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Easily the best show I've seen in a while
tabraham4422 January 2014
This show is honestly great. It is easily the best animation show I have seen in a while on any network. The second the show starts you can tell that the characters fit perfectly with each other, and involved with the craziness that happens in the universe with Rick and Morty, they are immediately hilarious and extremely creative at the same time. A couple episodes in and I could tell that this was a unique show, and that people need to be watching it because it has huge potential. And with Dan Harmon writing and directing at the helm of it all, the magic that this show brings is a rare gem in television that people need to watch.. So yeah I highly suggest this show to anyone who wants a true genuine laugh at least once a week.
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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!
Clive_W10 July 2019
There's not just one thing I love about this show, everything that goes into the show, how the creators treat their fans, to the characters created, to the writing, everything what makes this what it is I love.
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Funny and wonderfully ingenious
cherold9 November 2016
Rick and Morty is a very funny show. The humor is crazy and is hurled at the audience with breathless speed. Every joke doesn't hit, but there are so many of them that it hardly matters, and when they do hit, they hit hard.

That makes it a good show, but what makes it a truly great series is the intelligence of the crazy sci-fi ideas that fuel the stories. Yes, a miniverse inside a miniverse inside a miniverse is ridiculous, but it's also wonderfully ingenious, especially as you see both the variety and consistency of these worlds. A being that insinuates itself into everyone's memories was beautifully done. An episode in which your mind can create your concept of your partner was smart from the beginning, but then kept expanding on the idea.

Every idea is nonsensical, but every idea is ingenious and fully explored. This is not just good comedy, it's good sci-fi.

I wish this show had lasted as long as the Simpsons (i.e. forever) but what there is is fantastic.
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I'm giving up now
dholliday-imdb26 July 2021
I've watched up to the leaked S5E7 ep and have given up on the show now.

Seasons 1-3 are fantastic: intelligent, funny, weird and deep. Brimming with original ideas. Despite often having a fast-pace you could still follow what was going on, and feel invested. You'd wonder how Rick & Morty would save the day, and be impressed by how things turned out. There's even strong moments of drama and pathos, and a promising mythology build-up with Citadel of Ricks, Evil Morty etc. All 30 eps are worth watching. 9/10.

Seasons 4-5 are a pale shadow: it's lost the intelligence, the wit and the depth. It's ditched the mythology, recycles ideas and replaced dramatic pathos with school-level family drama. Rick has gone from being one of the great cartoon characters to becoming a dull self-aware Deus Ex Machina tool (even meta-referencing this during one S5 ep...that's not smart, that just highlights how lazy the writing has become). Flanderization has affected the other characters too, All the show's got left is being weird, and upping the hectic up to 11...it's way too fast-paced, as a viewer it's just painful to follow now. From the 16 eps so far of Seasons 4 & 5 there's two, maybe three eps worth watching...a shockingly poor return, and frankly a waste of my time now. 3/10.

Watch the first three seasons and pretend it ended then.
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Best Adult Swim show ever!
ericstevenson2 May 2016
Scratch that. This may be the best Cartoon Network show period! Yeah, you don't normally group Adult Swim shows with other ones, but as someone who watches both, this is freaking awesome! The funniest thing is how I was introduced to this series. I was actually recommended by a friend at work to see it. I looked here on the IMDb and found out it had the highest rating of any animated show (not including anime) that I'd ever seen! And you know what? I think it completely deserves it.

Apart from having good animation, the characters and stories in this show are just so freaking fun. Every single character is dysfunctional in some way, but never to the point where they're unlikeable. Rick of course steals the show. I believe it when I hear that Rick represents a cynical part of our personalities and Morty is the idealistic one. The fact that both of these characters are voiced by Justin Roiland makes it all the more obvious. I keep expecting Morty to say "Unacceptable!" at any time. I kept wondering who this guy was and why I kept hearing him in every cartoon I was watching.

I have yet to find a single episode of this show I didn't like. Then again, the show hasn't gone on that long and I haven't seen all the episodes. I think my favorite is probably "Lawnmower Dogs". The two plots are so good and hilarious. Anything with Scary Terry is amusing. What sets this apart from lesser shows like "Family Guy" is that this show does work so much harder to make you laugh and doesn't try to just gross you out. It really does focus on character development and takes time to make jokes relevant to the story. It's still not quite as good as "South Park" but it's fairly close in terms of adult cartoons. I think my former favorite Adult Swim show was "Robot Chicken" or perhaps "The Venture Bros.".

There's quite a lot of variety in Rick and Morty's adventures. There's quite a bit of creativity. There even are some truly heartwarming moments. I can always count on this to make me laugh or entertain me in any way. This just succeeds where so many adult cartoons have failed as they try to hard to be obscene or just aren't funny. The plot? Well, not really much except Rick travels through space and other dimensions with his grandson, Morty. The vocal range is great and it's nice and colorful.

Watch this show and laugh like mad. Perfect ****!
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sophiamar2 May 2019
Send help! I rewatched this 5 times already and it's still amazing, and I never rewatch anything.
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Fire all the writers of season 4 and 5
benjamin-ensor2 August 2021
Urgh why do great shows always collapse once they get popular?

Seasons 1-3 are literally a 10, brilliant. Then it seems that they get a big 70 episode deal, bring in a bunch of new idiot writers and churn out garbage.

Normally this would incur a vengeful 1 out of 10 out of spite for ruining such a great show but the first seasons were just so good I'll split the difference with a 5.
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Clever and insane show
briancham199413 July 2020
This TV show is like the duo from Back to the Future mixed with the zaniness of Futurama mixed with the sheer insanity of Heavy Metal. There is so much going on in every episode and it is all very thought out. The intergalactic TV channel episodes were just too chaotic though.
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Hilarious, smart, fresh, original and unexpectedly emotionally resonant
siebertws1317 November 2014
There were only 11 episodes in the first season, so it seems a little premature and overenthusiastic to call this the funniest and best show on television, but I'm tossing it out there anyway.

Too much of the Adult Swim programming is mean-spirited and ugly, but "Rick & Morty" balances its cynicism with moments of genuine familial and societal warmth. The characters are well-developed and evolve over the course of the season, and the voice talent is gifted -- Chris Parnell is the secret weapon as Morty's not-too-bright dad.

The Pilot is the only episode I was Luke-warm on, because it's the only one where the nastiness overwhelms everything else, but it fits well into the course of the entire season because it gives the bitter alcoholic grandfather Rick something to grow away from, and the first year gets better and better as it rolls along.

There isn't a lot of TV I can watch with my son, but this is just about the best of it. Can't wait for season 2, and I hope there will be more than 11 episodes.
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Just as TV started to go downhill...
sweetcommando26 March 2014
Let me just say that I was very skeptical about this show. Judging from the sneak peaks and previews, I assumed this was going to be just another family guy/ Brikleberry lazily animated show with some cheap and low standards. Well gee wizz, I was very very wrong! Rick and Morty might seem like some stupid knock off of Back to the Future or some money laundering scheme as part of late night cable TV, but its not. Behind all the jokes, each episode surprisingly has a strong message and whether you can relate to it or not, you won't really feel like the end of each episode was a bummer.

The weakest aspect is the animation. Its not pretty and seems out dated. Despite this, its hard to say that this pulls the show down. No, not even one bit. The absolutely clever writing and well designed character personalities are basically what this show floats upon.

Unlike many other cartoons that have a sub plot in every episode, the ones in this show are actually relevant and memorable. They aren't just there as fillers and they are nearly as important as the main story. In fact, in most episodes its hard to tell which one is the sub plot and which one is the main plot.

What I'm trying to say is that this show is near perfect. What are you still doing watching new Simpsons and Family guy, go watch this show if you haven't already. Its a great example of how TV hasn't turned to total crap.
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One of the funniest animated series
ethanjjacobs22 March 2021
This show is something special. Every episode is great and always gets a laugh. Season 1 is a 9.5, so is season 2 and so is season 3. But season 4 was a big disappointment, especially since my expectations were so high for this season, I'd probably give it a 7.2, some episodes were great like rattlestar ricklactica (e5) and the vat of acid episode (e8) and one of the best episodes of the entire show, star mort Rick turn of the jerri (e10) But the rest didn't feel the same to the past seasons and to me didn't feel as funny. I really hope season 5 gets up to the standards of the first 3 seasons.
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This is why it sucks now..
bobthomp3 August 2021
If you look at timeline for the writers you can see all the writers from season 1-3 are gone. These new writers are very formulaic. They think "this is what a Rick and Morty show must have in it". Originality is gone. Also the new writers are trying to make this into a Simpsons/Family Guy cartoon with all the family.

First three seasons are wonderful and you can watch them over and over. Season 4 and 5, are tolerable enough to watch once.

I would strongly suggest they get back the old writers. Also cut back on having the family in the show. It's making the show Simpsons with crude jokes.
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How the mighty have fallen and hit the floor hard
garda-land2000025 July 2021
I loved this show, from a 10/10 season 1 and 2 to a mediocre 6/10 on season 3 to a 2/10 for season 4 and 5.

From a show that was funny and offended everyone, now they just walk the woke rope, afraid to not offend the you know who people, either way from a funny show it went to boring with zero substance show, it is so bad I don't bother to tune in every week I am just skeep-ing around here but it is so boring.
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May the Farce "buuurp" Be With You!
ElMaruecan8217 September 2018
A dirty old scientist with a tendency to deliver one syllabus out of five with a raspy burp and who looks like a pale imitation (skin-wise) of Doc Emmet Brown literally grabs by the foot his fourteen years old cowardly and not-so-bright grandson named Morty to the craziest adventures outer space, on Earth, or somewhere in between.

Now if that couple doesn't ring a bell, I don't see what king of appeal you'll ever find in this show, but since you've registered to IMDb, my guess is that you know what "Rick and Morty" is deliberately ripping off, but don't get it wrong, it's not a cheap ersatz of "Back to the Future" combined with the graphic quality (or lack of) of all these post-Simpsons animated sitcoms. And don't get it wrong, beneath its "South Park"-like affront to good taste and plot continuity, "Rick and Morty" isn't your typical "no holds barred" over-the-top cartoon either, like the aforementioned show and other gems such as "Futurama".

I believe without any pompousness that there's more intelligence in one episode of the unlikely duo than in many wannabe legitimate sci-fi shows or movies. I'd go as far as saying that it is one of the most intelligent shows of the last ten years for both its timely relevance and the way it juggles with every possible scientific concept and pushes them all to the most hilarious extremes while maintaining some plausibility. In other words, this is the show that reconciled me with my geeky side, because it takes a geek to spot one and I'd rather believe that the Earth is as flat as calzone (with the olive oil next to it) than that neither of Dan Harmon or Justin Roiland (creators of the show) are geeks.

If anything, these guys are proving the world that nerds rule the world because nerds rule period, only maths and humor can create so much irrationality through pure logic and since maths is the alphabet that wrote the universe (taking a shortcut from Galileo's quote), it kind of inflates any geek's ego to be able to get every single joke from "Rick and Morty" and see other audiences laugh at it, it's like a personal triumph because as a proud geek, I love this show because I understand that the power of humor is to transcend any barriers, just like science, and this is why humor is so precious, it appeals to our intellect, to what makes us humans. Geeks have a sense of humor!

And as long as the show is funny, there's never enough sex or violence, as long as it doesn't venture in the realm of predictability, it's the kind of humor that trusts your intelligence and go as far as imagination can take you. Any plot can tend to the most infinite implications and just when you think you've seen everything; the film finds THE little twist. It even toyed with the parallel universes in a way that made me believe it could really happen, and after all, why not?

The best thing about the show, and there are many good things, is that it manages to reassembles pieces of déja vu plot and combine them with scientific concepts and making fresh material out of familiar tropes. How many times did we see a family leaving the house to the kids and then they make a party, but how about two parties, one with teenage friends the older sister want to impress and Rick's inter-galactical buddies, how about mixing these two populations and see where it leads to... how about a mystery guest with the hilarious name of Abradolf Linker, the most unlikely hybrid a twisted mind could conceive..

I could go on with that simple plot (the last of season 1) to highlight the writing's greatness but I could also mention the homage to "Inception", Morty experiencing parenthood, the way timeline is continuously screwed up leading to the unlikely scenario where the pair must bury their dead selves from another universe... or how about the portrayal of aliens and planets in other cartoons? "Rick and Morty" feels like a sort of Pandora Pox where any plot can basically unfold, where there's the humoristic resources are as infinite as the universe.

Of course, Rick's crude manners and burping shtick or Morty's anxiety can get redundant and not every episode is a masterpiece but the sum of all the hilarity each one provides is superior to anything I've seen from comedic shows. Plus, it's never so scientifically inaccurate that you want to disqualify it as a good sci-fi program, there's never a moment where it feels like a fantasy except when it contributes to a funnier bit. And sometimes, it also explores the warmth side and portray Morty's family with genuine realism.

From a father who's got too much prove and a mother works hard to conceal her hard feelings, you've got to wonder how Morty got so insecure, that he'd finally find more balance and advise to confront life with his cynical grandfather makes sense. I wonder too would whether trading all the family love for a burping alcoholic figure capable to take someone to the next galaxy like you go to Hector's Tacos' wouldn't be a better life deal. Morty sure learned one thing or two about life in these crazy adventures. And so did we.

I would conclude this review of "Rick and Morty" with that quote from Bogart "the problems of two people don't matter to a hill of a beans in this crazy world", well, Rick and Morty make them matter more than the universe, and we empathize with them because the world and the universe, and even life have never been as funny without them. I just hope the writers won't run out of ideas, I kind of like their approach to creation, take your times guys, and may the farce be with you! "Burp"!
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Best new cartoon show 2013!
shifeili2 February 2014
The show feels fidgety in the beginning. At first it makes you take a second to get used and into it. But it's as intelligent and hilarious a show as I haven't seen one since a long time! That's what I and hopeful many other viewers are going to realize after a couple of minutes. It'S one of those shows that wouldn't happen to be without Adult Swim. Not exactly a family show. Anyways - this show is brilliant. The humor is not as cheap as in most of the successful cartoons and the show is not as comfortable to watch, but that's one thing that makes it so hilarious. It's really dark sometimes, and the viewer with a good sense of humor will appreciate that. The only thing that might make the show a bit better is that the creators could make the characters a bit better known and thus more likable to the viewer. Like this a plot as in episode 6 (SE1) would work even better. Well, the characters maybe a bit flat still, but the plots and happenings are making all this acceptable. Amazingly funny and thoughtful story line for a 20min cartoon show. The sad part is, that it might not really be for the rank and file and as a result might not last for too long or even be recognized by too many people. I really hope this goes on for a while, though! I love this show - it's great. Keep up the good work

PS.: I hope they take one or two scientists on board to help them with Grandpa Rick to keep him on track regarding scientific accuracy. But that'S just a personnel tic of mine...
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Creativity Maximized
BadgerStorm434520 April 2020
Rick and Morty is the most creative show I've ever seen. Each episode brings in new concepts which are explored in a humorous way or in a deep way, most of the time it can even be both. With likable characters that you're invested in, Rick and Morty seems to be a joyride of a TV show that I can't wait to get more of.
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The Best New Adult Animated Series Around
fruhz23 December 2013
I just finished watching the first three episodes and feel instantly hooked. I have the same feeling I had when I watched Family Guy for the first time, in which I felt like every single character was interesting and was contributing for the series in their own ways. In this show, things that will make you laugh are dark and awkward at times which succeed every time. I haven't found a single bad moment so far in the first three episodes and can't wait to watch the whole thing

The first episode was awesome and got me straight to the next. The dog world domination episode is going to be a classic, go watch it. People will remember that episode.
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Mad genius and genius madness
SilverOrlov21 October 2020
When the last episode comes out, I'll adjust the review, but for now ... this is the craziest animated series I've seen in my life. And the funniest and the rarest thing - I liked it. Because this craziness... balanced. Everything that happens on the screen can be divided into 30% of plot chaos(I think to show the limitless possibilities of the Universes and science), 30% of humor, some of which I did not like, and some of which caused tears while laughing, and 30% So dense and a very subtly shown deep meaning that almost every episode makes you sit with thoughts about life, space, and the "devil understand what else". Well, the remaining 10% is what Rick and Jerry saw in episode 4 of season 4 in memories of the cat.
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wifebanger31 May 2019
10/10 Rick: Listen, Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it.
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Lives up to all the hype!
Supermanfan-1321 July 2021
I've heard nothing but great things about Rick and Morty but still put off watching it for so long, I finally started it and boy am I glad I finally did. It's hilarious and original! My favorite animated series are Family Guy, Archer, Bojack Horsemen, shows like that & this is right there with them! Don't be like me and keep putting off...watch it, it really is as good as everyone says it is!
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10/10 for seasons 1&2. 1/10 for seasons 4&5.
muhammadshafei23 July 2021
The first two seasons of R&M, especially season 1, were refreshingly original and very entertaining. The show was based on a family sitcom where one character was a larger-than-life misanthrope and the -no so- endless hilarity that ensues thence.

Since then, things have taken a defined trajectory with season 5 being unwatchable. Season 3 had a great opening and an amazing Ricklantis Mixup episode, season 4 had a good vat of acid episode. Otherwise, season 5 wasn't a surprise seeing how the creative juices have been drying out.
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It have lost its magic, Loved the 3 first seasons
carstencrc8 August 2021
I really loved the first 3 seasons but the 4th was going down hill and the 5th season i've tried to watch it but I can't its too lame and the magic is gone...
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Very solidly constructed television.
lcargill991 February 2014
This is an extremely solid show. It is *dark*, but there are certainly moments that approach the limits of any sort of television style format.

The ending of "Rick Potion #9" is just amazing. Likewise, the end of "M. Night Shaym Aliens".

The strength of the show is just how amoral Rick may be; but there is a strong attachment to the "many universes" hypothesis within the show. Philosophers have long debated the moral implications of "many universes" ( while realizing it's a bit sophomoric and nerdy ) ; "Rick and Morty" picks at this as its stock in trade. Morty is our avatar, and works in that capacity extremely well.

The essential dyad at the center - the title characters - interact little with the more peripheral characters, who have mainly been used in B plots. This shifts of course, and with these sorts of shows they will always mix this for plot gain. There's a rich enough set of characters to provide ample space. The interaction between Rick and Morty hoists a bit from classic propaganda tropes without actually being propagandist; a heck of a trick. It must be hard to calibrate this.

The entire show is just chock full of nuggets and neither preaches nor deigns to condescend to the audience. Pacing is always even and feels right. The writers know where to push and where not to.

We will see how long this can be maintained. The writers show a gift for twisting & adding-to old plots into new shows. Hopefully that's a stable arrangement.

As an "agent of Chaos", Rick should serve us for many years. There are actual ideas underneath all the humor, and here's to them. This might well be the best thing on television right now.
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Great show
cejhinton13 July 2021
I love this show and would be a 10/10 but the new seasons 4-5 are not as good as seasons 1-3. Almost feels like a completely different show. I love Rick and morty but I feel like the writers need to put more thought into the episodes and not just pump out anything.
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Rick and Morty
auuwws15 December 2020
The series was very funny in the first three seasons, but in the fourth season the jokes became bad and highly anticipated. The series lost the thing that was characteristic of it. The series is no longer as fun as the previous one. If it ended in the third season, 10/10 the last season would have destroyed the series. I recommend watching the first three seasons only.
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