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Cheesy, but delightful
meri10223 September 2017
This film is hilariously entertaining if you recognize the intended allusions, particularly the nods to THE OMEN. Adam Scott and Owen Atlas are charming as step-father and son, especially in the water park scenes. Evangeline Lilly is surprisingly perfect as the ditsy mom; she delivers her lines with impeccable comic timing. I've never seen her outside of LOST and her performance here is spot-on. Yes, some bits are campy and silly, but the overall message is touching and relevant.
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Decent Premise, mediocre execution
knoxfan20081 September 2017
I wouldn't have watched this if I hadn't loved "Tucker & Dale vs Evil" by Eli Craig, which like "Little Evil" is a parody of a horror sub-genre. Unfortunately this film is entertaining enough that I was never bored, but it lacked the creativity and fast- paced humour a premise like this should have.

It begins promisingly with a lot of funny jokes, but after the first 15 minutes, the jokes kind of take a backseat to the exposition, and the humour becomes less crafted, and more akin to an Apatow joint. Adam Scott is great as usual, and though I expected his sidekick Al to be incredibly annoying, Bridget Everett was having so much fun I warmed to her after a while, Clancy Brown is also good. The rest of the cast is pretty average, Kate from LOST phones it in, and Turk from SCRUBS is distracting, as he's cast as one of the 3 useless comic relief step-dad friends that never have an impact on the story. The kid that played Lucas was also really awful, even by the standards of child actors. Why didn't anyone give this kid better directions. Nothing he or any of the other child actors said or did were well-done at all.

The direction was much better than any modern Apatow-esque comedy. Craig used a lot of horror conventions to his advantage and I wish the script he wrote paralleled his direction, even if the cinematography still looks like a cheap Netflix film. He does however, use identical speed-cutting transitions to Edgar Wright that is incredibly distracting, like with the same sound effects and pacing and everything.

The structure was not great, it lumbered in parts and then sped through the climax at an insane rate. The film also stops several times and repeats aspects, like expositional scenes.

I wish this were as strong as "Tucker & Dale" which I strongly recommend, yet "Little Evil" lacked a great supporting cast, or any innovative way to spin the subject matter. Instead, it's just a funnier version of the Omen, which was already kinda funny to begin with.
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Actually not that bad!
benson34363 September 2017
I laughed. I cried... okay, I didn't cry, but this movie actually wasn't bad at all and the neither was the acting. The plot was funny and obviously done many times before, but I enjoyed the cast chosen for the roles and I enjoyed the movie all together as a whole. I watched it on Netflix and if you have a Netflix account I would recommend that you do the same!I wish IMDb would update their rating system. Let us type in a number from 1-10, so we can adjust the rating and not just give it a 6 or an 8. I want to say that this movie isn't a 7, but its better than a 6. So I would say that it is a 6.5! Enjoy !
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Pick a tone, any tone
dissident3202 September 2017
Everything is technically fine here. Good acting, surprisingly solid special effects and it looks pretty good. But the actual content of this is quite tiresome. It doesn't want to go fully goofy like Hell Baby but also doesn't want to be a full-on horror. It wants them both and that's when it started to grate on me.

This part they want to be funny, this part is supposed to be scary and then we're supposed to care about the characters. Perhaps someone could or has pulled off these tonal shifts successfully but this movie does not. It's boring, predictable and neither funny nor scary.

I'm starting to feel like Netflix wants more original scripted movies but isn't doing a very good job of deciding what is actually good. Don't watch this. It's not terrible, it's just not worth anyone's time.
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Great Third Act
scythertitus3 September 2017
The first thing to say is that the first two acts of this movie really struggle to truly find the line between horror and comedy. It tries to find comedy in a normal person reacting to a devil child, but that is pretty much every possession horror ever so there isn't much new ground there, and the attempted comedy often falls flat while also taking away from the potential actual creepiness of the scene. It's easy to rule this out as a failed attempt at recapturing the Tucker and Dale vs. Evil vibe.

But then the third act happens and the movie really comes into its own. The humour and tension are amped up and instead of being a shadow of dozens of horrors and a shadow of dozens of comedy it becomes its own movie and is much better for it. There is even a great message about the difference between nature and nurture and there are some good original ideas that make it much more enjoyable.

Overall it is a shame you have to wait for the third act to get going, especially since they show the catalyst for this momentum shift at the very beginning. You could argue they need the first two acts to set up for the third, but if so then they should have focused more on the comedy since there are way too many evil/possessed child films to care about getting that part right. Still though it's hard not to recommend this movie since the third act is really enjoyable, I just wish they could have gotten there sooner. Maybe just skip to that point.
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Worth seeing once
mistoppi9 September 2017
I was browsing through Netflix when I found Little Evil, which had come out recently. It seemed like a fun horror comedy, perfect for the day, so I decided to watch it.

There are many things I like in Little Evil, but it doesn't go above average. Of course the idea isn't original, isn't this a play on very typical stories about kids who seem to be the spawn of Satan. Most of them are actual horror movies, though. Little Evil mixes that horror story with the theme of being a stepparent in a humorous way, which itself is fresher than the movie might feel when you read the summary.

But in the end the story doesn't go where you'd want it to go. Of course some of the plot points are good, and the movie is fun and light, and there's something very special about it. But in the end the only thing this movie ends up being is somewhat funny. Everything else is actually quite superficial, and let's be honest, the humorous side probably wouldn't be as good if you watched this movie several times.

So definitely worth seeing once, if you're not too serious for horror comedies, but that's all.
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Great premise for a trailer ... not a feature film
randalrauser1 September 2017
The trailer for "Little Evil" was hilarious. Unfortunately, there isn't enough material here to sustain a feature length film. Forty minutes in I found myself looking at my watch ... and I don't even wear a watch. I was hoping for "Zombieland" but alas, I got "Krampus".

If you like the supernatural horror genre and horror/comedy mashups in particular, "Little Evil" is still worth a viewing, not least to catch the abundant allusions to "The Omen," "The Shining," et al. All others should pass this one by.
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Decent, but not consistent.
AverageJoesDriveInPodcast4 September 2017
I'm not going to lie; I was kind of disappointed with this one. I had such high hopes for another Tucker N Dale Vs Evil type horror comedy. It's not a bad film, but the laughs were a little too few and far between for me. It had its moments but just wasn't consistent. I will say there are a few genuinely touching moments though, which I wasn't expecting, so it had that going for it.

Part of me thinks this one might get better upon repeat viewings. I'm not really sure why I feel that way, maybe it's because I wanted to like it more than I did.

Worth a watch, but if you were as excited as I was to see this one, lower your expectations.

My Rating: 5.5/10
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larsbrekke1 September 2017
It was an okay movie, i really like Adam Scott's previous works but this time he didn't get to me. The humour is alright, most of it isn't funny but weird and childish. (the dark humour in this movie is terrible) Bridget Everett is playing as lesbian stepdad ''AL'' and are ''Gary's'' (main person)helping hand in stopping the Antichrist. In most of the scenes ''Al'' is just cringe-worthy. It was kind of a brain-dead movie,no real reason to pay attention to details. But again, the movie was watchable and got a few scenes that will give you a grin.
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A fun horror comedy...
rebeccalucy24 November 2017
A very fun horror comedy, but leans more on the comedy side. Parodies many classic horrors in a very unique way and has quite a lot of laughs.

The acting was quite good, particularly Adam Scott. He suited the role and brought some flavour to scenes. Bridget Everett was hilarious and plays quite a different type of character than usually expected. They both carried the film. I wish the mother had a bit more personality, it just seems as she is there to fulfill her role. She definitely needed more screen time to flesh out her character.

However, the cinematography is very conventional and bland. It is important part of a film and is lacking. Many jokes could have been even funnier with creative cinematography or editing. Though it is worth watching for both horror and comedy lovers.
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Not Bad
joannecarolcarter3 September 2017
It's a wet Sunday afternoon and this was the top title on Netflix.

We weren't sure if it was a kids film - looked like one but there was no classification on Netflix or on here.

I started watching it with my daughter (9) - it's not a scary movie and in some places it's quite funny, so OK for children in that respect, then there's the swearing, if there was no swearing it would be a perfect kids film for the 8+ age group.

So all in all an OK Sunday afternoon movie, family movie? well, if you can bypass the swearing then it's a funny family film
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good intentions yet confused
arjantin781 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am writing the review in the middle of the movie, but I don't think the second half will change anything in terms of what I want to say. I found the idea interesting and decided to watch the movie. It has its perks. It has nice ideas like people going on with their everyday stuff although they know it's the end of the world and the kid actually is the Antichrist etc. However, the execution somehow misses something. It's not scary when it intends to be scary, neither it manages to be funny when it intends to be so. I wouldn't call it a waste of time, but it's not as good as Tucker & Dale vs Evil by the same writer/director. After finishing the movie: It would have been badass if the kid were not saved and actually brought about the apocalypse.
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A cheeky little twist on a tired tale
bowmanblue3 August 2018
I actually heard about this film due to a Youtube video mentioning the 'Top Ten Most Undiscovered films on Netflix' and, I think it's fair to say that 'Little Evil' earns its spot on that list. The story about parents finding out some sort of child in their charge turns out to be possessed/spawn of evil/whatever and then has to struggle with the emotional conflicts this brings up. And, 'Little Evil' conforms to every single beat of this horror sub-genre. And yet it's actually a lot better than most similar films that have come before it.

A man marries a woman who has a son he hasn't really had the chance to get to know (okay, I had a bit of a problem with this, but, seeing as the film is so enjoyable, I'll let that one slide). Of course, when he does get to become the boy's stepfather, he certainly gets more than he bargained for in terms of fatal supernatural events happening all around his new family. So far - nothing new. I guess the big difference is that 'Little Evil' is not just a horror (in fact, there's not an awful lot of gore/scares to be found here), it's definitely a horror-comedy.

Basically, 'Little Evil' is a shining example of how it doesn't matter if the story itself is as old and unoriginal as time and yet, if the script is well-written, it will succeed. The characters are so good and play off each other so well that any tired genre tropes or plot-holes are barely worth talking about. The humour just works. There's few major mega laugh-out-loud moments, but you will find yourself smiling all the way through. I guess it's worth mentioning about the 'message' this film offers - namely about the importance of family, or rather the importance of whatever family you choose for yourself. It acknowledges the role that a stepparent chooses to take and points out some of the pitfalls that come with the role.

There isn't that much else to say about 'Little Evil.' It's simple. It's nothing new (if you've seen any 'Omen-type' horror film). It's not that scary or gory, but it is damn good fun and a worthwhile addition to your Netflix 'watchlist.'
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A Wonderful Little Movie
Eric2665 July 2018
While this is not going to make any "Best of 2017" lists, its deserves to be seen. The horror spoof genre has been a bit overdone in the past with movies like Scary Movie and all the Friedberg/Seltzer mixed bag of spoofs. However, director Eli Craig knows his way around an homage flick (see Tucker and Dale vs Evil) so I'm not surprised he turned out an entertaining movie again. While DaTvsE was on point almost the entire time, Little Evil meanders a bit and misses out on some great chances to send up the genre. Where the Scary Movie ilk beat you over the head with the spoofs, Little Evil is a bit more suttle, being more homage than spoof. Case in point, the little boy is sitting in front of a TV with white static on it. Its an obvious reference to Poltergeist, but the little boy does not utter the words "they're here" like all of us have done at one time or another. The mere visual was enough.

Adam Scott plays Gary, who has just married the perfect girl, Samantha (Evangeline Lily). Samantha has a withdrawn son named Lucas, who might or might not be the anti-Christ. The laughter comes from Gary trying to connect with the kid like any stepfather would, except the kid might be Satan. Along the way Gary is joined by members of a stepfather support group who all pretty one dimensional aside from a lesbian "stepdad" named Al. The other members of the group are recognizable comedians if you follow comedy.

The plot doesn't try to be creative, but it flows along nicely and there are plenty of laughs along with some genuine moments of honesty and sincerity. Adam Scott is good at playing the normal guy with a weird streak. Evangeline Lily does the sexy girl-next-door female to perfection and she is good here, too.

With a crisp running time of 94 minutes it doesn't feel padded in any way. My only criticism is I think there was some gold that didn't get mined in an attempt to go for the laughs. I think they could have make this a darker comedy about being a stepdad to the anti-christ and it would have been funny AND scary while respecting the source material AND being original in the same manner as Tucker and Dale..
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Behold - the power of the state
stratus_phere10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I would like to think that if a teacher commits suicide at school, they don't try to blame the new stepdad of the kid, and use the power of the state run school to force that stepdad to go to therapy. I would like to think that if a birthday clown accidentally catches on fire, they wouldn't blame the stepdad as if he somehow caused it, and then use the power of the state to force an evil social worker into their home. And finally, I would hope that if the rapture is coming and an evil cult wants to kidnap and murder the kid, we could at least count on the police NOT taking the side of evil, instead of arresting the legitimate stepdad.

I would also hope that if I had a stepson bury me in the backyard, my wife would not somehow find a way to blame me for that. And I would hope that her idiot friend would not spew such vitriolic hatred at me.

Bad writing. Good concept, but incredibly bad writing.
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After the amazing trailer...
sw0398471 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
And Wow... It's F..k it, F..k it, F..k it and F..k it more... It was one of the worst clickbait trailers I've ever seen.

Disappointed in NETFLIX for even greenlighting this movie.

The best/"funny scenes" are in the trailer, the movie is nothing like that. I'll even say that the first half is decent and sometimes funny but the rest is AWFUL. The only positive thing from the movie is Adam Scott, even Evangeline Lilly (with her perfect body/sex appeal/the most amazing butt can't undo what I just saw 2 minutes ago.

I can't continue, just pick up a pencil, use a pencil sharpner to sharpen it and then poke your eyes after the first half.

That's it.
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mediocre but not funny at all
trashgang8 September 2017
I watched this Netflix Original for one reason only, Eli Craig. Seen his flick Tucker And Dale vs Evil (2010) it's still one of my all time favorite horror comedies. So when i saw the advertisement of his next comedy I was ready for it.

Have seen Little Evil I was left with mixed emotions. As a movie itself on part of the script it wasn't that bad after all and there are a lot of references towards the old school horrors like The Omen (1976) and Poltergeist (1982) amongst others but I didn't laugh one moment, even as there are a few moments intended to be funny but for me it wasn't.

There aren't any funny moments or awkward ones like in Tucker And Dale which made that one hilarious. The comedy here lays in the words spoken. Or the action they are going to take against their children (the sh*t scene).

A mediocre flick with for me no comedy at all, sad because it could have been so much fun.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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Better than I thought it'd be, thanks to the last 30 minutes - and Bridget Everett!!
shreddedvalentines4 September 2017
Original Netflix productions can be hit or miss, but when I saw the trailer for what appeared to be a parody of sorts of The Omen - well, as big a fan as I am of the original trilogy there was no way I could miss that. Adam Scott stars in the horror comedy Little Evil as Gary, a real estate agent who's finally found the woman of his dreams in Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), the two marrying after a whirlwind courtship. The only fly in the ointment seems to be Sam's five-year- old son Lucas, whom Gary didn't get to spend much bonding time with prior to the wedding - and sure enough, early in the film as Gary is trying to settle into being a stepdad and husband, viewers slowly learn that something fairly sinister and unnamed happened at the wedding ... something somehow related to Lucas, who hasn't exactly taken a shine to Gary. In fact, it would appear Lucas might be downright evil - a sentiment echoed by Gary's group of stepdad friends (led by the hilarious Bridget Everett as Al, who steals every scene shes's in and, in fact, nearly the entire film), who've all felt the same about their step-kid(s) at one time or another. But no, creepy little Lucas really IS evil, complete with a demonic goat puppet (LOVE Reeroy!) and the ability to make people harm themselves, and soon it becomes necessary for Gary and Al to find a way to stop both Lucas and the oncoming Apocalypse - all with, somehow, not killing Lucas and ruining Gary's marriage. For the first hour of Little Evil I thought the film was good/okay; I laughed out loud in spots, yes, and the performances are fine even if the film itself sometimes didn't seem sure of when it was a comedy and when it was going for scary. But then a flip in the plot happens, something I didn't see coming, and the last thirty minutes of the film made me kind of fall in love with the whole thing (look for Sally Field in a terrific supporting role that's worth seeing the movie for alone). Having not seen many films about step- parenting the anti-Christ to compare it to, I can still say - without hesitation - that Little Evil is a very strange, very funny indie comedy that for-sure puts a check-mark in the "plus" column of Netflix original productions.
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Great Movie for Horror Movie Fanatics
Ashbudash3602 September 2017
As a horror movie fan, this movie is absolutely hilarious. If you've seen horror movies where a child has a demon within it, you'll understand the humor. The mom being oblivious to her child clearly being evil, the child with an imaginary friend, etc.

I honestly never laughed so hard in a dark comedy. Watch it and just appreciate the humor
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Better than a lot of straight horror fims made these days
Aaron137523 October 2018
This film is a comedy horror, a bit of a spoof of the film, "The Omen". Actually, it is an okay spoof and more how a spoof should be made as it has its own plot and such, but you still know what film the movie is spoofing. At some point, spoofs just stopped being good as they were made without any sort of plot and were just a mishmash of scenes from hit movies of the years. Scary Movie kind of started this trend, though that franchise started off rather good, but soon we got Epic Movie, Disaster movie and a Twilight spoof that would have made some good money had they made a film like this instead of just copying and pasting the source material and adding a stupid joke into the mix that doesn't even work with said scene.

This movie has a man named Gary married to a wonderful woman who has a son making him a stepfather. Sounds typical, until Gary realizes that his stepson may be the antichrist! He attends a group for new stepfathers where a woman from work also attends as she is having a hard time dealing with the fact her new son doesn't like her El Camino with monster sad! Gary tries to deal with things, but everyone seems to be trying to get him to kill the young antichrist before he ushers in the end of the world!

The film is not perfect, but it did have a lot of good jokes as Gary is so clueless at first and tries so hard to form a bond with his stepson with the creepy goat puppet. His work friend who is a lesbian is funny too as she has his back and fits in so well with the other stepfathers. So much stuff going on in this one, as Gary has to figure out if he must kill the boy or try another way.

So, I have watched a few Netflix original horror films lately and this one and The Ritual were both pretty good. I have watched three others that were not all that great so Netflix is a bit of a mixed bag. Of course, I say if you are going to do low budget films, then horror is the way to go as it is the easiest; however, having said that, I have never rated a horror movie a score of 10. No horror movie has done everything flawlessly and this one is no exception. There were parts I did not care for, but overall thanks to the likable characters I got through this one and had a few chuckles. Remember to wear your seat belts!
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Enjoyable short film
elliotjeory14 October 2018
A comedy horror that is cheerful and entertaining to watch. It's not scary and it's hardly hilarious but it's actually not a bad film. It has its moments and it's fast paced so it keeps your attention long enough for you to enjoy it. It's also nice to see the film pay homage to well known horrors instead of trying to imitate them.
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Pretty funny
toreonarheim29 September 2018
I liked it! Nice change of pace in regards to the antichrist ordeal.
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bobbygarlandson29 August 2018
I watched this because I loved Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. What a great film. I should be reviewing that moving instead!

This is nowhere near as good. That even close. Go watch Tucker and Dale instead! Haha.

Okay so it's not as good as the directors last film but it's still fun. I don't understand all the bad reviews other than maybe the expectations where too high. If his first film wasn't so good maybe people would like this more as they would take it on it's own.

Still has lots of funny moments and Adam Scott is a very good.

7/10. Fun
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This Was Fun
foutainoflife23 August 2018
I was on the fence about watching this. Not all but most horror comedy, in my opinion, can be so cheesy it is really off putting. This was just fun for me. I liked the delima in this. I felt it was so well executed and it had a great cast. Some of the supporting actors in this really stole the show at times. I'll end up watching this again at some point. Check it out if you are looking for a funny, horrific-ish, family delima. You won't be disappointed!
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The lead female character is a B-star-star-star-star!!!
Amthermandes3 June 2018
Ok, so the movie it worth watching, got some funny moments, keeps the entertainment up, but it is lacking a lot of something. The humor could be more, the plot could be less translucent, and the characters could use a little more development. But all in all, it's a fun flick, good if you like horror, especially good if you're a fan of horror-comedy. But man, that female lead character is more annoying than a goat's head stuck to the jimmies. Because not only is she STUPID as hell, but she is completely oblivious to ANYTHING wrong about her son, or anything at all with her surroundings. Makes for a totally unbelievable and frustrating character. Still, fun flick. Check it out.
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