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For the inquisitive minded
dawiepoolman21 October 2014
For the inquisitive minds about the inherent flaws in our current monetary system and how money works in general, this simplified overview of Bitcoin is truly refreshing. Many complex issues about the protocol is explained in laymen terms to enable any family member to appreciate the invention for what it accomplishes. The internet of money has been spawn and naysayers would one day regret not having explored this invention beyond first misconceptions. This documentary provides a great intro into the early adopters' lives and why the community is blossoming in a time when the rest of the world is sinking deeper into depression and debt. It invites one to look beyond mainstream misrepresentations and that it is only a black market currency. Great documentary indeed. Would recommend it to any friend.
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I watched and totally enjoyed it.
ari-saltiel21 October 2014
I watched and totally enjoyed it. It is quite easy to watch and almost completely non technical which is good for the non-bit-coiners. It covers basically all the highs and lows of bit-coin from almost day one and right up to the fall of the biggest exchange .

There is no hiding of all the problems bit-coin had and faces in the future but at the same time it is very optimistically told (of course).

Even if you are not interested in investing in this- it is good to know what it is all about- and this movie can introduce the subject in an interesting way .

It would be interesting to hear an opinion of someone who basically doesn't know anything about bit-coin - whom I think should really be the people to watch this.
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This documentary shows both sides of Bitcoin for everyone's benefit
tradertimm21 October 2014
Bitcoin is indeed in an accelerated stage of its existence. While a few trolls here have chosen to label the first-ever grassroots bootstrapped financial system as "tulips" and a "ponzi scheme", this documentary shows quite the opposite.

It begins with a typical Bitcoin participant, an average man with a wife and kids, as he explains his gradual involvement in Bitcoin, and his hopes for the future. It also shows pivotal individuals that have been involved with Bitcoin in some way, without glossing over rough spots in Bitcoin's history.

The takeaway here is Bitcoin is a system that is being built, for normal people, so they can take control of their own financial future. Unlike the legacy system, there aren't onerous controls and rules, its up to you to determine your level of engagement.

Seeing someone pay someone on the other side of the globe, without having to worry about banking hours, wire fees, or any of the other associated nonsense is what really hit home for me.

This documentary is about people working with Bitcoin, and the positive influence it will have on our collective futures, and is well worth the viewing.
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If you want to know about Bitcoin and where it's coming from, watch this movie
andre.koster21 October 2014
Bitcoin may sound very abstract, but it's carried by people of flesh and blood. This movie follows some of the main players in the first years of Bitcoin. See their excitement, share their passion. Sometimes they stumble or fall, but they keep going. In between, you get to learn how Bitcoin works and what it's all about.

If you want to know more about Bitcoin, but are less of a techie and more of a peoples person, this movie is for you.

The only thing I missed in the part that covered 2013 is the developments in China. I can imagine that it was a bit 'out of scope' for the makers, but it felt like an omission to me, especially since its relevance for the November rally. But other than that, a great movie!
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Lacked what I expected, for the best
hkinsley-139-67096421 October 2014
I expected this movie to be a pump-you-up about the amazing-ness of super technology Bitcoin. Instead, what I got was a very down-to- earth representation of the true grassroots nature of the Bitcoin.

There was actually zero focus on the money you can make by investing, or really any allusions to the fact that you could invest now and get rich.

It wasn't a movie telling you about why Bitcoin is great, they showed you.

Definitely a real "community" feel to the movie, no glamour, just the dirt, really. I liked it a lot.

I really think the title "the Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" is more fitting to the actual infrastructure and community of Bitcoiners, having very little to do with the price.
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This isn't a documentary, it's an ad for a failing get-rich-quick scheme
johnjohnjohn-134-93813321 October 2014
Unless you are the type of person that enjoys shoveling your money into a furnace, don't waste your time with this "movie". Its intent is clearly to function as an ad to get greater fools to buy into a pyramid that is already crumbling. You see, bitcoins are nothing but virtual tokens. Greed and ignorance led many people to start trading real money for these tokens (think beanie babies, only even more ridiculous because bitcoins are completely virtual). In order to sustain this scheme, bitcoin "investors" need greater fools to come in and buy their virtual tokens for more money than they paid. That's why you see such great ratings and reviews in this "movie", they are trying to legitimize the scheme. Since the price of bitcoins has been cut in half in just a few months, the people in the pyramid are getting increasingly rabid and desperate. The author of this "movie" is one of those investors. His bias is clear throughout this 96 minutes ad. A true bitcoin documentary would have to be a lot longer, in order to accommodate for all the scams, ponzis, and all the theft that makes up the cryptocurrency world.
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Goebbels would be proud
soniaellis-139-36946722 October 2014
Before watching this documentary, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • bitcoin investors want other people to buy bitcoins (which have no intrinsic value) so they can become rich by selling them

  • this documentary was paid with donations from bitcoin investors

  • this documentary was directed by a bitcoin investor

For the same reason you shouldn't expect a stellar documentary if Goebbels was directing a movie about WW2, you shouldn't expect a fair and reasonable assessment from a director that stands to make money (real money, not internet tokens) if he can convince you to buy into the charade that is bitcoin. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a biased piece, and fails to even scratch the surface of the scam-infested bitcoin world, where every day a new non-regulated exchange runs off with customer funds, a bitcoin-backed ponzi collapses, and a few scammers get rich at the expense of others. It also doesn't explain what a wasteful and unnecessary technology bitcoin is. Still, the movie can provide some comedic relief, as long as you are aware that they are trying to sell you the equivalent of digital tulip bulbs.
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Global awakening ...
nima198121 October 2014
I watched this movie when it first aired officially at the House of Blues in Chicago prior to the 2014 Bitcoin conference there. I felt bursts of melancholy, joy and, yes, pride throughout the entire film. Daniel literally traveled the world and was there with some of the earliest Bitcoin pioneers and RECORDED it all. Nobody else has done that! This is a truly unique piece of history that you CANNOT miss, whether you're into Bitcoin or not. I truly believe that it will be remembered, talked about, and referenced for eternity or something close to it. Magnificent!!
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Its history for many of us
mbilaldar7821 October 2014
Excellent movie. It is be likely to be a great historical capture for mankind (in case bitcoin survive). This movie captures the some part of history of this ongoing experiment , which is important to some of us the crazy one's ..

While a lot of characters in the movie may have questionable background. But have we looked around us ( lately )..

At the same time there are plenty of very smart people who are devoting their manhours toward this historical project. Jeff Garzik, Peter todd, Mike Hern Vladimir, Gavin and many others.

Those who call bitcoin a pyramid scheme You are right. Here is a quote from satoshi himself..

"If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry."- Satoshi - July 2010.

Thanks for the effort ... Enjoy the movie.
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Interesting Insight Into the future of Money
publicinbox-139-87811021 October 2014
Unlike the review by Mr John Bast conveys, the current market price of Bitcoin is not relevant. Even if Bitcoin drops to $1, the technology, which has already been acknowledged as "revolutionary" by the Canadian and UK Government, will continue to effect its transformative influence on the financial industry.

There is a strange subset of individuals who simply despise Bitcoin, even though it is nothing more than math and software. This leads me to believe that people like Mr. Bast are just upset they missed the meteoric rise in value last November. Nevertheless, those who take the time to understand the technology, and pay attention to the incredible growth in the industry, will see that we are at the beginning of something huge.

You don't have to invest in Bitcoin at all. You can just use it, and enjoy the privacy, independence, and freedom of controlling your own money without permission from any 3rd party. Therefore "pyramid scheme" is a misnomer of epic proportions.

This movie is a great look into the beginning stages of the community surrounding this disruptive new technology. So much has happened since it was made, that it is already "dated", but it gives a more technical look into what's being created, and where its going. Don't be a simpleton like John and just dismiss it outright. Take the time to learn what it is, and why its going to rock the financial world in the next 10 years. This movie is a great starting point for that research.
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Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme
allbean22 October 2014
This movie is nothing but a fluff piece to pump a pyramid scheme that is already collapsing. Basically it's just a bunch of greedy pigs spewing propaganda to try to make you a greater fool in their pyramid. They are really desperate right now, because bitcoin is down over 70% in just a few months, so they need to scam more people fast before the scheme crashes completely. They are all losing huge amounts of money, and want you to join them on their misery. Just ignore them, and let them hold the hot potato till it burns their hands for good ;) Happy I could help you stay away from yet another online scam. Since there's money involved, expect the peddlers to come out in droves to try to push this get-poor-quick scheme down your throat.
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Emotional and exciting
micaroni-139-34539621 October 2014
We are living a unique moment, the rise of the greatest invention since the Internet. The Internet of money (do not confuse with the money of the Internet).

The film shows some of the history and explains briefly what is bitcoin. It is impossible to watch and not get passionate, unless you really did not understand. It is sad that some people qualify negatively without ever having watched.

I highly recommend it. Understand this moment we are living, and the birth of this technology that will surely change the world and human relations.
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Worth a watch. Fascinating subject.
jmoola21 October 2014
R&R is an interesting primer on the early weeks, months and years of the crypto currency Bitcoin. As a follower of Bitcoin for the past year I was eager to see the first feature length film documenting it. I think it makes a great primer on the subject for a curios audience to get a good working knowledge of the concept, community and technology that underpins Bitcoin without having to wade through Reddit and other community based sites. Bitcoin is an incredibly fast moving technology, and as the first real new money to be created in the past 2000 years it's a massively complex and fluid ecosystem that the film makers have done well to capture and document from it's infancy through the first few years of it's life. Therein however lies the major problem with the subject matter and the film. It's so fast moving that the film is already 3 or 4 months out of date at launch, which in Bitcoin terms is an eon. It is also a little unstructured and wanders around with little direction in places. This is in no way a slur on the film makers as the nature of feature length film is that it takes time, and documenting a global phenomenon that is changing daily is no mean feat. I think that in the same way that Bitcoin is revolutionising our concept of value transfer and decentralised trustless networks, comment on it is better suited to faster and more immediate media such as blogs, real time vid casts, chat rooms etc. Definitely worth a watch though. History in the making.
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Many rises, many falls, little consistency
StevePulaski5 February 2015
Before I explain the contents of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, let me first try to explain how the digital currency works, as not only a personal exercise but to inform those who were like me upon entering this documentary with no knowledge whatsoever of the currency or its complex system. Bitcoin is a global, decentralized currency; the first of its kind in the regard that it is not created or distributed from a central location like the Federal Reserve or the World Bank and, therefore, has no owner or sole distributor. It exists on thousand of computers, tracking and verifying the distribution of such coins, an action referred to as "mining" by the network of individuals who engage in it. The distribution and exchange of Bitcoins is kept in a digitized ledger known as Blockchain, which is accessible to anyone engaging in exchanging Bitcoins for goods or services. The coins are issued digitally, through a peer-to-peer system of people assisting with transactions. Miners earn Bitcoins for all their hard work, but their work will gradually decrease in compensation the closer that the cap of twenty-one million Bitcoins is reached. No more than twenty-one million Bitcoins will ever exist, making it the first currency that is capped and governed by scarcity.

The idea for Bitcoin came from an unidentified person or group of people by the name of "Satoshi Nakamoto," who released blueprints and an intricate plan to create a digital currency. His ideas were picked up and furthered by a group of equally-ambitious internet users, who effectively found ways to help him execute his plan of action by compiling together servers and processors to aid in the act of digital Bitcoin mining. The digital currency has seen its highs and lows, with prices of Bitcoins (the currency is purchased by the American dollar) fluctuating rapidly and the first, most-recognized use for the currency being on the website Silk Road, a haven for the online distribution of illegal drugs. Nonetheless, Bitcoin believers like this documentary's director Nicholas Mross still foresaw a vast future for the currency, and helped propel it to new heights through word-of-mouth promotion and recognition thanks to websites like Reddit and Wordpress, who made the daring move to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment on their respective websites.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin concerns just that: the rise of the digital currency, the steps being taken to assure its longevity, that all of the labor and hard work put in by its peddlers isn't for nothing, and the process its hardcore believers go through in order to get the currency accepted at local grocery and food chains. Immediately, any skepticism towards the currency is well-warranted. For one, Bitcoin's existence is entirely digitized, and because there's no sole distributor, no consumer security is promised, meaning your collected currency is available to compromise at any time without any kind of repercussions to the malicious parties or any kind of financial compensation. Combine that with the fact that the fact that not only has Bitcoin been hacked before and the fact that Bitcoin isn't governed or run in any particular way, and you have a currency that meshes in line with the very principles of anarchy.

These comments aren't criticisms of Bitcoin, but rather, simple observations that struck me when watching the film. The main question I left the film with concerned the filmmakers' high ambition and scope of the currency, stating it will help the countries without a stable bank system work to put themselves on the financial map.

One can't fault the key players in this revolution for lacking ambition. It's incredible to see such a wishy-washy form of finance being exhausted for all its potential in what are still undeniably the early, founding days of its existence. Part of the fun of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is seeing the currency touted as something with such grand potential, and it's a pleasure to see all the work, time, energy, uncertainty, and trouble that goes into not only establishing a new currency and the system of rules but trying to gain credibility in a field that seems so far beyond the mental grasp of people. I'm willing to believe we see currency - whether we're talking the American Dollar, the British Pound, the European Euro, the Japanese Yen, or the Chinese Won - as something that has always existed and any attempt to question it gets us lost in a web of tangled questions few are prepared or even capable to answer effectively. If nothing else, this documentary gives those questioning the reliability and the functionality of the system some background knowledge.

In addition, the film illustrates the inherently tumultuous and admittedly frightening nature of the internet, where momentary missteps or uncertain choices can be met with grave outcomes, especially when a group of people decide to exploit a currency for all its worth and run the risk of breaking some law somewhere with a fierce legal battle ensuing. The brave souls who do this kind of dirty work, regardless of whether or not you support them or Bitcoin, are walking on a field of mines, some of which able to blow if a pin is dropped on them, but that doesn't stop those ambitious enough to challenge a system and deviate from its undeniable tumultuous nature.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin does its job as a documentary; I walked in knowing nothing about Bitcoin and feel I emerged more knowledgeable and well-rounded on said topic. The documentary is cleanly edited, even if a bit too heavy on digital jargon without too many dependable context clues, and stands tall with one of several strong documentaries concerning the ideas brought forth by the internet and the ideology and culture the medium breeds.
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Excellent preview to tip our toes in what is the most important and revolutionary technology since electricity was invented.
rolando11097021 October 2014
This movie is a most-watch for everybody, since it will inevitably affect you in the coming years. This technology is here to stay and will prove to be even more transcendental than the internet itself, since will have many more applications and will bring decentralization and equality for billions of people living currently in poverty.

Decentralized systems are the way to empower the people, the path to re-set the control from the few to the many, are the future for everything. The potential implications of the development of distributed consensus technologies is revolutionary.

We have now an open source peer to peer decentralized digital currency. It is very safe, since is cryptographically secured by a distributed global mathematical algorithm and public decentralized open source ledger, a revolutionary disruptive technology called 'Blockchain'.

This could be the future of money for everything, from donations, micro-payments, money transfers, online shopping and bill payments, etc.

Empowering and welcoming to the game to billions of unbanked people. And the block-chain peer-to-peer open source decentralized secure technology will be used for many more applications, like escrow, contracts, voting, global ledger, etc.

We shouldn't be like the ones that were dismissing the internet not long ago as a "den of pedophiles, drug dealers and terrorists". The block-chain is the biggest thing since the internet and will benefit also the billions of under and unbanked people.
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Bitcoin's early age is well captured
shashank-m24 January 2021
This is a 2014 historic documentary on Bitcoin. It is documented very early stages of adoption, development of this new innovation. Their optimism in the technology is what led to the current blockchain ecosystem today.
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Great intro to Bitcoin
adam-snyder-139-47086821 October 2014
Even though I already know a lot about the amazing technology behind Bitcoin, I still enjoyed this documentary. The film gives insight into the early days of mining, and the drama that happened with mtgox and bit instant. The interview with the CEO of mtgox was interesting. I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in Bitcoin. It's sad that there are so many people out there that don't understand the full extent of the innovation that has happened with the block chain. Hopefully this documentary will help people understand that Bitcoin is much more than just a new form of money. It's a whole new way of thinking.
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A harrowing look inside the minds of people involved with the Internets biggest pyramid scheme.
vecksooka23 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin achieves the opposite of what one would assume its goals are.

Right from the start we're greeted with the Winklevoss twins. Two men best known for 'suing the Facebook guy'. After a moment is taken for them to share their attempts to enrich themselves further at the expense of others the movies narrator goes on to tell the audience he's recently spent a great many bitcoins on a Butterfly Labs bitcoin miner.

Butterfly labs is one of the many now bankrupt or under investigation companies we're invited to take a look at.

The Rise and Rise is documented proof that the bitcoin landscape is made up of thieves, lairs and bad actors. The few people who get involved 'out of interest' are sheep that get eaten alive by the wolves at the top of the pyramid scheme.

Notable people interviewed: Charlie Shrem - now a convicted felon due to money laundering.

Erik Voorhees - claims to have renounced his American citizenship and fled to Panama after selling an illegal gambling company.

Gavin Andresen - employed by the notoriously corrupt 'Bitcoin Foundation' (of which many members have stepped down) to maintain the Bitcoin code.

Mark Karpeles - Amazing visionary who unfortunately got caught up and had his name sullied by the vicious money hungry Bitcoin community.

Roger Ver - Bitcoin Missionary.

This documentary is well worth watching, it's comedy gold.
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A most watch documentary, I really enjoyed it.
diana-miller-145-44058928 October 2014
It is very well made and touches (and explains) most of the more interesting functions and applications of this new technology. Blockchain (Bitcoin) is the key for the decentralized future of humanity, once the centralized and corrupt current systems crumble on their own weight. So this documentary depicts why bitcoin is the future not only for money, but for many more imagined (contracts, global ledger, voting, etc) and yet unimagined decentralized and transparent services for the good of every human being.

Just as reference: "Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks. With Bitcoin, you can be your own bank."
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