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Sex & Nudity

  • The sexual content featured in the TV series "Fargo" is reminiscent of the film although toned down.
  • Zero sex or nudity. Very tame when compared to the movie.
  • A man tells another man that he would cut off his testicles if he didn't follow his orders. But he doesn't do this.
  • Two police officers discuss about a sexual abuse case.
  • The sex and nudity is mild compared to the movie
  • A male newborn child is shown naked. No nudity though.
  • This show contains no sex or nudity. Only references
  • Very very mild when compared to the movie
  • Zero nudity in the entire series.

Violence & Gore

  • Shooting is the most common type of violence in the series. Some other examples are stabbings. All of these examples are almost always portrayed with varying degrees of blood letting. Corpses of deceased characters are sometimes shown, with some bloody imagery.
  • Season 1 and 3 are quite tame. Season 2 has the most deaths but almost all of the violence is offscreen.
  • Season 1: Some people are shot offscreen. Violence is infrequent but when it happens, it can get somewhat bloody (but not graphic). The most violent scene in the season features a man killing his wife with a hammer. It is fully offscreen but the body is scene for a few seconds with bloody wounds.
  • Season 3: Almost no bloody violence except for one graphic decapitation shown very briefly. Other than that, there is some onscreen shooting but nothing graphic.
  • Season 2: A lot of shooting with bloody results but other than that, no graphic moments.


  • Numerous abuses of "Christ" and "Jesus"--sometimes several in a single scene. 1 use of cocksucker earlier on in season 3 and 4 uses of fuck during 1 scene of season 3.
  • In season 1, a bully refers to Lester Nygaard as Lester N*ggard
  • Season 3 contained the most strong language however still tame compared to most other TV-MA/R rated movies and TV shows. Season 4 contains the strongest language of the whole show including racial slurs and a few uses of fuck each episode.
  • 4 uses of 'fuck' and 1 use each of 'nigger' and 'cocksucker' this is as severe as the language in the show gets.
  • Season 4 has more uses of language than the previous seasons with uses of fuck, negro and other racial slurs
  • Season 4 Episode 1 Jesus Christ used as swearword
  • Season 1: Occasional instances of "shit", "tits", "pussy", "piss" and others.
  • Season 2: Occasional uses of "shit". Other words such as "pussy", "goddammit", and "hell" are used throughout.
  • Season 3: Same language as previous seasons, uses of "shit", "piss", "asshole", "damn", and others are heard throughout. Although the word "fuck" is used unexpectedly a few times in one scene.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters use marijuana and are seen using it.
  • Season 2 and 3 features heavy use of cocaine. Although it's very infrequent and only in a few scenes.
  • Characters drink alcohol throughout and marijuana is used

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • More suspenseful than the film and more violent. However, considering it's a series the violence is not as frequent.
  • Extended threatening situations throughout.

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