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A bizarre French fetish-orgy goes awry...
This surreal love-party begins with a series of mysterious events, where the three main characters experience some misfortune. It's the young couple, Ali (Kate Moran) and Matthias (Niels Schneider), and their transvestite maid, Udo (Nicolas Maury), who are getting ready for a highly anticipated midnight orgy in their house, where their horny guests arrive one by one during the night.

Their guests are a colorful variety of people, including "The Slut" (Julie Brémond), "The Star" (Fabienne Babe), "The Stud" (Eric Cantona) and "The Teen" (Alain-Fabien Delon), all with their own sexual perversions. Especially Eric Cantona is amusing, as a "Dirk Diggler" kind of character, who is miserable even though he is VERY well-endowed.

During this night of lust, a bunch of weird things happen, which I will no go into further detail here (as to not give away too many things about the film), but suffice to say, that there are a LOT of monologues about sex, life and death, and the film feels VERY "French" (and not necessarily in a good way, mind you).

It reminded me of a mixture between Fassbender's "Querelle" (with the sexual themes and colorful studio-backgrounds), and some old avant-garde art-porn from the 1980s. I'm not really into this kind of thing, so that's why I didn't rate it very highly. It's mostly just loooong speeches about everything and nothing, set to a backdrop of great music by the band M83, and after a while it gets quite tedious and dull. But hey, if you're into this sort of thing, you'll probably love it to death!
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Uplifting, Life Affirming Dream
Boyd7 July 2014
Well loads of people are going to hate it ... But I loved it ... It managed to show the positive aspects of taking chances in your life ... All too rare in this awful cesspit of mediocrity that society has become ... Cantona is great :)) ... Beatrice Dalle has a marvelous outrageous cameo ... And the whole cast manage to create an amazing dreamworld channeling Daughters of Darkness and The Hunger and various other films into something very 21st century AND very French ... Thank god some directors with brains can still find financing to make films ... I had to suffer through the first half hour of Noah before this ... It was awful and unwatchable ... This shows what a bit of imagination can do ... Rather just throw money at the screen and usually create expensive unwatchable rubbish
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All faux-erotic style, no sensual substance
sugarfreepeppermint10 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The film had my full attention when it begins. It certainly provides beautiful imagery set to very suitable electronic music. I was at the edge of my seat to see Eric Cantona put his trousers-snake on full exhibit as well. It's all downhill from then on, though. Rather than getting down to business, as one would suppose one would at an orgy, the director makes an attempt at making the characters "profound" and digresses from the actual orgy theme. His characters are ranting on and on about their back stories, and this is visualized in an abstract artsy fartsy manner that is distracting and evasive. It comes across as very moralistic, as if the characters need a legitimate post modernist approved excuse to attend an orgy. The sex must first be metaphysicalized before it is engaged in. It must have the pretension of "high" art, otherwise it would be deemed vulgar. This is the type of French drivel that pretends to be very liberal and provocative but is in fact very apologetic and orthodox in its views on sex and sexuality. Namely, we are being lectured: you should be looked down upon if you engage in promiscuous sex for sexual pleasure's sake only. And that you shall feel obliged to love and feel a deep connection to, even the most unattractive and unpleasant people randomly forcing themselves upon you. We wouldn't want to be deemed "superficial," now, would we?

I have no problems with a kaleidoscopic visual trip of eroticism, but it must actually feel sensual, rather than awkward. Hey, if you think it's sexy seeing an annoying snarly queen dressed as a maid giving a woman a passionless mechanical hand-job on a couch, whilst a beautiful boy is delivering a monologue about his predilection for the night and its forbidden delights, then by all means this must be your type of film. The appeal of nocturnal carnal sin is alluded to, but the image we are provided with is off-putting and not sensual at all. Moreover, the incessant "deep" talk is on overkill and therefore the film drags on and becomes unbearably tedious.

I commend the director for his excellent visuals, now all he needs is a well written script to go with it.
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Life and Death play a solitary game of chance
Mme_Jannings18 November 2014
This is a movie that cannot be seen with the eyes of evasion. It is a movie that needs to be watch it with the eyes of the soul as well as the physical eyes, without prejudgments, and without taboos. In this film there is a naive and innocent eternal love, that needs to be fed with lust like vampires need to be fed by blood. On the other hand there is a world with lack of satisfaction, a world of loneliness and a life that has just started to open to the complicated world. The oneiric images are intermingled with fantasies and reality, and it goes slowly, until its climax. It is also a simple movie yet it is not. I like letting myself be taken where the director means to take the public. I find this film special and not liked by everyone. It makes you stop and feel all that happens in the characters lives. In our times, this movie has echoes from the silent movies, and the photography is spectacular, at times eerie and others, sublime and beautiful. It makes you feel in a dream at times, as if I had been in it as well. Strange, beautifully portrayed by all actors and actresses, I especially note the work by Kate Moran, Beatrice Dalle, Alain Fabien Delon and Fabienne Babe, although the rest of the cast is great. Dalle is very credible, Moran has moments of deep emotion that trespass the screen, Alain Fabien Delon is a tender heart in this film and his final scene very well defined, and Babe has great expressions in her role. The director is Yann Gonzalez and it is the first time that I see his work. I think he wanted this film to be deep yet naive at the same time. The fetish scenes are important to show the characters inner souls. Those that love the Art of the Seventh Art, may consider to try this one.
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