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paradiddle168 May 2022
Besides her, the show is alright. I just don't understand what Halo has to do with this annoying person and why the focus on her all the time. Master chief should have never rescued her.
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lusciousmuffins25 March 2022
When you approach an intellectual property that you clearly do not respect or understand, there can be no good outcome.

In this case, the intent was obviously to exploit a beloved gaming franchise to push an agenda and make a profit.

Unfortunately, in their haste to use the Halo universe for their own purposes, the makers of this show did not bother to stop and reflect on the elements which originally made it successful.

Instead, they hollowed out the core concepts of the game until all that was left was an aesthetic shell, which they then filled up with their own ideology.

Beyond the lack of respect for the source material, this show also suffers from inept dialogue, abysmal character development, and emaciated plot development.

While this criticism may seem harsh, the series truly is an abject failure right out of the gate.

What is truly sad is that this did not have to be a disaster.

Forward Unto Dawn stands as a testament to the fact that Halo can be translated into an engaging story with flesh and blood actors.

Alas, in this instance a game with a devoted following and enormous potential was desecrated by outsiders who merely wanted to use an existing fanbase for their own purposes.
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It's poor outside of the action
borismk-3894226 March 2022
I could compare this to the games, and on those grounds it would do terribly, but I think I'd rather explain why it's trash on it's own merits.

The Good: the action was top tier, thoroughly enjoyed it and that's what gets it two stars.

The Bad: everything else, the story is contrived and cheap, Master Chief loses his mystique the moment he takes his helmet off and even before then he's just a poorly copy and pasted archetype.

The female lead is mostly just annoyingly preachy and almost everyone we meet seems like a cheap caricature.

In closing, I'll watch another episode or two, but I already know this show will be generic at best, irritating at worst.
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Is this the Mandalorian?
archangestelle25 March 2022
I wanted epic war with aliens, instead Master Chief is going to babysit some rebel teen.

I heard these companies don't give a .... about the source material, but I did not expect that basically just change some names and costumes and they copied the Mandalorian!

Baby Yoda is cuter!
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Bad story writing ignorant of the lore and deeply flawed
rataserf25 March 2022
Halo Lore was rich with excellent novels, games, comics and fan fiction. All of them excluding the Halo 6 had a much better story line and less annoying sidekicks. Halo 6/halo Infinite was a warning of what was going to happen to the Halo franchise with algorithmic story writing, but atleast the game play was good. Halo 2022 is what happens when good sci-fi story writing gets replaced by algorithmic garbage spewed by interns. I am pretty sure it is not getting any cheaper to produce these episodes. Please realize that 1 high quality writer > 300 strong internship assignments from non science fields spewed together by an algorithm.

It is ok to be diverse and aware of the political climate when casting for these series and movies, just don't murder the lore, the story, sci-fi and the lack of basic military tactics. Please look up the expanse, it had a diverse cast and does need to make up pointless story arcs. The writers of the Expanse series mostly stuck to the source story, the science and worked with a much lesser budget. Pretty sure there is a dumb company behind all these movies and series applying their brand of AI algorithm trained on market research with flawed data (probably twitter and facebook) to spew this garbage. No wonder do they keep isolating their core audience with these design decisions.

Also why does everything need to have a teenage messiah who has to figure out their emotions in the middle of a crisis? You are sacrificing millions of viewers to pander to an audience that is fine with roblox and minecraft. Maybe Minecraft halo would be your next intended target ? If it is for a younger audience, why do you add in so much gore ?

That said, the Gore, costumes, 3d design, some effects were very well done.

The first episode could have been done in 25 minutes or less cutting the filler and doubling their budget for some high quality scenes.

My gripes with Episode 1, Spoilers ahead:

The insurgents were brilliant tacticians after surviving decades of fighting against UNSC. Yet they lack basic tactics, no scouts, their weapons are ineffective against covenant (why ?, The Spartans use the same weapons including the chain guns). Even though they were dug in for decades, all they had was a wall, Maybe sets were too expensive? The insurgents use the common star wars trademark tactics of bunching up, throwing hundreds into meat grinders, shooting randomly and rushing the enemy. You don't need hundreds of extras in single shots just a dozen thrown into bulldozer dug trenches to get a better cheaper realistic battle scene that conveys their sense of panic. It is ok for others to kill the covenant.

Why is it not reasonable not to expect everyone to speak a common language, this is a time far into the future (2531)? Humanity has intertwined and mingled so much explaining your diverse cast, why cannot they all have the same language? Languages will bound to die after people mix. It is nice for "some" tv/movies set in the current time line to have multiple languages, but it breaks immersion in other contexts. For the angry mob, next time please ask yourself what effort did you put in to save some dying 3rd world country language?

Humans in covenant ? Seriously ? Prophets would never take in Humans and put them beside the relics due to their forerunner origins.

Where is the wide spread usage of AI ? Where is Cortana or jr Cortana or whoever ?

Where were the other species, grunts, jackals , brutes, worms etc ? It is called the "covenant" not just elites, Prophets and humans.
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Another 1-hit wonder show that turns into a soap opera after the pilot
Starts off great as you would expect of a tv series based off a video game that is mostly about shooting aliens. I mean it! You will love the pilot and you will be hooked, but then in the following episodes, the soap opera will begin and fill the script with mostly meaningless conversations. First episode is what you'd expect on a show based on a game that's specifically about aliens, plasma guns, shields and swords, sniper riffles, massive space ships and enhanced super-humans in force field enhanced battle armor, instead, we get 5 to 10 minutes of good action every 3 episodes, with which they use to mask this yet-another soap opera as a live action HALO tv show and their lack of imagination and creativity. This is why I will never subscribe to these stupid streaming services. Paramount takes the L with this one.
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WTF is even this ?
badtripllama25 March 2022
I am currently halfway through the first episode and the chick, Kwan, what a seriously unlikeable character. Also, macguffin, probably the girl is going to be the key to ending the war or something... Not a good start.
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100 Million for 2005 CGI?
murphy-7769225 March 2022
-The characters have no weight to there movement. Its what made Black Panther look bad in fight scenes.

-CGI looks like something from the early 2000s at times.

-Woke again as always. This coming from a minority in the US whos tired of this shi.

-It has nothing to do with Halo.
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Alright that's enough...
bthigdon2 April 2022
Pop culture used to be fun. Now it's something else to be exploited by people who only care about money. Pandering isn't representation, it's manipulative.
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It starts so good
twittkamp26 March 2022
But goes down hill very quickly. I've only watched the first episode so far, but there's already some pretty large red flags. What a shame. Modern Hollywood appears to be incapable of respecting source material.
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draculard25 March 2022
The tale of john mister chef and how bland his cooking and his show is, he slowly boils the flavour out of beef, while his show slowly boils the interesting aspects out of any of the sci-fi tropes that were shoved hodge podge into this thing at it's inception.

For a soothing nap turn the volume down on your tv, lie down on your couch, and get ready to have your brains slowly leak out your ears. 99/10 best television based sleeping pill ever created.
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This could've been great but instead it's barely mediocre
DeadMansTrousers25 March 2022
All the reviews for this show that are giving it high ratings are people who admit to never having played the games. Anyone who played the games like myself will be disappointed with this series and it's not even because they have Master Chief take his helmet off (which is a huge issue) but it's because they didn't do the source material justice. Which is shocking since Halo is an insanely popular, long running series spanning 16 games. It would've been so easy to make a proper live action show or film from the games without having choppy CGI, over using of first person camera, bad acting, etc. This looks like a cheap fan made production and it's so disappointing that they couldn't put more effort into it.
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artabuneta24 March 2022
Very badly acted, painful to watch. Inane dialogue, ridiculous plot, cheap, derivative fx (reference to Predator). Cast of characters reminds one of a budget copy of The Expanse. All 'rebels' spout the same crappy haircut seen elsewhere, recently in Raised by Wolves.
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This has been made for a TV audience, not gamers
redn_path0124 March 2022
This is best viewed by an audience that neither knows or likes scifi, nor has ever seen or played the games.

Fans of the halo universe needn't bother with this stuff, best read a well written fanfic instead, virtually everything would have a higher quality writing than this.
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How does it have a 7 rating?
anderson-usmc6 May 2022
I never played the games but this show is atrocity. The CGI is terrible, the acting is fair at best (props to the actors for doing their best with a horrible script).

I'm literally watching this to see how bad it can get.

I give it 3/10 because there are parts that are good but after 6 episodes I'm pretty much here for the failure. It's a car crash you can't look away from.
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A complete disappointment, and not why you think...
jvendetta25 March 2022
You have read the other reviews, Master Chief is nothing like in the game. One of the most famous and iconic video game characters that people fell in love with, me included, because of the way he is. And Paramount just decided to change him because the producers... think they could make him better? Why show his face? The masked man is so much more mysterious, legendary, anybody could be under that mask. Anyways now that I got that out... I knew this going into it and I tried to have an open mind, which leads me to my next points.

The CGI is so painful, some parts are good but something simple like the combat scene in the beginning, Master Chief is bouncing all over the place and it looks like amateur hour in the CGI department. It was so cringey to watch.

Some of the props like the big door that slides open in the lab scene, you can see it so clearly wobble like it's made of styrofoam lol, unbelievable that they didn't fix that. The set looks cheap.

The storyline is not good. It's not that engaging. All of the lead characters are female and it just seems like they picked random people off the street to cast them. The acting is not great either, it just feels like they are reading from a script. I'm sorry but having the bad guy be a girl with a trendy haircut and an accent doesn't make it a good cast, she is not a good actor. She doesn't at all seem like a bad guy.

The filmography is bizarre, I can't put my finger on it but the lighting is bad and and the angles are weird.

I guess I've been spoiled by amazing productions like the ones that come out of HBO, but I had expectations for a modern series about one of the most iconic games of all time with an amazing storyline. I knew going into it that it wasn't going to be the Halo I knew, but I wasn't expecting literally everything else to be so messed up. Very disappointed.
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Generic Action
Tweetienator25 March 2022
I will make it sweet and short, like the last Resident Evil movie, this Halo show fails to satisfy the dedicated gamer. Maybe the show will get more approval by the common sci-fi audience, but I doubt it - what we get is some generic action sci-fi stuff like zillion times done before. I don't know who is the right audience for this show, but I am not. Like many fantasy and sci-fi shows of recent years, Halo uses a universe but doesn't even try to do the source material any justice (e.g. Star Trek: Discovery, Foundation and so on).
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Poor writing and casting..
gtenalokes24 March 2022
The potential is there but....

It's cringe and annoying but surprisingly I wasn't bored.

The writing keeps failing and the casting is terrible.

Overall it was good enough to make me give episode 2 a chance..
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Not a diehard fan. But it's bad.
ZEROspawn24 March 2022
Firstly I have only really played 2 or 3 Halo games, so I am not a great lore or history sources on the univers, but it felt so really off even I could see it.

Like the human working with the covenant, the lack of AI personas not already in use, Dr. Catherine Halsey having a biological daughter and mostly Master Chief being so wrong on so many levels. Like the voice, the face, the manners and even the speech and skills seems off. Like we know that he even can't look like Pablo Schieiber, as we have seen him as a child and knows his hair color and shape of his nose even.

Okay, might be a different timeline, fine. But the disrespect of him relying on a teenage kid to solve a problem is beyond belief, not to mention presenting his face as a target for her too right after her stating he killed his mother during a assassination. Not only does that make little sense to use you MOST know soldier for that, but that he also somehow leaves witnesses to that alive is really even worse, as that paints him not only as a killer but as a incompetent one at that.

Also weapons are as efficient as the people holding them in this show, as the same weapon that was ineffective before, will become more powerful if picked up by a Spartan or visa versa.

It get's two stars, as it gets 5 for effects and cinematic, but as it gets minus 3 for taking the univers and pissing on it we end up at 2.
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Another iconic franchise bites the dust.....
s327616915 April 2022
Halo has had success, not only as a games franchise but moreover, also two to three reasonable, if not exceptional, films....

I was excited when I came across "Halo" the series and then instantly, disappointed. This woke obsession needs to end. People come to a series for escapism, not political and social, indoctrination.

To top off the clumsy woke-ness, is a unsurprisingly bland, story. Suffice to say I'm three episodes in but I doubt I'll be back for a fourth.

In summary, lecturing, beige and boring.

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If you can get beyond any differences it has with the game you love, this is an exciting, cool Sci-Fi show!!! :-)
stevebondi24 March 2022
I have now seen all the video game cinematics/cutscenes from the 8+ games, all the shorts, and all the D2V movies. And although I have not played the game and am not a gamer, I can appreciate the sci-fi lore and the main characters in as much detail as the games have presented. However, I find that 3 episodes into this prequel series it is already providing more nuance and character detail to the mostly stoic hero in the games. For the most part, I have still pretty much been able to treat this as a stand-alone Sci-Fi series, and I thoroughly enjoyed the awesome action, great visuals, and the developing story! :-)
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Kwan Ha needs to go
boruborusandysprings29 April 2022
Omg,This girl Kwan Ha totally spoiled the show. She needs to go.......nothing to do with her in the series. Her character is annoying as hell. No point of her in the series. Thank you.
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A Mediocre Soap Opera
dk77724 March 2022
A mediocre show that could have been great, but the script is simply not good enough. I haven't played Halo games, so I can't compare the show to the characters and plot from the games.

Today, even if a writer wants to write good characters, action and generally create an interesting atmosphere, it is extremely difficult because he has to submit to certain industry standards. That's why today tv shows and movies are mostly predictable, and the characters are usually hilarious.

Regardless of the fact that this is a sci-fi series, we still expect a dose of realism, especially from the characters.

The show has some acting talent, but the script is mediocre and the characters are poorly written. The fight scenes are solid, some things look a little fake, but overall they're not that bad.

Unfortunately, everything in this show is mediocre, and the characters are extremely poorly written, the special effects are not so bad, but that is simply not enough to make the series anything more than just another disappointment.

Another missed opportunity.
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Pure fun, best sci fi since Expanse and Mandalorian
Turanic28 March 2022
I am someone who only played first Halo, so I don't know the full lore of the universe, so it makes this show quite exciting to watch... Is the CGI good for a tv show ? It's decent... Is Master Chief present ? Yes... Is action enjoyable? It is... Is the story exciting? Absolutely... Does the show have Starship troopers/Aliens/Rogue One militaristic undertones? It does...

I don't understand people giving below 7, might be either die hard fans missing certain lore in advance or certain fanservice or might be people generally not into sci fi... Personally for me there were too many sci fi shows which were plain bad in recent years, just look at what happened to Star Trek franchise, ST Discovery and Picard are plain unwatchable, but Halo offered a decent drive from the first episode, hope it gets better afterwards...
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Bad for generic sci-fi/terrible for Halo
dprater20025 March 2022
The cgi takes center stage in the first episode and its bad. It's bad for 2005 standards. The acting is below par. Writing is poor. Several plot points seem substandard as well. I can't wrap my head around anyone giving this more than a 6. Why because gore? Big deal. Even that is sci-fi B-Movie level.

Everything is done in CGI but it's such a low quality CGI it kills the immersion. Even the rifle was 1998 cgi quality. Like why? Not to mention why are the sound effects so below average?

I'll give this show a chance but so far it's pretty bad.
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