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Weird Episode
slightlymad221 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was a weird episode to watch. Work obsessed Lily is never my favourite Lily, and there is an uncomfortable scene between Ted and Barney when Ted tries to give Barney advice about Robin. It's awkward, uncomfortable and seemed out of place in the show.

Plot In A Paragraph: The Captain asks Lily to move to Rome with him, which causes her a huge dilemma as she always wanted to live abroad, but is uncomfortable asking Marshal to move as he loves his job and is thriving working there. Meanwhile Ted and Barnsy try and get a girl to take her coat off in Maclarens.

Jason Segel is a lot of fun here, especially in his Godfather inspired scenes. And I liked the scenes with Barney and Ted trying to get the girl out of her coat. But I hated the scene where Barney takes offence at Ted trying to offer him advice on how to handle Robin.
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Romeward Bound (#8.21)
ComedyFan20109 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I liked Lily and Marshall story. They are such wonderful characters and now that this baby isn't mentioned too much and they have normal story lines they start to shine again. It was both funny about Marshall lying about his job as well as him being all dressed Italian. I would love to see the two of them go to Rome, if they would make that one year be the time between the seasons. It is great if Lily can have her dream job and it was nice how they talked about her fears of going so far.

It was a pretty interesting how Barney got mad at Ted about his advice. Is he having some insecurities about this wedding? Him trying to get the wedding planner out of the jacket was pretty funny though.
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lily gets offered her dream job in Rome by the captain and she is confused if she should take it or not.
jain-vasu63128 July 2013
the captain offers lily her dream job as an art consultant in Rome, because of this sudden change lily is confused whether she should take it or not , she calls Marshall and he replies that he is " working on a big case". meanwhile Ted points blarney to a girl who as he says has a "redonkulous body, mission impossible ghost protocol of bodies" Barney and Ted try to take the coat of the girl.

this is funny episode all though it lacks in humor and could have a few more jokes and one liners.

it is not the typical himym episode as it has no sex stories of barney or any funny or Canadian stereotypical reference.

better than i expected , worse than i hoped.
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Especially liked the funny bits in Marshall's law office!
robert-104114 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
We have only seen Marshall's law office occasionally, most notably in a show arc that lasted a few episodes with Martin Short as his boss back in season four. Here, we see the law firm has fallen on hard times and only two lawyers remain in the whole firm: Marshall and his lawyer buddy "Bernard". With Bernard's help, Marshall can honestly tell his wife Lily (actress Alyson Hannigan) he was busy with "a big case", that he was with "the Client", that "he had a lot on his plate", that he had "a lot of balls in the air", that he was going "to get reamed" and that they were keeping "a lot of plates spinning". SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE EPISODE: The comedy is that Bernard and Marshall are drinking "a big case" of beer, that Bernard is reading the book "The Client" to Marshall, that Marshall and Bernard have a lot of food on their plate at lunch, that Bernard is juggling rubber band balls in the office, that Bernard is throwing reams of paper at Marshall's head, and that Bernard is spinning lunch plates on pencils like a circus performer.

Would like to see more of Marshall and Bernard, they made a good comedy team.
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