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MPAA Rated R for sequences of strong violence, language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • Some sexual references. But there is no sex scene.
  • For the sake of comedy, a woman's butt is fully shown (and zoomed in on)
  • A woman with pants off, her bare buttocks are clearly shown.
  • A woman offers to let a man have anal with her if he rescues her from being held in prison after saving the world.
  • Very little sexual content, just a couple of references and a bare butt.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's body is cut in half, but it is very brief, not graphic, and not bloody.
  • A woman has metal legs; she kills some guards by cutting their hands and arms off, and stabbing one through the arm. Brutal but very comical and cartionish.
  • A gunfight scene takes place; one man as his finger is shot off and blood sprays, he is then shot in the head as he screams in pain. Only realistic depiction of violence in the entire movie. Graphic.
  • A man on a balcony is stabbed through the back. The man then vomits, and blood comes from his mouth as he falls off the balcony. Very brief.
  • A fistfight between a man and woman takes place; lots of screaming and slashing. The man then stabs the woman in the arm, brief blood spurt.
  • A graphic fight takes place in a church; most violent scene in the film.
  • People are shown fighting people round the world; not really violent at all.
  • A man is shot. This is literally out of nowhere, and is not very violent.
  • In the beginning a man is shot; not very graphic, some blood mist.
  • A man's head blows up; this is very bloody, but is played for laughs and is very cartoonish.
  • A young man is shot; brief blood splatter, not very violent.
  • A man is splattered with blood. Very cartoonish and unrealistic.
  • People's heads explode into some sort of fireworks; very unrealistic and played for laughs.
  • Very stylised and over the top, but very graphic.
  • There is a scene in a church in which people are graphically stabbed and shot by random people in the church and the body count is unsettling. However, this scene is incredibly stylised and unrealistic.
  • Strong, bloody and sometimes explicit violence with many weapons used and lots of brutal deaths but most of it, while being graphic, is very brief and everything is highly stylised.
  • Most of the gunshots are followed by a brief blood spurt.
  • Much other violence and extended fight scenes, some stylized, although not dwelled upon.
  • Harry defeats Dean and his goons in a bar in one scene. In the scene, a tooth is knocked out of a man's mouth during a brawl and the camera follows it through the air in slow-motion (played for laughs).
  • In a scene during the credits, Eggsy repeats what Harry did to Dean's goons by throwing a cup with alcohol in the bar at one of the goon's head. However, after asking the goons to stand in the bar or fight, the credits continue.


  • The word "fuck" is said 104 times.
  • The word "Nigger" is said twice.
  • 'Shit' is said 18 times.
  • 'Bitch' is said twice.
  • 'Ass' is said trice.
  • The word "dickhead" is said twice.
  • 'Whore' is said 5 times.
  • The middle finger is used twice, with a couple of the 'V-sign'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcoholic spirits are drunk to celebrate and invoke bravery.
  • A recurring character is an abusive drunk who spends much of his time at the local pub

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One scene where a group of people are forced to savagely fight each other. Very violent.
  • it's not frightening
  • A scene of a stepfather threatening his stepson with a knife, shouting and screaming in his face. The boy's mother attempts to interfere, he turns the knife on her, then back to the boy before the boy is able to escape.
  • The movie contains a lot of graphic violence, but it's very stylised and not realistic in any way, plus some of it is played for laughs, such as when a man's arm blows up. (Personal opinion deleted.)
  • Other violent scenes as described in the Violence & Gore section may frighten viewers as well.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Eggsy and the other recruits have to pass several intense tests to become the next Lancelot. The sequence of the tests is as follows:
  • While the recruits are sleeping, their room is flooded with water but Eggsy manages to punch a hole in the glass wall for the water to flow out.
  • The recruits have to train their poodles. (no violent content aside from Eggsy threatening to shoot his dog; he doesn't)
  • The recruits have to jump from a helicopter and land safely, which is hard for Roxy due to her fear of heights. Merlin announces that one of the recruits has no parachute, but in the end, this does not turn out to be true.
  • The recruits are drugged with Rohypnol and each of them wake up to find themselves on a train track and are each asked several questions to test whether they would die for the Kingsmen before almost getting run over by a train.
  • With Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background, dozens of world leaders and wealthy people have their heads detonated. The explosions are brightly colored with fireworks and the scene is intended to be humorous, but is still technically violent because heads are exploding. With the exception of the final head in the scene, no blood or gore is shown.
  • Eggsy kills Gazelle by poisoning her with his shoes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A massacre takes place in a church, where a main character and everyone else in the church is turned violent by a computer signal. Extremely violent with many people graphically killed (shot, stabbed, impaled etc). It's over the top, the lone survivor walks out and is then shot in the head by the antagonist, this is the most violent scene in the movie.

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