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Me & my son Muhammad loved it.
muslimbellydancer11 March 2021
Very entertaining movie and already achieved world wide success . It will delight both kids and adults. Great acting, amazing direction and great story.
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Now THAT is a sequel!
daisukereds19 December 2020
What a visually impressive film. I guess it's something to be expected of this day and age.. but I still can't get over how good it looks. And not just hilarious facial expressions, structures, lighting and color usage.. but the injection of modern ideas and references transformed to an ancient period (the concept of a "joyride" and coming back late). The writers of this movie are pretty smart and creative! Almost geniuses!!

Each dialogue and idea is well thought out, has a point and doesn't waste anything. The entire movie is so well made that I'm seriously impressed no one is talking about it. Initially, I thought it was going to be one of those photoplays that fails to recapture the essence of the original.. but this one goes beyond.

I would even watch it again! And that is, to me, a sign of a good movie.. worth re-watching.
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A decent, pleasant sequel
Sir_AmirSyarif24 December 2020
While the story hasn't evolved that much, 'The Croods: A New Age' has a line-up of talented voice cast, lively and colorful animation, some big laugh-out-loud moments, and a great message about getting along and working together to turn it into a decent, pleasant sequel.
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What's with all the good reviews? This was awful and ruined the first one it was so bad
katieannecoombs21 December 2020
This was an awful sequel... everything is just overdone ..... I loved the first one .... this one is just dumb. I really don't understand the good reviews.... best movie ever? What?! I love kids movies and The first Croods is probably my most favourite of them all but this was silly and not funny at all..... thanks for ruining the first one. I feel like people are being paid to write good reviews for this movie so people are inclined to rent it for $28. Terrible. Want my money back. Another terrible movie to add to the list of terrible movies of 2020.
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Couldn't wait to see it, couldn't have been more disappointed
cassandra976320 December 2020
My family and I are huge fans of The Croods. It's in our rotation of bedtime movies. Or put them on to go to sleep with. When I heard that they were making a 2nd one I was SO excited! Frozen 2 was better. Shrek was better and better. And Kung Fu Panda 3 will forever be my favorite. This? Too much. They changed up the animation to a cheap cartoon like feel that I can watch on TV. This didn't look like a movie that would actually be shown anywhere but on TV. They could have hit it out of the park with this one considering the cast, but nope. 1/10. I feel like I was given mushroom tea on the sly and now I have a hangover.
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Prolonged, not comedic, talent wasting silly movie
cgtam9 January 2021
This star studded cast is wasted on the weak, drawn out, and very predictable storyline. Good visuals from animators. Not as good nor funny as the first Croods. Mediocre at best. This movie can easily be passed.
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Perfect Family Movie
mga-6508825 November 2020
This movie is spectacular with amazing set pieces, delightful colors and creatures it doesn't matter how old you are you can't take your eyes away from it. if you enjoyed the first movie, you will definitely love this one and obviously the animation is better especially the facial expressions of the characters are very unique. The cast is very funny especially Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage even though their characters weren't developed from the first one but they still very charming. The story is very simple as expected from a DreamWorks movie but the well designed action and the chemistry between the characters were good enough to keep you invested. I had so much fun watching this movie with my family I recommend watching it on a big screen if you can't catch it in the theater
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Adult Humor
dannychickfila9 February 2021
This film was very unfiltered for a kids movie. There was a lot of adult humor. I like how it picked up where the previous film left off. The film was very comic bookesque in its animation, unlike the previous film.
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Not as good as the first one
sipproject1 December 2020
First croods movie had something very original going on which made it stand out from rest of similar family animations. This one however tries too hard to be like similar movies. I was hoping to see more of the prehistoric world we got to see and loved in the first one. But this one for the most part limited to a little area, that was kinda disappointing.
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Lots of Love
bschneider-8329719 December 2020
I liked the movie but I think it was too focused on the love story. My daughter who is 7 right away was like woah this is to "lovey". And I agree it was a little much. I don't like how they made the characters seems "drunk" at times. It was a little strange and not appropriate for children. All in all the first one was way better, definitely more child appropriate.
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Too Much Woke made it weird
aminlv20 December 2020
Its still enjoyable but certainly not for kids in most duration of this release... and crazed Wokeness made it even weirder.... in general compare to previous ones this one is total disappointment
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A Big Disappoinment !!
nishachor-6191320 December 2020
I loved the original one. Infact it was and still is my most favorite animation movie. So i was very excited about this one. But how it came out, it's beyond dissatisfaction. First of all it's not children appropriate at all. They focused on love thing way too much. Sometimes it was very cliche and clingy. And the thunder sisters part, it was so uncalled for. I just can't believe how they destroyed the franchise ! Only good thing was the visual effects. I must say I've to watch the original one to nullify the effect of this one.
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This is much worse than the original
deothor21 December 2020
Animation quality-wise it's top shelf. But the plot/story/characters took a nose-dive. Characters devolved to being a bunch of meme-characteristics. Some characters were degraded even further to being nothing more than meme car-reference.

There's ALOT-ALOT of current world references to the point it makes me sick. Some of them were clever, but for every idea/joke that hit, 10 didn't.

At certain points character animation goes into looney-tunes level of abstract and it's actually just... wrong.

Croods 2 is just bad. Kids will laugh, sure. But it's not a story I'd ever consider rewatching. Ever.

When I think about it, Croods 2 is just as bad to the original as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was to the original. Quality the same, or better, yet you feel as if you watched fake, bad, looney version of characters you loved. It's off-putting.
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Seriously disappointed
monsotre27 November 2020
Lacked the originality and wittiness from the first one. The writers just plugged the characters from the croods into a formula that makes money but has been seen hundreds of times. The movie just got so weird so fast, the characters were just too much. They had 7 years to make a sequel to an amazing movie and they just ruined it.
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hajinlim25 December 2020
Comparing to the 1st, its really disappointing. No spirit of a cave man or a wit that the first one has. We watched the 1st one at least ten times and still it makes us laugh. The 2nd one is trying to show too much without a real story.
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Decent movie
mkhenard27 November 2020
Enjoyed it but it's a typical Hollywood movie. It makes men look like incapable idiots who constantly screw up and never get anything right.

Jokes were great and funny for all ages. Animation and characters were good. Kids loved it,
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Nothing compare to Original Croods
ahmedsimhan21 December 2020
Complete messed up. A triangle love story, cmon. Do not waste your time on this
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Great movie
pixieandme28 November 2020
Our kids loved it, and we couldn't stop laughing. Honestly, even better than the first one. The jokes were fabulous and the storyline was awesome! New favourite for sure.
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Hot garbage
cloudmerchant5 January 2021
The original movie was cute and silly, but this trainwreck was the polar opposite. I've never wanted to punch an animated character before, but.. here we are.

It just got weird and stupid. Probably perfect for anyone under 6 but mostly a lot of cringy, over-the-top, desperate "humour" like if you held a clown at gunpoint.
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Less than 1 if I could....-1 would be more accurate
mike-1928528 December 2020
Totally un-enjoyable. No laughs, no fun. Far to many political agendas in a kids film. The love story should have been a sub (very sub) plot, at the most. Instead it dominated (and decimated) the entire movie as well as being highly inappropriate for children.

Why do we need to undermine the importance of strong father figures in supposed kids movies? Lame***, lazy writing, straight out of the "woke" playbook. Time and money that we will never be able to get back again.

Do not watch, and do not believe the reviews that were obviously paid for.
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Not for children under 10
byxsizzgab12 December 2020
The theme of the movie is not for children under 10. Definitely not under 7.

I watched it with my 7-year old son. Rather disappointing.
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Just as good if not better than the original!
funfitnessfamily25 November 2020
We were lucky enough to be able to preview the movie and we absolutely LOVED it!

It was just as good - if not better - than the original.

This time around, another family is introduced....A very sheltered human family named The Bettermans.

This action-oriented flick is the perfect for the whole family! Unlike some other animated films, this one kept our attention as parents.

My favorite was the wildcat Gran. There is also a pretty hilarious scene involving a chicken that you won't want to miss.
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ricalderonavion2 January 2021
I really liked the original croods movie, because it wasn't only trying to appeal to kids and was not afraid to deal with topics that aren't completely childish. This movie is literally the exact opposite, and I really wanted to like this movie, but every joke made in this is either badly executed physical humor, or a lazy nonsensical joke like the "peanut toe" GOSH I HATE THE PEANUT TOE! And another bigger problem with this is, the story is kinda conflicted, it can't really be well described in one sentence, not in a good way either. It starts off like it's gonna be about guy dumping eep for whoever the new female character is, I think her name was dawn, but they kinda abandon that halfway through,the same thing happened to several other parts of the story. But the main thing I don't like with this movie is the "humor" it really feels like you're being talked down to as an audience. Other parts of this film, like the way the two families interact, in my opinion, was really well executed. So credit to them for that!
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A New Age for.... a New Age
rgkarim28 November 2020
LIKES: Animation Design Cleverness Deep Story Great Voice Acting Decent Character Usage that is balanced Humorous and Fun without going too far down stupid Fun Music

DISLIKES: Perhaps a little more time to really amplify all character arcs The action scene at the end could have been a little longer The political times a little more prominent at the end for the finish


Like Disney, DreamWorks is not shy to really bring animation A game to their movies, and this film is no exception. The Croods may not look the most realistic or revolutionary, but dang do they still move fluidly during the adventure of facing the elements of the wild, primitive stone age. Much like the first installment, the design of the world is beautiful, vivid colors filling much of the landscape that energizes the audience members, but not being afraid to fall into dark, drabber color and shadows to make foreboding landscapes meant to scare our "heroes" away. The whole design of the world maintains its cleverness as well, fusing various beasts together into forms that are humorous, fun, functional, and deadly all at the same time. As we reach the modern age, the clever devolution of our technology is hysterical to watch, not only in how it fits in the stone age's devices, but more so how the characters react to it in a sort of poke to our own traditions. This ingenuity is used well on multiple facets of this movie as story, design, and humor all maintain creative execution of the writer's talents. And yet that is not all this movie has to offer. As I said earlier, animated features have a great potential to span all horizons, and the Croods takes that potential and balances it well. A deeper story lies beneath the comedic antics as themes of growing up, letting go, elitism, and several other themes are all addressed in the writing of this film. While not every character gets the same amount of growth, Crawford and his team managed to involve many people in uncovering the desires, truth, and weaknesses that were still present at the end of the first film. It takes the growth and continues to push helping our characters push to evolve into something more without taking too many steps back. That deeper side comes from good voice acting, the ensemble once more pulling their voices to match the emotions of the scene and characters without overstepping the boundaries too much. And even better is that so many of the characters have adequate time in the story and serve their purposes across the board, though some of the pets and accessories could have had some more time. Assuming they understood the importance of all their pieces, I was impressed to see the characters remain integrated, and not just included for the sake of being included a site that as I stated in the past is difficult to achieve. Yet if you are worried all this multitiered approaches and deeper meaning make the movie less fun, you have nothing to worry about. Croods is still the same fun adventure that we saw back in the day, a blend of kid savvy stupidity that will bring out laughs, while also being just a fun vacation from reality with jokes that parents will get. Though it does still go a little far for my tastes, the movie just has that positivity that I always like to see, even at the darker parts, that make going to the movies the added flavor it needed. And as for the music, again, another piece to the puzzle that adds that tiny something that you did not realize you needed. Though no amazing chart topper or moving symphony piece, Croods 2 soundtrack is all about bringing out that same flair of fun that much of the movie is about, and using some other tricks for the more serious moments thereby adding to the scenes.

Finding dislikes was hard and perhaps a bit picky when it comes to most audience members going to see the movie, but nevertheless here we go. The first part is that though they did a nice job with keeping balance and the pieces moving, there was more room to dive into the character's story. Guy's parents and the adventures they had to connect to Dawn would have been nice, or perhaps more into Eep and the Betterman's personal interactions the way we saw Guy's integration would have been preferred for the full effect. Even without adding new content, a few of the impasses could have used a bit more development to fully maximize the moments. In addition, the awesome opening action scenes that were dynamic and fun, sort of got diluted at the final climax where after much buildup of about 10 minutes of dialogue, I expected more of the same clever antics the beginning showed. Instead, it was more one shot uses of some character's new names that quickly fell to background for our main protagonists to take center stage again. Certainly not the worst, but after such great things during the rest of the movie, to stumble at the end was a bit of a letdown for me. I supposed it could be budget, timing, or "violence", but I also feel the political component of the film started coming into play more into the decision making. Despite all the hoping, Croods was not completely sheltered from the movements of the modern age and though not the most aggressive (Black Christmas and New Charlie's Angels) it still had no troubles sneaking its own voice in. Again, had the ending scene shown me the buildup was worth it great, but the demotion of three of the characters to forms that were weaker and outside of their character, could have done with a little better balance. Still not the worst and will most likely affect few people.


Despite my concerns of 2020 and sequel syndrome hitting, the second installment of the Croods was just as fun and energizing as its predecessor. With the same fluid design and fun chemistry, an amazing use of clever planning that blended story and fun, and a humorous atmosphere throughout the whole film, it is certainly worth a visit to check this out. Sure there are some picky things I would have liked to see, but overall, the movie is one of the better animated sequels I have seen in a long time. Are their scary parts for kids, sure as there are loud sounds and some darker designs that might creep them out, but overall it's a pretty safe kids film for those probably 6 and up, and for braver 3 year old's and up. Overall, I was very happy with the film and encourage families to check it out when they have the time.

My scores are:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.5
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Introducing the Bettermans, but not a better made film....
Perry_At_The_Movies28 November 2020
A movie reviewer is critical and that's what this review is unfortunately. If they had focused more on the meat and potatoes instead of the cotton candy this film could've been actually good.

Initial Thoughts: I came into "A New Age" expecting a bigger and better production as a follow-up to the prequel. It was definitely bigger, but not better. In fact the sequel falls just short of the first film with it's weak story that focuses too much on the teen romance between Eep and Guy, and not enough on the clashing between the Croods and the Bettermans.

Pros: The action, adventure, and comedy of the film was fun throughout. The introduction of new characters, the Bettermans, that shared their bright new world, were a slightly warm welcome, as they showed the Croods their 'modern' inventions. However, the good of the film fell short due to....

Cons: The fact that the producers wanted to focus on the relationship between Eep and Guy more than anything else. Yes, we all wanted to follow-up on what happened to the two after the first film, but the producers could have included the love story on the side instead of it being the main story because it's called, "The Croods" not "The Teen Romance of Eep and Guy". Besides too much teen romance, I didn't fully care for the Bettermans. Yes, they lived in a utopia, were a very relaxed family, and didn't have a care in the world, but their hippy demeanor took away too much from the clashing that I was expecting between the two families.

Overall: The film was fun, witty, and filled with some decent adventure. Unfortunately for me, the teen romance, outweighs the adventure and clashing that was I was expecting. I think families with children 8-12 years old will be able to enjoy this film, but anyone older may not get the full pleasure they were hoping for. Unlike other animated films, which I won't make a list of, this isn't one of those must watch time and time again films.

Enjoy the show!
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