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A good,casual and predictable entertainer ....
The Kolaveri team is back with a feel light family entertainer this time under the new production banner "Wunderbar films"of actor Dhanush (who is an actor turned singer; lyricist now takes his new success avatar as a producer).

Debutant director R S Durai Senthilkumar has come up with a simple predictable romantic comedy movie which takes a twist in the second half into a completely different sports plot. Though the plots (of the first half and second half) seem hardly connected to each other, we are assured with a commercial entertainer in each frame.

The movie stars Siva Karthikeyan ,Priya Anand and Nandita on the lead. Siva plays the role of a youngster who is humiliated and struggling in life because of his odd name kunjithapatham; he has portrayed this character well and proved us that he can do more than comedy as a hero. His 'boy next door' looks suits this character exactly. Lead heroines are given less space in the story however we see both of them have done it decently. Priya Anand has done justice to her character as a pretty looking middle class school teacher. Nandita comes as an aspiring athlete with a usual story of athlete recognition issues. She completely fits for the moody sports girl role. Also to mention Siva's friend and Manobala; we laugh with their comedy presence on screen.

One of the strong plus point for the movie would be Anirudh's music. He has given us a complete album with a mix of fast beat, pop, kuthu and a melody. Velicha poovae is a soothing melody of the year by Mohit chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal. The cameo by Dhanush and Nayantara definitely creates a dancing buzz among the audience. Cinematography and editing are also on the right proportion.

The only drawback is that sometimes in the second half the deviation in the plot makes us feel like we are in a different cinema. Climax is so predictable so the director fails to build up the tension.

Otherwise the simplicity in the story and decent performances fills box office.

Verdict: Ethir Neechal breaks all high tides and ends as a decent crowd pleasing movie.

-Reviewed by Sivakumar Balachandran

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cliché but entertaining
Sivakarthikeyan is taking up same kind of roles in all his movie.Double meaning dialog. throughout the movie make the U certification worthless. second half looks more like another separate movie and does not fit at all.The marathon scenes could have been better and it looks like there is no competition for the hero. Music and background score by Anirudh is awesome. HE is the real and one and only winner in this movie. Guest appearance by Dhanush and Nayantara is Appreciatable. Cinematography is good but editing is average. The movie feels lengthy.

Overall the movie is entertaining but not worth the money you spend on it. So wait until the release of DVD's.
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Overall its a good entertainer.
user-678-3269206 May 2013
Good things in this movie: 1. Simple story 2. Screen play 3. Nice songs 4. Back ground music 5. Casting 6. Comedy

Bad things: Double meaning comedies in a U certified movie

Overall Comments:

Nice to see this movie with a good theme message. It is going to be one of the inspirational movie for athletes in Tamil Nadu.

Siva's acting is getting matured in every movie. Aniruth having a great way to go in Music, good songs and back ground music.

We should appreciate camera man in this movie, he did great job. He did very well in the climax marathon run scene.

Overall it is good movie to see.
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Ethir Neechal (U) TAMIL ---------- my Rating : ★★★★½ WINS THE RACE
yunusitboss6 May 2013
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Ethir Neechal (U) TAMIL ---------- my Rating : ★★★★½ WINS THE RACE

STRENGTHS :- * Story Screenplay and Direction : was fantastic by the debut-ant ...... * Casting and Performances : were convincing .... * Comedy Tracks : enjoyable ..... * Songs and BGM : already a mass hit ..... * Climax : will have a special thing .... DON'T MISS IT.

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall ... it is a fantastic family entertainer ..... Go have a great weekend .....

Ethir Neechal is a comedy drama film directed by R. S. Durai Senthilkumar, a former assistant to Vetrimaran and produced by Dhanush. Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand and Nandita play the lead roles. Siva Karthikeyan,Priya Anand.
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