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Doesn't completely rock, at the same time it's far from a dog
TheLittleSongbird26 November 2017
Coming from a big lifelong animation fan, 'Rock Dog' may not be on par with the best films of the best major animation studios (i.e. Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli), nor does it ever try to be or be anything more than it is.

It's also much better than especially anything from Video Brinquedo and, although to me critics do not deserve anywhere near the over-the-top bashing they get on the internet, 'Rock Dog' is another case of liking it much more than they did and going against the grain. 'Rock Dog' is less than perfect, but for the imperfections there are it has its heart in the right place, it knows who to aim it at and really tries to appeal to all ages and it doesn't try too hard or attempt to do more than it needs to.

'Rock Dog' may not be ground-breaking in story, a good deal of it is derivative, and some of the plotting concerning the villain's plan is a bit strange and takes away at times from the rest of the story. The film is also too short, if it were twenty minutes longer it would have fleshed out the slightly underdeveloped lead character Boni more and done more with the disapproving parent cliché.

However, the animation may not be mind-blowing or imaginative but it's colourful and detailed enough and at least the characters don't look ugly. The music is truly amazing and along with the supporting characters steals the show. In particular "Glorious", which lives up to its name.

Writing is witty and heartfelt and while the story execution is less than perfect it goes at a bright and breezy pace, is fun, is inspiring, is well-meaning and has a heart of gold that comes over movingly. Although he could have been better fleshed out more, the lead character is an easy to relate to one. Stealing the show though is the hilarious character Angus Scattergood, a character so rich in personality and so much fun he is worthy of a solo outing of some kind. Fleetwood Yak (nostalgic adults will have a good chuckle at this) is fun too.

Voice acting is good, with the best contribution coming from a note-perfect Eddie Izzard. JK Simmons is perfectly gruff as well and Luke Wilson is a likable lead. On paper, Lewis Black didn't seem right to me for a villain but he won me over, making Linnus a suitably formidable and somewhat cool villain. Mae Whitman is charming.

Overall, didn't love it but liked it better than thought. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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A fun film for the family
Gordon-116 September 2017
This film tells the story of a dog in a snowy mountain somewhere in Tibet. He has an aspiring dream to be a rock musician, but his military father does not approve of him pursuing his dreams.

"Rock Dog" is the second Chinese produced animation I watched recently. In this animation, there a lot of Chinese elements portrayed in it. The Chinese elements are mostly signs in Chinese, and the design of some of the characters. However, the film still feels Western because the whole idea of pursuing your dreams a quite a Western thing to do. the story is quite funny, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The moment when the door is opened by the wolves made me laugh! the music is good as well. I enjoyed watching it.
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OK film, decent Rock and Roll story
subxerogravity25 February 2017
So this movie was a little more than what I expected (Or just better than I expected).

It starts out with this cool 2D animation that tells the story of a sheep town being guarded by a kung fu dog being attacked by wolves. In order to keep the wolves from coming back he outlaws music, and of course his son Brody grows up wanting to be a musician so he goes to the big city to become a Rock Dog.

One of my favorite parts of the film is their concept of the rock park, a place in the city were musicians meet and perform. It's like a cross between Venice Beach and CBGBs. Really cool.

The animation was not that good nothing too great or unique, but I did love the story. The typical animation type of a animal that was met for one thing and is known for one thing, wanting to do something out of the norm, but that rock setting in which is goes over the clichés of Rock and Roll specifically that late 80s early 90s version in which the movie seems to be happening.

Plus a lot of real cool characters in the movie. My favorite being Angus Shattergood a cool cat voiced by Eddie Izzard who is the living persona of Rock and Roll.

My biggest pet peeve of the film is actually that the movie is really short. I mean really short. It was barely over an hour. Usually, when animated movies are that short they give us a animated short at the beginning of the film to make up for it. that did not happen this time. You can see the story coming to an end, and you think to yourself more is coming, but it does not.

So bland animation tells a great story so simple that it makes the movie seem short. For that I would wait for the DVD to come out to see it.
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Much better then I had thought
SimplySapphic3 June 2017
I saw the trailer for this, which played along with the trailer for Sing, which I think may have hurt the ratings for this partially. Both cliché movie ideas that BOTH turned out to be well done in the end.

I thought I wouldn't watch either, but did, but I do find I like this movie better than Sing- primarily because of Sing being another American Idol, Got Talent, etc reminiscent flick/show and piggybacking on that old hype. Rock Dog has clichés, but it's certainly more heartfelt and uplifting, you can't help but adore Bodi's cheerful attitude and blissful innocence.

(The last couple end songs were pretty good, too, which is also surprising.)

I give this movie a rating of 8 / 10 because I would have preferred perhaps a few different voice actors better suited and the animation models to have more variety within species- say, the crocodiles. Not that I expect it to be as diverse as the heavily funded Zootopia, which had each shown character/background character in the film with its own character sheet and specialized design/sculpt and even gait; I just wish there had been a bit more variation in some of the designs; it makes sense, I suppose, for the sheep to be over simplified to push the purposeful trope.

I digress. . .

It's a simple storyline that we've seen before with simple character models/sculpts, but it's heartfelt, sometimes comedic, with a bout of passion- it's a truly good feel movie that all ages can enjoy, I recommend it for a rainy day that needs a pep talk.
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Rock Dog Rocks Rented From Red Box
happipuppi1318 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Despite my title I wish I could have seen this at the movies but I honestly had no idea of it's U.S. release back in February. Otherwise, I'd probably call this "Rock Dog Rocks on Big Screen Box".

(Box office that is).

I'll admit, I found the title alone amusing. Meaning it looked like a flop that wasn't in theaters long. Of course that's true but I gave it a chance as I'd seen most of the animated films in Red Box.

It's obvious others here have their opinions in rating it less than favorably but I really don't get how anyone could not like this film.

It has a solid story/script, there's funny moments along with moments that are (lightly) dramatic. Bodi's desire to be a musician, in opposition to his father and his quest to find his place in the world, granted, not an idea that hasn't been done before but for my taste, it was presented here with a truly fresh approach.

He's naive' and is off to the city and runs into people much like himself who want to make music but along with it, also finds jaded, cynical characters that take advantage of him.

The wolves are our resident villains, out to kidnap him to find out what the villages plans are and what to expect when they attack. (Given their drive to do this, they should have more confidence in themselves.)

Angus Scattergood, especially, just wants to use Bodi's music to save his career. Bodi's original song leads Angus to taking the song and saying he wrote it.

The song 'Glorious' is amazing. Falling into the vein of U2 and possibly a number of rock/pop bands that have songs with a deeper lyrical meaning than others. In short, I still can't get the song out of my hurry to though.

Despite 'rock' in the traditional sense not being what it used to be, the use of the 'classic rock' style, combined with a touch of today's style, makes the music absolutely original sounding.

The main story gets conjoined to the plots of Bodi's village banning music and only concentrating on keeping wolves from attacking an stealing their sheep and fading rock star 'Angus Scattergood' trying to come up with a hit to save his recording contract, mesh well with the main points of the movie.

That being we all search for our place to fit in, our lives and existence, as well as our actions directly affect others as well. This doesn't mean that it's wrong to think of yourself but it is to think 'only' of yourself and 'only' what you want, to the exclusion of others.

Bodi, his father, Angus and even the wolves want something for themselves, be it a good or bad thing. In the end result when Angus finds his 'fire', it serves to bring about something that I can only describe as a peaceful solution and/or resolution for all. (I wont spoil that part for you.)

It was also great to have Sam Elliot narrating (ala 'The Big Lebowski' style) as an elder & Yak named 'Fleetwood Yak'.

The animation here is spectacular and the story is inspiring as well. Maybe those who have seen animated films like this many times don't think so, because they've gotten older or just don't get it. Being 49. I still found it all inspiring. The story, the animation and the music.

Decide for yourselves ladies & gentleman if you like this movie or not. I'm not here (nor or the others) to decide that for you, just to tell you how I felt about it. Ten greatly deserved stars from me.

I can only hope many others will feel the same. (END)
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Pleasant Family Fare
stevendbeard25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Rock Dog", starring the voices of Luke Wilson-The Ridiculous 6, Blades of Glory; J.K. Simmons-The Accountant, The Closer_tv; Eddie Izzard-Hannibal_tv, Valkyrie and Lewis Black-The Daily Show_tv, Man of the Year.

This is an animated movie that is based on a Chinese graphic novel about Tibetan sheep dogs that keep a village of sheep-that live on a mountain top-safe from wolves. J.K. is the top dog in charge that is training his son, Luke, to take over when he retires. Only problem is that Luke has no interest in taking the job. He would rather play his guitar all day and after he finds a radio, he wants to become a rock star. The first chance Luke gets to follow his dream, he takes off for the big city to learn from legendary rock star, Eddie. Since the number of dogs for security purposes is kind of low, J.K. resorts to dressing some of the sheep up in dog costumes, just to fool the wolves. Lewis plays the leader of the wolves. There is a cameo that is kind of like a narrator to the movie. He is a yak named Fleetwood Yak-Ha Ha!!-and he is voiced by Sam Elliot. It's a pleasant family movie. Not the best I've ever seen but not the worst, either. It's rated "PG" for action and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 20 minutes. I don't know if I would buy it on DVD but it would be a good rental.
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Why did everybody says this movie is bad? I didn't get the taste of people today.
lawrencemancha3 June 2017
Sure, it looked like a rip-off of animated movies came out from 2016, like Zootopia, Sing, or whatever, but it is actually worth watching it. It's a disappointing that everybody didn't like it, cause of the clichés, and it is predictable, but it's a movie that is good actually. Get the fact that this is a Chinese-American movie, and it is not made by the big companies and stuff like that. The story is a lil' bit flawed, but other than that, it's still good. And the song is great, though. (song name: Glorious)

My final rating 10/10. Great movie, maybe it's predictable and clichéd, but I guarantee it's a good movie for the whole family.
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Fun and Inspiring
jeffreyoliverrock2 March 2017
As a Rock musician, I find the concept of any film portraying an aspiring musician chasing their dream intriguing. I went and saw this film at the theater, and I must say I was not disappointed.

The animation may be a bit on the simplistic side compared to most animated films, but the characters are cute, fun, and most of them are likable in one way or another. Of course, the concept of the film itself has been done before, but I feel like this movie does it in a relatively original way, especially with the antagonists making the story a little more interesting.

There are several humorous moments, but the film doesn't completely revolve around humor. There are several heartwarming moments. A few moments you'll feel disappointed or empathetic towards the characters, and overall, if you can get into the film, I think it's a great balance of emotions. And I love "Glorious", the song that plays at the end.

The only critical thing I have to say about it is that it felt a little unfinished. Not in a sense that there were unanswered questions or anything, but I felt like the ending was a bit rushed, and when it was over, I found myself wishing there was more.

I love the message this movie sends and how it portrays the power of music. I also admire that this movie is honest in the sense that there are a lot people in this world that aren't going to be nice to you and try to downplay your dream. This is a story that shows you can beat the bad guys with music, and "if you work hard enough and you want it bad enough, dreams do come true" - Mark Wahlberg, Rockstar

One thing's for sure, if I had saw this movie as a kid, it would have inspired me (Heck, in a way, it did at 23 years old, lol), and I hope it's able to inspire at least a few young music lovers with the same dream as Bodi.
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Underratedly Glorious
cmomman198818 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Pros: Likable characters, decent animation, the song "Glorious", great cast, good pick me up movie (even if it is predictable and cute, but so what?) Cons: the reviews saying the film mediocre and TV ads misled me to believe that it's gonna suck which didn't

We'll be glorious and you know it's true
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Entertaining Family Fun
shane-millsom14 May 2017
This movie was given no promotion whatsoever in Australia and so I watched this with my children (14 and 11) with no expectations.

While the movie didn't break any new ground, it was entertaining, family-friendly and quite fun overall. The kids enjoyed it and there was enough humour to keep the parents happy too. When I came online to recommend it, I was quite shocked to see the low ratings and critical reviews - although the financial flop explains why it never made it to cinemas or even rated a mention locally.

Rock Dog isn't brilliant - this isn't 'Kubo' or a Pixar classic. But it's fun, family entertainment and for that audience, it's definitely worth a watch.
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Great Music-Themed Animated Family Film
lindseyflagg21 May 2017
I'm not really sure where all the negative reviews for this film are coming from. I am not the biggest animated film fan AT ALL, but I really found Rock Dog to be enjoyable. The music was fun (mostly thanks to Adam Friedman), the characters were funny and generally likable, the story was creative, AND my 2-year-old niece loved it. I do love music, so for me, an animated film about music was much appreciated. I highly recommend this one, especially for families. Not sure why others don't.
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This is amazing!
CristianFishbeck15 June 2019
Why would anyone want to turn this movie away? It's a work of art! I wanted to watch this back in 2016, but I never got the chance to. I got done watching it today thanks to Vudu. Rock Dog is a wonderful film. I honestly thought there was going to be some immature jokes in this film. (Such as Fart jokes) But I thought wrong. I plan on seeing this again.
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megajakerake18 April 2021
I love this movie! Bodi is a cool character. I can't wait for the sequel! 10 stars from me!
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Heartwarming with a Message!
dancingvegan25 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Cats and dogs instinctively do not like each other, and Bodi, the Mastiff, and a cat named Angus Scattergood, an aging rock star, were no exception at the beginning of their time together.

Bodi left his home on the mountain to pursue a career in rock 'n roll, and Angus, with an inflated ego and an emancipated underweight physique, dreaded writing a new song which was so desperately needed to revive his flailing career.

The animated film "Rock Dog" was not a Disney movie, nor a DreamWorks, nor any other big movie studio movie, but it worked like a dream in my eyes. Lying in our reclining seats two rows from the front, my beautiful 10-year old granddaughter (Hannah) and I laid our eyes for the next 80 minutes on the screen that projected before us.

At times I cried, at times I sang (quietly) and almost all the time I was dancing with my shoulders, my feet, my hands. I LOVED this movie more than she did.

Bodi's father was one that is characteristic... he wanted Bodi to follow in his footsteps, and his particular footsteps were walking back and forth guarding their mountain home from wolves. He tried and tried to train him, but Bodi wanted to be a rock 'n roll guitarist in a band. Finally, he gave in and told Bodi to go to the big city and follow his dreams.

His dreams eventually became reality and his adventures that preceded involved sharply dressed wolves, a low rider black Cadillac, a bunch of colorful characters and so much more.

The message of the movie was clear. Do what you need to do to make YOUR life what YOU want it to be. Don't just go with the flow or the status quo. Be yourself. Everyone exceeds at something. No two people are the same. Use your uniqueness and follow your dreams!!
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That rocks!
jacobstout-pdx25 November 2018
This is the best film I have ever seen. Bodi is great at playing guitar, Angus Scattergood teaches music, Khampa is Bodi's father, and Darma and Germur are Bodi's friends. I like those characters. But the only character I hate is Linnux. Linnux is a bad wolf, sounding like Anger from Inside Out.

So thanks. 10 out of 10.
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Better then I thought.
Barracuda00724 February 2017
I went to go see rock dog, having very little knowledge and expectations of the movie. After sitting in my chair for 90 min I thought "Despite some clichés, it was better then I hoped for it to be." I saw the movie to be more fun and heartfelt then funny but it does have humor the whole family can enjoy.
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It's a kids movie
antmanhight15 June 2019
My daughter loves this movie. It's for kids. If you have young kids who like music, they will dig it too
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not perfect, but not terrible
swampmarsh6 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I knew nothing about this film when I picked it up. I'm just a sucker for animated features, so I grabbed a copy. This movie was a pleasant surprise. It's not perfect by any means, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi that led me to watching it three times in a row.

The animation quality can't compete with anything produced by the bigger production studios. There is simplicity in the design that reminds me of early 3D animated films, but with a slightly more polished appearance. Director Ash Brannon claimed there were limitations that had to be dealt with (I'm assuming financial) that forced them to keep things simple. Brannon said they embraced their limitations to pay homage to older, hand-drawn cartoons. This alone allowed me to forgive any facet of the animation I might have otherwise regarded as "subpar." The animators could only do so much with what they had, and they pumped out the best product they could.

The voice acting is spot-on. I give props to the casting directors for getting Luke Wilson and Eddie Izzard on the project. Bodi's unending sunny optimism is brought to life with Wilson's vocal ministrations. The naïve little mastiff is easily the most charming character in the film. Angus Scattergood, a rock star cat played by Eddie Izzard, steals the show every second he is on screen. Clever animation and hilarious dialog result in him being just a pure joy to watch. I've found J.K. Simmons doesn't have any variety when it comes to his voice-over roles. He really only uses the same voice for every part he's given. However, it lends itself well enough to the gruff character of Bodi's father, Khampa. In the same boat of one-voice actors there is Lewis Black. Black plays Linnux, an evil businessman and head of a wolf gang who is hell-bent on invading Bodi's village and devouring the sheep that live there. This is quite a strange plot point. Even in a world populated by animals it seems out of place for a wolf (even though he is a predator) to murder an entire village and consume its inhabitants. One would think primitive evolutionary holdovers such as these would simply be things of the past.

Now for the music. For a film titled "Rock Dog" the viewer is going to expect plenty of it during the show. Surprisingly there is very little actual rock in the film. Other than three or four incidental cues and the big number at the end there isn't a whole lot of rockin' taking place. It appears to me the story and growth of the characters take precedent over the actual music. This is not to say the music is lacking, it's just not the main focus of the filmmakers.

I particularly enjoyed the Rock and Roll Park idea. Being a musician myself I was left wishing such a place actually existed. It'd be great to take a few friends to a park and perform for the public. The rapping rabbit was definitely the highlight (for me) of the scene. Adam Friedman, who provided Bodi's singing voice, provided the rabbit's voice in addition to the music and vocal talent of the other park performers. The "shred off" scene was a little disappointing, to be honest. For all the hype the characters gave it, I expected some actual shredding. Unfortunately the whole thing fell flat. I'm not sure what went wrong but Bodi's and Trey's performances sounded equally terrible. Perhaps this was the intent, I don't know. Had Bodi not thrown his guitar (is it really a guitar, though?) away like a fool and losing by default, I'm not convinced there actually would have been a clear victor. For a film that is music related I expected more inspired performances.

The song at the end of the film, "Glorious," is very catchy. We get to see the writing and recording process of the tune in a montage, but we don't hear the final product until right before the credits roll. While not exactly "rock" it's definitely worthy of praise. It seems Bodi truly is the savant Fleetwood Yak thought him to be. Once again Adam Friedman's talents shine through. I hope to hear more of Friedman's work in the future.

The film is obviously intended for the younger audience. One has to know this going in. For me it's a fun, innocent popcorner, albeit a tad sugary. Don't try and compare Rock Dog to other films such as Zootopia. Take it as its own thing. There aren't any boundaries being pushed, nothing new taking place, but it's a heartwarming story with clever visuals and some good music.
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A Nice Little Animated Movie
anthonyharris-6833112 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big animation fan, and when I stumbled on Rock Dog's Wikipedia page earlier this year, I thought it looked good. I finally watched it the other day and I enjoyed it. It doesn't approach the best Disney or Pixar movies, but then, I don't think it's trying to. It just wants to be a nice family-friendly animated flick, and it succeeds.

The voice acting was pretty solid all around, which Eddie Izzard being the obvious standout. His irreverence and British dry wit are perfect fits for the spoiled, insecure rock star Angus. Luke Wilson's Bodi is a simple but likable protagonist. I really liked Mae Whitman and Jorge Garcia's work as Darma and Germur, fellow musicians Bodi encounters on his quest. And who couldn't like Sam Elliot voicing a sage old yak?

The animation is definitely on the simpler side, particularly the backgrounds. I'm not sure if this was done intentionally, but I actually kind of like it. It gives the movie a clean, distinctive look. I would have liked a bit more variety in the background critters, but the main characters are nicely done and pretty expressive. Angus in particular is fun to watch.

There are some pretty clever lines, some funny sight gags, and some nice slapstick. The whole thing breezes by and reaches a tidy little conclusion. The message is nothing new - keep chasing your dreams and be true to who you are - but it's a good one nonetheless. If you're looking for something groundbreaking, look elsewhere. But if you just want a nice little animated movie, check it out. I'm glad I did.
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Tibetan Rock Dog Rocks...and Tibetan Rock Dogs ARE BUDDHIST!
jpp102319 March 2017
The film is entertaining and has positive messages of compassion shown by the Tibetan characters -including to their enemies- the wolves, however, all references to Buddhism were removed in the film. Creator Zheng Jun's original artistic vision is in the manga comic entitled "Tibetan Rock Dog". It is sad to me that "Tibetan" was removed from the title as well. As Zheng Jun is credited for the story as well as an executive producer I imagine it must have been difficult to see the culturally censored version be what was shared with the globe. Despite these issues which deserve to see the light this is an important film. I hope it will foster awareness of the Chinese Government's atrocities committed against native Tibetans. These continue to this day with no end in sight nor adequate help coming from countries which are able. The film shows Tibetan architecture, Tibetan rug making and even Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags which simply appear as colored flags without any Tibetan script or Buddhist symbols. Edited for artistic or political reasons? I hope viewers will "find their fire" and demand Tibetan Rock Dogs everywhere to Rock out for Tibet like Ad Rock showed us how. Get Rocking with this Tbetan Buddhist Manjushri mantra: Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih ( Sanskrit) Om Ara Pa Za Na Di (Tibetan).
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Doggone Inspirational
kathleenw-5316315 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One night, in the midst of finals week, we stumbled upon this unique tale of a courageous canine. Did we go into this with high expectations? Not really, but boy were our minds blown. Bodi's empowering optimism and commitment to his dream were pawsitively enlightening. This little dog with a big heart demonstrated the power of individually and being true to yourself. Bodi's relationship with his father was strained, but he did not allow his creativity to be crushed by the expectations of those around him, which is a great message for anyone. Every character is not only complex, but also adorable.

Unfortunately, we felt the need to deduct one star from our rating. One half star because the title dog did actually rock enough for our taste. To be clear, this is not due to our dislike of the music, but its failure to fit into the "rock" genre. Another half star because neither of us quite understood why the sheep needed to be sheared only to be clothed once again in their own wool, this time in sweater form.

Overall, Rock Dog is an underrated tale of self discovery. When times are ruff, you can count on Rock Dog to unleash your inner fire.
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Crying to a kids movie... and inspired as well.
gwiz-rutledge4 July 2018
I was scrolling though HBO, looking to take a chance on a new movie and ran across this right as the "magic box" fell out of the sky and I was hooked... the end had me crying burning tears like a baby!!! I'm also inspired because I've been a musician for 20 years standing in my own way of success.
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Exceeds my expectations
gejocap30 May 2017
I was looking for a movie that is clean and fun for my child to watch. We had already watched a couple and I saw this one and thought it might just be cheesy humor but I was wrong. This movie has a lot of lessons that kids and adults alike can learn from. Clean, fun and awesome every minute!
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Better Than I've Expected
phillipsmike711 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this film the second I saw the previews to it. It's got such a good story, lovable characters, great plot. Why is everyone hating on this film and why does the reviews and all say it's a bad film? This is a good film. Bodi is so adorable that I want to hug him and pinch his cheeks and spoil him, Angus may have came off as stuck up and mean at first but he did turn out to be a good guy after all when he realized he wasn't very nice to poor Bodi and went to apologize to him for how he treated him, Darma is so compassionate towards Bodi, I can tell from the looks of it those two will end up as a couple, Germur may be forgetful at times but lots of us are, but he's great with people and is a good guy, Trey is a mean jerk and he got what he deserved, Khampa. Bodi's dad, I'll admit, he's a bit strict and maybe he shouldn't turn down music and deny people's freedom but he's a good dad and at least realizes Bodi found his calling and that he found his fire, the villains at least were defeated, Riff and Skozz are like the classic funny brothers that get into classically funny situations, even though they were evil, I felt happy that Riff and Skozz joined the side of good and are now good people who work for good old Khampa and Bodi and the other heroes, I really like Fleetwood, sure he's old but he's a wise, cool old guy, he could be like a grandpa figure towards Bodi and his friends. I could easily see myself as a character in this film as a young teenage male lion, sure with a lot of hair but also joining Bodi, his friends and Angus as part of their team and becoming friends with the other heroes with me as a great singer but the part that would be cute yet funny is that Bodi, Darma and Germur are learning to sort of be like parents, Angus feeling out of his element as he doesn't know anything about kids but he learns how to be great with kids, Khampa would be at first nervous about being a grandpa for being worried he might mess up but he eventually would learn that he can relate to me, Fleetwood being overjoyed to having me as part of his family and people, Riff overjoyed to interact with me because he wants to make me laugh, Skozz would speak to me as he would feel confident and comfortable speaking to me as he never spoken verbally for the first time to anyone which would be like progress for him. I know I'm just imagining it but we're all free to dream.
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Great movie filled with Joyous tunes
kellyman81188 June 2018
I love the plot. It has a couple of anticlimactic moments but overall fun and clean.
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