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Newcomer in Town and the Fourth Hand
claudio_carvalho11 January 2015
Julia takes Barbie into the woods to show the egg, but they find that the mini-dome and the egg are gone. Linda calls Barbie through the radio to go to a shooting nearby and they arrest a drug addicted that had broke into a house. They discover that Chester's Mill has a new drug, rapture, and the reverend was distributing it. Junior goes to the restaurant where Angie is working and she has a seizure and says that the pink stars are falling. Junior takes her home and she learns that Joe and Norrie have the same seizures. Big Jim finds an old acquaintance, Maxine, waiting for him at home. She proposes that the town is disarmed and Big Jim uses his persuasion to convince people to voluntarily deliver their weapons and ammunition to keep the town safe. Maxine is the responsible for manufacturing and distributing rapture. Sheriff Esquivel investigate the rapture and finds evidences against Duke in the propane storage facility. Junior brings Angie to his mother's studio and shows a painting of his mother. Big Jim and Barbie meet Maxine and she blackmails them. Joe, Norrie and Angie discover where the dome is and find that they need a fourth hand.

"The Fourth Hand" introduces the Machiavellian Maxine, a smart criminal that knows the secrets of Big Jim and Barbie, and she uses this information to control them. Sheriff Esquivel will probably find the truth about the involvement of Duke and big Jim with the production of rapture. Now it seems that the subplot with the egg and the mini-dome will become interesting. The question is: whose might be the fourth hand. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil) : A Quarta Mão" ("The Fourth Hand")
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