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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is coerced into disrobing. No nudity is shown.
  • A woman's nipples are visible through her shirt.
  • When some women fall down, a man yells "nip slip" but nothing is shown.
  • A man puts his hand on a woman's inner thigh and moves it up between her legs before she jumps up and leaves.
  • In a scene depicting a woman giving oral sex, the woman in evening dress is kneeling, man's hand on her hair during the act.
  • A nude woman is seen under clear plastic sheeting.
  • During the last few moments of the film, a woman is lying in bed under a sheet. Another woman removes the sheet and she is naked from the waist up with breasts fully in view (prominent nipples). The naked woman invites the other to lie next to her in bed and they kiss. The naked woman's breasts are again seen in bed and then again while she dresses in the mirror.

Violence & Gore

    • Multiple prolonged, realistic and graphic scenes showing innocents being mercilessly murdered. Will to live and pleading along with excessive blood/gore are shown.
  • A woman fails in her audition, becomes violent in a toilet cubicle, then begins ripping her hair out in a fit of rage.
  • The same woman was observed pulling her hair and having a fit, and I asked to perform this in front of a man and woman. She does so, having a fit of rage on the floor where she arches her back and screams.
  • A woman falls by the side of a swimming pool, blood can be seen streaming from her nose and mouth.
  • A woman is seen vomiting on several occasions, notably in one instance disgorging a large quantity of maggots then proceeding to pull another maggot from her mouth.
  • A woman is seen pulling her fingernail off, this is a close up and is quite disturbing.
  • A woman is shown bleeding from the mouth.
  • A woman is shown bleeding vaginally and touching herself, coming away with blood on her fingers.
  • A woman has her face slashed by a knife, blood pours from the open wound and down her arm as she attempts to staunch the flow, which is clearly visible.
  • The same woman is repeatedly stabbed in the gut with a knife, blood is seen pouring from wounds. The woman is seen crawling on hands and knees through her own blood in attempt to escape but is then suffocated to death with a plastic bag over her head.
  • A woman is suffocated by having a bag placed over her head, until she dies.
  • Another woman is seen in a bed, as her partner goes to the toilet, she is then beaten around the head, with a set of Dumbbells, this scene is extremely graphic, after each blow, the woman's head becomes a bloody pulp, there is blood everywhere.
  • A man enters the room, after witnessing the woman being battered by the dumbbells, he tries to run, but trips, then is repeatedly stabbed in the lower back in a frenzied attack.
  • Another man is stabbed to death outside, lots of blood.


  • There are several swear words in this movies, the f word is used more than any other also the s word is used a couple of times

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is one scene of drug use, a man gives a woman a small white tablet with the promise of it making the night of her life.. A little later the woman is seen drunk or suffering the effects of the tablet..
  • There are a few scenes where alcohol is involved..
  • A few scenes of characters smoking cigarettes..

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The dumbbell scene is very extreme, close-up shots of the impact to the head and its aftermath.
  • The deterioration of the main character is very upsetting, woman becoming thinner, lesions and bruising on all parts of the woman's body
  • Based on the content and some of the scenes I would rate this film, an 18 here in the UK and an R+ Rating in the USA..

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