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  • Kate begins an investigation into Chloe O'Brian, using her informer in the London police. Chloe returns to her hacker friends and is followed by Jack, who's trying to catch Yates, a hacker who's been hacking military drones and plans to murder Heller. The military believe one of their own was responsible for the attack and the death of four soldiers. Jack is getting close to Yates when the CIA intervene.

  • Jack Bauer works with Chloe to retrieve a former member of her group who was selling information. President Heller's situation worsens after an attack and his condition appears to be worsening. Kate Morgan leads the hunt for Jack.


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  • Open with Kate going through Chloe's effects from Special Activities. She calls Ken, a friend with local police, and asks him to look into Chloe's phone.

    Navarro tells Erik he's being teamed with Kate to find Jack. Erik's not happy.

    Chloe reunites with a hacker-type organization with which she'd been working. She tells the leader of the operation, Adrian Cross, that she'd been taken by the CIA and broken out by Jack. When Adrian hears this he tells everybody to shut things down. At this point Jack and his partner break in with guns drawn. Jack is looking for somebody named Derek Yates. Jack intercepted intel related to an assassination attempt on President Heller, and Yates's name was connected. Adrian says he's no longer with them. He'd been selling information and hacking into military systems so Adrian gave him the boot. Chloe has members of the team begin searching for Yates. And she's not happy Jack didn't simply ask her for help.

    We see that Yates was behind the drone strike. He is in the back room of a sleazy apartment, being protected by what look to be drug dealers. He gets a call from the woman who is purchasing his "device" and Yates assures her the US military has no clue what he's doing and that he's already arranged for the perfect patsy.

    Tanner is questioned by military security. He explains what happened. His name has been associated with negative comments written on line about Shepherd and all the records seem to indicate that Tanner's keystrokes targeted Shepherd's vehicle, killing four.

    While meeting with British Prime Minister Davies, Heller is told about the drone strike. Two of those killed were British which could jeopardize discussions for a joint military project.

    Navarro calls Boudreau and tells him Jack's escaped with Chloe. Boudreau's not pleased.

    Chloe asks Jack why he's doing this. Jack says he owes Heller and his family. Chloe is shown video of the friendly fire drone attack. The drone was piloted on a base in England using the same system Yates had been hacking. Adrian gives Jack the name of a heroin dealer named Basher with whom Yates had been associated. Chloe offers to come with Jack and give him comm support.

    Heller tells Boudreau he wants to call Davies and ask to speak to parliament directly. Boudreau thinks it's a mistake. Heller wants them to bring in Tanner so he can be interrogated. Heller wants to apologize directly to parliament, but Boudreau thinks they'll shout him down. Boudreau is also concerned that Heller "isn't at the top of his game."

    Boudreau tells Audrey about her father's plan. She thinks he can handle it if they prepare him.

    Yates tells his girlfriend the U.S. president is about to be killed on foreign soil. He thinks the doomsday clock will be started and he'll be watching it from Greenland.

    Kate tells Navarro she's tracked a possible hit on Jack and Chloe's cell phones to a housing project.

    Jack pulls up in front of Basher's building. Chloe will stay behind in the van to provide him assistance.

    Heller preps for parliament with Boudreau and Audrey. He struggles with some of the toughest potential questions. Boudreau is tough in the prep and Audrey seems bothered by it.

    With security camera help from Chloe, Jack is able to get into Basher's apartment. He offers Basher the chance to trade his life for Yates's. A fight ensues. Jack comes out on top, but Yates sneaks out the back. Adrian calls Chloe with word that a convoy is headed their way.

    Kate and Erik's team surround Chloe's van but find it's empty. Jack surrenders as Yates walks by the agents. Jack yells at Kate to stop Yates, but Basher opens fire. Jack is wounded and is able to sneak away.

    In a parking lot Jack sneaks up from behind Kate and disarms her. He tells her what he's trying to do before knocking her out. Chloe pulls up in a stolen car and drives Jack away. The flash drive Jack got from Yates's computer indicates he was behind the drone hacks. The program begins to self-destruct and Chloe can only save a few schematics.

    Yates thinks he needs to find a new buyer. He think Jack was sent by Margot, his previous buyer. Yates's girlfriend kills him in the bathroom and takes his device. Outside she pulls off a wig and calls Margot. She tells Margot she has the device but warns her about Jack. We learn she is Margot's daughter.

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