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I kinda thought it would be a stinker - NOT!
kenfromcanada20 August 2016
In my experience when a movie changes its title - it is a sign of bad things to come. so approaching viewing this one, I had no high hopes. Being on the older side of many members here, I admit I didn't really recognize the actors by name - as I started to watch I did know a few. The story line is not new, SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT, when the location changes from the U.S. to where the majority of the movies takes place, it gets better. The setting is beautiful, the plot takes time to get to the 'action', but, it does, and it doesn't stink! I am an easy reviewer, I just like to be entertained, and having no great expectations, this was a very entertaining movie.
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Really Entertaining
jimbobmowerman14 September 2016
I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie and I don't usually post up reviews but having checked out its current score on IMDb I feel that this film has been really underrated. I think people expect every film unless it's Disney to have some life affirming moral tale or have to have some deep purpose but if you want to be entertained for an hour and a half, this is really worth a watch. The actors are fairly unknown but that makes the film more interesting for me as they're all very charismatic and watchable. The cinematography, the beautiful Scottish island setting and the soaring music readily take you through the story of these spoilt kids finding themselves at the hands of Ed Westwick's band of gun wielding baddies. It's not not a horror so don't expect to be hiding behind the sofa and don't expect it to change the world but it's an enjoyable film and a lovely surprise find. I'd recommend it to anyone.
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TheTopDawg24 August 2016
Once again I am shocked at the low 5.3 average score for this movie.

I'm hoping once people read my review, they will rate this movie appropriately.

I gave this one a 9. Why? Because you can't compare apples to oranges. What I mean by that is a movie needs to be rated on the investment/production value as well as entertainment.

Let me explain; Let's take Barber Shop 2 as an example (that has a 5.9 average). It has how many top rated actors (how many DON'T you know?) as well as a 20 million budget (which went where exactly?). Yet it was boring, biased, stupid, NOT funny etc...

Now take this movie... I didn't recognize any actors, budget was clearly low as it wasn't even disclosed, yet the story line was great, acting was good, the scenery was amazing, and I was pleasantly entertained!

If a movie has a high budget with A-list actors and top directors/producers and is terrible, it deserves a low score.

But going into a movie that is a B type movie with no name actors (of which the acting was not bad at all) and is made well and is entertaining, it needs to be rated appropriately!

So hopefully everyone else who sees this enjoys it as much as I did and rates it accordingly.
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Two Movies in One
Lou241312 October 2016
I felt the film didn't know what it wanted to be. It's set up to be a heist film, but it spends the majority of the time detailing the experience of these billionaire kids out in the wild and their journey of enlightenment and becoming better people.

The film does a good job when it's focused on the kids, but then you're pulled out of the story with snippets of the group planning the heist and it feels disjointed. Suddenly, you remember it's a heist/ransom situation and that's almost disappointing. I could easily watch a film about this group of trust fund babies learning what it's like to be free and to want something more than their previous lives.

The dichotomy of the film is its weakness. The two parts would have been great as separate movies. However, it is still very much a watchable film.
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Lol, nizzo!
phoongdan19 August 2018
So a teenager rich kid from the Hamptons with one week of survival training can take down a commando hand to hand?! Lol, no!
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The first hour spoils it
Leofwine_draca26 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
TAKE DOWN is a British B-movie thriller with a hackneyed premise and execution, feeling very much like a film such as WILDERNESS but without the professional sheen. This one was shot on the Isle of Man, where a training boot camp for disaffected youth is attacked by a group of machine gun-touting mercenaries keen on kidnap. Wouldn't you know it, the kids soon put their survival skills to the test and go up against the bad guys in the stunning countryside. Some amusement is evoked by the presence of a number of familiar TV stars playing the adult roles; I spotted seemingly half of HOLBY CITY here alongside actors from BLACK SAILS and SPARTACUS, but none of them have very much to work with, which is a disappointment. The film is also way too long, with little happening in the first hour; it only really kicks off in the last half hour, with some not-bad heroics, but by then it's too little, too late.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Billionaire Ransom
burlesonjesse516 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Every trouper in Billionaire Ransom (my latest review), is virtually unknown to me. I mean I have never seen any of these people in any other movies. Oh well, at least the producers got some of them to look like actual celebrities. Lead actor Jeremy Sumptor, is pretty much a cross between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Phillippe. Curly locked Phoebe Tonkin, is a dead ringer for Rebecca Gayheart. Lastly, villain Billy Speck (played by Ed Westwick) sure does give off the whole Justin Timberlake vibe.

Anyway, "Billionaire" plays like two separate films altogether. The first hour is all about spoiled, rich kids being taken to a remote, reform school as opposed to going to jail. The last 40-50 minutes are about these same Richie Rich, twentysomethings trying to escape hardened criminals who want to hold them hostage at the same darn school.

Echoing 1993's Cliffhanger, Ransom, and The Maze Runner, Billionaire Ransom is by turns violent, bloody, and unabating. It has moments of suspense and relegated strain. However, this British thriller is only mildly compelling compared to Mel Gibson's 1996 hit and Sly Stallone's backyard brawl of an actioner.

Released in August, filmed in Wales which is made to look like Scotland, and originally titled Take Down, "Billionaire" hasn't found much of an audience. Based on its current box office state, it might not find much of one on DVD either. Sadly, the budget constraints, the nameless cast, and the action movie clichés might be to blame (I hate it when law enforcement conveniently arrives after everyone has been shooting at each other and bodies are already lying on the ground).

In regards to "Billionaire's" character development, well the actor/actress portrayals are unlikable, snide, and defensed. We're talking about young protagonists here and their wealthy parents. These are the people you're inclined to root for. The hostage takers don't count. They're supposed to be vexatious for Pete's sake.

As for "Billionaire's" look, undoubtedly it's ultramodern and lush, with the scenery of counterfeit Northern Isles really taking over. The film's musical score by trip hop band Hybrid, makes it all feel Bourne-like as things stir along at a breakneck pace.

All in all, Billionaire Ransom senses to be a bit uneven until the gun- filled, second act takes over. And it has a slight twist at the end that almost feels like filler (a rich kid's brother makes a few secret phone calls to the bad guys, hint hint). Bottom line: Based on everything I have just written, the whiff of a rental is exactly what you'll get with Billionaire Ransom. I give it a two and a half star "payoff". Ha!
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Very comedy
dvm-973-26618424 September 2018
Hey, hart man u kill my best soldier, now cone to home, lol, this movie is suitable for angry childs 😂
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Thoroughly enjoyed
kimbordeleau25 January 2018
I enjoyed this one which was a pleasant surprise, actors were not known to me but they did a great job. Great setting.
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Better than i expected..
BatmanFunReviews20181 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Students at a reforming school for rebellious rich kids take matters into their own hands after the campus is taken hostage by a group of criminals. Take Down is the kind of movie where it immediately gets released on DVD and you expect it to suck thankfully the movie is not as bad as i thought but it's not amazing either of course first what i liked about the movie the most was Phoebe Tonkin as Amy she gave a pretty good performance and she wasn't only just a pretty face she could actually fight as well, Ed Westwick was also pretty good and i wish that Sebastian Koch had a much larger role than that now as far as the whole story goes it wasn't something special since it copied many stuff from either The Hunger Games or The Condemned plus i think that some characters could be flashed out much better but other than that it was an enjoyable little film not more. (6/10)
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Show me my son
nogodnomasters31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Kyle Hartmann (Jeremy Sumpter) is the spoiled son of a billionaire. After he wreaks his primo Mustang and leaves Amy Tilton (Phoebe Tonkin) for dead, his dad (Sebastian Koch) gets angry and sends him off to billionaire larvae boot camp with the GD Finkelsteen kid on remote Schottland Island with other billionaire kids who need adjustment. And Amy didn't die, she is there to remind him that... Kyle is "Branded, scorned as the one who ran. What do you do when you're branded, and you know you're a man.Wherever you go, for the rest of your life. You must prove, you're a man." So in this episode, Jason McCord and the teens learn to survive in the woods and how to hunt and make traps.They bond and learn all kinds of stuff in about 5 minutes of movie time. They should have extended this part. So bad guy ransom kidnappers show up and tie up all the kids except for little Kyle....who "must prove he's a man." Sorry I had Branded lyrics running through my head the whole time I watched the you can too. It wasn't the tightest script with the best dialogue and acting, but I liked it more than say the second "Red Dawn," which isn't saying much. Just let the beer flow and play the Branded song on U-Tube.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. "Billionaire Ransom" and "Take Down" are the same film.
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Enjoyed this film
piper-0324214 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
quite enjoyed this film this evening. The unknown actors were quite,good, and the storyline was fairly entertaining. It is slightly predictable, in that the spoilt kids all mature, and some bits which didn't quite ring true. However, overall the story is quite convincing, and my son and I enjoyed it.

Also, the production, scenery, music etc was quite good.
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I liked it
msh-7281712 March 2017
The plot seemed trite when I read about the film.

But I liked it.

Women were beautiful.

Who cares if they can act.

My girlfriend can't.
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A scene too far
zlifb27 July 2017
Despite the contrived situation and "Survivors" production style, the story, the acting and the scenery keep things moving along ... until the last section when it all falls in a big heap, as if they ran out of time, money or inspiration.

Little and not-so-little inconsistencies in the plot accumulate steadily, gradually becoming more noticeable. I'm happy to suspend reality for a creative tale, well told, so long as whatever takes place is reasonably credible within the context of the story. Take things too far, though, and those inconsistencies become distracting. Reality reasserts itself and the moment is lost.

FWIW I suggest you stop watching when the FBI becomes involved and imagine your own conclusion.
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