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Easily the best show I've seen in a while
Tommy Abraham22 January 2014
This show is honestly great. It is easily the best animation show I have seen in a while on any network. The second the show starts you can tell that the characters fit perfectly with each other, and involved with the craziness that happens in the universe with Rick and Morty, they are immediately hilarious and extremely creative at the same time. A couple episodes in and I could tell that this was a unique show, and that people need to be watching it because it has huge potential. And with Dan Harmon writing and directing at the helm of it all, the magic that this show brings is a rare gem in television that people need to watch.. So yeah I highly suggest this show to anyone who wants a true genuine laugh at least once a week.
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Very solidly constructed television.
Les Cargill1 February 2014
This is an extremely solid show. It is *dark*, but there are certainly moments that approach the limits of any sort of television style format.

The ending of "Rick Potion #9" is just amazing. Likewise, the end of "M. Night Shaym Aliens".

The strength of the show is just how amoral Rick may be; but there is a strong attachment to the "many universes" hypothesis within the show. Philosophers have long debated the moral implications of "many universes" ( while realizing it's a bit sophomoric and nerdy ) ; "Rick and Morty" picks at this as its stock in trade. Morty is our avatar, and works in that capacity extremely well.

The essential dyad at the center - the title characters - interact little with the more peripheral characters, who have mainly been used in B plots. This shifts of course, and with these sorts of shows they will always mix this for plot gain. There's a rich enough set of characters to provide ample space. The interaction between Rick and Morty hoists a bit from classic propaganda tropes without actually being propagandist; a heck of a trick. It must be hard to calibrate this.

The entire show is just chock full of nuggets and neither preaches nor deigns to condescend to the audience. Pacing is always even and feels right. The writers know where to push and where not to.

We will see how long this can be maintained. The writers show a gift for twisting & adding-to old plots into new shows. Hopefully that's a stable arrangement.

As an "agent of Chaos", Rick should serve us for many years. There are actual ideas underneath all the humor, and here's to them. This might well be the best thing on television right now.
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A genius mix of emotion, comedy and sci-fi!
theong3224 December 2013
Rick and Morty is a hilarious new show by the genius behind Community seasons 1-3 and 5, Dan Harmon. The episodes so far have always seemed fresh and the writing is hilarious and creative. But then there's no surprise really since its co-creator created Community.

The hilarious mixture of wittiness, slapstick and action all add to making this show one of the best cartoons I have ever seen.

From what I've seen so far, the show easily parodies different movies and topics, also slyly sneaking in references (sometimes not slyly).

The art also is simple, but very appealing. Because the show is animated, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and the writers have been able to break free from the chains of live action, making the show more out of this world.

I highly recommend this show to anyone, especially fans of the Regular Show, Adventure Time and Community.
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Just as TV started to go downhill...
sweetcommando26 March 2014
Let me just say that I was very skeptical about this show. Judging from the sneak peaks and previews, I assumed this was going to be just another family guy/ Brikleberry lazily animated show with some cheap and low standards. Well gee wizz, I was very very wrong! Rick and Morty might seem like some stupid knock off of Back to the Future or some money laundering scheme as part of late night cable TV, but its not. Behind all the jokes, each episode surprisingly has a strong message and whether you can relate to it or not, you won't really feel like the end of each episode was a bummer.

The weakest aspect is the animation. Its not pretty and seems out dated. Despite this, its hard to say that this pulls the show down. No, not even one bit. The absolutely clever writing and well designed character personalities are basically what this show floats upon.

Unlike many other cartoons that have a sub plot in every episode, the ones in this show are actually relevant and memorable. They aren't just there as fillers and they are nearly as important as the main story. In fact, in most episodes its hard to tell which one is the sub plot and which one is the main plot.

What I'm trying to say is that this show is near perfect. What are you still doing watching new Simpsons and Family guy, go watch this show if you haven't already. Its a great example of how TV hasn't turned to total crap.
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Original and Hand Drawn.
Jake O'Brien11 December 2013
Heads Up: This review is based on the first few episodes of Season 1 only. I was really looking forward to Rick and Morty based on the hilarious teaser and the fact that this is a hand drawn show like older, more classic cartoons. My concern was that it would end up with a weak, poorly written script. That is not the case whatsoever. This show is incredibly original with its writing, characters, style and imagination. Every episode AND joke is completely different from the last, which keeps this show fresh and exciting to watch. While I think Rick (the grandpa) is the funniest, No character is bad. Morty, his dog Snuffles, and even Morty's math teacher all pack in great jokes. The directing is great and the art style and the way it is drawn is really really good. The only problem I have with the show, is that I don't really think they know how to end each episode (so far at least). But, this is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to comedy, and I think adultswim has a really good show on their hands... 9/10
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The Best New Adult Animated Series Around
agostinho-pinto9023 December 2013
I just finished watching the first three episodes and feel instantly hooked. I have the same feeling I had when I watched Family Guy for the first time, in which I felt like every single character was interesting and was contributing for the series in their own ways. In this show, things that will make you laugh are dark and awkward at times which succeed every time. I haven't found a single bad moment so far in the first three episodes and can't wait to watch the whole thing

The first episode was awesome and got me straight to the next. The dog world domination episode is going to be a classic, go watch it. People will remember that episode.
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This show is excellent
Byron Hakeem24 March 2014
I absolutely love this show... Reminds me of the chemistry of Doc and Marty Mcfly from the Back to the Future series with a rated R twist. Slowly but surely the are tweaking character development. Getting better every new episode!!! I like the way Rick is always drinking and burping and slurring his speech. This show is getting a lot of acclaim with so few episodes and it deserves every bit. Honestly this is the best cartoons aimed at young adults and teens that I've seen in a years. I always get excited when I see a new episode trailer!!! Can't wait to see what direction they take this to in the future. They have set it up for literally limitless possibilities.
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Best New Animation Ever!
palebluedotresident22 January 2014
Awesome!!!! Just plain fantastic! Just what we've been waiting for! At a loss for words!! Thank You God! It's about time that writers have opened up to ideas from a new realm! This is it! No hold bars, out of this world, other dimensions, straight in your face! Brilliant! I can't wait to see more! I have to see more! There better be more; it would be pretty ugly, otherwise! Hawt-dam! Yee-Freaking-Haa! Sit down, strap in, hold on and be amazed! Super clever, great story lines, great visuals, smooth, exciting, thought provoking works of art; absolute masterpieces! I applaud the writers and commend them for their brilliance and am so excited this is happening! Rick and Morty FOREVER!!!
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Best new cartoon show 2013!
shifeili2 February 2014
The show feels fidgety in the beginning. At first it makes you take a second to get used and into it. But it's as intelligent and hilarious a show as I haven't seen one since a long time! That's what I and hopeful many other viewers are going to realize after a couple of minutes. It'S one of those shows that wouldn't happen to be without Adult Swim. Not exactly a family show. Anyways - this show is brilliant. The humor is not as cheap as in most of the successful cartoons and the show is not as comfortable to watch, but that's one thing that makes it so hilarious. It's really dark sometimes, and the viewer with a good sense of humor will appreciate that. The only thing that might make the show a bit better is that the creators could make the characters a bit better known and thus more likable to the viewer. Like this a plot as in episode 6 (SE1) would work even better. Well, the characters maybe a bit flat still, but the plots and happenings are making all this acceptable. Amazingly funny and thoughtful story line for a 20min cartoon show. The sad part is, that it might not really be for the rank and file and as a result might not last for too long or even be recognized by too many people. I really hope this goes on for a while, though! I love this show - it's great. Keep up the good work

PS.: I hope they take one or two scientists on board to help them with Grandpa Rick to keep him on track regarding scientific accuracy. But that'S just a personnel tic of mine...
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Hilarious, smart, fresh, original and unexpectedly emotionally resonant
Tom Siebert17 November 2014
There were only 11 episodes in the first season, so it seems a little premature and overenthusiastic to call this the funniest and best show on television, but I'm tossing it out there anyway.

Too much of the Adult Swim programming is mean-spirited and ugly, but "Rick & Morty" balances its cynicism with moments of genuine familial and societal warmth. The characters are well-developed and evolve over the course of the season, and the voice talent is gifted -- Chris Parnell is the secret weapon as Morty's not-too-bright dad.

The Pilot is the only episode I was Luke-warm on, because it's the only one where the nastiness overwhelms everything else, but it fits well into the course of the entire season because it gives the bitter alcoholic grandfather Rick something to grow away from, and the first year gets better and better as it rolls along.

There isn't a lot of TV I can watch with my son, but this is just about the best of it. Can't wait for season 2, and I hope there will be more than 11 episodes.
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Solid cartoon laughably overrated by a cancerous fanbase of loser 12 year olds and cringe worthy man-children
jayreed-9414819 April 2018
Sums it all up right there.

It's good, not life changing.

It's not The Simpsons, not South Park, not Futurama, not American Dad, not Archer, etc etc etc. But it's fairly good overall (for an Adult Swim show)

Shame about its embarrassing "hardcore" fanbase and all the beyond pathetic stuff they're constantly doing which is documented all over the internet.

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Simpson's haven't done it.
iandmcd3521 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I like this show,and I've told everyone from work to give it a go. For some reason they just don't get it. They're happy to watch another Simpsons episode but for this, for some reason they say no. In episode 6 ,which I've just watched, i witnessed the "mesecks" (i don't know their pronunciation , they yell it in a high pitched annoying sound, which is part of their charm), and they just go crazy. Homicidal crazy. Then there was Morty who was almost raped in a bathroom. This sounds terrible. It's terrible in a movie, its terrible in a TV series, and its terrible in animation. But for some reason, no, its not terrible. It's funny. I've never in a review had to justify rape in a toilet as being part of a funny plot line. Well Rick and Morty make it work. There's the father having the best sex of his life in a computer simulation,dog's making killer robots and takings us over before realising they don't want too and surviving a dead homeless guys amusement park internal organs. I don't write reviews often but every now and then i get surprised. Then the surprise is laughing, then its appreciation of the writers and makers. I tip my hat to you good sirs and madams. You have made an original, surprising series. Even if you start stealing from the Simpson's, i don't think i would recognise it because you would twist it into a creepy, unsettling, awesomely funny situation..PS they will start stealing from you soon. Awesome show. I know you can't keep going for 20 years but i would rather 1 season of originality than 20 years of same old, same old. You have a fan.
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Just Excellent
Trevor Mcinsley26 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the 14 age rating come up on the screen I nearly switched off thinking it was a show for kids. It is not. Besides from the content being inappropriate for them it is also far too good to waste on children. The writing is excellent and Dan Harmon's creativity shines through just as it did in Community. Not one episode yet has been remotely clichéd or uninspired. Even with the frequent parodies and obvious references to classic sci fi plots and other films/shows it still manages to present them in a new (and usually pretty damn disturbed) way. Frankly the 14 age rating feels a little low given the casual planetary genocide which seems to occur in every other episode.

On that note I feel inclined to directly address the writer of the only 1 star review currently left on this title. The one wildly criticising the show for saying that god doesn't exist...

As you yourself say, it is fine to have your own opinion but in the universe in which Rick and Morty takes place it is fairly clear that there is indeed no god. The show features aliens, alien planets, alternate dimensions, wormholes, time travel, space travel, rapid cellular evolution and mutation. Deep breath. Disintegration, talking dogs, sentient robots, shrink rays, growth rays, a giant naked Santa Claus in low orbit around the Earth...

I could go on. Believing in a god in our world is weird enough. Insisting that a cartoon which features all that very non-biblical stuff still maintains that illusion is insane.
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It really is that good.
CarpeDiemFilm25 June 2014
Like it says, the show really is that good.

It's much needed also imo, television programing wise.

To me it's 90s intellectual subground --Dr. Katz, The Critic, Home Movies (yes, there all the same aesthetic which superwhelms measurable date)-- meets Futurama. World and spontaneity to Futurama; intellectual digs at society Katz and HM; animation to HM, Futurama, and actually Adventure Time even though I've never seen it. And at the same time it has something that smacks of itself and nothing else. Also, even though I didn't really like the show: Chalk Zone. Other things like Zim, Beavis and Butthead, Aqua Teen, even Rocko and Angry Beavers are thoughts but just little touches. haha I guess Ugly Americans too for Leonard the Drunk Wizard and Rick the drunk Science Genius.

And this is only from catching one episode.

If you're even considering watching this show--- do so. It's the sole reason I made this post.

To note it is hilarious, it is thought-provoking, it is A LOT of fun, incredibly imaginative, fresh; and perhaps above all, on all fronts--- comedicly, socially, politically, premise, stories, character dynamics it's not afraid in the least to try, do, or say anything.
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The best animated series made in the last decade
zaidhaan9 April 2016
Shows such as Futurama, The Simpsons and Archer were presumed to have set the bar for animated series in the modern era. With all due respect, Rick and Morty walked in with elements from all these great shows and simply decimated the competition. The writers have undoubtedly created a masterpiece. A true jewel among the current roster for similar shows. Every episode is a roller-coaster and leaves you with laughs and thought provoking concepts. The way in which they have intertwined the futuristic elements and family drama in such a coherent and enticing manner is no joke. I've watched episodes over and over again to see if they have any discernible flaws. And I'm glad to say I've found none. The way they've set the show up allows limitless possibilities and that is great news for the impatient fans like me who cannot wait to see what they conjure up for the next season. Truly enjoyable and I recommend everyone give this show a try.
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The Greatest Cartoon on TV
James Singleton21 April 2014
Rick and Morty is easily the best animated show on television right now.

The jokes are sometimes dumb, sometimes smart, and sometimes raunchy, but they're always funny. Whatever your expectations on where an episode will go are, they'll always be wrong. Nothing plays out quite like what you'd think, and every episode keeps you guessing.

The characters are the strongest part of the show, the slow awkward grandson Morty is lovable, grandpa Rick is an alcoholic uncaring genius (who is still lovable), and the rest of the family all interact wonderfully.

All the plots that the show create come together in the end somehow, and all matter. There are no meaningless threads.

Although the show normally has a lighthearted feel, some episodes do get darker and deeper than you'd think. I'll avoid spoilers, but especially the Episode "Rick Potion #9" (also my favorite episode so far). This is not at all a bad thing though, quite the opposite.

If you're tired of shows that re-use the same jokes or feel the same every episode, then try out Rick and Morty. You won't... *buuurp* r-regret it Morty! You... you won't! Okay, Morty?
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An Astounding Work of Animation and Wit
Joey Steiner12 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The fascinating thing about "Rick and Morty" is that it manages to be funny, thought-provoking, uplifting, and disturbing at the same time. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have appeared to have poured their souls into this show. All of the characters have their share of endearing quirks that is typical of animated comedies like this, but they've gone beyond that convention. Far beyond it. This is one of the only animated comedies I've come across in which the character's personal flaws actually feel genuinely painful. Don't get me wrong, I love comedies like American Dad and Futurama, but there's a certain "sitcom" quality to those shows' conflicts that gives off the impression that everything is just going to be okay after the episode is over. Rick and Morty on the other hand, just feels so much more human. Time and time again the world seems to find itself at threat and the characters appear to deal with it by making things up as they go--just as actual people do. The end result is a show that that feels really easy to empathize with. I also love the fact that the show manages to bring up existential issues on occasion. Sometimes they're subtle and sometimes they're not so subtle, but they're always awesome. I really think its great that a show like this is confronting such issues. The bottom line is that Rick and Morty is a unique piece of animation that deserves all of the attention its getting.
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The fans killed it
lukesemail4 February 2018
After watching this from the first day it aired on TV I was hooked, season 1 was brilliant full of references and nods to classic tv and movies, Season 2 came along and was just as good. Then Season 3, a little teaser, then you get what I personally call them fans, 'The Show Killers' Not only was season 3 a let down and not what I was hoping the fans completely ruined it. Take the McDonalds incident for example, screaming "PICKLE RICK" at someone, not only have I had to deal with people like this in my face just because I wore a T-shirt of the show, it really lets the rest of the fans down. I'm sure at this point everyone has heard of this line, if you can get past the awful fanbase then I would reccomend up until season 3 which seems like it was loosely thrown together to please these fans, at the time of writing, I would only reccomend the first 2 seasons. Not the greatest animated show although not the worst.
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Wow! Just Wubba Lubba Dub Dub WOW!
nunomoreiras817 February 2015
It doesn't take the whole season to understand the "WHY?" for all the good reviews of this series, as it will grasp and turn your mind upside down and inside out you mind from the beginning and have you begging for more, but those last two episodes.. WOW, nothing shy of absolute brilliance and pure art.

The depth of the Rick character is comparable to Southpark's Cartman or Family Guy's Stewie. He isn't on the other side of the glass, no, no, he is real and one day, if you behave (or misbehave!) enough, fate will make your paths cross and you will get wrecked on whiskey together and go on wonderful adventures.

As I read from other reviews, there better be more, OR ELSE...! And I think I can answer that: REVOLUTION BABY, THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING!! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!! (but seriously, pretty please with sugar on top: don't take away our Ricksy fix!)
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Greatest cartoon ever made, every episode is like a dream come true
bvurth28 September 2015
This show is excellent, every episode is original in it's own way, and the humor is just the way I like it. The dubbing is just great - really adds a spice to the humor, and even though English is not my native language, I can understand every thing that is being said in the show very easily. Every Sunday night I sit in my chair, get my popcorn out of the microwave, and getting ready to begin another great adventure! the only problem in the show is that it needs to get episodes more that just once a week! I really recommend you to at least try an episode, in half a day u will already be past the last one :)

Keep the great job u guys!
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Best New Show on TV
ber24615 April 2014
Truly a huge surprise for the 2014 TV season. Watched the Pilot a few weeks back and definitely felt the show had potential, and thanks to its brilliant use of YouTube to post initial episodes of the show, clever marketing through the use of Instagram and amazing billboards around the US, the show has quickly gained a huge cult following. A lot of credit goes to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for creating a universe that is so incredibly diverse, and easily expandable, combined with a truly thought provoking sci-fi element, that the show consistently felt fresh and new with each passing episode. I cannot remember a first season of a show this perfect since the beginning of Arrested Development (and perhaps The Sopranos). These high accolades do not go without merit: the comedy is clever, the creativity resounding, the voice acting extremely well done, the animation simple but beautiful, and the character development among the best I have ever seen.

If you are not watching this show, please do so. Reward the writers and animators of this show. Adult Swim has found its Simpsons.
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PeterJasonQuill7 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! The jokes are original and very funny, and as well as that it is dark when it needs to be and has plenty of heart and can be rather emotional at times. The show has great characters and some really random ones, which is really funny and pretty weird, but mostly funny. Each episode is nicely connected with a mention to the previous episode or two, and always has cool themes and plot elements. I like the fact that unlike most shows like the Simpsons (which is dead now) this has plenty of substance to accommodate the style and visual wonder. This show is meant for teens and adults alike, and contains plenty of references to pop culture like Star Trek, cloud atlas and Garfield. I know this does sound like an understatement, but this show is literally the best, especially with all these unnecessary mindless kiddie cartoons these days which just try to be funny, and what is especially unique about this is that it doesn't need to try to be funny, it just is. Overall this show is worth the watch, you'll be amazed, and especially with season 3 on the way. Check this out, you will love it, that's a fact. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!!!!!!
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Absolutely incredible and unique sci-fi/adventure/comedy show. Just. keeps. getting. better.
Finfrosk8615 September 2015
This is my first review of a series. But there's a first time for everything, so here goes!

My brother told me about this show. Thanks bro!

OK. I watched the pilot first, naturally, and I liked it, it's good, but then the second episode is just incredible. And then it just gets better and better. And better and better and better. Each episode is so creative, so much fun, such a ride. The writing is, yeah, so creative. Creative is a word that is thrown around way too much these days, but this show is really creative. Like, for reals. For reals ya'll.

It's not that easy to explain what makes it so good.. it's about a boy and his super genius grandfather, and they go on unbelievable adventures to other universes and dimensions. Sounds cool, but you have to see it to understand how cool it actually is. Some of these story lines, they are not like anything else I've ever seen.

The awesomeness of the story lines overshadow everything else, I think, but besides the actual plots of each episode there is a lot to like. The characters are fun, the jokes are really good, smart and fun. The animation is rather simple, but very good. So many fun creatures and wacky worlds. It's just a blast to lose yourself in each episode.

If you like sci-fi, like at all, you just have to check this out. I love it. It's almost.. genius.
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A truly unique show
Claudia Durand21 December 2014
Rick and Morty is a show that is fun, smart, dumb, raunchy, and always entertaining. On first glance, one could be tempted to judge this show as one similar to Family Guy or The Simpsons, but that would be entirely wrong.

Every episode satirizes or plays upon different concepts found in entertainment or society while also championing them. Every character, even side characters that feature only briefly, has a unique personality. Every character interaction is brimming with chemistry and characterization. The humor is well-written- not single-punchline jokes, cheap celebrity japes, or raunchy-for-the-sake-of-raunchy jokes, but jokes that play upon the situation.

No concept is brought up and then dropped- Rick and Morty pushes all of it's concepts to the limit without making them overstay their welcome. This show uses unique twists and turns to keep you hooked, making it fun to watch and re-watch. I am definitely looking forward to season 2.
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I'm hooked! What an amazing show!
chris-974-90410613 April 2014
I watched the pilot episode and was hooked. The sick sense of humor combined with the aloof attitudes is refreshing. You can't stop shaking your head at the immense nincompoopery combined with endless genius.

The combo of Rick, teamed up with Morty is a perfect pairing of characters and leaves a huge possibility for plot and imagination to run free.

Then I went and watched the other 13 available.

What spectacular imagination combined with great voice acting.

This show will rise beyond Family Guy and Simpson if they keep to the dark intense humor.

Congrats to the writers, you're f'in amazing!!!!
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