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The Interview: An Actual Honest Review
sweetboyy_9925 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Interview has created a lot of crazy rumors and a lot of things have been making this movie one of the biggest happenings this year. A lot of speculations were made when Sony got hacked and they suspected that North Korea was behind it. This generated a lot of interest for the movie and people were talking about it over and over again. So, after several threats they decided to pull the movie from all theaters. Later on, they decided to release it for streaming purposes, and that's how we finally got to watch the hard work that was put into The Interview.

Let's get to the IMDb rating first; they are obviously fakes and there are even people on 4chan telling everyone to rate the movie a 10. This is really just to give the creators of the movie the support and love they need after suffering this sad conflict. Also, it is a great opportunity to actually show movie distribution companies that putting movies earlier to watch at home too streaming, WHILE running in cinema will generate A LOT of money.

I got the opportunity to watch this, and I figured, what the heck, it's only 5,99 USD, so why not give it a shot, since everybody is talking about this film. Honest opinion now, a lot of reviews here are fake, by people who has NOT seen the movie. So here's your opportunity to actually read an HONEST review.

The movie is in no way perfect by all means, but it does have it's surprisingly funny and shocking moments. Yes, the movie is overloaded with toilet humor and profanity, but it does not necessarily make it a bad movie. I found a lot of the jokes mildly amusing and I chuckled through almost the whole movie with some laugh out loud-moments too. The chemistry between Franco and Rogen is perfect and they always work well together when it comes to acting. The story has set a goal in movie history, and Rogen actually had the ba lls to mock a world leader. I adore Seth's hard work into this movie and I adore everyone else who were part of this project. It's a shame that people get so butt-hurt over a f****nag comedy film. While skeptical about the movie itself, seeing as Rogen's humor is childish and contains a lot of toilet humor and continuous jokes, I found myself enjoying the whole film. The script was very well written, the characters felt real and it had the perfect blend of humor, action and drama. (and a little bit of romance, too) I found both Franco's and Rogen's performance to be flawless and the chemistry they have on screen is wonderful, making this a very believable film. However, I found Franco's character to be a little annoying, but I guess that's what they aimed for. Franco's character felt a little flawed because at one moment, he acted like he was retarded, and then the other second he's starting to act like he's some kind of Sherlock Holmes. This was a minor problem to me, but I kind of wish that they would have worked on Franco's character a little more and made him to be more believable, in my honest opinion he was annoyingly stupid and almost too stupid, even though that was what they were aiming for. They made Seth's character seem so much more intelligent than Franco. I have no idea what they were trying to do but in my personal opinion it always bothered me.

The scenes where Franco got to meet Kim Jong Un were truly amazing, but at the same time, quite awkward. Even though Kim is the bad guy, you couldn't help but feel bad for him. They actually made him a misunderstood individual, just like Franco's character, and I found that to be very funny and clever. As for the actor playing Kim, he does an amazing job and he does not waste any of his acting talents. You actually believe him as a person and that makes the movie a sh*t load better.

I do not want to spoil the movie for you, but what I can tell you is that this surely is worth a watch at home. I would not have been pleased if it was a theatrical film, but if you're just looking for a funny film, with lots of shock humor, and Rogen humor screaming all over it, this is your choice. Turn of your brain, maybe take a beer and enjoy the movie as it is.

Summary: The Interview was a pleasant surprise with believable character development, an interesting plot that only gets better after the second half, with plenty of toilet humor and gags that do not fail to amuse. This will most likely be the most anticipated movie of the year, or at least of 2015, causing the trouble it did, making more people interested in what made this movie so threatening and offensive to North Koreans. Sit down, grab a beer and enjoy. It is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, meaning you should not take it seriously. It is a great effort from both Rogen and Franco, and I recommend this film to everyone who can actually take a joke AND has a sense of humor, especially those who likes the type of humor Rogen has been featuring these past years.

The movie deserves a strong 7 out of 10. Hopefully, the fake ratings will be reset and The Interview will have an average rating of about 7-8.
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People are really stupid. Great movie for it's category
Mrjafa129 January 2015
Reading some of these reviews and I find myself looking for a pair of pliers to help some of these people remove the stick out of their ass. To note, I only made an account for this review because I was afraid some people may get the wrong idea about this movie. No, it will not win an Oscar, no it will not have an Oscar winning actor. Was Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, Eddie Murray, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Will ferrel did a any of them win an Oscar? No, however were their movies not one of the funniest of their time? Exactly. Seth and James will not win an Oscar because the committee doesn't rate comical aspects. However this movie is hilarious. Without being one of the "typical" comedy type movies that have come out recently. It's different comical aspects then what has been common in movie cinema in the past year. Obviously it's a comedy, and in the category of comedy movies it will rank as one of the higher ones. When you watch this movie you expect that. It's not a Beautiful Mind or Titanic. It's a comedy, and a damn funny one at that. When you watch a comedy you want to laugh, and this movie will make you laugh. End of story. Please don't listen to those who critique this movie as if it is a nominees for a best movie award.
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Dumb and Dumber do The Interview
SteveMierzejewski25 December 2014
For the sake of film criticism, I will pretend that I watched the film without the political maelstrom that has raised it to a level of interest that it would otherwise never have attained.

This is the typical mass produced, lowbrow, comedy that Hollywood cranks out to appeal to 15-year-old boys. There are a few slapstick laughs in the tradition of the Three Stooges that break the monotony. I would not elevate the film to the level of a satire as that would imply that there was some intelligent thought behind it. There is not. All the humor, both physical and verbal, is completely obvious. It will not go down in history as one of the great comedies, which is probably what upset Kim Jung Un the most.

The attempts to make political observations are all based on time-worn points (people are starving, Kim is not a god). The sections that imply Kim has psychological problems may be more irritating to the regime. Most of the attempted humor deals with Kim fighting his homophobia and dealing with a father who gave him little support.

There is no need to comment on the acting as there really is none. No one will win an Oscar nomination here. The story is predictable: You can guess what will happen before you begin watching it. It's the kind of film you watch to see a few gags and, maybe, get a few laughs. They will be very few, indeed, unless you are 15 or under. However, knowing the media attention that this film has received, it is unlikely a poor review will stop anyone from watching it. Just remember, I warned you.
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Waste of time
korona198427 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, where do we start with this one? Obviously I watched this film knowing what kind of attention had been drawn to it, from crazy Korean hackers, terrorists threatening to bomb theatres to the US president himself. I really hoped that after all the hype it would live up to expectations. And it failed miserably. Cheap humour, jokes and dialogues below criticism most of the time, acting...well, what kind of acting would you expect if the script is not there, the list goes on. Finally, very predictable and flat story, with a major twist easy enough to predict for a 10-year old. But worst of all - the rating. Have you people lost your marbles?! I honestly wanted to give it a 4/10 and before I went on IMDb I was expecting it to be overrated at, say 6/10, but well over 8?! And we're talking over 70 000 votes! This is an insult to cinematography and any intelligent viewer alike that such a piece of garbage should get a score of 8+. It's just unreal. Therefore I'm giving it a 1/10 in a hope that the rating will be quickly brought down to where it actually belongs. It's amazing that only because the film has a political nature, people are willing to rate it so high. Rate it for what it is, don't fool other people into paying to actually see this.
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"That was a gift from Stalin." "In our country, we pronounce that Stallone"
paul-allaer25 December 2014
"The Interview" (2014 release; 112 min.) brings the story of how an entertainment reporter Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (played by Seth Rogen) get an opportunity to interview Kim Jong-un. the "Supreme Leader" of North Korea. As the movie opens, we see a young girl (maybe 7 or 8) sing a patriotic song for North Korean officials. The song turns hilariously into an anti-America rant. Soon thereafter, we see Skylark interview Eminem (another hilarious scene). When Skylark and Rapoport find out that Jng-un is a big fan of the show, they manage an invite to North Korea. The CIA then pays a visit and convinces the guys that they need to "take out" Jong-un. At this point we're barely 20 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience.

Couple of comments: at this point as much needs to be said about the events surrounding the limited release of the movie as about the movie itself. Let's start with the movie itself: first and foremost, I had heard and read mixed things about the movie, so when my (grown) kids and I went to see it on Christmas day, I had pretty low expectations. Turns out the movie is actually not nearly as bad as I had been led the believe. Yes, there is stupid "potty" humor and yes, it's all very much over the top. But there are zingers left and right that will have you smile if not laugh out loud. One of the many, many examples: when Jong-un and Skylark are taking a tour of Jong-un's place, at some point they come across a huge tank. Comments Jong-un: "That was a gift to my grandfather by Stalin". Replies Skylark: "in our country, we pronounce that Stallone", ha! And on and on. Randall Park as Kim Jong-un is outstanding. Kudos also to Set Rogen, who also co-rwote and co-directed the movie.

As to the limited release, I at first was horrified that Sony gave in to the threats, but felt better when the limited Christmas day release was announced. The movie played on one screen at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati, and it's a good thin I had bought tickets on-line beforehand, as the matinée screening was sold out (as were all other screenings, apparently). The crowd was really into it, laughing and hollering and whooping it up. When the end titles started rolling, the crowd even gave an applause. In all, this truly was a "movie event", and all three of us were very happy we were part of it. "The Interview" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Forced situations, shock value & "Never go full retard."
heaan-lasai25 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The premise and subject for this movie gave the writers the opportunity for an entertaining future cult film. It could have been an entertaining political satire, the possibilities were endless. Additionally the media attention could have made for a legendary movie. Alas, no such luck. Lazy writing turned this film into a waste of a good afternoon. The entire film consists of forced situations, stupidity and shock value humour. Forced situations; When done smoothly situational humour can be very entertaining, but here the writers seem to have been too lazy to set up each situation smoothly. Instead they just force each situation into existence. Full retard; Some stupidity can often be humorous, but never go full retard. Here the main character Dave here cannot recognize a tiger, and describes it as "a strange big stripy orange dog". Apparently that's supposed to be funny. Shock value humour; Shock value is seldom entertaining, and it's a hallmark of lazy writing. When Dave isn't "going full retard" he is yelling profanities like how his genitals smell like guacamole. Aides from these themes there is nothing humorous in this flick. Save your time and money, watch something else.
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Why is this movie getting high ratings?
nadiasbhuyain-193-65316824 December 2014
Honestly I was very interested in watching this movie when I saw the trailer however almost 45 min into it I hadn't even cracked a smile. I expected a lot more from this film, especially being a big fan of seth and franco. This movie has a few puns here an there but overall a terrible movie, expect garbage. If it hadn't been for all the controversy surrounded around it I'm sure it would've gotten mediocre reviews all around. I honestly don't understand the 9+ stars from some reviewers, it's satire but not comedically well written in any sense. Save yourself the trouble, don't bother watching it. Seth and Franco gave a good performance but the movie had a lame plot and subpar lines.
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Review From Someone Who Actually Saw the Movie
seg958522 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I saw The Interview in a screening around April 2014. This was an in-production screening so much of the music and graphics were not yet complete, but the filming/sequencing/editing was complete.

It's honestly just another ridiculous Seth Rogen comedy. Rogen and Franco are portrayed as American idiots who can't do anything right, much less pull off an assassination attempt on Kim Jung Un when they are tasked to do so after scoring an exclusive interview with Franco (for whom the North Koreans are huge fans).

They fly to NK and get pampered by Kim Jong Un and his generals. Several times the Americans get "ready" to pull off the assassination but keep making mistakes (such as losing their assassination "device", or almost killing themselves in the process) to the frustration of the CIA.

Eventually a "senior official" of Kim Jung Un's finds out what they're up to and agree to help with the assassination attempt. This leads to a series of ridiculous action scenes and random buildings getting blown up, Rogen/Franco driving a tank in an attempt to escape NK, and Un himself leading a an attempt to stop the Americans from escaping.

If this movie didn't stir up so much real-life political controversy, basically no one would be talking about it a day after walking out of theaters.
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Don't believe the hype
mcraig-9-51134827 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has been made to entertain 12-15 year old. It's not very good. Most of the jokes miss and the story isn't very good either. Seth Rogan and James Franco are wasted on this film.

I was cringing all the way through it. The jokes are totally infantile and I can't remember laughing at any of them.

This movie is best avoided. Unless of course you're under 15 years of age.

I've given it 1/10.

Yes, it's truly awful.

The publicity surrounding the movie mad me watch it.
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Honestly hilarious.
rprince-832-629424 December 2014
-The Interview, maybe you have heard of it, follows two idiots, played by James Franco and Seth Rogan, who host a talk show, when one day they are invited to interview Kim Jong-un. This prompts the CIA to recruit the two to 'take out' the leader of North Korea.

-I was happy to watch The Interview just to support the film industry really, but it turns out that it came with a pretty hilarious film! -The story, mainly the concept, does not wear out like Let's Be Cops, but actually gets better and better.

-The pace is pretty good and the film does not waste time. I did feel like one scene dragged, but one out of an entire film is not too bad! -The acting is especially funny with James Franco and Randall Park, who played Kim. However Seth Rogan just played the SAME. FREAKING. CHARACTER. Yeah I hate him. Anyway.

-The music was very Tarantino-esque, therefore I loved it.

-The film had me laughing right off the bat and, aside from some parts that just weren't funny, was generally hilarious throughout. Even the ending was funny, satisfying, and overall well done.

-The biggest negative is the content. It is a Seth Rogan comedy, so it is rated R. It is not that violent and only has some very brief, distant nudity. However, there is a lot of language in the film. There are some pretty iffy jokes, but it's mainly just language throughout that gives it its rating.

-So if you don't mind language and are looking for an actually funny film that is entertaining and takes an original concept to great use, The Interview is totally worth seeing in thea- oh wait, nevermind. Well you can rent it on YouTube, to it is worth that! I would honestly give The Interview an 8/10. No joke.
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leo-roux525 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I downloaded this movie as soon as it went online. Living in France and having heard everything about it since the Sony hack, I just had to watch it. If North Korea is really behind the hack, and they probably are, I understand why they did it. Their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, gets made fun of by one amazing American journalist who just gets his way with people. I admit that the storyline is fairly straightforward, that we're expecting the "twist" here and there, in other words, it's not a masterpiece. But do we really care? I think this movie is sending a message, that even in the worst country of the world, on the brink of a potential war, we don't care about taboo. We need to talk about the issues of this country.

This movie cracked me up so many times, and knowing that there is so much drama behind it, I couldn't do anything else but to rate it 10/10. Sony, if not the two brilliant actors, deserve that.
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North Korea showed good taste in not wanting this piece of garbage released
williamrehovot25 December 2014
It is little wonder there were threats over the release of this piece of garbage.I think Mr. Obama would have the exact same reaction if it was about him and he too would have teams of hackers shut it down. I enjoy this genre of film. However this one makes Scary Movie 4 look like Gone with the Wind. Unlike American Carol and Team America which were creative, humerus and well scripted, this movie comes across as if written on a cocktail napkin after 12 beers and 6 shots of tequila by horny adolescents. There is no redeeming value anywhere in the film. The script is awful, the story line is boring and predictable. How many times are we to be subjected to multiple 'boners' as the funny parts of a film. I like my crazy movies like Lost Skeleton of Cadaver and the Evil Dead trilogy. The only redeeming feature of the movie is that it will be quickly forgotten. What a waste of 112 minutes and five bucks..
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Terrible, not funny - painful to watch, want money back
Jbodniza24 December 2014
i really wanted to like this movie.

Not only because the trailer for this movie looked great, but also because of the sony hack from north Korea.

After all the publicity the movie got i thought jt was going to be funny and entertaining. So i rushed to youtube and paid $5.99 to watch this online.

Horrible movie. 0 % humour, story line is dumb, the acting is poor. In fact its one of the worst comedies I have ever seen. Wish I could get my money back. Watching this felt like pulling teeth.

Im at least glad i didn't go to the movies to see this. What a waste if time and hype.
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Not bad at all
alci35025 December 2014
Reading all the bad comments, I was expecting something in style of Borat or Dumb and dumberer to. Or some sort of embarrassing Ben Stiller humor. Those are uncomfortable to watch. But not this, not by a long shot.

This was actually pretty okey. It wasn't some crappy humor at all, but a comedy trying to be realistic, as much as it can be for a satirical comedy. I've had quiet a few loud laughs. And I was surprised it was actually very entertaining from the beginning to the end.

I'm thinking these bad reviews either come from the North Koreans, the Chinese or people who were expecting something on a Lord Of The Rings level masterpiece.

Watch and enjoy!
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i know we had to watch it but p l e a s e
peter-chadwick-194-22752824 December 2014
What a waste of time, the publicity surrounding this movie cannot be bought, it was priceless, and so I had to watch it, stayed in Christmas eve expecting rubbish, and sure enough Sony delivered ..

I enjoyed "world police" so I gave this a try because when I looked on IMDb they recommended this movie as well, everyone has to watch it of course. So thank you Sony for creating difficult international relations and wasting millions of viewing hours on trash like this.

The scripts coming out of Hollywood are getting paper thin, this was "rice paper thin" absolutely dreadful, but again, you have to see it don't you
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Time totally wasted
howard-stern-429-37278124 December 2014
I was lucky enough(?), to see to this film and was glad that I didn't have to pay for it. Anyone that writes a review that is "great, awesome, amazing", was either paid to say it or didn't see it. This had to be the biggest PR stunt in history for the movie to get as much hype as it has over the past few weeks. Even Howard Stern said "these guys couldn't buy this much press for this film". Good thing it did, because Sony must have cut all funding for the advertising as it is a piece of crap.

This might be one of the biggest flops this side of Istar, which I did not see, but still had as much hype attached to it as this film does (did). Don't get sucked into the hype machine this film isn't worth it unless you find Rogen and Franco funny for some reason. I kinda' laughed one time, but can't remember at what now as the movie was that bad.

Do yourself a favor, wait until someone you know pays to download the movie and loan it to you as you will still feel ripped off after having spent nearly 2 hours wondering what all the hype was about. And you know that the studios and the actors are going to read these and say the "reviews were great", but this one isn't as the movie itself sucked. Hope Sony makes some of the money back they paid for this piece of crap, betting they won't be making anymore movies with these guys again. As for spoiler alerts? The only alert here will be that it spoils 2 hours that you will never get back.

Sorry I saw it.. Couldn't give it a zero, too bad because one is too much.
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Don't Go In With the Wrong Expectations
thedaver50025 December 2014
Honestly, I wasn't impressed with the trailer and thought this movie was going to be stupid. But this movie is hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud at least every few minutes or so. If you don't like Seth Rogen's brand of humor or raunchy comedies then you won't like this movie. However, if you loved Pineapple Express or This Is The End, then you will probably love this movie too. Most people who hate this movie went in expecting the wrong thing because of all the hype. The Interview hits all of marks you would expect a Seth Rogen comedy to. Crazy action scenes? Check. Ridiculous characters? Check. Funny jokes with an occasional heartfelt serious moment? Check.
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TERRIBLE with a capital T!!!
mmcdonaldkhome27 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You will probably walk out of the theater of boredom halfway through this movie. I loved Pineapple Express, and other flicks from these guys. But, there shtick is wearing thin these days. It is the same old stuff with Seth going "oh my god, oh my god" mostly.

Maybe it is just me, but I'm sick of these movies now. Seems like the same old crap churned out.

I'm pretty sure it was the studio that hacked itself to get some PR and hopefully fill some seats in the theaters.

You would be better served giving the 8 bucks to a random stranger on the streets then suffer through this huge steaming pile of s**t.
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This is how other nations will judge us
tyr_shadowblade26 December 2014
Some co-workers decided to order this film on streaming yesterday, and it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The scatological humor would only appeal to immature cretins, and the "plot" was probably written on cocktail napkins. I am glad SONY's mainframe got fried . . . hopefully that will put them out of the film production game for good. The only way I'd recommend anyone watch this atrocity would be if there was an MST3K riff-track to accompany it. I do not want this garbage defining "mainstream American culture and values" to other nations. The Taliban is probably showing this movie to their new suicide bombers to explain why America needs to be destroyed. Seriously.
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Satire on Life
rossaperry25 December 2014
I can't help but think of Dennis Rodman when watching this movie. Our main hero seems to mock Dennis's understanding of reality and basic comprehension of the world. Our hero, aside from being horribly racist and unsympathetic to Asian stereotypes, he is a pretty innocent guy who get's fooled by the supreme ruler. Later he finds out the truth, but will a jab at an old memory stop our reporter from completing his mission? Not if Seth Rogan can help it!

It's a fun movie along the line of Inglorious Bastards. There is a weird running joke about honey potting, but it doesn't take much away from the film. It's wonderfully cast, the cinematography is spot on, and the overly glory, but brief special effects are not over the top, but comfortably resting on the brim.

There are funny lines, but it really take home the perspective that the North wants people to see itself as. This movie is fairly mild for Western audiences, but if the people of North Korea saw this film, they might just start a revolt as the movie suggests.

This movie deserves a ten and my money just for putting it out there for net release.

Merry Christmas Sony and everyone else. This is the best present I could ever have...Freedom

Begun, The Cyber war has.
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Ruddy bloody excellent
caborn1222 December 2014
Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Chaucer - those are just some of the people who are left scrambling around on their backsides in the dust trail left behind by this film. I could attempt to rave further about it, but is simply hard to express to fellow mere mortals how sumptuous this film truly is. The film follows an overweight chap with pubic hair on his head and James Franco (that bloke you thought you recognised from that Wizard of Oz reboot thing a couple of years ago) as they, just a couple of pesky ne'er-do-wells, are tasked by the American version of MI6 to kill the leader of North Korea. Magnificent (and, to some undoubtedly, slightly erotic) joyous action ensues. I shall avoid spoilers but rest assured, the ending rivals that of Romeo and Juliet. I notice the inferior Shakespeare has had his work translated into pretty much every language on earth. I await the North Korean version with trouser-tingling anticipation.
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Less than mediocre, a sad product that failed to deliver any humor
finebeanies27 December 2014
I did not find this "comedy" to be funny. Awful from the start to the bitter end.

People will go and see it and it is a shame that for such a large audience the film delivers only juvenile humour, bad acting, stupidity at every turn and no intelligent message. Tasteless and violent sequences serve no purpose. The movie will make money and unfortunately more movies like this will be made by Hollywood.

I understand and support why the movie had to be shown but unfortunately it is an opportunity missed to treat the topic with some intelligence.
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Watched it online for free, wasn't really worth it.
mbphoto727 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you are the kind of person who thinks that 138 consecutive gay dick jokes or references told on an 8-year-old's poop joke level of intellectual humor might be funny, then this movie is probably a sidebuster. Otherwise it is pretty lame. Other than the Eminem cameo and the tiger scene, there was little to laugh about. The few funny scenes scattered throughout the movie are not really worth the sit-through.

The magic that Rogen and Franco may have had in movies like Pineapple Express is diminished. Or maybe I just didn't have enough weed to sit through this and actually enjoy it. No, weed probably won't help with this one.

This is more of a have-to-see-because-everyone-else-is-talking-about-it kind of movie. Don't expect too many laughs.
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The hack was not to prevent "free speech", but to protect mankind of this atrocity
hoztas8328 December 2014
Never had written anything on IMDb, after watching this movie for 30 minutes i felt compelled to protect others of this delusion.

This is by far the worst "comedy" i have ever seen, probably written by a 11 year old sexually frustrated boy. Everything in this movie i could predict at the beginning of the scene.

I read some positive reviews on IMDb and could not stop thinking about this scene in idiocray ( about people in the future being so dumb, they enjoy watching an farting ass for 90 minutes (farting ass movie is haute culture compared to this).

After seeing this movie i hoped the hack was just an excuse not to release this embarrassing peace of crap.

I normally am a advent believer in free speech, after seeing this shitty movie i think there are somethings people should be protected against (pun intended).
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Instant Classic
bosozoku25 December 2014

Saw the first showing of "The Interview" on Christmas Day, and I'm very glad I did. Franco, Rogan, and Park create an unpredictable 3-way bromance with heart, energy, and more than a few subversive jabs at both North Korean and American culture.

Yes the plot is ridiculous. And to paraphrase a line from the movie, yes some of the humor is "lowbrow with a capital 'low.'" But it's the funniest of 41 movies I've seen in theaters in 2014 (so far.)

My advice: if you want to see a truly funny over-the-top farce, go see "The Interview."
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