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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence and bloody images, and for brief strong languag

Sex & Nudity

  • Roy and his wife are sleeping in bed together but nothing is happening.

Violence & Gore

  • Explosions occur at the top of a tall tower. Astronauts are seen falling from the tower and audible screams can be heard.
  • Several dead people are shown floating inside a spacecraft. One person has a bag over their head with blood splatter obscuring their face. Blood can be seen lightly smeared across a door.
  • A baboon is killed. It explodes, resulting in sudden blood splatter onto a window.
  • A man attempts to kill another man with a knife but is killed himself with the knife.
  • During a fight in zero gravity, a woman is launched into a door face-first. She is killed instantly and blood splatters on the door's window.
  • A man suffocates after a spacecraft loses oxygen.
  • An astronaut is shot in the face. He is wearing a space helmet, so nothing graphic is seen. Later, his face is briefly shown to have a hole in it. Not gory.
  • Space "pirates" attack and kill several astronauts with guns.
  • An elderly man suffers visible physical distress after an attack. He is later said to be in emergency surgery.
  • Rockets are launched into the air and hit a roving band of space pirates, causing an explosion. This is shown from a distance and nothing graphic is seen.
  • On two occasions, the bodies of dead astronauts are shown being thrown outside of spacecrafts to float into the vastness of space as an eternal resting place.
  • An audio recording of screaming humans, who are being killed, is played.
  • Power surges caused by space activity are reported to result in massive human death tolls on Earth.


  • One instance of the f-word being used during a wife's message to her husband, plus a few mild to moderate words. Not much cursing, maybe five or so words throughout.
  • The word 'f*cking' is said once.
  • Infrequent. 1 use of fuck, some spare uses of hell, damn, goddamn, shit and bastard.
  • 00:04:25-One very brief use of the middle finger.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film explores intensely depressing themes and events, which is reflected in the main character's growing distress as he has near-death encounters and learns more about the circumstances surrounding his mission.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is seen twitching from behind, and is revealed to have been attacked and killed by a baboon who is biting into his face. Blood is on its mouth and teeth. The dead man's bloody face is seen. He is missing his nose and his face has several deep gashes. His hand is also heavily mutilated with chewed fingers.
  • In orbit of space, a man attempts to commit suicide by drifting into space. He is stopped by another man. After a struggle in which he demands to be let go, he is allowed to drift into space and is likely killed due to being in close proximity to a nuclear blast.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A sequence involves astronauts responding to a distress call only to be attacked by baboons. The appearance of the baboons is sudden and unexpected. One baboon's mouth is filled with blood from biting one astronaut.
  • One character is mentally-unstable due to growing fanaticism and increasing social isolation. He appears crazed, and disheveled. He demonstrates in words and action total apathy toward human life. With alarming calmness, he confesses to murdering his fellow mutineer astronauts as well as those innocent of mutiny.
  • One of the film's main themes is isolation. The main character spends a lengthy time alone during a space voyage which takes a mental toll on him. Another character spends many years alone on a space station and the effects of this isolation is shown in his behavior.

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