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couldnt have been better
ops-5253514 December 2017
Extraordinary movie,with some very lively and ''to be true'' acting .the girl,she is nameless brought ahead by a very beautiful Kira Waterhouse, and the man called Viktor, who has a braindamage due to an accidenta as a child,are brought together as a deed of destiny. this film has got nearly everything.emotions,fun,irony,grief,sorrow and death. if you would like a special x-mas gift,this is the one to see
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Hidden gem - loved every aspect of it!
gvarypatakis21 February 2018
These guys hit the mark with this one! I typically don't like movie renditions of books but they captured the essence of the book while creating gold on screen. The actors/actresses capture the most important elements and I would recommend all who enjoy a great drama to watch - you will not be disappointed! The producers and directors of the film deserve all the credit in the world for turning in a masterpiece. I have to say that this is one of my favorite films in the past decade - I could see it having tremendous success as time goes on. 10/10 Can't wait to re-watch and catch the moments that I missed the first time around!
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robharrand26 February 2018
This is a phenomenal picture. I haven't enjoyed a film this much in a long time, and I have no friends, so I watch a lot of movies.

It's a refreshing, uniquely written, feel good story that I'm not going to explain. Just watch it. The entire experience felt effortless and real and easily absorbed.

The acting was outstanding, especially Dash Mihok as Victor and Suki Waterhouse, as "The Girl", who also did a commendable job. Their relationship was both entirely believable and adorable.

Let's not forget about the score. It was literally perfect. Rich in atmosphere, charming, and perfectly suited for each scene. I found myself "Shazamming several songs throughout the movie.

It's a real shame a movie of this quality goes under the radar because there isn't an "A-list" actor involved. In fact, too many movies are overshadowed by A-list actors and the the roles they are famous for.

For example, had Victor been played by Anthony Hopkins instead of Dash Mihok, I'm pretty sure I would have been wondering when Hannibal Lector was going to bite the girl's face off, rather than fall innocently in love with her, if you catch my drift.

With that being said, had Emma Stone or Ellen Paige or Ryan Gosling been casted, this gets nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe, no question. I guess that's just part of the politics of show business. Lame indeed.

Regardless, this is one of the most enjoyable movies I've had the pleasure of watching, in a long time. It's that good and shouldn't be missed.

Highly, highly recommended.
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Indeed worthwhile!
a-niculae13-266-95516114 October 2018
Before I actually review this film I must admit I am no critic, but a mere film lover who has never been more impressed by a low budget drama as I was by this title. I felt compelled to write a (my first) review, since this film has undeserved low ratings. Indeed, because of that I started watching with low expectations, looking for a relatable love story and escapism. What I got instead was a wild emotional ride, poignant at places (especially the end), but otherwise utterly and sincerely full of hope. (SPOILERS, maybe) The movie succeeds in teaching the audience a few important lessons, as I see it: how there is good in people, how loneliness 'kills', how, in the face of death, petty conflicts vanish and how tragedy unites people. Moreover, I must say I'm amazed how this film managed to keep secret the name of a primary character and make it irrelevant, really. On another note, for those saying that the girl fell for the big fella, I must disagree. Their relationship is one of pure friendship and that is another kind of love. Other meaningful relationships, and arguably quite complex, that are well depicted in the movie are that of the brothers, that of the wife-lover, husband-wife and even husband-lover. Finally, I cannot recommend this movie more for those who want to feel pity and admiration, joy and regret, love and sorrow. 10/10 not for its cinematic features, but for a good story and delivery.
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Better Than Espected
thegarlicconnection19 December 2017
I thought it had a slow start to the point I almost turned it off. Fortunately, it was just weird enough to hold my attention until I was interested. It's a good film with a good story, but it is a bit on the sad side. See it with your significant other.
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Loved it - A wonderful film about our imperfect life
jazzbow6 August 2017
I got to see this at the Jersey Shore Film Festival and I simply loved it. It tells the tale of two small town brothers, Jimmy (Piazza) and Victor (Mihok)continuing their existence when a beautiful young and mysterious girl (Waterhouse) buses into to town and seeps into their lives.

It has many truly inspired moments, some epic shots, finely written characters, incredible production design and is superbly acted by all, especially Mihok and Waterhouse whose relationship is at the heart of this heartfelt movie. There are parts that were not as perfect where one could quibble, but who cares, these imperfections are completely absorbed by the beauty of the whole. Just like life.
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An realistic story of unlikely friendship
master_darkboy11 February 2018
It's not everyday that you see a pretty Victoria Secret model like Suki Waterhouse (Who plays a druggy drifter with no name) falls for a slightly peculiar middle-age in the streets and becomes his best friend while being stalked though it happens in this 105 minutes debut film of Tom Sierchio . Although the movie depicts a real unlikely story in its plot, It sort of succeeds to portray some genuine feelings of fallible people. "The Girl Who Invented Kissing" is infused with zero wrenching pathos and is stymied by a monotonous script. While It's unfair to ignore the noticeable performances by Vincent Piazza and Dash Mihok, it's also fair to say that Suki Waterhouse is a long way to claim that she's as good in movies as she's in catwalk. Finishing my short take, I'll say that "The Girl Who Invented Kissing" actually does not even innovate let alone invent anything but it's a movie worth putting time for, specially for those who like to commiserate with these imperfect people of the story....and specially a pill-popping drifter played by pretty Suki Waterhouse.
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Haha gulllible
Headturner130 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Thought he could get his money back if he leaves a movie at the 15 minute mark. Lol. Ok on to the review..I quite liked this move. There wasn't a story per say ( ut Seinfeld didn't have one either) instead I felt like I was watching an actual filming of people living. I felt like after the movie ended I could envision them all sitting discussing things. I wish they had shown a little more with the girl by herself so we could see exactly how she lived was she a prostitute?!?) It showed her going to cars and getting in too? Also wish there wasn't so much mystery behind the death. But even without I still enjoyed the move and cried at parts. Like one reviewer wrote something like it didn't feel like he was watching people acting it was so real. That's how I felt and a movie has to make me feel a certain way to write a review with is a good thing or bad thing tho a good thing here and like the other reviewer I have no friends and watch a lot of films just dawned on me. Lol.
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mistake with rating
cblomme3324 June 2018
I noticed many 9 & 10 star reviews. One review raved but mistakenly gave a 1/10, trying to give 10/10 i believe based on what they wrote, thus affecting the overall aggregate rating which should be higher. This movie deserves an 8/10 based on reviews
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sallywadsworth19 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I missed something hat everyone else got but my god it was ridiculous so no one throughout the whole one knowing her nor after her dying knew her name? She was a homeless druggy and stole from the guy but that's cool? The film was okay to watch but there just wasn't anything too it at all it was just, meh.
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The writer who invented boredom!
biffspeaks11 February 2019
I don't quite understand trying to relay in depth things thru movies by letting in more space meaning the camera zooming by houses or focusing on certain things, or needing to see one brother make food and bring it out to serve to the other brother. This movie seemed like all filler. I believe it was nearly 5 minutes until someone actually spoke a sentence. In fairness, the movie did not pass my 15 minute test; that is, doing something to make it appealing within that time frame to keep watching. It switched scenes so rapidly that there was simply nothing to make of it. We did not even get to see the girl who apparently does something interesting and or life changing for someone. I think those persons that rated this movie highly believe they can "relate" better, or they're simply exceptionally gullible. Many good actors gone to waste here and a good argument for refunds which is a real problem. If I want to leave at say, the 10 or 15 minute mark, I should receive a refund.
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Beautifully written a must see
lyonsbmarie7 January 2018
I loved this movie it is beautifully written . The acting is great.The background and town had a realistic small town appeal..The sound track by Matthew Ryan was fantastic and really set the tone and ambiance of film...A lot of today's films are over the top in set designs and non-original plots with no real character development. Not this film.Well worth the money I spent to purchase.
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A good movie
Gordon-1124 July 2018
This film is about a mysterious woman who enters the lives of two brothers.

From the title, I thought the film is a teenage romantic comedy. But it is far from that. It deals with deeper issues such as the yearning for connection, brotherhood and trust. I feel much sympathy for Victor, he is a nice person and he is a character that draws you to him. It is also refreshing to see a character with a hearing impairment, which is not often seen on screen.
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