing this review this movie would be slightly funny at least but boy, was I wrong... There was no build up of plot, not a single thing was even remotely funny and none of the characters had an actual background or a point to which the movie would concentrate to. This movie made me register and write my first review ever, even though English is not my mother tongue and even had to google some phrases. I wouldn't even bother in other cases but I was so disappointed in wasting my Sunday afternoon with this movie. So, decide for yourself...
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this movie goes NOWHERE FAST
ggarza-9787314 July 2016
The movie has some salvageable moments and dialogue ...but overall is pointless ; over the top and kind of dumb.

the characters are just a shade of what a real human would have been in the 80s... every one is a stereotype with no real emotions.

this runs like a very long and bad episode of the 70s show ... but set in the 80s.

I kept waiting for something to happened and it never did. it just kept going around in lame circles.

completely miss-represented by comparing it to animal house and dazed and confused.
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Boo urns... This movie stinks
polyab15 May 2016
i have no clue how this movie is ranked so high... i feel like i watched a different movie. The one i saw was horrible. Do not watch this if you're hoping for something similar to Dazed and Confused. I knew it wasn't going to come close to dazed and confused but i had time to kill and already saw everything else that was playing at that time. A lot of the characters were useless. I can sit through almost any movie but there was at least 2 times where i wanted to walk out. in no circumstance will i ever watch this movie again. I can watch Soul Plane 10 times in a row but will kill myself if i had to watch this again. i am exaggerating a bit, but i need to fill 10 lines to publish the review
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Not the fun it promised
justinwfirestone4 May 2016
Richard Linklater splashed on the scene with Dazed and Confused, a movie that depicted the wild late 1970s from the high school and early college perspective. That movie was a fun romp with iconic characters, enjoyable upon second and third viewings.

Everybody Wants Some!! is a non-sequel set in the early 1980s, and instead of a one-night romp, we get a three-day romp that is nothing but a heteronormative beer-fest in search of sex. Yes, everyone on the baseball team is so straight and so attracted to women that they think and talk about women all the time. And the women? They're all straight, too, and while they play coy, they want dudes just as badly.

That's not to say the movie isn't fun at times and not without laughs. But Dazed and Confused had a more realistic feel. Everybody Wants Some!! is a puerile fantasy that never goes anywhere meaningful. There's no lessons learned, not even on the first day of school, because we're all too tired to keep our heads up after the meandering weekend mess.

The performances are fine for a cast of heretofore relatively unknowns. There are a couple of missteps, but overall these dudes will likely be in other movies, likely about chasing tail.
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Everybody does want some, of this!!
subxerogravity1 April 2016
It's like a lost gem of the 1980s

Proving that slapstick comedy, hot girls, and stoners are ageless, Dazed and confused director, Richard Linklater created a relateable comedy about male bounding and sets it in the 1980s.

A freshmen baseball player experiences the best first three days of college possible.

It may look like it came out at the same time as such slapstick comedies as Porky's and Animal House, but just like those screwball comedies, Everybody wants some is timeless.

This is bound to be one of those movies that everyone will put on their greatest teen comedies list.

Everybody Wants Some is littered with with distinguished and thought out characters and it's a never ending list of them all the way down to those who appear once just for a one-liner. It's impressive when you're doing a movie about jocks who can only think of women and baseball (not in that order). Some of the guys looked a lot alike and yet I could still tell difference between them.

It helps that the acting was pretty good as well.

It's perfect. It's laugh out loud, it's entertaining and enjoyable, it's done by a serious filmmaker but does not take itself so serious. Just sit back and enjoy your popcorn.

Everybody Wants Some!! I want some Too!!
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Good Grief
No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless. No real story, some laughs but in the end utterly pointless.

Are you feeling let down by this review- well this is how you will feel by the end of this film!
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