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A worthwhile slow burn, assuming you can endure the first 40 minutes.
Andrew Gold17 June 2015
Willow Creek is another Blair Witch Project rehash, but don't let that deter you. It's a different approach to minimalist found-footage horror, and it winds up being a truly frightening experience if you can make it past the first half. Not that the first half is poor - it's just a long setup to introduce you to these characters: Jim, the believer, and Kelly, the skeptic, on their hunt for the one and only Bigfoot. It's satirical in a way, watching Jim interview these townsfolk about Bigfoot sightings and you as a viewer knowing how ridiculous it all is, but that is what makes Willow Creek work so well. You're led to believe it's going to be a dumb satire on the Blair Witch Project for the first half of the film, which makes it all the more terrifying when things take a turn for the worse.

Rather than having jump scares and disturbing imagery, the scares in Willow Creek come almost entirely from sound. There's even a point where the main character shuts off the camera light so you can't see anything. All you can do is listen to the open wilderness: wood knocking from a distance, leaves crunching, ominous howls, getting closer and closer. It taps into everyone's innate fear of the unknown in the simplest and most effective way.

As far as minimalist horror goes, Willow Creek is right up there with Blair Witch, possibly even surpassing it. The only complaint I have aside from the overlong build up (which ends up paying off anyway) is the atrocious rock song that plays during the end credits. It takes the dreadful atmosphere you were experiencing moments before and slams your eardrums with this horrendous upbeat music. It can be a relief for some people, reminding us that it's only a movie, but I found it grating. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that Willow Creek is another reminder that found-footage can work with the right team in front and behind the camera. A perfect midnight horror movie.
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A Good Bigfoot Movie
BenWhoLikesMovies19 September 2014
If you're looking for a good Bigfoot movie this is the only one that comes to mind.

Now, I call it good, not great. It has it's fair share of flaws, but being from the same guy who directed God Bless America and World's Greatest Dad I expected a certain level of quality often not shown to horror movies, and almost never to the found footage genre.

This movie handles it's scares with tact and maturity, and even has a very tense scene in a tent. I won't delve into detail as I do think this movie is worth watching. It's certainly nothing new, but it takes the good well established staples of horror, arranges them in a pleasant package, and doesn't have anything that really made it a bad movie...

...until the end. Sadly, without revealing too much, the movie has a rather disappointing, confusing, and unsatisfying ending. It doesn't ruin the movie as a whole, but since it's the last thing you see, a bad ending skews the rest of it in a negative light.

This movie was made solidly enough to the point where I can definitely recommend it. Willow Creek isn't the best movie in world, or even the best horror movie, but with all the recent schlock like Devil's Due and Paranormal Activity 5 it stands leagues ahead. I want a sequel to this, one that hopefully solves the problems this one had.

TLDR Version: Good, not great. Worth a watch despite it's flaws.
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A Scary Tale Of Babes In The Woods
venusboys39 November 2014
This really worked for me. I know the usual contingent is out with cries of, "Boring!" and "Worst movie I ever saw!"... but... whatever. They show up for everything short of Chainsaw Gynecologist IV. First off... if you don't like found footage movies, you won't like this. If you didn't like The Blair Witch Project or June 9, you won't like this. If you can't stand low budget movies that don't have loads of special FX and jump cuts... you definitely need to look elsewhere.

Willow Creek is a slow convincing build-up to a chaotic slap of weirdness. Everything leading up to that ending is atmosphere and getting to know the characters and ramping up the dread of what might happen to folks who wander out into the woods looking for monsters. There's a LONG scene in a tent with the characters becoming increasingly terrified... can you watch long scenes where not much happens? Do you have that sort of patience? If so you might like this movie as much as I did. Also, I'd say the real horror of the film doesn't sink in until after a few moments are taken to mull over the implications of what we see in those final moments. How they were foreshadowed early on. It's a creepy movie and I'm glad I watched it.
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A creepy movie
znegative4 July 2016
In my review for the mediocre found-footage/horror film 'Followed' I talked a bit about my dislike for how serial murderers are often portrayed in cinema. While Se7en was a good thriller, it epitomizes IMO the problem... Serial Killers murder for sex and power, and usually a bit of both. However, fart too often, movies seem to depict them as these brilliant psychopaths whose sole purpose in life is to get into a game of 'cat and mouse' with their equally brilliant adversary, that is, whatever detective Morgan Freedman might be playing in any given film.

What's frightening to me about serial killers is that for the most part they go undetected and often get away with multiple homicides for years. That, and to top it off, they blend in with the outside world very well. That is what Willow Creek gets right-there is a hint of realism here on top of the campy thrills that separates Willow Creek from your average slasher film.

This is one of the few movies that I actually felt a certain sense of dread for our hero's, Jim and Kelly-which is a big thing for me, as it takes a lot more than gore and a loud bump to make me jump.

I would like to also mention that I thought the actors did quite well-not only the killer, but the protagonists as well. I thought Jim was really likable, which is another surprise for this type of movie, which usually has very poor character construction.

Worth the watch.
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jhhbeck11 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Awful. A solid hour of useless, bumbling interviews with local townspeople and the male protagonist standing in front of Bigfoot sculptures, none of which adds a single plot device. We get it. This is Bigfoot country. Do we really need to hear the local musician's entire folk song, mistakes and restarts included? Awkward pauses are acceptable for building suspense, but if you're going to make the tent scene last twenty minutes, perhaps we could get a bit more than some growling and something poking the tent? And whomever was responsible for the sound effects has an illustrious career ahead of them in something other than sound editing. The Bigfoot howls sounded like a man trying to sound like a young cow/tornado warning.

The encounter with Bigfoot lasts all of two minutes, and the only thing the viewer gets to see is the camera flying around and a fat woman in a loin cloth for a split second. I'm all for ambiguity, but, when you've spent the entire film avoiding plot devices like the plague, ambiguity turns into "Eh, I suppose this ending will suffice. Plus, we don't have enough money in our budget to pay the fat woman for a re-shoot."

I think the single most annoying thing about this film is that it received an 86% on RT. Did it release on April 1st, or did all of the critics decide to try a new drug beforehand?
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Well acted and very organic
superqd24 July 2014
I admit that I like found footage films, or, rather, I find that story telling device compelling. Assuming it's done well. To do it well, your film relies heavily on acting first, then editing, then sound They all work well here.

Too often, these sorts of films have actors who don't know what to say, or how to say it, as they are expected to improvise and aren't confident how to be "natural". In this film, the actors are brilliantly natural and their chemistry is superb. They are a very believable as a couple and as people.

The goal itself is interesting, as I have rarely watched a Bigfoot movie, so I found that part of the film at interesting spin. But really, the slow burn here is what really makes me like this movie.

As with other films in which the protagonist is a wannabe filmmaker, there are lots of establishing shots with the local townsfolk to talk up the legend, and to get a sense of what is to come. It's all done pretty realistically, and, again, the actors dialogue/exchanges with each other are especially convincing.

Again, this film is very much about the slow burn of tension. This is very much exemplified in a scene near the end that lasts nearly twenty minutes for one continuous shot. And it's not boring. At all. The actors are brilliant in the scene, as is the sound. It's a highly effective scene and you really begin to get into the same dread of what's next as the characters due to the immersive nature of the scene.

Overall, I really liked it. I think the director did a great job in choice/direction of actors, and the overall story was not over the top. It's a great example of how found-footage should be done.

Though, the film doesn't actually try to tell you it's found footage, it's just that the only point of view is the camera(s) used by the characters. But I'll assume someone found the footage in that fictional universe at some point.
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Two insecure people hear sounds in their tent for 40 minutes
JJProdMast7 June 2014
The entirety of the plot could be boiled down to, "Two insecure people hear sounds in their tent for 40 minutes." The characters are vapid, boring, and lack anything insightful or interesting to say. The interviews with the locals are as exciting as you'd expect "unedited" footage with a bunch of random people discussing Bigfoot to be.

When things finally do begin to happen, they don't proceed anywhere. It goes on and on with no point or purpose until all I wanted was for both of them to die, and die slowly.

Bobcat's other films showed some promise in some regards, but this was just awful.
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Good suspenseful shaky cam horror.
duffyscript24 September 2014
I'll be honest. This film definitely went for full Blair Witch and just barely did not make it. On the upside though, it did get very close. Willow Creek is one of those movies that although it doesn't quite scare you, it leaves you unnerved. The film is very amateur but this serves to benefit the film. The buildup is fantastic but in my opinion, the payoff was a tad lackluster, but perhaps that is just because i wanted to know more.

Willow Creek is by no means a masterpiece of horror but it is a very effective shaky cam film with good suspense and eerie atmosphere.

Warning though, some parts of this film do drag on... a lot. The beginning of the film lasts forever, and one scene in particular drums up the suspense well but ultimately runs too long in the middle of this very short movie.

If you read about this film and immediately though you might be interested, watch it. I did not go in expecting too much, but I was pleased with what I saw.
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Blair Witch meets Bigfoot.
johnbkaramazov25 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to lie, I was pretty terrified by the movie. That's the main reason I've given it 7 stars out of 10. The plot is basic but plausible, the acting is very good for most of the film and importantly the back and forth between the two leads is totally believable which really helps draw you into their world and suspend your disbelief enough so that you really do begin to feel involved in proceedings. Exactly what a good found footage film should do, in other words.

So far so good, right?

Well now for the bad part. This film is just the Blair Witch Project with Bigfoot. It really is. It's the same film, practically identical premise (just substitute Blair Witch for Bigfoot), same exact scares, even some of the dialogue is the same or as close as as to make no difference. Scary or not, the level of repetition is quite unforgivable, I'm surprised somebody hasn't sued. Watching the later stages of the film I was equal parts crapping myself and increasingly infuriated as it began to dawn on me quite how closely this movie paralleled the (superior) Blair Witch Project.

The final verdict:

Ultimately despite everything, I'm really glad I watched this film. It left me feeling pretty strung out, so in that respect I have to say it was a really successful horror movie. It's just a shame it relied so heavily on somebody else's original genius and had so few ideas of its own.

Update: Having just watched the new Blair Witch (2016), I'd like to mitigate some of my criticism of this film. Whilst everything I said was true, in many ways this film is more of a spiritual successor to the Blair Witch than the 2016 sequel, which is really, really bad. It made me realise that whilst this film is very similar to the original Blair Witch, a good horror movie is a rare thing, a well-made one even rarer. This film is well-made and scary as hell. I was too harsh on this movie and from now on I'm going to look on it as the unofficial successor to the Blair Witch and try to forget about the awful sequels the people in charge of that franchise keep knocking out once every decade or so.
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Willow Creek
Scarecrow-8814 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Fair attempt at a type of Bigfoot variation on Blair Witch Project has a couple in Willow Creek, California, taking in the sasquatch culture and iconography, enjoying this trip, using a camera, documenting what they experience, ultimately hoping (well the guy anyway) to capture the creature in the woods near the famous sighting by Gimlin-Patterson in '67. After a trip around the town, the two drive into the woods, encounter a local who insists (rather hostilely) they turn back around, but take a different route. A late night/early morning "visit" while in their tent emphasizes that maybe the whole documentary was a bad idea. But when they get lost, and seem to be walking in circles, their situation reaps despair and terror. While the guy lives for finding a Bigfoot, his girlfriend, an unbelieving skeptic, just tags along because she cares about him. The second night doesn't go as non-violently as the previous night which has the Bigfoot growling, snapping branches, knocking on wood, and howling ourside their tent. This time, no tent is set up, and the dark of night could yield a horror they wasn't prepared for.

Director Bobcat Goldthwait doesn't vary too much from the found footage formula. In face he stays close to vest, but I can certainly see the "nothing much happens" argument having some validity in this film's case. The couple get along quite well, and their arguments about Bigfoot's existence never sours how they feel about each other. Of course, the end, when they're lost, does upset the harmony. The film's ending reveals a naked woman (she whimpers and they hear it in the tent) which kind of adds a real strange jarring spot in the final minutes as the sasquatch accosts them. Not much is shown and the camera is drug behind (I guess) its human operator as the Bigfoot has about conquered him. You hear tearing of clothes and a gurgling which might indicate violence to the guy. The girl screams. The tent scene could gain notoriety for its extended take, as the couple listen attentively for what is outside, possibly a monster or human prankster in the vicinity. Getting to the tent scene has a lot of filler. The couple visiting tourist spots and mockingly grinning and commenting on the hokey nature of the Bigfoot's brand on the town.
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Go watch someone's vlog rather
umjetnik_david-14 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
That's all there is to it. I like found footage movies, but his was just silly. Just two people traveling for an hour, there is something at the end, but not worth it. It's not a horror movie (except last 10 mins but a little dumb). It felt like I was watching Blair Witch Project parody more than watching Bigfoot movie. If you can skip it, but if you must... watch it, I wouldn't recommend it. 6.2 score is misleading, and soon it will probably fall to 3-4. I think i rated only 2-3 movies with 2, maybe this one deserves 3, but I felt so cheated and bored through the whole thing. Not one of the worst movies I saw, but ultimately boring and pointless.
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Terrible, boring movie
gunnymo14 August 2014
I watch a lot of horror films and can usually find at least some redeeming quality in even the worst of films. This one, however, is really the worst of the worst. It's just awful. There is no tension, no scares and is monumentally boring throughout its entire run time. There is no engagement, no suspension of disbelief and, well, there's nothing.

It's as if Bobcat said to himself "Hmmm, how can I make a film that even coma patients would find so incredibly dull that they would wake up just so they could leave the room to escape the mind numbing tedium?"
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Allow Bigfoot to grow on you…
Coventry20 April 2014
I promised myself several times already I would stop watching so-called "found-footage" horror movies. No matter how interesting and tense they initially appear to be judging by their synopsis or uncanny poster art, you always end up scammed! For "Willow Creek" I made another exception, for two reasons. First and foremost I have an inexplicable weakness for Bigfoot movies, even though experience already taught me there are very few good ones, and secondly because I was curious to watch a film from writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait. Like most people, I only know him from his comical roles during the 1980's – most notably the "Police Academy" sequels – and wasn't even aware that he became a versatile director nowadays. Moreover, Goldthwait came to the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films to introduce his project and tell a bit more about what he wanted to achieve. Apart from still being a funny guy (everyone ought to hear his Bono impersonation), he definitely also know a thing or two about horror cinema and gave a pretty accurate analysis of the genre. Of course, all this happened before the film begun…

At first, I must admit that I was very disappointed – infuriated, even – with "Willow Creek" because it was just as dull, clichéd and uneventful as every other dreadful found-footage movie ever made. However, a couple of days later now, it's strangely growing on me. This is definitely a back-to-basics example of the sub genre, very similar to "Blair Witch Project" in fact, but with a much cooler monster. Jim Kessel absolutely wants to prove once and for all that the notorious Bigfoot really exists and heads out to Willow Creek – Bigfoot capital of the world – with a handy-cam and his non-believing girlfriend Kelly. They have a lot of fun at first, munching Sasquatch burgers and mocking the local yokels, but late at night in their tent in the middle of isolated nowhere their laughter quickly fades. With "back-to-basics", I refer to the limited number of protagonists (two people instead of a whole amateur film crew), a very patient and extended introduction to the lead characters and the surrounding and an extreme emphasis on slow-brooding tension and suggestive horror. This last aspect is particularly underlined through an eighteen-minute (18!) monotonous shot of Jim & Kelly anxiously embracing each other in their tent while uncanny sounds and presences lurk outside. Together with a full festival theater, I found this scene very unnerving, but I can't deny it's a powerful and intense sequence. The acting performances of Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson are impressive and the authentic (I think) filming locations are sublime. The climax is dumb, but that also appears to be a found-footage tradition. It's definitely my second favorite title in this totally redundant sub genre, after Barry Levinson's underrated "The Bay".
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It will suck out your will to live
Hezakiah419 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert if you can call it that !!

I saw it was coming up on the idiot box so hit the record on the DVR. I hoped it was one of those movies that drags on forever then gets really good near the end,but this wasn't the case.Unless sheer boredom is your thing,let me boil this waste of screen down for you.

Boyfriend and girlfriend drive to where the fake Bigfoot footage was shot.Stop and eat at burger joint, then drive into sticks to be confronted by some redneck looking yutz that won't let them drive down dirt road to spot.Boyfriend knows other road that goes partway there.Park and walk,Set up camp.Boyfriend goes swimming.Come back to tore up camp.Look around and get scared by a raccoon Wake up that night to noises and a whap on the tent. .Huddle scared til dawn. Try to walk out and get lost.Huddle scared in woods.Walk more and huddle scared in what looks like cave.Try to head out at night like they wouldn't get lost even more than when they tried in the daytime. More noises and flash of fat half naked woman.Attacked and beat the crap out of by what I assume is a Bigfoot since you never see the creature the entire movie.Boyfriend dragged away short distance and you hear his girlfriend yelling for help.End of movie.

The description above is 10 times more exciting and entertaining than staring at this drivel for the better part of two hours. Go watch your dog scratch or soap bubbles pop while soaking dishes in the sink for a much better time.
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Cheap, unimaginative, and dull
pesic-19 January 2017
I would have preferred a film about a couple being stalked in the woods by Bob Goldthwait himself.

This is total rubbish. The first half of the film is literally about nothing. We do learn a bit about the characters, but otherwise it's just filler. Also, nothing we learn about the characters ends up being relevant for the plot, which is another characteristic of bad writing.

The drawn-out sequence at the end is just lazy and unconvincing. It seems to copy other similar scenes from Bigfoot movies and the stuff we saw in Blair Witch Project. But it's just not intense and it is way too long. Again, one gets the impression this was done because the writer was lazy. Also, to save money. If half the film is just two people sitting in a tent, that tends to cut down on your expenses a lot.

I imagine Goldthwait was doing the silly noises himself, no need to get a team to do sound design.

As for the dialogue, it starts badly, and it doesn't improve. One gets the impression it was written ten minutes before they started shooting. There is nothing in the dialogue worth one's attention. Unbelievably bad writing. And as for the plot, it is crap. It copies the template established in other similar films, adds nothing new, and copies the clichés so brazenly that one almost has to think it's a joke.

Zero for effort. Don't watch this, even for free.
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One of the worst found footage flicks I've ever seen!
Hellmant1 July 2014
'WILLOW CREEK': One and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Actor/comedian, turned filmmaker, Bobcat Goldthwait wrote and directed this ultra-low budget found footage flick. Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson star in the movie; as a couple making their own documentary about the Bigfoot myth (and the Patterson-Gimlin film). I enjoyed Goldthwait's last writing/directing effort, 'GOD BLESS America' (to a certain extent), and like him as a comedian and actor, but I have to say this movie was pretty bad. It's one of the worst found footage flicks I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot).

The story revolves around Jim (Johnson), and his girlfriend Kelly (Gilmore), traveling to Willow Creek (in Humboldt County, California) to make their own Bigfoot documentary film; Jim believes in the legend and Kelly does not. Willow Creek is where Roger Patterson and Robert "Bob" Gimlin supposedly captured footage, of a Sasquatch, in October of 1967. Jim interviews various locals, while Kelly films, and they tell all kinds of Sasquatch stories (and sing songs). Then the two travel into the woods, to find the location of Patterson and Gimlin's famous film, but of course something goes horribly wrong.

I will say that parts of the movie are really funny (in the first half) and the two leads are pretty good (they've both worked with Goldthwait before on previous films); especially Gilmore (who's strikingly beautiful). The second half of the movie is where it really goes downhill though. It's a complete rip-off of 'THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT'; there's even a similar tent scene and a portion of the movie where the couple, while trying to leave, circles past the same tree again. It's ridiculous how unoriginal and recycled this movie is (and I really like most found footage films). It's entertaining at times but most of it is a waste. Extremely disappointing coming from Goldthwait.

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Bobcat Goldthwait is trying to kill his own career
thescotchkitten17 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible movie. Absolutely nothing happens for the first 60minutes of the film. The first 50minutes are fluff of them interviewing residents of the area they're traveling to. Another 20minutes of footage of a light shining on their faces in a tent while they listen to noises outside. The monster supposedly starts attacking, our view of this is someone poking the tent inwards with a stick. The sound effects of the monster were laughable, it sounded like someone making cow noises through a vuvuzela. Then it follows the same pattern of every found footage movie, the next day the woman starts having a meltdown and crying in the forest. The infamous line of "it's the same tree!" from them going round in circles is rehashed from god knows how many of these low budget horror movies. The only interesting thing to happen in the whole movie is in the last 5minutes. No, we don't get to see any monster through the ENTIRE movie, just a clump of hair stuck to a tree, and the 'missing woman' talked about at the beginning by the local residents, suddenly shows up right at the end wearing nothing but a loincloth. Then the guy is dragged off into the woods and killed. You hear his girlfriend screaming for help. Then that's it. That was your movie. At the end it was hinted that the original missing woman had been kidnapped and indoctrinated into the bigfoot society, possibly as a mistaken 'breeding female'. It doesn't make it clear what happens to the female star of the movie, the guys girlfriend, but it's hinted she meets the same fate as the other 'missing woman', being indoctrinated into the bigfoot society as a breeding female. All of the ideas for this movie were stolen from other projects done 2decades before. This was a horrendous attempt by Bobcat Goldthwait at a horror movie, even worse was the lack of any funding that appeared to be available for the film. This would be an embarrassment to hand in even if it was a student project for a film class. Goldthwait needs to stick to comedy, this line of the film industry is not for him, unless he's looking to purposefully end his career.
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Bad. Not scary. Super boring.
nt1ez816 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rotten tomatoes fails again. Seeing good reviews for a found footage Bigfoot movie-- needless to say, I was all in. But once I started watching, something terrible happened.

Basic plot-- couple decides to go to the site of the Patterson-Gimlin film to look for Bigfoot and film a documentary. Guy is a Bigfoot believer and she's a skeptic of course (which was cool and not annoying to hear them rehash that like fifteen times).

The first forty minutes were made up of one pointless scene after another... Boring, pointless interview with townsperson....followed by another boring, pointless interview with a townsperson. Then Bigfoot burgers at a restaurant, a guitar guy, the main characters talking to Bigfoot statues, a second guitar guy... None of this added to the characters. None of this gave tension. None of this added to the plot.

Then they got to the woods finally. You would think the scares would start rolling. Nope. You would think something, ANYTHING would happen. Nope. Scared by a raccoon. Then a bunch of nothing. They hang out in a tent, they hear stuff, a lot of nothing. The first time you hear Bigfoot stuff, any scariness is offset by the extremely long periods of them sitting in silence, then whispering to each other, then wondering what it was they heard. I kept wanting to turn the movie off but I couldn't bring myself to give up on the possibility of a cool, scary Bigfoot movie.

In the end, I was wrong. Do not make my mistake. Give up on this movie before you start and if your curiosity and longing for a possibly cool or scary Bigfoot movie gets the best of you...well, it does not exist.
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If it was possible to give 0 stars I would
chickee_dee1622 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If it was possible to give 0 stars I would. Complete waste of my time, very boring. Nothing like the trailer set it up to be. Was mostly just them interviewing people, and the rest of the movie was them with the camera facing them and some noises outside the tent. You never get to see "bigfoot". I would definitely not rate this a horror film. I would not be recommending this film to anyone, avoid at all costs, if you do end up watching it you will be disappointed. I love my horror movies, and sadly this does not meet my expectations. I was kind of hoping it would be along the lines of Wolf Creek, but in a found footage way. I never liked found footage films but decided to give it one last attempt and watch this movie.
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Willow Creek - Spoilers Not Really Possible
movielogic27 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Although I didn't expect much when I planned to watch this film, I did expect, well, a plot. I also expected that the characters would do things for reasons that were discernible to viewers. I expected the characters to act like at least minimally reasonable, functional adults. I expected the Bigfoot "vocalizations" to sound remotely like they could emanate from an animal, instead of from the obvious, contracted "yell-actor" hiding in the bushes. Though hopeful at the start, none of my expectations were realized, except one: After just a few minutes of watching those two on screen, it was almost fun to anticipate their mandatory transition into Bigfoot snacks.

This film did break ground in one way. It seems to have started a new genre -- self-contained sequel. Stupid movie sequels are nothing new. However, in this case, rather than take the time to create a movie, and then come back later and make a sequel, the director, surely a busy guy, just glued the sequel onto the main movie. That's right. Viewers get to see the obligatory "scary night in the woods" scene. For what seems a nearly endless amount of time, we're forced to watch those two knuckleheads huddle in a tent with the lights on, certainly attracting whatever they are afraid of. Then "miraculous" survival until daylight, when something interesting could happen. But no. We get the sequel -- another "scary night in the woods" with the same two knuckleheads doing almost the same thing. Well, I guess that's not really fair -- this time the dingbat girl brandishes a stick!

The only minor redemption this movie has is its last two minutes, but those are not nearly a good enough reason to sit through the first 78 minutes.
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Long wait for very little reward from an amateurish effort.
Kerry14 September 2014
I think the subject of this message tells you everything you need to know.

"Lost found footage" my ass! Much like RAP music. No talent BS.

99% of the movie is leading up to a climax, which, when it finally does climax, is so lame it is silly. But not in a funny way. Bobcat owes me the time I wasted watching this piece of crap.

If you like it, good for you. However, if you do like it, I wonder how boring the rest of your life must be?

Bobcat has done a decent movie or two, but this is not one of them! I got the feeling he got the financial backing for "something???" and just put this garbage out to satisfy. Not satisfactory Bob.
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Stay Away!
wadehutchens19635 June 2014
I wish that this "lost" then found footage would have stayed lost. Because in my opinion this was the worst Bigfoot movie that I have ever seen. That tent scene was roughly 15 minutes long which was about 14 1/2 minutes to long. The sound effects where a joke (you could totally tell they were coming from a human). I would bet that the director Bobcat spent more money on "GAS" for the car's and other production vehicles, then he did on the rest of the whole entire movie. So if the rest of the world likes your brain cells, then don't waste your time on this film. This Movie utterly SUCKS. and I'm being NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only redeeming quality of this film is that the acting is well done by the two leads.
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Not Original Enough
gavin69426 September 2014
From celebrated director Bobcat Goldthwait comes this edge of your seat horror that will make you think twice before going into the woods.

If one were to believe the blurbs on the cover of the DVD, they might think this was an amazing film. Some of the quotes are a bit hard to believe. How this happens can only be explained two ways: incredible cherry-picking (which all advertising does) and people's inability to separate their love for Goldthwait and his film.

Is the picture without merit? Not at all. There are some decent, though short, interviews with real people who want to talk about Bigfoot. The film also serves as something of a promotional tool for the town of Willow Creek (sales of Bigfoot Burgers will likely be going up). And there are a few suspenseful moments that could be legitimately scary. Oh, and some humor, too.

But the complaint people seem to have, again and again, is that this is just "Blair Witch Project" with the witch replaced by Bigfoot. Maybe that is a simplification, but it is a more than valid complaint. The plot, the use of found footage, the way the audience never really sees anything... if Goldthwait was not inspired by "Blair Witch", it is a remarkable coincidence.

There are worse ways to spend 80 minutes. But any horror fan that is looking for something fresh to rejuvenate the genre will probably not find it here.
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Terrible film
Ryan Murphy10 June 2014
1 hour 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I'll break it down;

Plot 1/10 - Long drawn out first 40 minutes or so whilst our couple journey through the surrounding area of the big foot forest, followed by another 40 minutes actually in the forest. Both parts were equally as bad/boring.

Scares 1/10 - Total anticlimax, sounds were terrible (what was up with that long, blatantly human wale). Very amateur.

Acting 4/10 - The acting wasn't too bad to be fair. However not good enough to redeem the actual content of the movie in any way.

Ending 1/10 - Rubbish.

One of those films which I really wanted to turn off half way through, but thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. It's got to get good at some point, right? Wrong! Avoid at all costs.
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Watch Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
Liam Blackburn5 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to see an actual good FF Bigfoot movie. Do not watch Willow Creek. The main actors are annoying and boring. The movie takes about 75% of its life to get any type of suspense going. The FF cinematography is good. There are just too many scenes that should not have been included. Such as the guitar-playing guy, that scene was how long? 10 minutes?! Why? The restaurant scene where they're eating Bigfoot burgers? What? What is the purpose of this....These scenes serve no purpose whatsoever....they do not help build the characters...nor do they help build the "Bigfoot" tension. If anything, they detract from it. How long is their first night scene in the tent....it lasts like 30 minutes....lol why? It was probably the most boring scene of the movie. I do not understand how Bigfoot (the Lost Coast Tapes) is given such a bad rating when that movie is 1000 times better than this pile of rubbish. I have to rate this a 1 to drag the rating down sorry. Overall there were some tense moments but it's a failed execution.
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