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Great action drama
fatelovesthefearless9 January 2014
In my opinion this show as well as Chicago Fire (Of which Chicago PD is a spin off of) are the best cop, paramedic and firefighter shows since Third Watch.

Chicago PD is full of action right off the bat and although it may not be the most realistic or factual cop show it is entertaining which is what TV is meant to be. If i wanted to see something realistic id watch a reality highway patrol show... ZzzZz

If you like Chicago Fire Third Watch, SVU or any of those type of shows your bound to love this!

I'm hooked and i've only seen one episode.
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mharirbafan18 January 2014
OK. Somebody please tell me there is a number more than 10 for this pilot. I am surprised to see Chicago P.D., specially from NBC. It's more than anything I've ever saw from Television so far and I'm Speechless. The violence is used for this series is almost enough to not be scared about and is not more than you expect to be a drama series. In years I saw so many police dramas from different networks, Criminal Minds, Justified, The Closer, Copper, Cracked, Crossing Lines and Dexter, but this is different. The idea is fresh, the casts are Good, the plot is not Predictable (I think because I just saw the pilot), directing was good, visual effects are astonishing and the series is so far building to my expectations. I cannot wait to see more. Hope this will be continues in next episodes. 10/10.
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Great cop show! If you like them! Some reviewers are strange!
abeeftec30 January 2014
People who said this show made them angry? Are you for real? Seriously, how can a show make you angry? You have some thin skin!

This show is great. I never saw a single episode of Chicago Fire but I think this is one of the best Cop shows to come out in a long time.

About the Cliché characters. What do you expect? Characters are what makes or breaks a show! People watch to root for their Character!

This show delivers and is interesting. What is there not to like if you watch Cop shows?

The first show grabbed my attention and held it the entire show and the second and third were close to as good.
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Very good show most of the time
ricardowattz830 January 2014
PD is a spin off of Chicago Fire but you certainly don't have to have seen Chicago Fire to enjoy it. However, there is a lot of background on the main leader of the cops from Chicago Fire in which he was really presented as a bad guy. A lot of that has since been slightly washed down although he certainly does things that other conventional cop shows don't show. Which is one of the main things that makes this show good.

All of the main cops are very good but the show does not feel as edgy as it really could. There was however an absolute shock a few weeks ago in one episode but I won't mention it since it is a spoiler. More of those shocks would be warranted.

I like it when we do see characters from Chicago Hope spill over and vice verse but this show certainly lives on its own.

I'd recommend this to everyone who likes shows like Special Victims and Law&Order.
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Love this Show, Jason Beghe makes it!! Def. 12 out of 10 ;)
ms-thopes3 May 2014
FINALLY a great TV show...I'm sick to death of reality TV, my life is reality, I watch TV to get away from reality... it's about time they brought TV back to what it's suppose to be, entertaining! This show has it all, it's full of action, with a side of funny, and a dose of crime. I think the TV people need to find a way to better calculate their ¨ratings¨ bc more & more people, like myself, watch TV online. I watch ALL my TV online & if your ratings were accurate Chicago PD would be off the charts with how many times I've watched each episode, it's basically on a running loop on my computer now. So let's hope the networks get smart & figure out a better way to get their ¨ratings.¨ There aren't many shows that you like all the cast members, there's usually someone you don't really like but I love everyone on this show. Great Casting Job... LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason Beghe... Give me a badge a gun and I'll be Voights ¨dirty¨ sidekick in a heartbeat lol We'd clean up Chicago. Great Job NBC, now don't screw it up. ---- OK, so after reading all the comments I feel the need to ¨re-comment¨...Lets start with Voight, ya he did a crappy thing on Chicago Fire, he also went to jail for it, this show is his 2nd chance,(people do deserve them) you can tell he thrives on catching the bad guy & will go the distance to do it, he's a little aggressive lol but definitely the kind of cop I'd want handling a case for me(lets think about it, has he ever abused the rights of an innocent? ;) He's a great lead!! Those of you who actually believe your cops do things by the book are naive & have never gone through the system. The system is corrupt no matter how innocent you are, if they want you to be guilty, you are guilty! TO: ¨wallow¨ this is LIFE, maybe you live where its all unicorns & rainbows but most people don't, sounds like you need to get out of the house & if you don't like cop shows anyways then your opinion doesn't really matter. To: less than a minute, god help us if we all act like u! Would that be church TV for all? Does every show need to OK it with whatever city they are basing a show on? Disclaimers for everyone? Geeez Louise! To cliché 101, what cop show does have believable cops? If the cast is ugly who's gonna watch? At least they put realistic shoes on Sophia Bush. Watch Criminal Minds, CSI, L&O SVU & the lady cops are wearing 5 inch heels running down the street, now that's unbelievable. Angry and insulted eh? I think you need counselling, it's just TV, then again you do watch Rizzoli & Isles so that explains a lot. Now that show sucks! To must miss TV: This show is actually a little different from the same ole cop shows, but how different can you make them? Cops fight crime, not like they can go spice it up & send them to fight fires or have them out tap dancing in the streets *rolling my eyes* To very unconvincing: If this show is receiving so many high ratings but you don't like it, what does that say about your taste? Then again you're from the UK & I've watched UK TV, it's like watching a homemade movie in slow motion. TO PD Poor... The story lines are awesome... Dialogue unbelievable? WTH? It's only had 11 episodes, how much can a character develop, geeez give it a chance. It's an action/drama, not suspense! This is not a soap, they are tough cops doing a tough job, no slowing down. So they don't have time to all gather around, cry & sing kumbaya for Jewells. How can Seda's wife be pushing him away? She's been in the show twice? Are you for real? Some people just like to complain. I just felt like responding to some of the most ridiculous comments I've ever heard about a TV show. IT IS TV PEOPLE!! NOT REALITY!
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Bad on so many levels, I dunno where to begin
Eddie_weinbauer22 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If you expect even a hint of realism,don't watch this show I started watching this, thinking it would be and entertaining action packed show.How wrong I was. The show is so stupid you laugh and snicker through almost all the serious emotional scenes. ****************Warning Spoilers*********Warning Spoilers*********** They have taken every cliché they could think off, from every cop show and Hollywood movie they get their hands on. The acting is sub par,stiff,and wooden. The lines are cheesy at best, horrible at the worst. Sophia bush may be sexy as hell,but as an elite cop she is not believable at all.She look,sound and act like cheerleader.

The rumor has it, the actors had to undergo SWAT training before the show. I got the impression the producers, threw all that out the window. They miss 90% of what they shoot at,they have to strain so NOT catch up with the suspect during running scenes. And they call 5,56mm cop killer bullets(that one really made me laugh)

They are suppose to be an elite unit of some sort, but you never grasp what kind.They call them self the intelligence unit,but they seem to be doing a lot of field work. And they seem have no limit either, as to what cases they can take on either.They even outrank the secret service. Not to mention they beat suspects,and violate every right any citizen has.But somehow they never get reported to media nor all over the internet You hardly ever see a forensic team,the cops step all over evidence and crime scenes.Nothing ever goes to court.

Every criminal is clumsy and stupid, and leave a long easy trail for cops to follow. Everyone confess after been spoken harshly to. They never ever ask for a lawyer.One scene the cops actually tell the lawyer to leave the room so they can question the suspect.And the lawyer obeys The cops actually break more laws than the the criminals. It get more comical when the cops drive around shinny new black SUV cars who never goes with the neighborhood they roll into.Yet nobody realize they're cops And search warrants? Who needs them.They can basically break into anyone house,they can harass you at your work,they can beat you,accuse you publicly of murdering your own kid.And they don't have to answer to anybody.No lawsuits no internal affair.No getting dragged through the dirt on the internet or in the paperers. These guys make the gestapo look like altar boys
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Great Show
ffsotus8 January 2014
Not sure why people complain about morals. I don't watch these type of shows for morals, I watch them because they are fun. This show has their own justice which most of of understand we can't have, but would like to have. Bottom line well written show, great actors and actresses and down right a fun and entertaining show. I like the fact this this could be a crooked cop show, but does what is right to get the job done. Problem with the show is it's only on once a week. I am not sure if I can wait another week for episode 2.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting show, this is it. If you want morals and values, go watch Mr. Robinson
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Absolutely addicted....
pimbinha1 March 2015
I think Chicago PD and Chicago Fire are both amazing series. Better still, the story lines are based on factual events. Love it, love it, love it. Please don't let either end anytime soon.

The fact that these are great series, leaves me on edge every time I watch them. There is always suspense in every episode and they way they all work as a team and have each others backs, is amazing. Wish I could be part of the "family".

Please don't let these finish anytime soon...

Love Chiacgo Fire Love Chicago PD

A big thumbs up to producers, directors, story writers and most of all, the actors. Fantastic work all round
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Very Unconvincing.....
gtlinfield24 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Watched the pilot episode and will not be watching any more. This had a promising first couple of minutes but soon descended into a very predictable and frankly unconvincing, introduction to the main characters. Action scenes although containing a lot of violence were weak and unconvincing the two be-headings looking very much like a window display in a second rate Halloween goods store. The dialogue seemed to rotate in a very predictable fashion between the characters given that everyone in each scene seemed to speak in strict rotation with very little evidence of any attempt at spontaneity. I suppose I should watch a few more episodes but I cannot honestly see how that after such a disappointing pilot it could ever achieve any more depth.

I don't normally review TV shows but felt I had to join simply because of the high rating this show received and the view that it does not deserve to be rated at anywhere near the same level as series such as the excellent "Luther" or "Broadchurch".
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Wonderful Show
rashadlholmes6 May 2014
I'm not going to even lie, I was a little skeptical at first about this show. However, after watching it the first couple of weeks, I was really impressed. I started to find myself enjoying the show much more than I expected. I like the fact that all of the characters have a story line. Chicago Fire was already a great show but I like how the producer incorporates both shows together. Detective Voight was not my favorite person in the world when I first encountered him. However, after watching the show this First season, he is my favorite actor on the show now. Chicago PD is starting to become my favorite show on television. The action is great along with the characters!
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P.D Poor Department
misslollie_131 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted so much to like this spin-off show as I'am a big fan of Chicago Fire, but its just tragic. Poor scripting that is not entertaining, shockingly ridiculous story lines that aren't developed or character relevant, the dialogue- its completely unbelievable, doesn't develop the characters, and it lacks real suspense.

Acting: I like Jon Seda and Sophia Bush and have really enjoyed their appearances in Chicago Fire but in their own show them and the rest of the cast do nothing to make this show watchable. Sedas on screen wife seems to be pushing him away most of the time and this is not for the storyline. When one of their own is killed Detective Julia Willhite the cast doesn't seem to grieve this accordingly or appropriately act as you would expect if a cop was killed in the line of duty, its almost swept under the rug. Over all just really disappointing, and I'm generally quite forgiving on most of my own personal reviews but I agree with the other low ratings of this show. Could of been brilliant but its not. I've watched up to episode 3 but think I will just skip to the cross over 12th episode with Chicago Fire and delete the rest.

Hope watchers enjoy my review.
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Unlikable characters, poor script, cliché
rucipi12 January 2016
I wanted to try this one after Chicago Fire, as I really liked the show. I expected Chicago PD to be different, as it focuses on police investigations. But to my surprise, it revolves around a team of hot- headed cops with no ethics, bordering on extreme clichés.

Jason Beghe's acting is one dimensional because his character is written this way. An angry pouty face for every single episode, totally irresponsible over the top reactions for any word he spits out. The writing is so overboard it's not realistic.

Not only does it praise police violence and non-respect of the law, it also does a poor job on investigating. The plot is thin, the characters never seem to rejoice but only have negative issues, everyone has a raspy voice, Sophia Bush included (which makes it hard to understand at times).

Why would the audience feel any sympathy / sense of attachment to such characters?

I tried to power through a few episodes, but I must admit it didn't get better. Pass
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Can't wait to see Season 5!
chrissnuggs10 August 2017
Highly watchable: brilliant casting, characters and acting, lots of raw action and a good many genuinely moving moments as cops put their lives on the line to put away (or down!) an endless stream of very bad people. Personal relationships are well-handled, too. Among my favorite current/recent shows along with "Longmire". Well done, USA TV. You guys are GOOD.
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A Show With Action, Humour, and Sincerity
elyse-4950925 August 2016
I love this show for its believable characters and interesting, ever-changing story lines. Occasionally humorous and always action packed and entertaining, essentially what you see is what you get- it's a cop show, but one done right. Time is taken to develop the characters and thought is put into the issues investigated each episode.

No point in complaining that it "isn't realistic"- it's a TV show...they do their best, which in my opinion is pretty great. Not to mention the show is cleverly crossed over with its sister shows Fire and Med. :D

As a side note the cast also has an excellent presence on social media, which helps to fill the void left by the show's annual weeks of absence.
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not very good
welshNick8 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another cop series set in Chicago this time which takes a dirty cop who first appeared in the excellent Chicago fire. Everything that is bad and over the top in cop shows is in this one. The lead actor overacts and you can see his face contorting as he tries to keep up his gravelly accent.

When you watch a show which has such a false unlikable lead it is really quite difficult to get into. I also have to say when the lead actor is a dirty cop it is difficult to know who to cheer for. This is certainly not Dick Wolf's best work and I would be surprised if it makes it into a second series unless it considerably improves.

Poor 2/10
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dianasel30 December 2015
If only the director would instruct his actors to speak intelligibly this show would be lot more enjoyable. Sophia Bush, who is a very attractive decent actress, seems to intentionally attempt to make her voice husky and low which is great but she is often unintelligible. For this reason alone I no longer record the show. It's just too annoying to have to strain to hear what is being said. It could be so much better. The episodes are really interesting and I like all the action but wish there was more emphasis on projecting, which I believe is a basic acting tool. Even Voight,who has a very husky voice, projects his voice and doesn't mumble. Laroyce Hawkins as Officer Atwood also needs to speak up and enunciate. The show would be a lot better.
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I think this looks promising
justlikebrooke9 January 2014
The first episode showed promise, i think. I like the cast and the ongoing guest appearances between this show and Chicago Fire might do both series good (since Chicago Fire has lost its pace somewhat). For a pilot I found it less stiff than the average show.

Police TV-series is a tough segment since they've been done so many times but I like the fast pace in the first episode and I look forward to seeing if they can follow up the underlying promise of good back-story. Jason Beghe's character starts out in an interesting place so character development there might be good if the writers handle it right. Same with Sophia Bush (Lindsey).

The interaction between the actors might not be as "easy" as I would prefer it but it's just the first episode and I'm sure that it will smooth out in the upcoming ones.
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Must Miss TV
Speed_Daemon25 February 2014
This show is downright painful to watch. The characters and what passes for a plot appears to have been lifted directly from cop shows of the '80s. Might as well call it "The Last Remake of Hill Street Blues". What worked some 30 years ago absolutely does not work for this pathetic string of clichés that's pretending to be a TV show.

The underlying message of the show appears to be the same tired old excuse that so-called "good guys" must break laws to enforce them, as seen in the "Dirty Harry" and "Deathwish" films circa '70s. Yawn. The acting is so poor that suspension of disbelief is impossible. To the actors' credit I doubt that anyone could bring new life to the worn out clichés such as the old gun-in-mouth gag that caused me to roll my eyes, say "enough" and delete the show from my DVR.

"Chicago Fire" continues to be a great show. Clearly none of the talent that made "Chicago Fire" good went to "Chicago PD", which is a Good Thing as far as I'm concerned.
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Worst Spin-Off Ever
onehigginsdavid30 January 2014
I don't know why anyone would want to watch this show; but I tried just to make sure I gave it a chance. I suppose if you are sympathetic to Dirty Cops doing awful things to people you will like this show. They took the most Despicable character from Chicago Fire and decided to write a series around him. I could only force myself to watch about 15 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. I am not crazy about most cop shows anyway because they seem to focus on the worst parts of life and wallow in it; but this one has nothing else to balance the filth. Maybe there is some kind of Redemption that the writers have planned; but I don't like the characters enough to care and would just as soon see them get what they deserve.
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This show has a disturbing tendency to be okay with violating peoples rights
islandsaltdogs9 April 2016
This show would be great except for one thing. They are constantly breaking the law by assaulting or torturing suspects after they are in custody, lying, or committing many other felonies in pursuit of justice. They have a lynch mob mentality on this show and are (if this was reality) Always violating peoples rights. How can anyone be okay with this? Well I'm not okay with this at all not one little bit. Almost every episode shows the lead people who you would hope the be good examples going outside or above the law beating on or torturing suspects to get the job done. This is totally bullchit and can not be allowed anymore.
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Great Show!
charlieladder1717 April 2014
I love this show very much. I am in the fire department so I like watching Chicago Fire also. I agree with another user who commented about third watch it is the best show on Police officers out there. Even though Chicago PD is clearly a drama along with Chicago Fire they really make you jump out of your seat and think a lot. Third Watch is a drama that took place in NYC in the early 2000s, and had to deal with the FDNY, FDNY EMS, AND NYPD. I highly recommend both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, it is a very addictive show. Third Watch is just like it and is as awesome and intense! Rookie Blue is a show about Cops too, it takes place in Toronto but it reminds me of Chicago PD so much. Season 5 of Rookie Blue starts on May 19th and I can't wait!! It has been going since 2010 and is still going! I hope they go to make at least 8 seasons. I recommend all of these TV shows and all 4 of them have me hooked and I can't stop watching the episodes while they're playing. Chicago Fire and Chicago PD run through around September, October - May while Rookie Blue runs May- September! So it's year round of awesome TV shows.
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Not Recommended For Anyone With A Brain
Gattobuono12 August 2017
We managed 2 episodes of Season 1. The second episode we only watched to see if it was as bad as the first.

It was worse!

The childish, predictable plot, coupled with some really awful acting made us cringe with embarrassment.

IMDb's score of 8.2 confirms what I've always suspected: the ratings are rigged.

My advice: Don't waste your precious life watching this moronic drivel.
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Cliché 101
marsha821110 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The casting department obviously felt the need to hire a few hunks to continue in the vein of Chicago Fire, and to set up romances down the line. The problem with this, in my opinion, is that I didn't believe any of them as cops. The vibe is just "off". You have the "is he good or is he bad" lead in Jason Beghe, who shows, of course, that he has a good heart, no matter what else he does. You have the two "hunky" guys, one of whom engages in an altercation that almost made me laugh out loud (his macho moment). You have the girl who looks like she's 15, and I believe she's gone through all the training to be where she is like I believe in the Tooth Fairy. You have the "grizzly" street guy (who I actually liked the best), and you have the "mother," who I didn't believe was a cop either.

The storyline was good when it focused on the cartel, but there were so many other distracting things going on, that it took away from the action.

I felt insulted and angry after watching this. Not a minute is believable (except for the cartel), the acting is less than stellar, and the writing is, as I said in my heading, "Cliche 101". I expected more from Dick Wolfe. If you've seen one good cop show in your life, you will laugh at this. I suggest you watch Justified or Rizzoli & Isles instead. At least you'll find people to love and root for.
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mickeymcvay19 December 2017
Best ever crime drama. Writing and acting are exceptional. Thank you NBC. I am totally involved.....
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Love It!
Raven62315 January 2014
Makes a PD look bad? As far as I am concerned, CPD has yet to redeem

itself from 1968. I hope Wolfe's CPD has a long run. Gritty. Moral

ambiguity. Brotherhood. Moral/Human conflicting dilemma. It 's GREAT! IMHO.

It is about time a mainstream network is trying to challenge AMC, A&E, FX and others.

Guess you are not a fan of, Walking Dead, Justified and Sons of Anarchy, either. To say nothing about, Sopranos.

Yes, I was disappointed to see Ironside canceled. Thought it had promise. CPD gives me hope.

Suspend disbelief. Pay attention to the craft.
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