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Accomplishes its purpose ...
razvan-rogoz22 February 2016
What do you expect? You know what kind of movie this will be.

It is a bit dumb and full of clichés. The story is paint by numbers and you can predict the ending after the 30 minutes. The characters are as stereotyped as possible (ranging from no non-sense cop to diabolical, good looking evil mastermind and very attractive female side-kick).

It is a bad movie though? No. I've actually enjoyed it. It is the kind of movie to which you go, have a laugh laugh, go home and forget all about it. It won't enter any top movie list and it won't teach you anything useful. But it will make you laugh and that's a good thing.

I guess there were better movies out there for which to pay $10 to see, but I don't regret the time spent. It was like eating a bar of chocolate, good and then you move on with your life.
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Keep riding
Prismark1012 April 2016
After the success of Ride Along comes along this lukewarm retread with less plot and less funny lines.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are still the prospective brothers in law to be but Hart is a probationary police officer. An interesting beginning as Hart ends up being responsible for Cube's partner, Tyrese Gibson getting shot.

After that the plot moves to Miami where the two head off to find a hacker, Ken Jeong who is there to trade comedy with Hart while Cube can get on with the main plot of taking down a crime lord, Benjamin Bratt.

There are a few amusing scenes, the pair trade insults and banter with each other as Hart desperately tries to impress Cube. There is some decent action in the last part of the movie but it just feels like a lazily inspired sequel that brings nothing new to the table.
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Misfires, even with low audience expectations
Jazzy311335 February 2016
I am a Kevin Hart fan. Some comedians just have the innate ability to make you laugh, and I feel like he has that indescribable ability. My expectations were for low, like for every comedy sequel and I wanted to like this movie. But...

The audience expectations for a comedy sequel are so low it should be relatively straightforward for the screenwriter and director to satisfy us. The situation is perfectly setup for a studio / audience win win. Give us recycled jokes in a new setting, we laugh through a forgettable movie and studio makes bank. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Ride Along 2 falls prey to the usual sequel pitfalls and doesn't even give Kevin Hart room to maneuver.

The best parallel to a recent movie I can think of is The Hangover Part II. Part I was so funny, everyone was going to give Part II a watch, hoping it would top the first installment. Instead you got the sequel trap - recycled jokes (still can be funny), but the bigger budget distracted the director.

That encapsulates Ride Along 2. Unfortunately, the bigger budget means less time for Kevin Hart to be funny and more action scenes, which no one really cares about. Watching the movie, I felt like I had to impatiently wait during the usual foot chase / car chase / shootout scenes to get rewarded with a Kevin Hart joke.

We did not pay money to watch ice cube shoot at bad guys. We wanted to laugh at Kevin Hart. It is so frustrating because the formula for success is so easy to execute. Show us the beginning or ending of action scenes and give Kevin more time to play off the stone faced ice cube. Ice cube doesn't even need to act to play the straight cop, anyone could do it. But instead we get way too long action scenes, romantic ice cube subplot (which is so unrealistic it actually distracts the viewer and takes away from the movie) and less laughs.

If you are on a plane or want to put on a movie as you fall asleep, Ride Along 2 is the play. Don't waste time and money in the actual theater for this one.
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Ride Along 2 is just another lazily made buddy-cop movie.
PeterLormeReviews22 February 2016
Ride Along 2(2016) is just another lazily made buddy-cop movie. I strongly disliked the first 'Ride Along'. The action was underwhelming, the jokes were weak, the plot was lazy, and the movie was ultimately forgettable. 'Ride Along 2' does nothing to improve upon the original. As a matter of fact, it is somehow worse than the original. The action, comedy, and elements of the plot are shamelessly copied from the original. The film moves location from Atlanta to Miami. Why Miami? Because Miami is a huge tourist spot that attracts tons of people. Atlanta does not. So of course the film jumps location. Instead of being creative, putting a unique spin on things, or making a memorable movie, Ride Along 2 opts to make a cheap buck. Most people will forget about this movie within a week.
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So cheesy
coljam213 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What ever happened to good comedic movies? It seems they died out in the 80's. Every comedy now is about the star falling on his ass or ramming into a tree or face planting on the pavement. So tell me how is this supposed to be funny? I don't like Kevin heart movies because I don't think they're funny but went to watch this with a friend.

So this movie was all about talking loud, acting stupid and taking hard hits to the face and groin. I rolled my eyes throughout the entire movie and shook my head in wonder. How he heck do these movies make money? Oh yeah because suckers like me are forced to go watch them. I will stay away from all heart movies in the future no matter who tries to drag me with them for company.
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The Trailer Is Way More Entertaining Than The Movie!!
benj-2083924 January 2016
I Have to admit I was suckered in by the trailer, it was exciting and action packed. I thought they were doing a Bad Boys style movie, boy was I wrong. This was like a long TV episode of an American crime show like NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, or CSI but not as intriguing or engaging.

All the action is in the trailer. There's about 3 action scenes and all 3 are not that new or good, they're the type you'd see in standard TV shows. There's some poor computer game animation mixed into one action sequence(cus Kevin Hart's character loves to play computer games) which totally ruins the rhythm of that action sequence and ruins the enjoyment of it. The end action sequence looks like they couldn't be bothered, something you would have gotten in a straight-to-video 80s/90s action flick.

It wasn't a good comedy either, there was about 3-4 little chuckles throughout from some of the audience including myself for some of the one liners. I read before i went in to watch this sequel that it was more of an actioner than comedy but for me it didn't deliver in either.

I wasn't expecting anything new or groundbreaking storywise but at least give me something to keep me interested but its a film that came across as if they took scenes from loads of other similar films and just copy/pasted them together.It all just looked WAY too familiar and not in a good way.

So overall i don't see any reason to recommend paying hard earned money to watch it at the cinema. I'd recommend waiting until it comes on TV,as it is like a TV episode anyway. Then at least you can switch over to another channel if your not feeling it.

If you do want to go to the cinema to watch a comedy then i would definitely recommend DADDY'S HOME if it's still out, very very funny, you will defo leave with a smile on your face.

But if your really in the mood for an action-comedy then i would recommend SPY,which was out in 2015 and is out on DVD now. Great action, very funny and very entertaining. Everyone i know that's seen it loved it.
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Simply An Excellent Action Comedy Film
doctorsarah17 January 2016
Rookie lawman Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) aspires to become a detective like James Payton (Ice Cube), his future brother-in-law. James reluctantly takes Ben to Miami to follow up on a lead that's connected to a drug ring. The case brings them to a homicide detective and a computer hacker who reveals evidence that implicates a respected businessman. It's now up to James and Ben to prove that charismatic executive Antonio Pope is actually a violent crime lord who rules southern Florida's drug trade.

This is simply an excellent action comedy film.I loved the black men,they are so funny .
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Better than the reviews portray
yinkbling18 January 2016
I went into the theater expecting to laugh and that is virtually what i did all through. I have read bad reviews about the movie but i think the critics are missing the point, a comedy movie isn't all about depicting a serious story line, but to make you laugh. Kevin Hart stars along side Ice cube in this cop buddy comedy, and just like the first installment, they embark on a mission to take out the bad guys with the usual action and thrill that comes with it. Kevin is 'learning' on the job and encounters a lot of hilarious situations. Movie generally has a lot of funny moments and i was engaged all through. I would definitely recommend if you are looking to have fun and enjoy a good laugh!
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pure torture
rwolfe-512223 February 2016
Ice Cube, Benjamin Bratt, Ken Jeong, all fun to watch and good at their craft.

Kevin Hart is not funny. He is the most annoying person. His incessant chatter meant to be humorous is grating to the point of wanting to constantly b**ch slap him. Chris Rock is another who has built a film persona of constant chatter, but he is funny and is good with physical humor. Kevin Hart unfortunately does not have these talents.

DVD rental for $1 when you're sick and have nothing but time on your hands and stuck in bed. Not worth a penny more and not worth time on a sunny day, cloudy day, or rainy day.
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Along For The Ride But Not As Good As The First "Ride Along"
zardoz-1330 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Stand-up comic Kevin Hart still cracks me up. The 5-foot. 2-inch, bantamweight, motor-mouth, African-American comedian still reminds me of Chris Tucker standing in a hole two-feet deep. Hart's hyperactive verbosity, enormous impertinence, and infectious vitality make him riotous in movies. He could stand around, do nothing, and he would still be hilarious. He stole the show in the first "Ride Along" crime thriller comedy with Ice Cube, and he is still a scene-stealer in "Ride Along" director Tim Story's "Ride Along 2" with Ice still staring him down with his glacial glare. Unfortunately, the second "Ride Along" doesn't surpass the original. Hart has more than enough minutes to clown around in his usual routines, but "R.I.P.D" co-scribes Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who rewrote the original "Ride Along," don't provide as many surprises. Remember the two dirty cops that surprised Cube at the end of "Ride Along?" Nothing like that happens in this superficial sequel. Like the original, "Ride Along 2" dutifully recycles every cliché from those 1980s era police procedurals, but producer Will Packer has anted up more Shekels and shifted the predictable, follow-the-dots action to Miami, Florida. If you've seen cop movies like "Rush Hour," "Fuzz," "48 HRS," "Training Day," and "Paul Blart, Mall Cop," you know what to expect at every turn. "Ride Along 2" sticks to the formula with slavish zeal, but the camaraderie between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube as polar opposites overshadows the film's sophomoric shenanigans. Indeed, "Ride Along 2" resembles one of director Tim Story's favorite crime comedies "Midnight Run" where a bounty hunter sought to shield a mob accountant long enough to get him into witness protection. Story changes the accountant into a computer hacker for "Ride Along 2," and zany "Hangover" actor Ken Jeong plays the hacker with unusual restraint.
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OK Buddy cop movie, more superficial action than good comedy.
subxerogravity15 January 2016
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return to milk their chemistry from the first Ride Along in the sequel to a movie that was just alright.

This time around Kevin Hart's charter, Ben is a full fledged police officer (in training), who tags along with his future brother-in-law James from Atlanta to Miami to question a suspect.

Though Kevin Hart seems more outrageous in this film as he gets down with some serious slapstick, he is not as funny as he could be. This is a huge problem for Ice Cube's perfect straight man persona who has no real material to bounce off of.

It's even sadder that they have Ken Jeong in the picture and did nothing with it. You'd expect some real good laughs when Jeong and Hart get together in a scene but it did not happen like that.

New characters played by Oliva Munn and Benjamin Bratt were good seasoning on the franchise, but I could still taste the staleness.

It's not a bad movie, it's a decent buddy cop movie with a lot of action, but I was not expecting Lethal Weapon, I was expecting 48 hours and got neither.
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lovejoiie8915 January 2016
Let me say this, this movie was hilarious. Reading reviews will have you thinking to not go see this movie but I'm glad I did. It's a comedy it's supposed to make you laugh. It may not have a storyline especially with a comedy. And I think that people who don't find movies like this funny is dry , boring and has no sense of humor. Some people are just too serious. Loosen up.

Anyways If you like to laugh and looking for a fun movie. Go see this movie. If you want to be serious stay home.

It's good to see tika sumpter in this role because I'm used to seeing her in Tyler perry have and the have nots where she plays a con artist so I found myself calling her Candace the whole time

Anywho I Cube and harts chemistry . They remind me of real best friends
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Kevin Hart being his Kevin Hartiest
SnoopyStyle14 June 2016
Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is a rookie cop and getting married to Angela Payton. Police detective James Payton (Ice Cube) is going to Miami to track down computer hacker AJ (Ken Jeong). Angela talks her brother into letting Ben join him. They find help from Miami police detective Maya Cruz (Olivia Munn). AJ is involved with villainous Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt).

After the original, I thought the sequel has a chance. I thought the guys' chemistry would make a good buddy cop comedy if they can turn friends. They're still not that friendly but I'm still going to say I'm wrong. Kevin is doing the same thing and it's getting tiresome. Maybe the repetition is getting to me. It's actually getting a little annoying. He may be losing me at this point. It's time he consider something different.
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Awesome FUNNY movie
monica-7337922 January 2016
I absolutely loved this movie every scene , every joke, every moment!! Kevin harts silliness and Ice cubes seriousness was the BEST combination!! It's exciting , the story is great and the cast is awesome! I rarely would give a comedy a 10/10 but this one deserves it!! The action was great ...the music was great....my boyfriend and I were laughing the whole entire time ! I would say it was funnier than the first one Forsure ! Start to finish hilarious! Ice cube is such a great actor and he plays his serious roles so well and so naturally and him and Kevin hart were the perfect duo for this movie and his hard attitude towards Kevin harts silliness was my favorite part of the movie ! Well the whole movie was too funny !
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Funny If You Are A Hart Fan
stevendbeard15 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Ride Along 2" starring, Ice Cube-The Jump Street movies, the Barbershop movies; Kevin Hart-Get Hard, Little Fockers; Olivia Munn- Mortdecai, Magic Mike, FYI: she is playing Psylocke in the X- Men:Appocalypse movie; Ken Jeong-Community_tv, Pain & Gain and Benjamin Bratt-Law & Order_tv, Catwoman.

This is a sequel to the 2014 buddy cop comedy. It takes place about a year after the first one and Kevin is a probationary officer wanting to become a full fledged detective like his future brother-in-law, Ice- That's right, Kevin is going to marry Ice's sister. Benjamin is the bad guy here. Ken plays a computer nerd that works for Benjamin and Ken borrows some dirty money from him, without his permission of course, and has to go on the lam. Ice & Kevin track Ken down to Miami and they team up with Olivia, a local cop, who just so happens to be after Benjamin, too. Kevin just wants to prove he can be a real cop, while Ice is hoping to prove just the opposite, that Kevin is not cop material and maybe discourage his sister from marrying the loser. Kevin gets to put to use all his video game playing skills, so I guess it's not true what parents are always saying; 'Playing video games is just a waste of time!' This is not a great or even original movie but it was funny, for the most part. I guess it comes down to whether or not you are a fan of Ice & Kevin. It's rated "PG-13" for violence, language, drug content and sexual content-no nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 41 minutes. I don't know if I would buy it on DVD or not-the first one was better- but if you are a fan, it would be a good rental.
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Move Over Lethal Weapon!
boatsfra19 January 2016
Before I get into the saucy details of what transpired while watching this movie, I have to say that it was an exhilarating experience watching these two comedy legends own the theater. My popcorn, usually large with extra butter, lasted about 3 minutes during the opening credits, as I couldn't wait for this epic adventure to start. I can't say enough about the trailers before the movie and the opening scene, while utterly hilarious, did not disappoint. Watching comedy gold like this movie was a treat. Mel Wilson and Corey Glover look out...Hart and Cube are it! I immediately saw this movie a second time, going out and then returning with Skittles and sizzlers. I highly recommend a second viewing of this absurdly incredible cinema masterpiece.
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Wait For DVD
bruno-990-26733725 January 2016
I am mirroring off, of what several viewers have already said, about the movie, being a COPY & PASTE movie. Quoted by Sam Isaac in the previous comments about this movie he said.

Keep me interested but its a film that came across as if they took scenes from loads of other similar films and just copy/pasted them together. It all just looked WAY too familiar and not in a good way.

The difference between Ice Cube and Ice T and Kevin Hart and Chris Tucker is simply this. Ice T (Real Gangstar) Ice Cube (Fake Gangstar) Chris Tucker (Real Comedian) Kevin Hart (Flash In The Pan) Save your money wait for DVD. Both of these clowns sold there souls, a long time ago. There talents went with the purchase!
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Very good.
Bryan00723 January 2016
It was great. Full stop. Kevin Hart. Great man. Ice Cube. Great man. May not be appealing to 40+ year old, as you can tell by the negative reviews. Good comedy, how can it not be? Kevin Hart for Christ sake. Good action, the storyline? Meh. Still a great film to watch on a Friday/Saturday night. I definitely recommend this film if you like to have a laugh. Not for boring people who have no sense of humour. Trust me its a good film, I really don't understand how and why you will give a negative review. Unless you was asleep for most of the film. Trying not to spoil the film, this is hard... If you need to watch something funny then go for it because comedy is present in the film.

GG Report Positive.
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"Ride Along 2" represents a small improvement on its predecessor, but is still pretty derivative.
dave-mcclain15 January 2016
Sometimes I go back and re-read my old movie reviews to see how I've progressed as a reviewer, to learn what I can do better or to make updates. It's an especially useful exercise when I'm reviewing the sequel to a movie that I reviewed earlier, and now I've been writing full-length reviews long enough that I have that opportunity more often. When I re-read a review, sometimes I realize that I could've done a better job, and other times I find that I hit the nail on the head the first time. This is one of those times.

Exactly two years to the day after I saw the cop comedy "Ride Along", I saw "Ride Along 2" (PG-13, 1:41). In my 2014 review, I complained that the original featured a Kevin Hart who was doing little more than "trying to update (Eddie) Murphy's signature high-pitched, motor-mouthed, role-playing Axel Foley character". Hart does the same thing in this movie – and the script (written by two of the four guys who wrote the original) goes even further into "Beverly Hills Cop" territory by taking a police detective (Ice Cube's character) from his home base to a seaside resort location where he partners with local cops and finds himself pursuing a drug dealer who is masquerading as a pillar of the community. The main difference is, in "Ride Along 2", we get two cops taking that road trip – one doing the real detecting – and one providing the comic relief. Eddie Murphy did both in his BHC movies, but the division of labor in "Ride Along 2" works a bit better than it did in its predecessor (unlike the case of "Beverly Hills Cop 2").

This film picks up about a year after the last one left off with former high school security guard Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) itching to become a real cop, while planning on marrying Angela (Tika Sumpter), the sister of hard-nosed Atlanta detective James Payton (Ice Cube). As the sequel begins, Ben has successfully joined the APD, but is still in his probationary period. He is deep into planning his wedding to Angela, with the help of aggressive and stubborn wedding planner Sherri Shepherd, with whom he clashes as he's more involved in the wedding preparations than most guys would be. James is working with Ben on actual cases, but doesn't think Ben is up to advancing to the rank of detective.

When James comes up with a lead that ties an Atlanta drug dealer to a Miami computer hacker called AJ (Ken Jeong), Angela talks James into letting Ben ride along too – both to get him out of her hair one week before the wedding – and so Ben can try, once and for all, to show James what he can do as a cop. As they check in with the local Miami police, they meet tough homicide detective Maya (Olivia Munn) who ends up working with them as they pursue their leads. James and Ben catch up with the nerdy AJ who has information pointing to Miami businessman Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt) as a drug kingpin.

Even though Hart seems to be copying the Eddie Murphy template as the movie places it back into the "Beverly Hills Cop" formula doesn't mean "Ride Along 2" doesn't have its moments. Ben is still pretty manic in his approach to policing, but he's more of a threat to himself than he is to society, and James is still highly skeptical of Ben's potential, but they do start to jell a little this time around. They both have the ability to make us laugh (as does Jeong), but many of the jokes and gags still fall flat. Ben's obsession with video games is well-used as part of the plot and in a great sight gag, but the movie's plot points feel very contrived and as if they only exist to get us from one semi-humorous moment to the next. The sequel's bigger budget gives us more explosions and miscellaneous mayhem, but the characterizations beyond the lead characters are one-dimensional. In its opening night, "Ride Along 2" did slightly better than its predecessor and I'm giving this sequel a grade that matches that accomplishment. I deemed 2014's "Ride Along" as worthy of a "C+", slightly below what I consider "recommendation land". "Ride Along 2" gets a "B" – a mild recommendation. At this rate, I may be raving about this franchise by the time we get to "Ride Along 4"... or not. Time will tell.
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Resoundingly average
neil-4765 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Ben Barber (good-hearted but profoundly irritating, mainly because he never shuts up) has become a rookie cop in order to impress his fiancée's brother James, a detective. With the wedding just around the corner, Ben manages to get James to take him to Miami on a "milk-run" assignment in the hope that this will lead to him becoming a detective. Things do not go according to plan.

If you enjoyed the double act between Kevin Hart's garrulous Ben and Ice Cube's surly James in the original movie, chances are you'll like this one, too. It has a decent police story to go along with the wedding subplot, and a good supporting cast. It isn't especially funny (unless you find Hart hilarious, which I don't), but it's amiable enough and fairly good-hearted and – hard as it is to believe – there is virtually no profanity.

Olivia Munn is hot.

My verdict: if it comes up while I'm channel-surfing, I might not surf onwards.
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quality sequel
pepe4u2220 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
well went to this movie because I enjoyed the first and to be honest I enjoyed the sequel..though this movie is formulatic and yet I laughed often because this movie has chemistry amongst the leads and it makes the movie watching experience so much better. The banter between ice cube and kevin hart was fun and wonderful and this movie had a good pace and it just made the time blow by unlike daddys home which I saw nothing here felt forced. This had laughs, action and again an apprealing cast which even the bad guy played by Benjamin bratt seemed to have a great time and nobody phoned in the performances. I know sequels are using remakes of the first and are paint by the numbers but this movie was just plain fun.
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i guess it was better than the trailer..??
kieranbattams27 January 2016
Comedy sequels.. unneeded comedy sequels to be exact. Do we need them? No.. hell no we don't. Will they keep making money? Probably. Are they causing any harm? Well no, so the fact that movies such as Ride Along 2 do exist in the world doesn't make me mad. But it isn't like by the end of the year i will remember seeing this film either.

So the sequel to Ride Along once again stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and this time Hart's character is a full time police officer. For a start i didn't exactly buy him in this role but whatever the movie wasn't made for the logic. The plot is so basic that it literally just involves the two going to Miami to solve a new case involving Ken Jeong as a hacker for pretty much the same reason as the first film. What we as an audience really want is for it to be funny and to buy the relationship and chemistry between the two leads.. which it doesn't succeed in either. For a start i don't find Kevin Hart funny in the first place, but i know he has potention. I adore Ice Cube.. but his character was just a butthole and didn't really have any likability. Although i liked him more than Hart's character because his act of being the silly short guy wore off long ago. It has a few chuckle worthy moments for sure, but no where near what it was trying to aim for. A lot of the humour is more awkward than funny and a prime example is about halfway through the movie. Kevin Hart is driving through a car chase but suddenly the film changes into a video game version of the events that are happening. It was so random and out of place, like he even looks at Ice Cube and he becomes a creepy avatar of himself. Were we supposed to believe this was happening in real life or in his head or what? It is never explained, the scene just moves on.

In the end there isn't a lot to say. We have an awkward, unfunny sequel where the main characters have no chemistry so you can't believe they are partners. The actors try their best but don't save the final result. Do i recommend it? Well no i don't, but there could be worse ways to spend your time, so at least there's that?
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Finally Kevin Hart did not try too hard!
CoolKid233 February 2016
Honestly I thought this movie was going to to be terrible. The problem with Kevin hart is he sometimes tries too hard to be funny and he over does it but I wonder if some of it has to do with him having no control over the script. Any how his character in this sequel is not all over the place screaming at unneeded times for no reason or just trying to be the focus of attention. He actually relaxes and his jokes hit when they are suppose to. This is a quality sequel indeed. Honestly Kevin was so goo that it's a shame the story line was not better. The story really is pointless and it seems almost not even important if the characters accomplish any goals in the end. Thankfully Ice Cube and Kevin's characters keep you engaged with their back and forth bantering. Only con of this movie is the story line. I think the producers missed a huge chance for this movie to become a classic and have an even bigger trilogy.
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maya070529 January 2016
Although I don't necessarily enjoy this type of commercial-Hollywood-y comedies, I decided to give this one a chance and open my mind towards a supposedly fun, light movie.

I wish I didn't. I really do.

I wasted one hour of my life remembering why I stopped watching those movies in the first place.

1. cliché; the funny-dumb cop with the serious one fighting crime and evil. woohoo! 2. obviously overcompensating; for the lack of potential, with EVERY frame featuring one of the following: hot girls, expensive cars, famous familiar people, explosions and guns -to keep the average mind just entertained enough to pay for the movie. 3. expectable!!!please... 4. sexist. girls are part of the movie's decoration and background. the casting must have been easy for females: as long as you have a nice rack and/or a cute butt, you are of good use to the movie's picture.

I'm not usually an angry feminist. But this was just too much. This is what's wrong with the film industry. Right there.
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These guys are amazing!
cristintd21 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So first of all, when I went to this movie, me and my girlfriend were bored. In the cinema were something like 60 people. Well, all I can say is that : In these 102 minutes I laughed for a week. All the people on that room were exited. This guys, Kevin and Ice make this movie wow..This movie have all the humor needed. If you don't like this movie that means you have some problems and you need to consult a psychologist or you need to stay home and watch The Young and the Restless. I really don't understand how can this movie have such a bad rating. Hope will be a Ride Along 3

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