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Entertaining for what it is
cardsrock29 April 2020
If you have low expectations going into this movie, you'll enjoy it a lot more. Yes, it is ridiculous, but it's also pretty funny and has some decent commentary on the world. It can be a little too over the top at times, but this is a film that doesn't take itself too seriously and you shouldn't either.
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The Interview: An Actual Honest Review
sweetboyy_9925 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Interview has created a lot of crazy rumors and a lot of things have been making this movie one of the biggest happenings this year. A lot of speculations were made when Sony got hacked and they suspected that North Korea was behind it. This generated a lot of interest for the movie and people were talking about it over and over again. So, after several threats they decided to pull the movie from all theaters. Later on, they decided to release it for streaming purposes, and that's how we finally got to watch the hard work that was put into The Interview.

Let's get to the IMDb rating first; they are obviously fakes and there are even people on 4chan telling everyone to rate the movie a 10. This is really just to give the creators of the movie the support and love they need after suffering this sad conflict. Also, it is a great opportunity to actually show movie distribution companies that putting movies earlier to watch at home too streaming, WHILE running in cinema will generate A LOT of money.

I got the opportunity to watch this, and I figured, what the heck, it's only 5,99 USD, so why not give it a shot, since everybody is talking about this film. Honest opinion now, a lot of reviews here are fake, by people who has NOT seen the movie. So here's your opportunity to actually read an HONEST review.

The movie is in no way perfect by all means, but it does have it's surprisingly funny and shocking moments. Yes, the movie is overloaded with toilet humor and profanity, but it does not necessarily make it a bad movie. I found a lot of the jokes mildly amusing and I chuckled through almost the whole movie with some laugh out loud-moments too. The chemistry between Franco and Rogen is perfect and they always work well together when it comes to acting. The story has set a goal in movie history, and Rogen actually had the ba lls to mock a world leader. I adore Seth's hard work into this movie and I adore everyone else who were part of this project. It's a shame that people get so butt-hurt over a f****nag comedy film. While skeptical about the movie itself, seeing as Rogen's humor is childish and contains a lot of toilet humor and continuous jokes, I found myself enjoying the whole film. The script was very well written, the characters felt real and it had the perfect blend of humor, action and drama. (and a little bit of romance, too) I found both Franco's and Rogen's performance to be flawless and the chemistry they have on screen is wonderful, making this a very believable film. However, I found Franco's character to be a little annoying, but I guess that's what they aimed for. Franco's character felt a little flawed because at one moment, he acted like he was retarded, and then the other second he's starting to act like he's some kind of Sherlock Holmes. This was a minor problem to me, but I kind of wish that they would have worked on Franco's character a little more and made him to be more believable, in my honest opinion he was annoyingly stupid and almost too stupid, even though that was what they were aiming for. They made Seth's character seem so much more intelligent than Franco. I have no idea what they were trying to do but in my personal opinion it always bothered me.

The scenes where Franco got to meet Kim Jong Un were truly amazing, but at the same time, quite awkward. Even though Kim is the bad guy, you couldn't help but feel bad for him. They actually made him a misunderstood individual, just like Franco's character, and I found that to be very funny and clever. As for the actor playing Kim, he does an amazing job and he does not waste any of his acting talents. You actually believe him as a person and that makes the movie a sh*t load better.

I do not want to spoil the movie for you, but what I can tell you is that this surely is worth a watch at home. I would not have been pleased if it was a theatrical film, but if you're just looking for a funny film, with lots of shock humor, and Rogen humor screaming all over it, this is your choice. Turn of your brain, maybe take a beer and enjoy the movie as it is.

Summary: The Interview was a pleasant surprise with believable character development, an interesting plot that only gets better after the second half, with plenty of toilet humor and gags that do not fail to amuse. This will most likely be the most anticipated movie of the year, or at least of 2015, causing the trouble it did, making more people interested in what made this movie so threatening and offensive to North Koreans. Sit down, grab a beer and enjoy. It is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, meaning you should not take it seriously. It is a great effort from both Rogen and Franco, and I recommend this film to everyone who can actually take a joke AND has a sense of humor, especially those who likes the type of humor Rogen has been featuring these past years.

The movie deserves a strong 7 out of 10. Hopefully, the fake ratings will be reset and The Interview will have an average rating of about 7-8.
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"That was a gift from Stalin." "In our country, we pronounce that Stallone"
paul-allaer25 December 2014
"The Interview" (2014 release; 112 min.) brings the story of how an entertainment reporter Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (played by Seth Rogen) get an opportunity to interview Kim Jong-un. the "Supreme Leader" of North Korea. As the movie opens, we see a young girl (maybe 7 or 8) sing a patriotic song for North Korean officials. The song turns hilariously into an anti-America rant. Soon thereafter, we see Skylark interview Eminem (another hilarious scene). When Skylark and Rapoport find out that Jng-un is a big fan of the show, they manage an invite to North Korea. The CIA then pays a visit and convinces the guys that they need to "take out" Jong-un. At this point we're barely 20 min. into the movie but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience.

Couple of comments: at this point as much needs to be said about the events surrounding the limited release of the movie as about the movie itself. Let's start with the movie itself: first and foremost, I had heard and read mixed things about the movie, so when my (grown) kids and I went to see it on Christmas day, I had pretty low expectations. Turns out the movie is actually not nearly as bad as I had been led the believe. Yes, there is stupid "potty" humor and yes, it's all very much over the top. But there are zingers left and right that will have you smile if not laugh out loud. One of the many, many examples: when Jong-un and Skylark are taking a tour of Jong-un's place, at some point they come across a huge tank. Comments Jong-un: "That was a gift to my grandfather by Stalin". Replies Skylark: "in our country, we pronounce that Stallone", ha! And on and on. Randall Park as Kim Jong-un is outstanding. Kudos also to Set Rogen, who also co-rwote and co-directed the movie.

As to the limited release, I at first was horrified that Sony gave in to the threats, but felt better when the limited Christmas day release was announced. The movie played on one screen at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati, and it's a good thin I had bought tickets on-line beforehand, as the matinée screening was sold out (as were all other screenings, apparently). The crowd was really into it, laughing and hollering and whooping it up. When the end titles started rolling, the crowd even gave an applause. In all, this truly was a "movie event", and all three of us were very happy we were part of it. "The Interview" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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It's so dumb, I love it.
ni6hant4 March 2020
This is a perfect example of a very good execution. The movie is directed and produced and acted so beautifully that you forgive it for every plot holes, every stupid thing that doesn't make any sense in this movie at all.

You enjoy this movie because it's fun and will forgive it's downsides because as Glenn Holland said in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus (1995): "Playing music is supposed to be fun. It's about heart, it's about feelings, moving people, and something beautiful, and it's not about notes on a page. I can teach you notes on a page, I can't teach you that other stuff." Similarly making a movie like this is supposed to be fun.
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Really funny!
Med-Jasta3 March 2020
Sure there are some moments that are too over the top or that go on for too long but all in all really funny. James Franco as the idiot is really good. Reminded me of South Park with their take on a dictator. How do you make fun of them? Turn them into everything they hate.

Of course this movie isn't Wag the Dog or some smart political commentary or satire movie because it was never intended to be. It's a comedy from Seth Rogan. That miserable SOB Kim Jon Un just turned it into that. As he should be offended since his country doesn't have freedom of speech and I'm sure he's never been criticized in his entire life. I only wish that they made fun of how fat that pathetic little man is, because that's such an easy target and beyond the hair adds to his goofy unthreatening, ungodly appearance. Really a missed opportunity, the fact that he says that he doesn't pee or poop and that he is a God and that he is really fat is too funny. you wonder if because he doesn't have to go to the bathroom that it's still inside of him and that's why he's such a fat piece of crap.
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Dumb and Dumber do The Interview
SteveMierzejewski25 December 2014
For the sake of film criticism, I will pretend that I watched the film without the political maelstrom that has raised it to a level of interest that it would otherwise never have attained.

This is the typical mass produced, lowbrow, comedy that Hollywood cranks out to appeal to 15-year-old boys. There are a few slapstick laughs in the tradition of the Three Stooges that break the monotony. I would not elevate the film to the level of a satire as that would imply that there was some intelligent thought behind it. There is not. All the humor, both physical and verbal, is completely obvious. It will not go down in history as one of the great comedies, which is probably what upset Kim Jung Un the most.

The attempts to make political observations are all based on time-worn points (people are starving, Kim is not a god). The sections that imply Kim has psychological problems may be more irritating to the regime. Most of the attempted humor deals with Kim fighting his homophobia and dealing with a father who gave him little support.

There is no need to comment on the acting as there really is none. No one will win an Oscar nomination here. The story is predictable: You can guess what will happen before you begin watching it. It's the kind of film you watch to see a few gags and, maybe, get a few laughs. They will be very few, indeed, unless you are 15 or under. However, knowing the media attention that this film has received, it is unlikely a poor review will stop anyone from watching it. Just remember, I warned you.
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Honestly hilarious.
rprince-832-629424 December 2014
-The Interview, maybe you have heard of it, follows two idiots, played by James Franco and Seth Rogan, who host a talk show, when one day they are invited to interview Kim Jong-un. This prompts the CIA to recruit the two to 'take out' the leader of North Korea.

-I was happy to watch The Interview just to support the film industry really, but it turns out that it came with a pretty hilarious film! -The story, mainly the concept, does not wear out like Let's Be Cops, but actually gets better and better.

-The pace is pretty good and the film does not waste time. I did feel like one scene dragged, but one out of an entire film is not too bad! -The acting is especially funny with James Franco and Randall Park, who played Kim. However Seth Rogan just played the SAME. FREAKING. CHARACTER. Yeah I hate him. Anyway.

-The music was very Tarantino-esque, therefore I loved it.

-The film had me laughing right off the bat and, aside from some parts that just weren't funny, was generally hilarious throughout. Even the ending was funny, satisfying, and overall well done.

-The biggest negative is the content. It is a Seth Rogan comedy, so it is rated R. It is not that violent and only has some very brief, distant nudity. However, there is a lot of language in the film. There are some pretty iffy jokes, but it's mainly just language throughout that gives it its rating.

-So if you don't mind language and are looking for an actually funny film that is entertaining and takes an original concept to great use, The Interview is totally worth seeing in thea- oh wait, nevermind. Well you can rent it on YouTube, to it is worth that! I would honestly give The Interview an 8/10. No joke.
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Some Wicked Fun!
namashi_125 December 2014
Despite the doomed controversy surrounding it, 'The Interview' is a pretty cool & funny film, that deserved a wider release. Its limited release may restrict its appeal, but I'd suggest anyone who wants to laugh on Christmas, should check this one out.

'The Interview' Synopsis: Dave Skylark and producer Aaron Rapoport run the celebrity tabloid show "Skylark Tonight." When they land an interview with a surprise fan, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, they are recruited by the CIA to turn their trip to Pyongyang into an assassination mission.

'The Interview' has its share of hiccups. Firstly, the concept itself, would raise eye-brows & the sequences involving the dictator, are quite shocking, even though its told in all good humor. One more thing, the excessive violence in the narrative puts off you. The bloodshed could've easily been calmer.

But on the plus side, 'The Interview' is quite a joyride! Seth Rogen's Story, is nicely complimented by a mostly laugh-out-loud Screenplay Written by Dan Sterling. There are moments of pure hilarity, as well as moments involving shocking dialogue. Rogen & Evan Goldberg's Direction is perfect. Cinematography is awesome. Editing is rightly done. Art Design is excellent.

Performance-Wise: Rogen is in very good form, delivering above expectations. James Franco is a complete riot. His over-the-top, loud performance as the self-obsessed TV-Anchor, brings the house down on numerous occasions. Lizzy Caplan is first-rate. Randall Park is another topper as the megalomaniac dictator. His scenes with Franco, are truly funny. Diana Bang is stupendous, she unknowingly steals the show!

On the whole, 'The Interview' has moments of shock & gore, but there is also a lot of humor in here, that does the trick.
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Great movie.
rdoubleoc21 July 2019
This is an instant classic, and I'll remember it forever.

Agent Lacey is hot, also. She's definitely one of the best characters.
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Not bad at all
alci35025 December 2014
Reading all the bad comments, I was expecting something in style of Borat or Dumb and dumberer to. Or some sort of embarrassing Ben Stiller humor. Those are uncomfortable to watch. But not this, not by a long shot.

This was actually pretty okey. It wasn't some crappy humor at all, but a comedy trying to be realistic, as much as it can be for a satirical comedy. I've had quiet a few loud laughs. And I was surprised it was actually very entertaining from the beginning to the end.

I'm thinking these bad reviews either come from the North Koreans, the Chinese or people who were expecting something on a Lord Of The Rings level masterpiece.

Watch and enjoy!
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Enjoyable if you like Rogan/Franco comedies.
PyroSikTh26 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was fully prepare to be disappointed with this movie. It's garnered a lot of hype recently and for all that to be about nothing would be a big shame. Thing is though, it's a Rogan/Franco comedy. If you've seen the likes of Pineapple Express and This is the End, you know exactly what to expect. The Interview is no different really. The plot is simple yet outrageous; an interview show is invited to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-Un, but the CIA butts in and asks them to assassinate him. Franco and Rogan then blunder around failing to assassinate him and get themselves in ridiculous situations.

The single most important element to The Interview is whether or not it's funny. It is. Well, I found it funny any way. The humour is very crude for the most part. There's lots of sexual jokes, lots of gay jokes. I'm not usually a fan of crude humour as I feel it's lazy, but Rogan always manages to write imaginative crude jokes that are genuinely funny. There's also a little bit of slapstick, and a lot of over-the-top B-Movie type humour, especially once the action scenes come in and you're left laughing at the gore. Most of The Interview is, of course, poking fun at Kim Jong-Un though. They paint him up as a closet homosexual with daddy issues, and escalate all the humour around that (Kim's helicopter blowing up in slow motion to the soundtrack of Katy Perry's acoustic version of Firework is priceless, because of all the build-up behind it).

With comedies, there isn't really much else to mention. The actors performances all revolve around being funny and delivering the jokes unwaveringly, which The Interview achieves. There usually isn't much else to these movies. However, The Interview does have a bit of visual flair to talk about. It's choice of locations are perfect, making you feel like they're in North Korea. The slow-motion at the end is not only hilarious, but beautiful to watch on a technical level. The production design and costuming is also top-notch, recreating famous scenes from the area, such as the neutral no-man's-land between the borders and the blue huts that sit there. The Interview is a well-shot, well-made movie that makes sure it sticks out from the rest.

The biggest problem I had with the movie, however, is Randall Park as Kim Jong-Un. He's a funny guy who brings a much needed gravitas to the role. Thing is, he doesn't remotely look like Kim Jong-Un. I'm pretty certain they could've picked an actor with a better resemblance. The other problem is his accent. He sounds like an American. It almost undermines all the mocking of the character.

So there we have it. I have seen The Interview and I wasn't particularly disappointed. It won't rock your socks off, that's guaranteed. It's not even the best Rogan/Franco team-up, but it is pretty funny and a perfectly enjoyable way to waste a couple of hours (if you can get hold of it). I give The Interview a good 7/10.
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The Best Kind of Comedy: Relevant, Uplifting
johnnymonsarrat25 December 2014
Mel Brooks said it best. He's the Jewish comedian who wrote The Producers, the movie and Broadway play that features a Hitler impersonator. He said that some topics are so traumatic that they can only be explored through comedy.

In the same way, The Interview takes an important issue of our time and satirizes it without becoming dark. North Korea is essentially a death camp for its millions of citizens, and the main plot focuses on bringing down the dictator a peg or two.

To my delight, I not only laughed out loud, but had prolonged laughter where I could not believe what was happening on the screen. The film is not just a satire, it is genuinely funny.

You have to expect a certain kind of comedy from Seth Rogen: it's enormously intelligent, yet also full of dick jokes. That contradiction is resolved through the personalities of two best friends, ignoble interviewers, who get the chance to visit North Korea, and then are approached by the CIA to do something noble.

There could have been more foreshadowing in the film, for example in the romance subplot and in a build-up to the climax, but otherwise was excellent. The starvation of the North Koreans is satirized but without a dark scene showing the misery, keeping it a comedy. The mission to kill off Kim Jung Il goes awry immediately and the film heads into territory that you will not expect.

It would have been easy to make this a fictional dictator, but keeping it real makes the film relevant and even important. Too many people turn their eyes away from this important topic. Not only is a comedy the best way to discuss such the horrors of totalitarianism in a mainstream way, it may be the only way.
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Forced situations, shock value & "Never go full retard."
heaan-lasai25 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The premise and subject for this movie gave the writers the opportunity for an entertaining future cult film. It could have been an entertaining political satire, the possibilities were endless. Additionally the media attention could have made for a legendary movie. Alas, no such luck. Lazy writing turned this film into a waste of a good afternoon. The entire film consists of forced situations, stupidity and shock value humour. Forced situations; When done smoothly situational humour can be very entertaining, but here the writers seem to have been too lazy to set up each situation smoothly. Instead they just force each situation into existence. Full retard; Some stupidity can often be humorous, but never go full retard. Here the main character Dave here cannot recognize a tiger, and describes it as "a strange big stripy orange dog". Apparently that's supposed to be funny. Shock value humour; Shock value is seldom entertaining, and it's a hallmark of lazy writing. When Dave isn't "going full retard" he is yelling profanities like how his genitals smell like guacamole. Aides from these themes there is nothing humorous in this flick. Save your time and money, watch something else.
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Better than the neighbors and this is the end. James Francos best movie yet
misterphilipj26 December 2014
From start to finish this film is witty fresh and original. The chemistry between Franco and Rogan was fluid as ever, leading to a light and easily digestible comedy leaving me wanting for more.

There are five or six scenes that could make this one an all time classic, which I think could happen with the Adam Sandler flick blended from this year as well as this is the end. But this one is in a whole different league from both of those because it pushes new boundaries and explores new topics which most others have been scared to reach.

Many quotable lines come back to mind such as honeydicked and in America we call it Stallone. About 100 others that will more than likely make its way into everyday language and slang.

The political slants and angles were not over the top and not in any way in my opinion too unfair or politically incorrect. Both sides of the story were presented with facts to let the viewer decide. A process of self discovery occurred for both the viewer and for Franco which made it an intellectual journey.

I Am not a cult follower of Rogan but enjoyed this film highly and hope for its success. Almost as good as team America :)
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The un-Comedy
thesar-224 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Dang, you were so close, Kim Jong-un. You failed at stopping probably the only comedy I've ever seen that could make The Love Guru incredibly funny.

The Interview should never have been conducted. Not with this talent. Awful were the "jokes," predictable were the set-ups and uninterested was the cast. Seth, James and everyone involved should've known better. Should've known most screenplays need more than one rewrite.

A lot of comedy premises take after ones before them; that's a given. The trick is to improve on them or at minimally least, add your own spin. None of that was present here. Heck, even the enormously lazy set-up (an old friend pushes our "hero" into serious news when all he's accustomed to is interviewing real-life guests and basically showing Shia LaBeouf'isms, but without any humor) takes all-but 10 seconds of screen time that sets him and his non-gay soul mate to interview the supreme leader of North Korea.

Yada, yada, these bumbling idiots – but not the funny, on-screen kinds we're used to, especially from Franco and Rogen – get "trained" by the CIA to assassinate said leader.

I cannot count how many scenes that were humorless, but suffice to say, it's from minute one to the over-long conclusion at just under two hours. But, unbelievably worse than that, not one actor in this movie looked happy to be there. They were merely here to cash a paycheck… one that might not have come to pass due to all the real-life threats.

Speaking of those threats and hacks and controversy…seriously, attacking this terrible movie only drew the worst kind of attention back to the attackers: proving the movie right. I really wouldn't want to be on this movie's side, even for a split second, but attempting to block this movie and trying to prove to the world you're the opposite of how they portrayed you in this very movie, is so very funny.

Maybe the only thing funny at all about this bomb.

* * *

Final thoughts: Oh, and even if the movie was near-masterpiece level, threatening human lives over one person's art and fiction telling, is what makes me ashamed of the human race. I am very troubled that, even with the multitudes of progress our kind has made since I was born, I strongly doubt I will live to see the day that we become even a tenth of our potential. The Star Trek universe of humans actually working together for a common goal, for the common good, is fictional, but oh so desired.
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The First Comedy In A While That Made Me Laugh!
TheHoodOfSwords1 January 2020
First off, I will start by saying I usually don't watch comedies because I never laugh at them. This movie however had me laughing the most I have been at a comedy in at least half a year. The movie starts off very comedic-ally centered, but in the second and third act it becomes much more of a action movie. Which I actually enjoy. I look at this movie as a movie, not as any of the controversy surrounding it.

Seth Rogen and James Franco are brilliant in this film, and the movie pokes fun at both North Korea and the USA. The movie tries to make the audience realize the type of news and media they are consuming.
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Very Funny But Underrated
StevenKind9711 January 2015
Overall I did enjoy this film I did get a few good laughs out of it. But what mainly drew me to watching this film was all of the controversy that was surrounding it. This movie is a comedy but it shows us how North Korea is ran by a crazy manipulative man. I did enjoy this film it was very funny and shows us about Kim Jong Un and North Korea. Seth Rogan and James Franco Played excellent roles and so did Diana Bang on her role. And Randall Park did a great job portraying Kim Jong Un in a comedic way. This film is definitely a funny movie but I have seen movies that have given me more laughs than this. Its ashamed that this movie did not get that much time in theaters but it made plenty of money on digital purchases.
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some hilarity but not as funny as I hoped
SnoopyStyle8 June 2015
Dave Skylark (James Franco) is a celebrity interviewer with his tabloid TV show "Skylark Tonight" run by producer Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen). World tension is rising as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un (Randall Park) test missiles that can hit the American west coast. The Times reports that he's a fan of Skylark Tonight and Dave wants to do an interview. CIA Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) recruits them to assassinate him. Seth Rogen as straight man isn't as funny as his usual self. James Franco is funny as a stupid idiot. Diana Bang has some funny moments. The movie has some hilarious moments but it is not as densely packed with comedy as I hoped.
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Nice marketing technique
alcosta-197-77444228 December 2014
Having watched this movie, I can completely understand why the producers decided to come up with the idea that north Korea stole blah blah Because that would be the only way to make this boring piece of trash anyway interesting.

Gay jokes all around packed up with a totally silly plot line to which I only laughed once, until I got so fed up I just left.

Do yourself a favor and don't pay for something which North Korea or anyone for that matter would not spend a minute of its time trying to hack.

All and all, just a publicity stunt for a very undeserving movie
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Waste of time
korona198427 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, where do we start with this one? Obviously I watched this film knowing what kind of attention had been drawn to it, from crazy Korean hackers, terrorists threatening to bomb theatres to the US president himself. I really hoped that after all the hype it would live up to expectations. And it failed miserably. Cheap humour, jokes and dialogues below criticism most of the time, acting...well, what kind of acting would you expect if the script is not there, the list goes on. Finally, very predictable and flat story, with a major twist easy enough to predict for a 10-year old. But worst of all - the rating. Have you people lost your marbles?! I honestly wanted to give it a 4/10 and before I went on IMDb I was expecting it to be overrated at, say 6/10, but well over 8?! And we're talking over 70 000 votes! This is an insult to cinematography and any intelligent viewer alike that such a piece of garbage should get a score of 8+. It's just unreal. Therefore I'm giving it a 1/10 in a hope that the rating will be quickly brought down to where it actually belongs. It's amazing that only because the film has a political nature, people are willing to rate it so high. Rate it for what it is, don't fool other people into paying to actually see this.
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Sorta reminds me of Python's Life of Brian
rzajac27 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Interview has at least one key thing in common with Life of Brian. They both reflect a need for people who assemble boffo stuff to eventually get around to taking on the Big Dogs. With the Python, it was the life of Christ; and with Rogen, it's geopolitics and heavy power.

And, en route, both parties manage to hit a few high points. In Brian, the Python boys managed to cleverly address some important stuff; like, that there were scads of apocalyptic "prophets" to choose from in Jesus's time, and that the Romans had brought very clever urban planning to yet-another benighted region. And, of course, that unsightly mutations of historical "fact" may begin to occur much closer to the actual events than one might like to believe.

So, what do Rogen, hit upon? Besides, that is, ((spoiler!)) the comely state-appointed hostess?

For one thing, Franco's over-the-top comedic chops are delightful. And I was delighted to see them plied in service to a timely message for the American media circus, to wit: Thinking that the world can be changed for the better by feeding the American masses faith-/emotion-based tearjerking pablum can only happen in a wacky, zany, vehicle/buddy comedy tidbit movie.

Hmmm. Was there something else? Well, not really. The Interview is, actually, a high-production-values, self-indulgent mess: But that's not much of a surprise. Although I do harbor some respect for Rogen and his coterie, he has yet to rise more than a little above mere shock appeal. There are many examples of "low" humor that manage to throw out very challenging ideas--of which Life of Brian is a good example. Certain cuts of Bad Santa would also fill that bill.

So, what _is_ funny about The Interview? It's interesting that Franco manages to single-handedly provide about 90% of real comedic character chops. I don't follow Franco, but this viewing provides a hint as to why he makes the big bucks. Put the man in front of a camera and he lights up and pays off in silver dollars. It might be worth watching the flick just for that.

I give this flick a '7' because, without the production values and Franco, it would have rated a '5' from me.
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People are really stupid. Great movie for it's category
Mrjafa129 January 2015
Reading some of these reviews and I find myself looking for a pair of pliers to help some of these people remove the stick out of their ass. To note, I only made an account for this review because I was afraid some people may get the wrong idea about this movie. No, it will not win an Oscar, no it will not have an Oscar winning actor. Was Chevy Chase, Chris Farley, Eddie Murray, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Will ferrel did a any of them win an Oscar? No, however were their movies not one of the funniest of their time? Exactly. Seth and James will not win an Oscar because the committee doesn't rate comical aspects. However this movie is hilarious. Without being one of the "typical" comedy type movies that have come out recently. It's different comical aspects then what has been common in movie cinema in the past year. Obviously it's a comedy, and in the category of comedy movies it will rank as one of the higher ones. When you watch this movie you expect that. It's not a Beautiful Mind or Titanic. It's a comedy, and a damn funny one at that. When you watch a comedy you want to laugh, and this movie will make you laugh. End of story. Please don't listen to those who critique this movie as if it is a nominees for a best movie award.
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Instant Classic
bosozoku25 December 2014

Saw the first showing of "The Interview" on Christmas Day, and I'm very glad I did. Franco, Rogan, and Park create an unpredictable 3-way bromance with heart, energy, and more than a few subversive jabs at both North Korean and American culture.

Yes the plot is ridiculous. And to paraphrase a line from the movie, yes some of the humor is "lowbrow with a capital 'low.'" But it's the funniest of 41 movies I've seen in theaters in 2014 (so far.)

My advice: if you want to see a truly funny over-the-top farce, go see "The Interview."
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A serious review
joshua-303-9277824 December 2014
I don't usually enjoy films in the Seth Rogen genre, so I had low expectations for The Interview. The movie is better than I expected. It's not as vulgar and trashy as I was expecting.

The plot is stupid, and makes no effort to conceal that fact. It's quite watchable, despite a slowdown midway through.

Seth Rogen is basically hilarious every time he's on screen, as much as it pains me to admit that. James Franco -as others have do doubt pointed out- is insufferable. He's plain annoying and unlikeable.

This otherwise quite ordinary film will be viewed through the curious lens of foreign relations. It serves as an unwitting example of Western culture. The good, and the bad.
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just bad
tinovalkki27 December 2014
Making comedy is a hard thing to do well. Especially when we speak about political comedy. You can make political comedy in slap-stick style, if you know how, but then we speak about masterpieces like Charlie Chaplin's Dictator. The Interview won't get even near to that. All that bad humor may make you laugh if you are six years old, but normal audience even with a little sense of humor this is more like an insult. I wonder how they got James Franco and Seth Rogen to get involved with this. Just reading a script would keep any actor avoiding this kind of garbage. Maybe they have some terns of agreement with Sony Pictures which obligates them to do something like this between real projects, I wonder. All the speak about hacking Sony Pictures must be some panic marketing after getting evaluation of test audience screening just to maximize the profit out of it. Not even the government of North-Korea could be so stupid to make such efforts. I wonder how they got President Obama involved this marketing campaign? Maybe he got few Sony Pictures shares in his pocket. I am not a huge fan of comedy, but even slap-stick humor can make with some style. This piece of junk mostly insults of it's audience.
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