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MPAA Rated R for violence including graphic images, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex or nudity at all throughout the film, only mild references.
  • A man says "Suck it" as an insult.
  • Body of dead women in a lace bra from back and sides. Lasts maybe a 30 sec. No nudity visible
  • It is implied that a secretary and her boss have been dating.
  • A man says he "likes older women".
  • A man tries to convince and older woman to have a sexual relationship and she replies "friends don't pressure friends to f***** sleep Together."
  • A man tells another man to suck his d*** during an argument.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene where a woman's leg is seen cut. She is bleeding but she bandages herself up.
  • A man punches a security guard and robs him.
  • A man is knocked unconscious then re-positioned somewhere else so that it looks like he was knocked cold from a fight. Not graphic, no blood shown.
  • We see the aftermath of some of the crimes. The graphic injuries are blurred out on news footage.
  • A man is seen being shot in the chest briefly.
  • We see a man with a bleeding foot.
  • The aftermath of a car crash is shown, with one of the victims' with a bleeding neck. (He is alive.)
  • We see footage of a group shooting three policeman in a fast food restaurant. (The security camera footage is very blurry and grainy, so it's heard to make out.)


  • Regular but not overexcessive swearing including several uses of "shit", "bitch" and "dick"
  • 46 uses of the F word most of which are very clearly said. Some of them are used in intense situations but you can still hear them.
  • 46 f words along with lots of other milder swearing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is shown smoking a cigarette for a few seconds.
  • There is some casual drinking in a restaurant setting.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film deals with a television news network who is shown exploiting people's emotions and fears by showing graphic crimes.
  • This movie has quick glimpse of bloody deaths all seem from news broadcasts and while filming it. But these are all very quick and hard to really notice
  • Much like "No Country for Old Men" the largest frightening aspect of the film comes from the main character and performances from the actor
  • Louis gets stressed and starts screaming in the bathroom.
  • There is an intense car chase towards the end of the film.
  • The crime scenes shown can be frightening to some.
  • It's implied that a man is looking at a dead body, we never see the corpse.
  • This film's tone has a disturbing feeling even though there really isn't anything disturbing and may cause unease in the viewer. The lead character is extremely antisocial and sociopathic, with strong shifts in his demeanor.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is an extended police chase where two police cars are badly damaged and the chased car also crashes. The chase ends in a shoot out where a man is killed.
  • Security footage of a man being shot is seen. The footage is blurry and grainy, so it's heard to see what is actually happening.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • References to a drug robbery.

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