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MPAA Rated R for violence, bloody images, language and some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A husband and wife make out briefly. The man is shirtless, and the woman has panties and a baggy shirt on.
  • In a very brief, darkly lit sex scene, the bare back of a woman appears before the camera, moving up and down as she gasps. It cuts to the face and bare chest of a man lying under her as he arches his upper back and gasps.
  • Sex scene. It's not graphic, you see a very small bit of Natalie Portman's breast and no genitalia is shown. The scene lasts 13 seconds

Violence & Gore

  • In the film's most graphic scene, a woman is dragged down a staircase by a mutated bear. She fights with it for several seconds, before it bites into her neck, and rips her lower jaw off of her body. It is very intense and bloody.
  • Video footage is found of three men, one of them yelling that there is something inside him. The other two proceed to hold him, and cut open his stomach, revealing tentacle-like insides. It cuts between the character's disgusted faces and the tape itself. Although not as gory is it could be, it is very disturbing.
  • A woman is attacked by a bear-like monster. We see in silhouette the woman getting bitten, thrown into the air, and dragged away. Eventually, her corpse is found with her neck torn open, with multicolored organs and blood shown.
  • A woman starts to grow alien fungus on her body. She calmly accepts that she will die soon, and she walks into a forest, where she becomes a human-shaped tree.
  • A woman is attacked by a mutated alligator, and dragged underwater. She almost drowns, but she survives.
  • An alien punches a woman in the face. We later see her face with some blood on it.
  • A man has a seizure. He is seen being dragged into an ambulance as he coughs up blood. It is later revealed that he is in critical condition, due to organ failure and internal bleeding.
  • The corpse of a man is seen attached to a wall. It is ripped in half, with multicolored organs seen. Some parts of it are completely skeletal.
  • The mutant bear has a very gory appearance. It has the skin on its head torn off, showing its blood soaked skull. A human skull can be seen protruding out of its face. It is overall very horrific looking.
  • A character pricks her arm to get a blood sample.
  • One character has a bad self harm addiction. We briefly see the scars on her arms at one point.


  • 18 uses of "fuck" and some milder language used infrequently throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adult women drink beers together while getting to know each other.
  • It is mentioned that a character is getting sober from alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The mutated bear scene is quite disturbing.
  • Flashing lights and colors are seen at the climax of the film. Epileptic viewers should proceed with caution.
  • The film is brave enough to leave out jumpscares, and instead has a consistent sense of fear and distress throughout.
  • There is always a sense of dread that is constantly carried throughout the film which can make it very stressful and depressing.
  • A girl is randomly pulled into a shed by something. When the people go to help her the creature reveals itself as a big mutant alligator.
  • The alien- like force displays itself as a weird spherical shape that repeatedly folds and twists. The image is very unsettling and odd.
  • Some of the scenes in the film are quite disturbing, especially for younger audiences. Viewers should proceed with caution when viewing this film, especially due to its disturbing atmosphere the film occupies. This is accompanied by the tense music and cinematography, which both plays an important role in the disturbing atmosphere the film sets.
  • The mutated bear makes the noises of a previous crew member it had killed, screaming for help and scream in pain. It is like the voice is coming from the bear, plus the bear is making growling noises over lapping with the screams, very very disturbing and unsettling


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is pinned against a wall by an alien, in a scene that is symbolic of rape.
  • A man accepts his fate, and commits suicide by blowing up a phosphorus grenade. We see the explosion, and his charred skeleton, but that's all.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One main character has cancer, driving her to reckless self destruction.
  • After entering the shimmer, the film's atmosphere becomes quite existential and touches into unusual cosmic horror.

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