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Sex & Nudity

  • It's implied that a man and his wife have sex. We never see this. Not graphic.
  • In season 3 episode 10, The President character's Buttocks are briefly shown.
  • An unwed robot has a baby. The robot never talks about how it got its baby.
  • The only nudity we see is buttocks nudity. Penis and genitalia nudity is all censored
  • In one episode Morty buys a sex robot and it is implied that he has sex with it multiple times. The robot then produces a baby. This is rather gross but comedic at the same time.
  • There are tons of sex jokes and references (nothing too graphic or explicit) and some making out and sex scenes but most are comedic and not graphic. There is rear male and female nudity but nothing graphic
  • Jessica shows her breasts to Morty and he squeezes them. No nudity. In the next episode summer is shown in a bra.
  • Morty almost gets raped (not very graphic/explicit) but he ends up escaping
  • On hulu, all of the bad adult stuff is censored
  • All the sex and nudity is also censored in netflix. Only sex references remain. In netflix there is zero sex or nude scenes
  • In one of the episodes they talk about threesomes and there is an implied threesome.
  • Porn is mentioned multiple times
  • Morty has a poster with a woman with quite revealing clothing, you can barely see it.
  • There is no onscreen sexual content (Except for blurred nudity), but there are lots of sexual references, none of them very bad.
  • In one episode Beth mentions that they wanted an abortion when Beth was pregnant with Summer, but they got a flat tire on the way, so they didn't.
  • In one episode Jerry says he has an erection the size of an east coast lighthouse (Not graphic and mean't to be comedic)
  • It's implied that Rick and an alien had a baby. Never seen or heard.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 3 is the most brutal.
  • Almost every episode contains over the top comedic violence/gore.
  • In the first episode of Season 4, Morty crashes the ship, causing Rick to fly out and land on a spiked rock, there is blood shown.
  • None of the violence in this show is meant to be taken seriously because it's all very comedic and cartoonish.
  • Strong, graphic and gory violence throughout, with lots of blood and occasional guts and some bones, however it has two mitigating factors: it is animated, and it is comic, however the graphic nature can still be disturbing
  • Rick murders aliens, there is some alien blood.
  • Has multiple brutal moments in the alternate TV and some surgery.


  • Frequent uses of "fuck" & "shit" in most episodes, coupled with some milder profanity, including "cocksucker", "bitch", "dick", "ass", "tits", "twat", "damn" and "hell". In older episodes, several offensive terms such as "fag" and "retard" are used in a negative light. There is also an over abundance of sexual dialogue. Profanity is usually censored on TV releases, but uncensored on HBO Max and also on DVD/Blu-Ray releases.
  • All uses of "fuck" are censored on TV version. "Shit" and "dick" are sometimes censored.
  • Season 1: 36 f-words
  • Season 2: 101 f-words
  • Season 3: 123 f-words
  • Season 4: 179 f-words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Rick is an alcoholic and there is also brief cigarette smoking, marijuana smoking, cocaine use, and other alien drugs.
  • Alien drugs are used frequently. Rick snorts a pink alien drug and there are also scenes of alien smoking hookahs and getting high and Rick also is seen smoking out of a pipe/bong and Summer and Morty also get high off a spaceships break fluid and are shown smoking it multiple times
  • A party boat scene has graphic drug use. Adults drink in the backround. Cigarette butts on the ground and plates of edibles. Woman is shown smoking a joint and cutting up and snorting cocaine. A couple people roll up joints and smoke them. As well as smoke a bong graphically. Other people also snort cocaine
  • Cocaine used a couple times throughout the series for example in a dream sequence a large pile of cocaine is snorted by two charecters
  • A drug lord shown with paraphernalia all around him like pills and rolling paper with a powder in it
  • An alien smokes a hookah and morty accidentally inhales it also in the 4th season 2 aliens smoke hookahs
  • A couple times cigarettes are smoked but usually pretty brief. One scene depicting gambling and cigar smoking
  • A party in the second season with tons of drinking and a bong is shown in multiple shots but they smoke it off screen
  • A party in the first season with underage drinking
  • An episode features Morty and Summer getting high on an alien spaceships break fluid. Summer even comments on the pipe they are smoking is like a bong.they also smoke a hookah like pipe. They are shown smoking it and coughing and there eyes turn a different color. One of the more graphic scenes of drug use
  • A man is shown snorting a large pile of cocaine and is shown with a heroin syringe in his chest. This is all in a different reality because it's a main character and another main character drinks quite heavily in this reality
  • An episode shows 2 characters smoking weed. Another episode shows 2 characters also smoking weed. There are other scenes throught where charecters smoke joints and bongs. One scene shows many people smoking joints
  • Mask Off by Future plays referencing taking molly and percocet. Rick and Morty's dragon drink beer and smoke joints while listening to the song. One briefly licks something that's coated in molly and percocet. This is meant to be funny. The song talks about drug use and this episode has some drug use.
  • Characters smoke joints and bongs and cut up and snort cocaine. Many people smoke joints and bongs and 2 people are shown cutting up cocaine one snorts it and one has a joint in there hand. Some paraphernalia like rolled up joints, bongs, lines of cocaine, marijuana bowls, brownie edibles, cigarette butts, rolling paper and tonnnns of bottles of alcohol
  • At a party tons of underage drinking shown, including a large keg with beer being drunken. An ashtray with tons of cigarettes butts shown too
  • A party in the 2nd season shows a woman snorting a green powdered substance and people drink and smoke weed (although this is only implied) rick is also shown holding a hookah pipe and he is sitting next to an ashtray with alien cigarette butts (then are black instead of the normal orangish)
  • A drug den shown with pills, powders, rolling paper etc
  • Morty's mother is a functional alcoholic. However she does resent her children for thinking they're holding her back
  • It's implied that Morty has FAS. Which means his mother drank alcohol while she was pregnant with him causing brain damage
  • There are also verbal references to use of heroin.
  • Rick abuses his control over his alcohol problem. He uses alcohol in every episode and is shown drinking frequently.
  • Rick is drunk throughout the whole show and drinks more alcohol when he feels like it.
  • Rick crushes an unknown foreign drug from another dimension and snorts it, resulting in his hyperactivity. The actual scene is implied and does not show any graphic drug use. Rick is shown with an alien smoking weed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In Pickle Rick rats get murdered and sometimes the rats jump out which could be intense.
  • Most of the violence is played for comedic manor.
  • In season 4, there are a few gags involving incest and paedophilia that people may find uncomfortable.
  • In tv-14 cuts there is always censored language and blurred out inappropriate stuff (that will fly over many peoples heads) but some cuts uncensor the swears (they don't unblurr them) those are tv-ma
  • This show is very mean spirited with a lot of mean spirited jokes, characters that are mean towards others often, and barely any positivity. This can be upsetting for some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Rick turns himself into a pickle, hence the episode's title, and is forced to kill many things including rats and agents in order to survive. This includes Rick first biting off the head of a cockroach, with some blood spurting out before he finally kills it and Rick builds himself an exoskeleton from the dead cockroach, as well as a few others, and in another scene, he activates a guillotine that he also made himself and brutally decapitates a rat with the blade of the contraption, which is the shard of a broken glass bottle, with much blood spurting out and afterwards, Rick upgrades his exoskeleton with the severed head of the rat and afterwards, Rick is shown ripping apart, beating, stabbing, clawing, slashing, disemboweling, dismembering, impaling and decapitating the rats during his escape from the sewers and then he shoots, blows out, spears and practically obliterates the agents in the following sequence. This is all accompanied with a generous and vast amount of blood and gore, including spilled organs and viscera like intestines and stomachs. This is undoubtedly one of the bloodiest and most violent episodes in the series, going on par with 'Look Who's Purging Now', which is much gorier than this episode.
  • There's a gruesome and gory fight between Rick and Bird Person. Rick spills a lot of his artificial guts and intestines. However he ends up fine.
  • Morty crashes his ship, causing Rick to fly out and land on a spiked rock. There is a lot of blood and this scene is gory. Later in the same episode, giant Rick gets stung in the eye by wasp Rick, killing him and causing his face to split into half. This is easily the goriest scene of the episode.
  • Morty is shoved against his locker and threatened with a knife by the school bully. Rick appears and freezes the bully solid. Moments later, he is knocked over and shatters. In the next scene, Beth is shown in an operating room performing surgery on a horse. Morty breaks his legs in several places and is shown writhing in pain on the ground. There is also a chase scene in which several background characters are injured and/or killed while Rick and Morty flee from aliens with guns. Morty shoots several of the aliens, killing them. The episode ends with Morty writhing on the ground in pain again.
  • One of the most surreal and bizarre episodes of the series. Here, Jerry is shown rubbing Morty's dog's face into urine on the carpet; Rick and Morty attempt to hi-jack an airplane and are attacked by Mr. Goldenfold first using Wheat Thins as throwing stars and then switching to automatic guns; a centaur attempts to execute Rick and Morty with a spear; Scary Terry decapitates a little girl, cuts a centaur in half, and shreds Mrs. Pancakes with his sword-fingers, then transforms into a rocket and blows up Mr. Goldenfold (not graphic at all); Snowball rubs Jerry's face into a puddle of urine; dogs in mech-suits are seen taking over the United States; and it is implied they have forcefully neutered a large percentage of the humans.
  • A majority of the episode happens inside of the body of a man named Ruben, with a lot of visible blood, organs, and other viscera. When Hepatitis A attacks, a man attempts to kill it with an automatic gun. He later attempts to deal with Tuberculosis in the same manner, damaging Ruben's lungs. A different man is forcefully ejected from the body by Ruben's coughing, stripping away his clothing and skin until he disintegrates. When Gonorrhea attacks, the man with the guns causes an explosion in order to destroy it. Shortly afterwards he takes a girl hostage, causing Morty to attack him, and then he falls to his death. Another man is crushed/washed away by a flood of feces (not shown). The body of Ruben begins decaying and falling apart with Morty and crew still inside. An E. Coli outbreak kills Dr. Bloom (offscreen). Hepatitis A attacks again, but is killed by Hepatitis C. Rick places explosives inside Ruben's body and then enlarges him. His gigantic body explodes over the United States, causing tons of blood and tissue to rain down, but this is very comedic in nature.
  • Violence with implied blood (blue, alien blood) as a result of Morty being molested. There are a few other instances of blood in the episode. A group of non-human beings band together and find weapons in attempt to kill a character, resulting in a hostage situation. 3 characters are melted and killed, traumatizing Morty.
  • The goriest and most brutally violent episode of the whole entire series. Here, Rick and Morty arrive to an Amish style culture planet where its feline-like humanoid inhabitants commit all sort of crimes one night a year, from robbing to murdering, all without any consequence from these atrocities. Here, many civilians are gruesomely executed in a mass murder by being brutally gunned down, blown up, split in half, thrown out, ripped apart, crushed, battered, burned, beaten, obliterated, decapitated, dismembered, sliced, clawed, impaled and stabbed, all of those executions being extremely graphic and also, all of this is accompanied by a very high amount of blood and gore. Also, there's a scene in which the lighthouse chief of the planet gets violently shoved down a long flight of stairs by Morty and subsequently lands on his neck, splitting it in half and we see a huge amount of blood pooling in on the ground afterwards. Rick is shown to enjoy committing mass murder in this episode, mostly as a mean to defend himself from the civilians that try to kill him, something that Morty objects to until he commits manslaughter by killing the lighthouse chief (as said before), and then Morty goes on a massive rampage where he takes out his extreme rage on masses of civilians by brutally murdering them in a very graphic manner, with much blood spurting out, and the rampage begins with Morty exploding out of rage and proceeds to violently rip open the neck of a panicking civilian in an utterly gruesome fashion with lots of blood spraying out. Then, the carnage is taken to a mansion, where everyone inside is mercilessly slaughtered, and in the aftermath, the whole place is covered with corpses and supermassive amounts of blood and gore.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode Rick goes into Morty's room and holds a knife up to his throat, clearly very drunk and screams at him. Could be upsetting for some people
  • Morty's parents are fighting throughout the show and eventually get into a divorce. Rick is constantly drunk and can be violent towards Morty, but this is mainly for comedic relief.
  • Apart from the violent content and dark humor, the show can be quite depressing and dark at times. Scenes such as the end of Auto Erotic Assimilation and The Wedding Squanchers are depressing due to the music and the way that the scene is portrayed. On that note, the show as a whole has a relentlessly oppressive and nihilistic tone.
  • The Ricklantis Mixup has a very dark and disturbing end.

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