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It's Exactly What You Expect
Jared_Andrews27 June 2017
Before we sit down in the theater, we know pretty much exactly what happens. Two girls go scuba diving in a shark cage and wind up a trapped in said cage 47 meters below the surface. Since they aren't experts, we know how they will react. Then sharks show up. Since they are sharks in a scary movie, we know how they will react. There is no real room for surprises.

If you expect rampant plot twists and character development, you must not see this type of movie often. It is what it is and it knows that. Despite the only real mystery being which of the girls survives, if any, or perhaps both, the movie actually manages to provide a refreshing twist.

That may sound bold to say when talking about a powerfully simple shark attack movie, but take some time to think about it. The twist is secretly ingenious and explains away many of the ghastly errors in believability.

I'm surprised to find myself defending a movie that I didn't really like all that much. But I am. It's not that movie doesn't deserve criticism. It certainly does. The acting performances earn failing grades across the board. The dialogue is laced with embarrassing over explanations and repeated lines, most of which involve warnings from the captain about the bends. Other times this takes the form of the girls obnoxiously narrating the menial tasks as they carry them out. Once or twice might have been fine, but it's tough to stomach after about the 10th time or so.

My thought on this is maybe the filmmakers knew that it was too dark to see what was going on for most of the movie, so they made the girls say aloud everything that they did. This solution makes about as much sense as going on a five-mile run after knowingly drinking spoiled milk. If one problem is easily avoidable, avoid the problem. Don't attempt a remedy that almost certainly won't help the situation.

All that said, I defend the movie because I think it executes its mission reasonably well. I shifted to the edge of my seat and felt uneasy on many occasions. The movie managed to scare the audience and it did so with fewer jump scares than expected.

Instead, the movie built to moments that would normally climax with the infamous jump scare then simply opted not to deliver one. The goal is still achieved. The moments still induce a sense of dread from the audience, but without the cheapness of frightening viewers by essentially saying "boo." I'd like to see other movies emulate this tactic.

My advice: if you are going to watch this movie, understand what you are getting into. The movie likely won't surprise and that wasn't its intention. Be reasonable with your expectations. Accept the movie's strengths and weaknesses. Empathize with how terrifying the situation would be if it were you stuck in the shark cage on the ocean floor, and don't hesitate to laugh at the movie's weaknesses.

Do those two things, and you may walk away satisfied. If you are unwilling to do that, stay out of the water.
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Down Down, Deeper and Down.
bob-the-movie-man2 August 2017
It's summer again;  it's a shark movie.  Lisa and Kate are two sisters on holiday in Mexico with one grieving a lost relationship and the other looking for fun.  Against their better judgement they go shark cage diving 5 metres below a vessel that looks like it should have been in the salvage yard 20 years ago.  After a mechanical failure the cage plummets down to the sea bed..... (Go on, how deep? Have a guess.  Go on, go on, go on ...)

With sharks circling and air running low, will the girls survive their ordeal?  

Last year, one of the surprise movies of the year for me was "The Shallows", which I really enjoyed.  A tense, well made yarn held together by a solid performance by Blake Lively and with a genuine escalation of tension (albeit let down by a poor ending). 

"47 Metres Down" differs from that film in three major respects:  B- movie acting, from Mandy Moore and Claire Holt (with Holt being significantly better than Moore); a screenplay by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera that is both ponderous and unbelievable; and dialogue that is at times truly execrable.  

The film really takes its time to get to the 'sharp end' (as it were). Once there, the actions of the girls are so clinically stupid that they are deserving of Darwin Award nominations. Fortunately, the IQs of the sharks (well realised as CGI by Outpost VFX) are only marginally greater:  the sharks will appear and then go away for ten minutes at a time, just so that the implausible plot can progress unmolested.

These films always need an escalator for the tension:  in "The Shallows" it was the rising tide; in this film it is the air supply. This element works well and adds an additional element of claustrophobia to the film that is already at 11 on the scale (you surely don't need me to tell you that claustrophobics need to avoid this film!). 

Much of the dialogue is expository regarding what is going on in the darkness and is so repetitive ("We ARE going to get out of here Kate!") that it would make a good drinking game.  The worst dialogue award though goes to Matthew Modine ("Memphis Belle") who's repeated medical descriptions of "the bends" becomes mildly comical - I literally got a fit of the giggles at one point.

I'm not going to completely savage the film though, since there IS a nice twist to the ending, albeit one that's heavily signposted.  And instead of reaching constantly for the classic "Ben's head in the boat" jump scare, the film occasionally teases the audience with set- ups that ultimately just feature murky water and nothing more. 

My recommendation:  if you've not yet seen "The Shallows", check that out on DVD and give this one a miss.

(For the graphical version of this review please visit bob-the-movie- man.com. Thanks).
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Nearly Ridiculous...
spelaeologus8 July 2017
Two adrenaline bursts in this movie... one star for each. I secretly love MM, but when the writers, producers, and director take on a project like this (diving w/ sharks), they really need to AT LEAST have an inkling about how diving affects people and shark behavior... I was snickering throughout instead of gripping my arm-rests like I should have been:

#1 47 meters is the threshold of "maximum safe depth" for (deep) recreational divers and since not all divers have exact physiology and these characters were novices and freaking out, being at that threshold itself would have killed them quickly.

#2 Sharks in general are not attracted to iron-based "aka human" blood (they are attracted to copper-based blood "mainly fish") - they will attack regardless on occasion but not because they heard your heartbeat and thirsted for your blood even from 5 feet away.

(I'll limit this list to 3 items) #3 Sharks do not like the sound of bubbles in the water... in fact it scares them and is akin to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard (for us) so 100% of them leave the area when they hear it. No, their hunger does not counteract their discomfort.

But I get it, you can't make a movie about terrifying sharks that behave in their natural, unobtrusive ways - the movie needed shock value. It's just that experienced divers like myself are lost on the ridiculousness of the action and those who don't dive now won't go near the water in fear of marine dangers that aren't real, at least as were portrayed by this film.

Still, it wasn't a complete waste of 89 minutes... MM is still gorgeous! And who's this Stuart guy anyway!?
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Pretty solid!
theshadowrunner29 July 2016
For a scary shark flick I found it totally worked. Of course the intro, party scene & boys are what you'd expect for this genre, and had me wondering if I'd make it to the end due to all the cliché.

But it did take off from there nicely, had some genuine holy f*ck moments, a good pacing and had me wondering all the way if the girls would make it to the end...

The camera work was great and the sharks well done (a bit too aggressive for total realism, but hey). The ending was also original, for once!

Compared to The Shallows, I'd say it's equally solid in terms of entertainment value and getting the viewer hooked until the end.

Overall a solid 7 in my book.
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Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Movie
brad-7473 July 2017
One of the first things taught in film school is if you can show the audience, don't tell them. That is why most voice overs are not necessary and exposition scenes bring most films to a screeching halt. 47 Meters Down commits the sin of not only showing us things, but having characters make sure we know what we are seeing by repeating what is being shown. Case in point: One character is swimming along the ocean floor and spots a spear gun. It is obviously a spear gun. Only an idiot would not know this is a spear gun. The character then feels the need to say, "There is a spear gun." This happens throughout the film. The air tank reads low, "I am almost out of air." A giant shark swims by, "Look there is a shark." When this film comes out on video, it would make a great drinking game. Whenever someone repeats what is shown on screen, take a shot. No one will be conscious by the end of the film. Skip this movie. It is awful.
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Beautifully done!
gothic-fiction9 August 2016
I had a great time with this one! It really succeeded where few monster movies manage to. It provided tension, scary moments and it did made me hold my breath!

Beside this year's The Shallows, we got In The Deep, which is a beautifully shot movie, good acting, nice reactions, pretty much the whole nine yards here. It was a great little movie, I'm just sad it didn't get the attention it should have. People need to know that this is not another low budget shark movie, but a damn good one!

Watch it and you will not regret. It provides a great, great atmosphere and surely enough, most of you will enjoy it.

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Unrealistic, boring and dumb.
darkhorizon7225 June 2017
I have to say that IMDb has become more and more misleading with their ratings. Incredibly deep European movies getting low ratings while movies like this are ranking higher and higher every time. Reading all the reviews below, you get to understand why.

This movie is unrealistic and silly in many ways and this is no minor issue. I understand that cinema is a suspension of disbelief but this movie could have been much better if it had been more realistic. I won't get into details other than saying the behaviour of the characters (especially those lame cowards on deck) is unbelievable, the moments of terror boring and the decision made by everyone is dumb. The Coast Guard should have arrived immediately carrying proper gear like tiny explosives which are thrown around the girls (of course, knowing their location beforehand) in order to chase away the sharks.

The music is predictable. The action scenes are clichéd and not remarkable and worst of all, they are boring. That ripped off finale from "The Descent" and "Gravity" does not work because we have seen it before in much better films.

There are tragedy movies which are so real and in which the characters do everything their common sense dictates that the viewer cannot but suffer and empathize with their predicament. And the movie shines. No wonder such movies have become classics. This is not one of them. Boring and dumb. Stay away!
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Solid, entertaining movie keeps you entertained until the very end, and IGNORE the dive experts please
mitchel19864 June 2017
OK, so this movie was quite nice! I saw it at a sneak preview, had no expectations and was surprised in a positive way. Its no Oscar-winner, the constant moaning of the girls kinda irritated me a few times but overall...scary, but not in an 'average shark movie' way, some nice twist and just fun!

So why this kinda dull review? Well, I read a lot of reviews on IMDb, never feel the urge to write one. But there is something with IMDb reviews which bothers the hell out of me. Allow me:

There is this guy here (he must be so much fun at parties), who wrote a review presenting 14 reasons or so, why the diving in this movie was impossible/not logical/not realistic or whatever. Therefore, the movie received one star. This bothers me. Why? Allow me again:

So, I do not dive, but I teach at University. Not really movie material, but let's say a movie is made about the life of a University teacher (why would you do that you ask? good question). Let's say in this movie, ALL details about the very complex and technical nature of ' University teacher' are impossible/not logical/not realistic. But, the movie is fun and entertaining. Why, oh why in Gods name, would I feel the urge to write a review to correct all these 'mistakes' related to something I happen to be an expert in?

In other words, why do so many reviewers here feel this urge to correct the impossible/not logical/not realistic with regard to something they happen to know a lot of? Just enjoy the movie (or not, if its s*cky), but over-analyzing it from your 'expert view'? To be honest, most of us don't really care about that and just want to enjoy the movie...
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Terrible movie. Amazing what people believe nowadays
fukknetflix23 July 2017
This movie is unrealistic trash. Two girls go out cage diving with whites. The cage and boat they are in are in no condition to be out on the water. Cage diving with sharks is a highly regulated activity. It's not run by a bunch of dirt poor mexicans with trash gear. White sharks aren't as aggressive as they make them look in this Hollywood crap movie.

Terrible acting and screenplay. The director must have an IQ of around 70 to find this sort of film work acceptable.

All this movie is doing is making stupid people afraid of the water, and hate sharks.
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"47 Meters Down"- Completely lacking in bite. A shallow, condescending cash-grab that barely qualifies as a 'movie.'
MaximumMadness26 June 2017
What did I just watch? No, seriously. What the heck did I just watch? I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be a movie. But it doesn't really fall into any tangible definition of "movie" that I can think of, outside of the most basic- that being that it's made up of moving images. Other than that... this wasn't really a "movie" so to speak. There's no characters. There's no compelling build-up of story. No logical progression of events. No sense of urgency or suspense. No deeper meanings, nor substantial surface-level thrills. It's just... a rough assembly of moving images where a shark sometimes pops up for cheap "Boo!" scares.

What "47 Meters Down" really is at its core, though... is perhaps the most blatant example of cynicism and condescension I've seen in some time. It's a shallow and obvious cash-grab masquerading as a film with no effort, no pay-off and no purpose other than to snatch a couple million at the box office from kids looking to do something on a hot summer day. It's remarkably lazy in its attempts at establishing character, mind-numbing in its repeated poor attempts at atmosphere building and ends up amounting to a whole 'lotta nothing at the end of the day. It's made-by-committee, assembly line garbage. Not that I would expect any less with a film that has more than thirty credited producers. Because this definitely feels like a film with more than thirty credited producers.

The film tells the tale of sisters Kate (Claire Holt) and Lisa (Mandy Moore), who are vacationing in Mexico to help Lisa heal from a recent messy break-up. After frolicking in some really tacky and cheap- looking early party sequences, they agree to accompany some attractive men on an expedition to the sea, where they can dive with sharks. But something goes wrong, and the line tethering their shark-cage to the boat snaps. The two are stranded, 47 meters below the surface of the ocean, in shark infested waters, and must try and figure out a way to overcome their situation... or face certain death.

It's really not that often that I'm at such a loss for words towards a film. But this movie was just baffling to me. Writer/director Johannes Roberts has somehow or another succeeded in making what I can only call an "anti-movie." It looks like a movie. It sometimes sounds like a movie. And yet, it doesn't function like a movie. It's been completely watered-down to the point it lacks any real bite... no puns intended. Both of our lead characters are completely vapid and only defined by singular quirks the script barely attempts to throw in. One's slightly adventurous and the other is upset about a man... that's the entire depth of their characters. But at least they're lucky. The half-dozen-ish other people that pop up in the narrative are complete blank slates with no discernible character traits nor motivations. The structure of the story is suspect at best, and you get the feeling the film was made predominately so the cast and crew could vacation at the beach for a few days (which would explain how shoddy the first act of the film is with its lazy cinematography and lack of purpose- seriously, the first 20 minutes feels like you're watching loosely edited vacation footage that someone threw together to put online for their friends to watch) before having some fun shooting the underwater scenes in a pool for a couple weeks.

There's absolutely no tension whatsoever, with the film mistakenly relying on the same-old generic music stingers and jumps that we've come to expect all too often in these types of affairs. The camera will look around and then settle into a stand-still and the characters will stop talking for a few moments as the audio drifts away... and then something leaps out at them with the customary instrumental blare. Rinse and repeat about once every ten minutes. It's just completely predictable and takes away any form of suspense the audience might feel. I found myself giggling each time a shark would "scare" the characters because you see it coming, telegraphed from a mile away each time. It doesn't help either than neither of our two leads give a good enough performance to make us want them to be safe, thus lessening the drama even further. Particularly Moore, who looks visibly uncomfortable being on camera... and not in the intended way.

The other major problem? The third act. Now, I won't give away any spoilers- I refuse to writer spoilers in my review. But the one thing that the advertisements and the audience responses really play up is the "shocking" and "mind-blowing" final twenty minutes. And I'm sorry... but much like the rest of the film, the ending is filled to burst with the same blatant examples of hack-filmmaking and cynicism that plagues the rest of the movie. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of film structure will be able to guess the twists and turns the story takes from a mile away, and it's just a frustrating endeavor to sit through. You can tack on as many buzz-words to the third act as you want... but you can't polish a turd.

"47 Meters Down" isn't truly a film, so much as a calculated, careful effort to provide "just enough" of everything it needs to so it can make some money at the box office and be forgotten within weeks of leaving theaters. It's really disheartening to watch, completely lacks in story and character, and comes across as a cheap, ugly mess. It's not only by and far the worst major release I've seen all year, but I'd venture to say it might be one of the worst I've seen in a number of years. It's a really depressing experience to slog through and stinks of laziness. And it easily earns a miserable 1 out of 10.
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Well, it has water...
wolfpak765-397-33685720 June 2017
This movie is utter crap. Outside of their being water, nothing about the movie is accurate and most of it is completely ridiculous.

Just start off knowing that compressed air from 3000 psi tanks at 47 meters will be empty in under 20 minutes with a very experienced and calm diver. An excited diver will have less than 10 minutes. The movie gets worse from there.

SCUBA Magazine actually did a brilliant article on monumentally inaccurate this movie. It is full of spoilers so if you intend to see it, don't read the article but, don't see it unless you and your friends want to make your own episode of MST3K
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johnwiltshireauthor16 September 2016
This could have been a cliché shark movie, but it's not. In some shark movies, the creatures are so unrealistic that the plot loses any credibility. In this, the sharks are just there, where they should be, and doing what they normally do, and the film is very much more terrifying for that. The real horror here is running out of air, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only viewer of this great little atmospheric film breathing very shallowly indeed to conserve precious air whilst watching it! Having done a bit of diving off Mexico, I reckon this movie is pretty accurate. The cinematography is absolutely superb--every shot is like being there, gorgeously lit and incredibly claustrophobic. I liked the main characters: neither were bimbos. I wanted them both to live. Along with The Shallows, I'd say this is one of the best shark movies out there. Highly recommended.
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Blows The Shallows out of the water !
hcjv64 August 2016
When you consider the amount of crap shark films that keep popping up it's pretty wise to be cautious about watching any........this one however is more than worth a watch........and considering ide never even heard of it until I stumbled on it filled me with dread as I pressed the 'play' button. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.....for me it knocked socks off that tripe The Shallows........there is plenty of shark action and it really keeps you on the edge of your seat with the sheer terror and suspension involved. I never go into story telling in my reviews as that's what trailers are for etc, but far as im concerned it's a solid and believable tale that in all fairness could have been done way before now with a bigger budget and better actors. If you can grit your teeth for the first 15 mins and ignore the ott and annoying acting of one of the girls then you should enjoy this film........don't want to spill anymore........enjoy......and I really don't care if you find this review useful.......just saying my piece ;)
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Absolutely Terrible Movie
tomwwright4423 June 2017
I took my whole family to see this movie and it is right up there with the worst movies I have ever seen. Mandy Moore has to be one of the worst actresses I have seen...and this performance was not redeeming at all. The story line is nothing less than insulting, the "action" scenes were unbelievably unbelievable and the ending left my whole family looking at each other for something we must have missed. If your local theater is paying YOU to come see this movie...and enticing you with unlimited free popcorn for life, I would still hesitate and think twice as this is a few hours of your life that could be better used bathing in hot sauce.
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Intensely Stupid
nmfsd15 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Two generic, entitled American girls decide to pay money to get on a shabby boat to go cage diving. Along with CGI, extremely aggressive, and larger than life sharks, these enthusiastic pleasure seekers come to the brilliant decision to trust a bunch of strangers with their lives. Oddly, and predictably, the rusty cage is not up to standard, as is the winch and line. Every shot of sharks are of ridiculously proportioned great whites with their teeth showing, and-or mouths agape. The only redeemable character is overwhelmed by Mandy Moore illogical screams. It was a frustrating and nonsensical movie, where sharks, once again, prey on humans like humans prey on animals. When is Hollywood going to stop their misconceived lunacy when it comes to animal behavior?
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Twisted ending that will leave you saying WTF!
I love shark movies, lately all the shark movies coming out have been lacking intensity, entertainment & a realistic feeling. And then there is IN THE DEEP, I saw The Shallows and I liked it don't get me wrong. In the deep made me more than like it, it left me dazed. Don't worry I won't spoil the movie for those that haven't seen it. All I can say is this movie is defiantly worth a watch. Kudos to the director for making the scenes so intense and edge of your seat. Also the tones of the movie were perfectly set and gave you chills. The ending was crazy!

Two sisters on Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean, with oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.
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A for Awesome
alainralph5 August 2016
Im currently watching this movie again. Yes, that's how much this movie rocks for me! I am a shark movie fanatic and every time there's a shark movies coming out I always anticipate it to be a good one. Probably one that really left a mark was Hally Berry's Dark Tide ages ago. After watching In The Deep I was completely blown away and was left with such great satisfaction. I love Mandy Moore and this movie is a perfect way of getting back since we haven't really heard from her for a long time. This movie is just a breath of fresh air. Not too commercial with overrated publicity. Just yesterday I recommended this to a friend and she absolutely loved it! Definitely this is way better than The Shallows.
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Smart? Spoiler alert.
rickardlindquist22 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Simple story, that easily could of been better. If you've seen the movie, where an hallucination is at the end, as an attempt of a smart twist, that is more of a cheat. The filmmakers must of realized themselves, or at least should have, that If the actual bitter end of the movie was the hallucination instead, where the one sister who died, would live and wake the sister who survived up. It would of been a much more rewarding experience of a flick. Rickard Lindquist
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Lacks Gore and Common Sense
Johnny_West24 June 2017
Two 30 year old sisters are looking for kicks in the cheap side of Mexico. Mandy Moore is 33, and Claire Holt is 29. They actually look older. The two sisters hook up with a couple of local townies, and they are all excited to go on a boat to look at sharks. The build-up to getting on the boat took about 40 minutes, and it was pretty boring.

The gals finally get on the tour boat, and it looks like a smaller and older boat than the one that was featured in the original JAWS movie. In fact, this boat looks like it was salvaged from the bottom of the ocean. Naturally, the two gals continue to act like they are teenagers, and pay for the trip, and go on the rickety boat.

From there, every predictable thing happens, except for shark bites. Since the only two people in the water are the lead characters, there is not much gore in this movie. It is a shark movie with a couple of sharks that pop up now and then, but mostly it is about the two girls being scared in the water.

Not to spoil it, but there is finally some action at the end. The movie actually manages to provide the dumbest ending I have ever seen, and it goes from a C movie to a D+.
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Absolute Rubbish DO NOT WATCH THIS !
ameliaroberts-4876222 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
UNREALISTIC, RUBBISH, REALLY BAD REALISM! They could hear each other but had no ear piece in , the cage fell to quickly, the coast guard took to long. These are a few of many things TOTALLY WRONG with this crap movie. The main issue with this movie is how predictable it is, from start to finish you could tell what was going to happen at every moment. Do not watch this movie.
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It's one that you'd rather be mauled by sharks over and over again than watch, and that's if the continuity doesn't kill you before then.
theVade11 July 2017
47 Meters Down was indeed one of the worst movies I have seen in recent time. It features some of the worst continuity, characters, acting, and writing that I can recall, and was ultimately a great concept torn apart by the sharks that are represented by the issues I listed above. 47 Meters Down ultimately got a "Very Bad" on theVade Review Bar or a 1 out of 10, which is a first here on theVade. Skip this one folks, as it is one that you'd rather be mauled by sharks over and over again than watch, and that's if the continuity doesn't kill you before then.

Read more at theVade.
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Pathetic research and zero knowledge of scuba
waterchild-626196 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I generally do not write reviews, but this movie was so bad that I could not resist. Just to point out a few minor things:

1. When plunging to 47 meters and not equalising the divers would have suffered severe barotrauma, there would be a lot of screaming from the pain of ruptured eardrums.

2. At 47 meters their air would have lasted around 10 minutes given their levels of exertion and constant blabbering.

3. At 47 meters they would have gone into deco within 5 or so minutes, so surfacing the diver at the end of the movie would have caused a DCI – which by the way is not nitrogen bubbles in the brain – it is when nitrogen bubbles come out of solution and can occur anywhere in the body – she probably would have died anyway.

4. For a new scuba diver, with no fins and not using her BCD, her buoyancy was perfect, breathing had no impact on her buoyancy – someone needs to teach me how to do that.

5. When both sisters change cylinders they do it underwater without depressurising the system – they should both be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as being the strongest beings on planet Earth and probably within the known universe.

6. When Taylor says he didn't send down the additional tanks initially as he didn't want to cause nitrogen narcosis, the writer once again showed his ignorance for basic scuba. Chances are that at 47 meters they were both narked anyway and changing a cylinder would have made no difference.

7. When Kate sees the new cylinders coming down she says "oxygen cylinders", really, 100% oxygen at 47 meters, no need to worry about sharks the oxygen toxicity would have finished the job.

8. I'm impressed with the speed they could swim under the water with no fins, must be their super human blood that gives them their limit need to breathe and Super girl strength.

I love the line from Kate, "the shark has punctured my BCD and I'm losing air." If she was losing air through a BCD puncture the BC would have already been self-inflating and she would have been positively buoyant throughout the entire movie.

With this and other obvious errors, unless the sharks had teeth made of Kryptonite the girls had nothing to fear.

Anyway, the movie was a really good laugh and showed that no one on set had any dive experience. If they ever make a sequel, and heaven forbid that, they should consider hiring a dive pro to look at the story line first.

The movie gets a 1 from me as IMDb does allow for negative ratings.
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Excellent underwater great white shark survival tale
amesmonde30 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Two women become trapped in a cage 47 meters below the Mexican waters.

It's been a long time since there have been modest budget serious well produced shark films, then in 2016 two come along at once. Thankfully, In the Deep's set up is quite different to The Shallows, but it shares the same high production values and execution. Director Johannes Roberts offers a novel, tense, at times claustrophobic great white film that will leave you gasping for air.

Sisters, one in the mist of a breakup Kate (Claire Holt) and wilder worldly travelled Lisa (Mandy Moore) are restless in the safety of a hotel pool and room in Mexico. Coincidently, Roberts like in The Shallows adopts the film technique of texts, in this case Lisa's ex, popping up on screen, breaking the fourth wall. With Kate being upset the sisters go on a night out and meet two locals, who they later hook up with for a meal and kiss. The next day after a motorboat ride they all go on a $100 each cage dive on a rickety boat, the Sea Esta.

Matthew Modine is the captain of the unofficial excursion and his extended cameo, which is mostly a soothing voice on a radio advising the inexperienced divers on what and what not to do. Modine offers some weight and star power to the film as a everyday sailor Taylor. Like the aforementioned film, it's also different to Jaws, The Reef and the like and stands on its own.

Although, writers Ernest Riera and Roberts sacrifice developing Modine's functional character in place of getting the sharks on screen quicker, they put enough into brunette Moore's self-conscious Lisa and carefree blonde Holt's characters for you to invest their fate. They have an arc from the nightclub holidaymakers to strong women striving to survive.

When the sea-hand Javier (worthy of note Chris J. Johnson) starts chumming - a shark, approximately 25 foot shows up, bigger than those on the Discovery Channel or in the National Geographic. After the two locals try the first cage as the huge shark circles, the two nervous but excited sisters have their turn with their diving masks and tanks checked. Suffice to say, it all goes wrong when the rusty winch breaks and the the girls descend 47 meters. What follows is a survival test, trapped in the cage at first, then running out of air as they make attempts to move the winch, swim from the bottom ocean floor in the aggressive shark infested waters, to get more air in various ways etc. Only to be thwarted by the finely realised, terrify sharks.

With sharks attacking from nowhere there are some genuine jump scares which are heightened by the sound design and tomanddandy's music. Mark Silk's cinematography really shines, not just on the surface but below water. It's not just the confines of the cage that add chills, it's the vast ocean open space, the silence of being submerged and void beyond the sea cliff's edge. Notable there's a scene with their radio's out of range, Lisa tries to communicate with the surface leaving herself venerable in the endless salt water. Going beyond the sea floor cliffs edge later underwater Kate swims, stopping on top of a protruding rock deep below the blue sea. The unseen giants overshadow each move the women make with the threat of an attack at any moment. Every time the sisters leave the cage you feel the edgy chill of the imposing sharks.

Anyone scared of the water will no doubt get glass-boat diving chills out of In the Deep. And those who love shark films will not be disappointed with the whites on display as they attack, from below and on the sea floor with only cave recesses and the eroding cage to protect the sisters.

Roberts keeps the pressure on as things get worse when a diver is killed and the second attempt to save them goes awry. There's also a fearful doubt throughout that those topside have left them. We get plenty of blood-filled wince moments with the cage crushing Kate, spear gun cuts, shark bites and flares. As they fend off the predators when trying to get air tanks and get to the top it never slows in pace. In addition, Riera and Roberts add an interesting surprise Gravity, Descent-like twist in the tense final act.

Overall, a fine and welcomed addition to the killer Carcharodon carcharias genre.
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bobbird-8494614 September 2017
As an experienced diver, I found this film totally ridiculous and have trouble believing that this film has an IMDb rating of 5.8 to date.

The stupidity of the characters was so bad that it was hard to believe that they were so stupid. There were so many technical flaws that I presume that the makers have never even been near the sea, never mind been diving. Plus how many crappy dive trips that are so low budget have full face masks with microphones? My 11 year old son was on the seat of his pants, the grown ups went on to do other things after a painstaking hour.

Don't waste your time with this film
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Decent Premise, Bad Acting
I went in with somewhat low expectations, despite promising reviews. Someone said it was much better than the Shallows, which I really enjoyed, but in my opinion the two movies don't even compare. This movie had promise, but I just could not get past the horrible acting. I am a Mandy Moore fan, but this movie was nothing short of a teenie bopper (even though I know the characters were older than that) wanna be underwater thriller.

Bad writing, bad acting, and totally predictable. I was not entertained, nor scared. The premise was good, but they failed to produce the quality of work that this film had the potential to be.
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