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Season 1

22 Oct. 2013
In Ravenswood Miranda and Caleb find a tombstone with their names and pictures on. Caleb meets Remy, who helps him investigate, and siblings Olivia and Luke, who recently lost their father in mysterious circumstances.
29 Oct. 2013
Death and the Maiden
Caleb starts seeing Miranda's ghost after her death in the car accident. Luke and Olivia think their mother was cheating on their father. Remy nearly gets killed while sleepwalking.
5 Nov. 2013
After Miranda's funeral, Caleb tells Remy, Luke and Olivia that he has seen her. The four decide to stick together for their safety. Caleb moves into Miranda's uncle's guest house. After a dangerous séance, all the five teens see Miranda.
12 Nov. 2013
The Devil Has a Face
Luke is unnerved by events from the séance; Olivia learns her and Miranda's families share a history; Caleb encounters a long-lost relative; Remy and Caleb probe a new clue about the town's past.
19 Nov. 2013
Scared to Death
Caleb believes Miranda is in danger, and that the little girl in a red coat is a threat to them. In an old building the gang finds a couple who buried themselves behind a wall in hopes of resurrecting the original Caleb and Miranda.
7 Jan. 2014
Remy's sleep walking gives the gang some interesting views into the pact.
14 Jan. 2014
Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards)
The cops find a dagger in Luke and Olivia's garden and take their mother in for questioning. Remy's sleepwalking is getting worse and Caleb gets an unexpected visit from his father.
21 Jan. 2014
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
When Remy goes to a sleep clinic in the hopes of finally getting some rest, she learns that her dreams about the mysterious pact may have started before she even realized. However, it soon becomes apparent that the clinic may be the least safe place for Remy to be. Olivia discovers some new information about Springer (recurring guest star BROCK KELLY - Pitch Perfect, Supernatural) and starts to wonder if he knows about the pact. And Caleb turns to Mr. Price (recurring guest star JUSTIN BRUENING - Switched at Birth, Grey's Anatomy, Hawaii Five-O) for a lesson in ...
28 Jan. 2014
Along Came a Spider
The Ravenswood Police make an arrest for the murder of Luke and Olivia's father. Mr. Price (recurring guest star JUSTIN BRUENING) inadvertently sends Caleb and Miranda on a quest to investigate a secret Collins has been keeping, but it leads them to some startling insight about the pact. With questions about Dillon (recurring guest star LUKE BENWARD) swirling, Olivia is confused when he finally shows up to help her through her latest crisis. And Remy and Luke are determined to prove that Dillon has been hiding something, which puts Luke in danger. Meanwhile, Caleb ...
4 Feb. 2014
My Haunted Heart
Things are wrapped up in a rushed finale.

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