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Furious 7 - to tie it all
jovillgruspe8 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Furious Seven (aka The Fast and Furious 7), directed by James Wan, was a roller coaster of emotions for many viewers. Continuing from the storyline after the events of The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious 6, Dominic Toretto investigates the murder of his long-time friend Han. Han was a previous member of the Fast & Furious crew in the past few installments. Following the investigation, Toretto discovers that Deckard Shaw is targeting Dom and his crew. Deckard, played by Jason Statham, is seeking revenge for the condition of his brother Owen Shaw. Once again, Dom gathers the remaining members of his team (Brian, Tej, Roman and Letty) to take down Deckard. Throughout the movie, Deckard seems to always be a few steps ahead of Dom, interrupting the crew's plans to capture Deckard. Toretto encounters Mr. Nobody, a government official, and discusses with him the possibility of catching Deckard. Mr. Nobody is in a struggle with Somalian terrorist Jakonde to obtain the powerful computer program "God's Eye". Mr. Nobody asks for the help of Toretto and his team to steal the computer program, and in return, he will allow Toretto to use the program to locate Deckard. With action packed car chases and thrilling flight moments, it's a race of time for Dom and Deckard to have their final face-off and prove which of the two would come out of their fight alive.

The Fast & Furious franchise was originally known for its modified cars, street racing, and crime induced thrills from its first movie. Justin Lin, director for the Fast & Furious installments 2-6, focused on modern cars that take "fast" to the next level. James Wan, the new director for the 7th installment of the franchise, proceeded to take the series into a more action driven direction. A few notable death-defying moments in Furious 7 were creatively written to add more thrill to the film. In the beginning of the movie, Hobbs, played by Dwayne Johnson, jumped out of a police building seconds before Deckard threw a grenade at him. When Toretto and his team needed to ambush Jakande undetected, they decided to skydive in their cars to Jakande's location. The most memorable scene for me was when Toretto and Brian drove off Abu Dhabi's Etihad Towers in a Lykan Hypersport car. The cinematography of the beautiful sunset and glossy towers while the car was in slow motion midair was breathtaking. It really showed the extravagance and majesty of Abu Dhabi. With the movie's thrilling car flying scenes and intense fight or flight moments, James Wan successfully keeps us at the edge of our seats.

The movie ties up all the previous installments to lead the plot into one intertwined direction. When looking at the time line of the story in each installment, the movies follow the plot starting from the 1st movie, to the 2nd, 4th, and then the 5th. Afterwards, the storyline moves on to the 3rd & 6th simultaneously. From the storyline of its 3rd and 6th installments, Furious 7 connects the time line and adds elements found from the previous movies. A scene in Furious 7 involved Toretto's team in a high speed chase that allowed one of the cars to slip right under a moving truck, which is an element found in the first movie. In Furious 7, another scene depicts one of the Toretto members driving backwards to rescue the programmer of the God's Eye. A similar circumstance is found in the 2nd installment when Brian drove his car backwards to rescue Roman. It was very clever of Wan to embed elements like these from prior movies. The decision to include these creative elements conveys the connection that bridges the franchise under Justin Lin to this "new" and developing franchise under James Wan.

In every Fast & Furious movie, Toretto emphasizes his focus on family. Family is the number one thing he protects and risks his entire life for. However, in Furious 7, it is presented in a different but more elaborate way. In the 7th installment, the theme of family transforms into closure for Han, Letty, and Brian. Han's death was a terrible loss for the Toretto family, and Toretto's answer for his death was revenge. After discovering that Han's death wasn't an accident, Toretto set out to settle the score with Deckard Shaw who murdered him. Letty's closure dealt with getting her memory back, as she was diagnosed with amnesia from her incident in the previous movie. Toretto needed his number one support system during the movie and was greatly concerned over Letty's stability. He struggled with Letty's condition because he couldn't let go of their history. When Letty got her memory back, Toretto and Letty got married, which solidified Toretto's family values. Brian was the biggest loss to not only the Toretto family, but to the Fast & Furious franchise as well. The writers and director were able to adapt to the sudden and unfortunate loss of a main cast member of the movie. Paul Walker, who played Brian O' Conner, was unfortunately involved in a fatal car accident shortly before the completion of the film. The director did a wonderful job of casting Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody to complete Brian's plot line. As a tribute to Walker, the movie ended with Toretto parting ways with Brian. The ending suggests that Brian settles down with his family. Many people may not agree with the transition on the focus of the movie. Moving from high-speed car races loaded with modifications and cleverly planned heists to high action packed scenes and impossible death-defying dangerous escapes, the Fast & Furious series is evolving into a typical genre we can find in many action movies today.
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Good Movie
taylorbnovak15 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that it was actually a really good movie. I don't mean that I don't like the other movies, I just think that it's hard to get this movies as good as the first 6. I thought the editing crew did a really good job at taking scenes from the other movies to make it seem like Paul was there the whole time. The part of Ramsey was really good, she worked well with the other actors especially Vin. The song choices were really good and they went along with the movie really well. The plot twits were really good for me because I love movies that you can't tell what's going to happen. Such as Dom being married to Letty the whole time. I don't know if anybody was expecting that but I wasn't at all. In conclusion I like the movie and it would have to be one of my favorites out of the seven.
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Has its flaws, but the action is superb. Over the top, like I like it.
Finfrosk8621 September 2015
For the absolutely most part I really enjoyed this action movie.

This is exactly the kind of action that I really like. Extreme action. Action that does not try to be "realistic" at all. Over the top action. (and I really hate people that can't accept extreme action, they be all like: "yeah, right, that's SO unrealistic"! Dumb people.

Here's what I don't like. I have to say I have a slight problem with Vin Diesel. I mean, he's alright, it's just, compared to Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, he's just, well he kind of pales in comparison. His character is also slightly annoying. With his family-talk all the god damn time. We get it, you're into family, the only thing that matters is family, your little gang is family. Family. Family. And hose gravelly grunts he speaks in, ain't cool bruh. Sometimes you can barely make out what he is saying.

The movie also tries to portray him as super strong, which I don't totally buy. He's a big guy, but not that big. He looks like he thinks he's bigger than he is. Compared to the monster that is The Rock, he looks like a skinny twig for Petes sake. And he, Vin Diesel, is lifting cars and tossing people several yards, I just don't buy it.

Also there's some other stuff that I didn't like. There's this "computer chip" with some insane technology, and it seemed a little out of place. That stuff was straight up sci/fi. I hate when they mix sci/fi-stuff into action movies that are set today. The plot has some issues, but I choose not to care too much.

OK, got that out of the way. This movies has perfectly shot, exciting, over the top-action. Several big, long action scenes, and I pretty much loved all of them. And since this is an action movie first and foremost, I won't let the negative stuff count all that much. I was very entertained.

There are a couple of 'jump-out-of-a-car-in-slow-motion, at-the-last-millisecond, with-a-one-in-a-billion-chance-of-making-it'- scenes that for some reason gives me goosebumps a little. Probably because they are so over the top. I love that stuff. I think of who ever came up with something so over-the-top, and get a little impressed. Good job!

Good thinking getting Jason Statham into this, I so rooted for him. He is way cooler than the whole furious-team.

And that Nathalie Emmanuel, holy gasoline fumes is she gorgeous. And she speaks nineteen languages, including Dothraki, what a catch!

And of course, we all know Paul Walker is no longer with us, and you're reminded of that each time he is on screen. He gets a little montage at the end, it is very well done - really sad, man. Real damn sad.
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Adrenaline Coursing through my veins.
ritheshk5552 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As a F&F fan, I've enjoyed every movie in the franchise excluding F3. But, that movie has an important part and effect to the franchise. And now to the film, It was a full action flick alongside with a tear crying tribute to Paul Walker. From the first race of Leticia to the last scene between O'Connor and Toretto, It was one of the best movie in the franchise. The Core part of the story tells us about good ol' fashioned revenge combined with Speed of NOS and muscle. Deckard Shaw seeks out his kind of style revenge which pulls Toretto and his family into Shaw's world.And so, he combine forces Mr. Nobody to complete a mission for him and in return gets Deckerd Shaw. What happens afterwards, is your's to see. The performance of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker is fantastic. From the Screenplay to their actions, their brother 2 brother relationship was amazing. Michelle Rodriguez played her principal cast perfectly. She had done homework in her fighting and she looks gorgeous as always. Ludicrous and Tyrese Gibson played their respective roles well and their chemistry for humor doesn't cease to amaze at most of the times. Rock and Tony Jaa and other's also played their part to their maximum. But Elsa Pataky wasn't given that much to her role. She was a like a cameo appearance but it wasn't that much necessary to include in the whole movie. The graphics and stunts was nearly mind blowing except that the CGI work done for Paul is notable at some times. But, it wasn't that much drawback for the movie as he played his part well and his brother's completed the work he is done. The franchise might have losen a big cast, but it manages to keep the film to the edge of the seat climax. The tribute given by Vin Diesel for him is absolutely superb. It was very touching when he said,"It's never Goodbye" and when they separate in cross roads, it was really amazing to give such an tribute to Paul Walker.

Overall, as the franchise keeps promising its Action and Adrenaline, it manages to keep it together even though they lost Paul Walker. A must see for everyone. Try it in a cinema and your money's value will be nicely spent for a good entertainment.
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For Paul and the family
Amy Edwards17 October 2015
Perhaps Furious 7 wouldn't have that Box Office success and Popularity if the sudden death of one the main protagonists, Paul Walker AKA Brian O'Conner wouldn't have gotten in the way.

But this is how it is. The heartbreaking death of Paul in that terrible car crash has made this movie so special to the heart of the long standing fans. The script can be so cliché and full of inconsistencies, this movie is the last film of Paul Walker and will always be.

But what makes me to give that high note is the ending scene and the awesome tribute the rest of the fast and furious 'familia' made to Paul. They could have gotten his character to die like we have seen so many times in the past. Instead the scriptwriters rewrote the script to make a celebration of life and family.

In fact, This entire saga is more about family than cars. Cars and race are just the theme and the objects attracting our attention. But the most important part of that story is the strong relationship between the characters and their interprets who are as linked in real life as they are in the movie. Each time one of their own dies they face it together as the actors are actually doing it with the loss of Paul the only REAL loss of this community. And this is what is making this beautiful.
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It was a good movie
Eduardo Kelly30 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was a very action packed film it had a lot going on almost at all times which really grabs your attention and other people attention. I would rate it a 8 out of 10 because it was a very good movie, also the director of the movie is a good one. He uses short cuts so then he can get all of the action in. You can't have long cuts with action packed movies because it's very hard to do. My favorite part of the movie would have to be when they were driving through all the buildings because it is something that is highly unlikely but still looks very cool. It's shows how much balls the guys driving the cars have and how bad ass they are. They chose very good actors for the characters because you can't have someone that looks wimpy driving through buildings and racing cars. They chose Dom because he is big and muscular which Is good. But overall the move fast and the furious 7 was a very good movie and very action packed.
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I watched this movie the day it came our and I would watch it all over again any chance I could.
Trista Shaw15 October 2015
The movie Fast and Furious 7 is an amazing action filled movie! This movie illustrates how much family is valued and what family actually means. Fast and Furious 7 demonstrates that family isn't just blood; family is who sticks by your side. The way the director James Wan and the editing crew Leigh Folsom Boyd, Dylan Highsmith, Kirk Morri, Christian Wagner, they made it so Paul Walker's brother Cody played his part,and they digitally put Paul's face over Cody's, to make it seem like Paul Walker was still in the movie. If you have seen the first six Fast and Furious movies, I would highly suggest you see this one, but be ready, you will need some tissues at the end!

The cast of Fast and Furious 7 said that it was from Walker and Fast and Furious 8 is for (Paul). This movie portrayed how much their lives have changed over the years.

I went with my family to see this movie and I would recommend it to any family who loves action, or has seen the previous six movies. This movie will not disappoint you! It will make you want to watch the next one and see what happens next! It will leave you filled with suspense and will make you value family more.

The end of the movie will bring you to tears, as Vin Diesel says to Paul "I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time and I think that's why we were brothers - because you did too. No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you'll always be with me. And you'll always be my brother."

If action-filled movies are what you enjoy, I highly suggest this movie! This movie will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement, fear, sadness all packed into two hours. You will be left in suspense and will be valuing family a whole lot more. This movie earns five stars in my books.
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Autistic Reviewers opinion on this movie.
autisticreviewers10 November 2015
Fast & Furious has become a huge recognizable name in action, today it stands as a huge box-office hit for distributor Universal Studios. With this anticipated seventh installment, they have pulled out the big guns on action, fun and surprisingly emotion as the series reaches new heights and its trademarks that make it recognized.

The film lifts off where the previous 6th outing left, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) and crew are home in America having securing their amnesties and living their lives in peace with loved ones: with Toretto still helping his love Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) regain her memories and O'Connor adjusting to fatherhood to his growing son. But this peace will be shattered when one of their own is killed by the target cross-eye of Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who is avenging his brother's demise.

James Wan may be known for his contributions to horror-thriller genre (Insidious, The Conjuring, Saw and Death Sentence) but his direction and view of an action genre film is indeed an strong impression that left me and audiences in excitement. Wan proves that action is driven on speed, choreography and style and this makes F&F7 a worthy example of this. The action sequences are all big, loud and pack plenty of eye candy for action fans; from a rescue mission on a moving bus, building jumping, shootouts, fistfights and an explosive climax that takes place in an urban city. Practical stunts, assisting CGI and well-choreographed eye on detail make F&F7 worthy contender for visual effects and stunt awards in the coming year.

Casting as always is close and fun in the F&F series, with Diesel, Walker, Rodriguez, Gibson, Bridges, Brewster and Johnson sharing the leading formula that makes their characters seem so likable, with Johnson, Russell, Hounsou, Emmanuel and Statham proving great supporting roles. But sadly here it is final acting appearance of the late Paul Walker (who had died in an unexpected event) which left the film in a stand-still and its cast and fans worldwide in deep sadness. The film was delayed for a year and a half but the result was something that would touch not only the audience but its crew and cast. The final scene indeed left people crying in the theater but it was a touching and emotionally connected moment that hasn't been seen in film in some years, it made me feel both sad and touched and feeling that the F&F series had ended perfectly as it won't be the same without Walker.

Fast & Furious 7 is not only a fast driven action ride but in terms of quality, production value and emotion it proves to be the best of the series and one of this year's best films to have seen. It's only a thought now to see how Mad Max: Fury Road (releasing on May 14th 2015) will overthrow the action and car stunts that F&F7 has established a strong impression among audiences, but regardless this film will indeed be on your to 'see list'. Walker would have been deeply proud of how the film turned out in the end.

4/5 – Nick & Jay
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The best "Fast and Furious" movie yet...
joshuadrake-9127523 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
***WARNING! This review contains spoilers, if you haven't seen this film, you might want to before reading this review!*** Now, that I have watched the highly-anticipated feature film in the Fast & Furious film saga, this seventh installment was released on April 3rd, 2015 to extremely positive reviews and eventually broke the $1 billion dollar mark in three weeks after it's April 3rd release against a over extended budget of $250 million dollars over the unexpected tragic death of Paul Walker, who died on November 30, 2013.

With the previous installments being set between 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, this seventh Fast and Furious film, now titled just "Furious 7" is the first film of the series to mostly take place after the third film.

I'm gonna try and explain the plot in the best way that I can without making anyone sad.

After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew and clearing their records, Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz, Brian O'Conner and the rest of the crew are able to return to the United States and live normal lives again. Brian begins to deal with fatherhood, while Dominic helps Letty regain her memory. Owen's other brother, Deckard Shaw breaks into the secure hospital the comatose Owen being held in and swears vengeance against Dom. The crew goes to Han's funeral and both Shaw and Toretto prepares to fight but they don't. Hobbs and Shaw enters a fight, but Hobbs is injured and rushed to the hospital by Elena Neves.

This leads into the Toretto house being blown up and a man named Frank Petty informs Dom that he will help him in stopping Shaw's plan if he gets something called the God's Eye, a computer device that can track a specific person and the creator, Megan Ramsey. They go to Abu Dhabi, where they get the flash drive with the God's Eye.

This leads into a very, very long car chase and a final fight ensues between Dominic and Deckard in a Street Fighter-like type. Hobbs then come and shoots and kills Jakande. When Dom remains unconscious, the team fears that he is dead. As Letty cradles his body, she reveals that they are married and she has regained her memories and Dom soon regains consciousness. Later, Deckard is locked away in a CIA person and Dominic and his crew realizes that Brian is better off with his family. In the final scene, Dom and Brian drives up at a stop sign. As Dom remembers the times that he has had with Brian, they bid each other farewell and drives off in separate directions.

I'm not gonna spend all my time on this film, but this film is the best of the Fast & Furious series, along with the first film, the second film, the third, fifth and sixth film.

The comedy and drama is really well-thought out and director James Wan and Chris Morgan deserves a lot of credit for picking up where this film left off in the previous film. The film does not feel like it is long at all, it feels like it's an hour and a half long and at 134 minutes, some people say it is the longest, but it really isn't.

The action is just incredible and this movie has a lot of action. The fight between Kara and Letty is well choreographed and done carefully. The car chases are just as intense and action-packed as they are in the other films in the series. The fight between Dominic and Deckard Shaw rips off Street Fighter: The Video Game, but I like how it turns out and the way the two jumps to each other to fight with car tools is beautifully shot and pretty.

The music by Brian Tyler is just emotionally powerful, intense and super-cool. The acting is just incredible and powerful. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster as Dominic Toretto, Letty Ortiz and Mia Toretto are all really great in their performances in the film. Ludicrous and Tyrese Gibson as Tej and Roman are just as funny and serious as they were in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast Five and the previous film, Furious 6. Jason Statham is okay as Deckard Shaw. Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs is incredible in this film. The other actor I will definitely mention is the late Paul Walker, in his final film appearance ever as Brian O'Conner, for the seventh and final time is just sad, emotional and really great and I'm really glad that his young brothers Caleb and Cody, finished his remaining scenes. The send-off they give for his character is just sad, even with the Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth original song, "See You Again" song playing at the end and the montage of scenes from the previous movies in the franchise.

Overall, I love FURIOUS 7. It can get sad at the end, but I still love the heck out of this movie and I have no problem seeing the next film, but I am sad that this is Paul Walker's last film appearance and really great performances and it is a well done film.

I'm giving it an 10 out of 10.
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A fitting tribute to Paul Walker
patrickbennett662 April 2015
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the seventh installment of this successful franchise but I was totally blown away by the seamless and well choreographed fight scenes and car chases. What makes this movie stand out from its predecessors is how it goes beyond the modding of Japanese street cars to engaging the viewer with a very decent storyline that pulls together all of the previous movies. I particularly liked the use of the cut-scenes from previous films that reminded viewers of the continuity of one helluva story.

Of course, the other side of going to see this movie was knowing the loss of its prime star - Paul Walker - to a shocking car accident last year, and wondering how much of a role he would play in the film and how well they would work their CGI magic into his role. Needless to say, it was very well done (even though you could tell when they did use CGI of his face in a few scenes).

Not trying to give anything away, but the final 5 minutes was a fitting send off for Paul. I'm sure there was a few takes for the final scene on the beach.

Great film. 10/10 from me.
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Despite the tragic circumstances this movie is a huge fun ride.
Tomas Blume2 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So last night we finally watched the latest installment of the Fast Saga:Fast and Furious 7. In September 2013 Paul Walker died during the filming of "Fast & Furious 7″ in a car accident. To honor him the film was completed with a modified script. The result is not only a furious action blockbusters, but also a worthy memorial to this deceased star. While Walker had already shot most of his scenes to complete the film, for the remaining parts Walkers brothers Caleb and Cody had been used in some scenes with CGI and body doubles. In the end the additional work and time spend on this was very well worth it. The fact that one of the main characters was killed during the shooting of this movie won't be noticed in the film until the very appropriate sentimental end.

With its great charm, wit and attention to detail "Fast & Furious 7″ is a perfected action blockbuster. The greatest strength of the film is in my opinion that it never takes itself too serious despite its sad history. If you are a moviegoers that values a sophisticated and logical plot development and a realistic representations you are wrong here. This movie got hyperbole wherever you look, but that is not a negative thing in my opinion.

Compared to the previous installments "Fast & Furious 7″ tops the predecessors in all respects and goes the extra mile. You see tuned cars drop out of a plane, drivers changing cars during full speed (several times) or crashing though the window of one Abu Dhabi Skyscraper only to end up in a neighboring skyscraper again. Epic.

Especially the scene where the wounded agent Hobbs dismisses himself from Hospital with the words "Daddy has to work" by blowing up his plaster arm by flexing his biceps may soon gain cult status. In addition to the well-known stars of the previous movies, including the spin offs "Tokyo Drift", the cast was even expanded by by two high-calibers starring Jason Statham and Kurt Russell who present themselves in top form and as a valuable addition to the movie.

You can tell that for everyone involved in the movie it was a matter of the heart to put Paul Walker the worthy monument that is Fast and Furious 7. For me this latest installment is till date by far the strongest film in the series and despite the tragic circumstances a huge fun ride.
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Cheesy at times, but ultimately one of the best action movies I have ever seen in a while
apstylianou1 December 2015
I will admit that I'm not a massive fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, but Fast & Furious 7 was a real treat in the early days of 2015. It was an intensely thrilling action packed joy ride and I had a really great time watching Furious 7.

Firstly, I will admit that there were some moments in the film that I felt were a little out of place sort of. Although those moments didn't exactly drop the film in a way, they were just a little unrealistic. I also thought that they could've used Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a lot more in this movie since he only had about 10 minutes of screen time, if not less.

That all aside, this was classic explosive Fast & Furious car action. Vin Diesel was amazing in this movie; this time around he plays a more dramatic role since this movie pays a tribute to recently deceased star of the franchise, Paul Walker, making this movie more of a drama than a thriller action film, which I think does it's job really really well at that. I'll admit, I was tearing up at that point.

Jason Statham also kills it in this movie. I've admired his acting skills, but I think this is the movie that I am going to remember him from the most out of every movie he's done. He is a good actor, but as the main villain in this movie, Deckard Shaw, I thought he delivered the most.

Overall, I had a blast with Fast & Furious 7, it was exciting and emotional, it made us all laugh and cry. I have listened to that song by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa "See You Again" so many times, I love that song, it's a perfect way to carry the film's emotional tribute to Paul Walker and to give him the perfect send-off.

For Paul 9.9/10
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Bob Rutzel21 September 2015
Dominic Toretta (Vin Diesel) gets his Team together to take out Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) who is on a revenge kick blaming Dominic for his brother lying in a coma. But first, the Team must find and protect Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) a master Hacker/Programmer, who created God's Eye, a program that can locate anyone anywhere on the planet. Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), the head of Black Ops, says Ramsey must be found if Dominic wants his help with Shaw.

This should be watched for the stunts and CGI as both are terrific. We will see cars race down a mountain side with many trees in the way; and also see a car jump from one hi-rise building in Dubai into another hi-rise building. These stunts or CGI (who can tell anymore) will take your breath away.

The pacing is very good for these stunts and CGI, but when Dominic and Shaw did hand-to-hand combat it went on forever. The scene would cut away often to the Team in cars trying to avoid the helicopter intent on taking them out with missiles, then revert back to these two who were still at it. Did I mention "still" at it. Yes, way too long.

The real winners in here are, of course, the stunts and CGI because they were terrific. And mention must be made for the photography, editing and cinematography as they were spot on.

Notables: Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs, Michelle Rodrigues as Letty, Lucacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster as Mia, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Lucas Black as Sean, and Ronda Rousey the Champion MMA fighter. You will see Rhonda as Kara in a white dress fighting Letty. (a cat fight?) And certainly Paul Walker (Brian) who died in a car crash (he was not driving) during the filming of Furious 7. The song "See you Again" that played in the movie was a tribute to Paul Walker.

All in all this was terrific and the action never dragged or went on for too long as scene changes helped that out a lot. This will be hard to top and there is talk of Furious 8. Ready for it? (9/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: Bikini and thong backsides. Language: Small stuff and not much of it.
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awesome by jack wilder 910210
yurilad28 October 2015
movie was awesome lots of packed action, and the hot girls were awesome wish i could date them and be together and do stuff with them, you know what i mean and the music was cool too loved it all, even know when me and my friend watched it on DVD, it kept stuffing up the part i saw were cool, and would watch it again all the way to the top,i hope they make a 8 one, because that would be cool to see it without Paul walker, let try it see how it goes i never seen any of the other ones but might think about seeing it, but really loved the movie to bits and am happy i saw it, i know one boy who loves this movie and that what made me want to see it, and now i have.
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For Paul , The Movie says... Of Course for Paul I watched it
Warning: Spoilers
Amazing tribute to Paul walker, And what a wonderful memory of him... the Movie still stands in my eyes.. Amazing, extraordinary.. Some movies only stand in our eyes and this movie is.. The whole cast is marvelous and each and every minute of the film was written well... Pin Diesel stands back for family.. Paul as his brother.. Superb Ending.. I liked it.. The best movie of the decade.. Paul is amazing to watch in the screen as a father , brother.. Gibson is in his comic sense and the air diving and the stunts are .. Whooah.. One Last Ride.. Jason Statham blocks Rock.. Paul Drives.. Michelle is amazing.. Samma.. The team has really made a great effect.. For Paul..
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a nostalgic movie for the fans not for the critics .
funkmaker2 April 2015
fast and furious series is not made to get Oscars or golden globes these movies are made for the young people to have a thrill and bang for their money.This movie has all the youth asks for Action, very little drama,hot babes in bikinis, car chases and of course the stuff getting blown up to pieces. if you are a young person between 18 to 28 you'll love it and if you young by heart you'll adore it.but if you are looking for award winning performances this wont be the movie for you so critics might not like it for having the same old chase and kill concept of action movies but youth will love it because they once more saw their favorite actors do what they do best.drive cars and then do whats unthinkable. also to add as this movie is like a tribute to the passing of Paul walker(R.I.P.)they have managed to put on the best farewell moments for him using CGI and body doubles of course and i think think movie justifies it very much.so go on watch this movie i bet you'll feel nostalgic all over again and also in the end you might end up in tears so do bring the tissues with you
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A must watch for Jason fans
Amit Singho2 April 2015
Well... well.. well..... Let's see Everyone knows how traumatic it was to lose an actor and a person like Paul Walker. Specially for the Fast & Furious team. It cannot be described in words or any other means. However the way this film has paid a tribute to him is something which every actor wants living or dead. Movie is simply awesome and there is no question about it. The reason simply being it was not complete when Paul was taken away from us and the story writer and director must have been in terrible agony then. But the way everything has been put together not a single soul can believe what they just saw after watching this movie. However I was reading comments and reviews from other users and I find it sad to see that people don't give importance to little but important things in a movie. For instance I was shocked to see Tony Jaa in this movie. There is a full on action sequence where he is literally making an Ong Bak 4 out of this movie but people didn't find time to write about him. I think he was simply awesome. The best thing about this movie is Jason who is simply a Pit Bull from UK, a live time bomb, the transporter who can transport you to hell in no time and a very dangerous Killer elite in one... So my recommendation to people would be, pay a tribute to Paul, go and watch this movie.... For Paul
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Good Movie , may be the best. Loved Paul Walker's Action
Manohar Dava2 April 2015
Fantastic Movie. Nice direction. Paul's action was fabulous. Fans might just love his scenes. Tyrese Gibson looks like a joker in this film. Routine revenge story but its shown in a different way. Jason once again gave his best like a villain. Dialogues are really good. Cars!! The Upgraded ones. Music was just awesome. Last 5mins of the movie before the end credits, the scenes appear like they are dedicated to Paul. Really we miss Paul Walker.Ride out song and Go hard or go home songs are played with end credits.The last song Before end credits shown like Paul and Vin Diesel go for ride is something heart touching,you might feel to cry if you are a Paul Walker Fan.
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Best movie by far
sahilyad262 April 2015
The Fast Furious franchise has come a far way, and this particular movie is far the best one. It is packed full of action, comedy and amazing cars. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves fast furious. The movie follows Tokyo Drift so it would be a good idea to watch all the movies again before watching this one. The ending is great and overall i think the director and the actors have done a great job!! Tyrese Gibson is one heck of a funny actor, Vin Diesel has done a great job in his role, So has Jordana Brester, Dwayne Johnson, Ludicrous and Jason Statham in his great role as the antagonist in the film. Tje plot of the story is great. I was hoping for another movie of ff8 but however i think it was appropriate for the team to stop here as it would be quite disrespectful to make another one without Paul Walker.
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Awesome movie
thaole-692358 October 2015
Fast and Furious is a series of action films by James Wan; it is one of the best American franchises which centers on heists, crimes and illegal street racing. The film was established in 2001 with the title The Fast and The Furious, and the last film of the series called Furious Seven just came out at the beginning of this year. This movie is definitely one my favorites so far this year because of it's fascinating scenes, interesting story and great characters.

The movie Furious Seven took place after Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Connor and the rest of their team defeated and hospitalized Owen Shaw. Dominic and his team decided to come back to the United States to live a normal life with their family. Shortly after the death of Owen Shaw, his older brother, Deckard Shaw was seeking revenge against Toretto and his team. After Deckard Shaw killed Dominic's close friend Han, one of the main characters in the previous series, Toretto and O'Connor gathered the team and were on the hunt for Deckard Shaw. The team also got helped from a secretive government agency after they had freed a kidnapped computer hacker, who had created a device that can help them capture Shaw. Deckard Shaw was the antagonist in the movie, and Dominic Toretto was the leader of their group. All the orders were given from Toretto. He and his team now put it all in the line for one last ride. They decided to return to their hometown, Los Angeles, to fight Deckard Shaw. After all, justice always win. Shaw was taken into custody and locked away in a high-security prison, and Toretto, Brian and the team could finally be off retired with their family.

James Wan, director of the movie did a really good job on connecting all the circumstances which made the film more interesting. All the actors in the movie had different roles that they portrayed. For example Dominic Toretto was the leader of the team, so he always has a stern deep voice and a tough exterior that a leader would. The film took place in many locations like Los Angeles, Tokyo, and India. The outfits that they characters had worn were not flashy. It was standard clothing that an average person would wear. The effects in the movie were very precise. Nothing seemed to have many computerized effects to it. The angels were shot in all directions where the audience was able to see all of the action that was taking place. Also the angles were all being shot to where the cars are being shown in all directions. The sound effects in the movie were accurate, the sound of the cars were exactly how you would hear it if it passed by on the street. Using real authentic sounds for their vehicles and weapons made the movie come to life.

The movie ended with a wonderful tribute to Paul Walker, played as Brian who died in a car accident in the middle of filming the movie. This is one of the emotional moments that got so many tears from the fans of both the series and the actor.
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Omg...must watch...
bouhamala2 April 2015
James Wan did a really good job. :)

A good movie keeps you excited at first, WOW in the middle & OMG in the end. & this is exactly what you will get in this movie. Furious 7 is so wild, engaging & exciting from the beginning till the very end.

There is all in one movie,,,action ,love story, comedy omg. some scenes were so funny that everyone were laughing in the movie theater. It's totally unbelievable how a car chasing movie like Fast & Furious could lead to a mind blowing actions movie, & it gets better from scene to scene.

What a good way to end & remember Paul. You'll be missed, Paul Walker! I admit i was crying in the end, so for those who loved Paul, you will cry....i guarantee it :)
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Suitable farewell
Bj Shepherd2 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went expecting big things from this movie, and unsurprisingly I was not surprised. This movie was everything that I was expecting. From cars, to guns, to strong female characters (I.E the beautiful and talented Michele Rodriguez and Rhonda Rousey, amongst many others.) The guys were also great, with. Vin diesel, djimon Honsou and Jason statham (all actors I have liked watching in other films they have done.) Dwayne Johnson pulling out the big guns. I really would recommend this movie and I did appreciate the farewell they gave 'the late' Paul walker at the end of the film. I do think that he will be missed by so many who have watched his films. R.I.P Mr walker. Hoping their might be something else this great group of actors can do together in the future.
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In Paul Walker Memory
bhanu_9999 October 2015
These franchise had got me sense of speed in every aspects of life. And the starting film where Paul entered was a memory for life. After hearing his tragic death I was compelled to watch this movie. The last scene got me to tears when I re looked the old film clips of Paul's films.

This film gave tribute to the legendary actor at every occasion,be it with Dom, Mia, or with whole family.

May be he is no more but his daring movies and true nature will be remembered by every movie going person for long time.

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Review for Furious 7
emirsuljevices5 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Furious 7 is the newest of the Fast and Furious sequels. It is an action film in which you see how street racers live. The main actor is Vin Diesel (Dom Torreto) he is the leader of the gang his girlfriend is Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and also one of the main characters Paul Walker (Brian) the are other characters Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Kurt Russel, Jordana Brewster and Jason Statham the villain (Deckard Shaw). In the movie you follow Dom Torreto and the gang who are trying to live a normal life now until Deckard Shaw decides to seek after revenge for his brother. The action takes place all over the world and its very fast paced but in the end Torreto and the gang stay alive and but Shaw in prison. The movie was amazing the special effects were great that is something that really made this film awesome I also loved the characters and the revenge seeking villain was amazing. Overall this movie was great and I loved it i would recommend it to everyone to watch however you really have to watch the other parts to know what is going on.
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For Paul
boyznick20 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When Justin Lin announced he would be stepping down as the director for Furious 7 following Universal's decision to fast track the sequel before the release of Furious 6, a lot of fans like myself were wondering who could possibly replace him!? The franchise wouldn't be what we've come to know without Justin, he has been around since the Tokyo Drift (which is way too under-rated) and saved the dying franchise from being released direct to video.

Fast & Furious is never just about street racing but family & heist. Before you hate me, watch the first movie and Fast Five again then compare it yourself. You see the evolution of the characters and from robbing trucks with DVD players to heisting 100million.

Now back to Furious 7.. When they announced James Wan will be taking over the franchise, a lot of us were worried as he was most well-known for his work in horror genre, particularly SAW & Insidious. Nevertheless James has proved he is perfectly capable of big budget action movies, just look at the air drop or the Abu Dhabi sequence!

Spoilers ahead..

The film started off with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) talking to the coma-tonic Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), promising to avenge him. Just pause and think how he could have survived the fall from the plane!? If that's the case I think Gisele & Han can too.. I mean they did bring Letty back right?

With all the hyped built up from the post credit scene of Furious 6, I was genuinely interested to see how Deckard Shaw hunt down the team and continue where Tokyo Drift left off. Instead we were introduced another villain, Mose Jakande, played by Djimon Hounsou (which is unnecessary and dull), Shaw was pretty much cast aside as a secondary character. We never get to see the team from the hunted to the hunter as Shaw kept showing up from time to time. Other than the impressive action sequence, it didn't really add much to the overall story. Sean Boswell played by Lucas Black showed up for 1 minute or 2 talking to Dom and you would at least think he might want to avenge Han right? But no we don't see him for the rest of the film.. I guess we just have to wait for the sequel. Shaw brothers might be teaming up, you never know!

Furious 7 was originally intended to be the first of a new trilogy but plans were scrapped due to Paul Walker's untimely death and instead the filmmaker decided it was all about making this movie for Paul. A lot of moviegoers like myself were very emotional by the credit rolled. It felt like the end of the journey with these characters you come to love and it was the perfect send off to Walker's character, more importantly farewell to Paul himself. The crossroad scene is definitely the highlight of the film and the reason I am giving this an 8 out of 10.

Part of me wishes they end the franchise here but with the highly impressive box office number, a sequel is nothing but guarantee. . I am very curious to see where the franchise is heading without the essence of Paul Walker. It just does not seem right without one of the core family member.. What do you think?
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