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MPAA Rated R for strong violent content, language throughout, some sexuality, drug material and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • One sex scene.
  • The first evening that Adam returns, he and his wife have sex.
  • "Oh, yeah, you're getting laid," Adam tells her.
  • They kiss and snuggle and they remember when they were "a couple of dumb and horny kids."
  • Adam says they're still dumb and horny, and Saskia reminds him that now they have a couple of kids.
  • When Saskia begins to realize the depths of Adam's depression and hurt, she buys a slinky nightgown and, essentially, seduces him, hoping to cheer him up
  • We see the two engaged in sexual activity.
  • But he begins to "hear" war noises and hallucinates about Saskia being shot in the head (imagined blood sprays on the ceiling above), obviously ending their lovemaking.
  • Will apparently showed Adam and Solo a pornographic video his betrothed had sent him, which they rib him about.
  • We hear a reference to masturbation as well.
  • Elsewhere, a naked woman walks around a house.
  • We hear a quip that alludes to gay sex in a church.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoots himself in the head with graphic results.
  • Some violent and disturbing scenes.
  • Dog loses and is put to die in the bush
  • I've already described in the introduction how one soldier was horrifically wounded.
  • Portions of that scene are repeated later on as well.
  • The man who was shot in the head didn't actually die
  • He survived, but lost (we're told) two inches from part of his brain, and he now sports a sizable scar along the side of his skull.
  • Other soldiers, both here and abroad, are not so lucky.
  • One apparently burns to death in a Humvee.
  • We see others pull his charred and smoking body from the vehicle in an effort to save his life.
  • Another shoots himself in the temple, and we see a spray of blood from a distance.
  • Still another nearly kills himself with a rifle.
  • A soldier, in the throes of playing a violent, war-based videogame and smelling food burning in the kitchen, goes temporarily insane
  • He starts breaking things, ripping doors off their hinges and, when his terrified wife locks him out of their bedroom, he begins pounding on the door, eventually breaking it
  • Another vet recalls how he drove his own girlfriend away
  • He woke up to find his hands around her neck, preparing to choke her to death.
  • Still another, while on a nighttime hunting trip, sees hallucinations of armed soldiers skulking through the woods
  • He accidentally falls asleep while his infant son sleeps on his chest
  • When he rolls over, the baby hits the floor and wakes up, obviously squalling.
  • Someone gets shot at by automatic weapons and nearly run over.
  • Pit bulls engage in organized fights at an apparent drug den
  • We see glimpses of two dogs battling, the ring filled with snarling and yelping and blood
  • The losing animal, still alive but very bloodied, is carried out and laid on the ground, alongside the corpses of other dead fighting dogs.
  • Solo rescues the canine, still living, and he and Adam (gorily) stitch the animal up.
  • Saskia finds a mental health questionnaire that Adam hid from her, discovering that he's having suicidal thoughts.
  • The two later go to an Army psychologist together
  • Adam suggests that finding a job might help him, and the psychologist agrees, telling him that there's an opening at an artillery range.
  • Saskia's horrified: Adam wants to kill himself, and you're sending him to a place filled with rifles?
  • Adam explains that, actually, it's a tank range, and it'd be pretty difficult for him to commit suicide with a tank.
  • We hear that Will was "blown up" seven times, surviving each explosion.
  • Adam vomits after a particularly terrible experience.
  • Adam has to help an injured vet urinate.


  • Many uses of "Fuck" and "Shit" along with some uses of the word "Cunt"
  • Nearly 100 f-words and more than 30 s-words spackle the dialogue.
  • We also hear "d--n," "h---," "p-ss," "f-g" and "n-gger."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some guys are seen at a bar drinking.
  • Solo repeatedly says that the Army saved his life, and we get a sense that's because it got him out of the drug culture
  • When his wife helps him fill out a mental health evaluation, they come to a question about whether Solo's drug use ever caused problems in their marriage.
  • Solo insists no, and when his wife reminds him that he was arrested four times for drug possession, Solo reminds her that they weren't married yet.
  • When Solo begins desperately searching for ways to self-medicate his PSTD, he dives into some rough streets in search of Ecstasy.
  • He eventually gets some (he sits, stoned on a couch, saying he feels much better), but in return he becomes an errand boy for a very unsavory businessman running guns or drugs or both.
  • He also perhaps drives while impaired.
  • After Will learns that his fiancée has left him, he goes out with Adam and Solo to a bowling alley, where they all apparently get drunk
  • Adam and Will return to his house, giggling and still obviously under the influence.
  • Adam drinks beer at a speedway, and he shares a few cold ones with an injured friend of his.
  • when Adam and Solo are standing in line to start the process of getting mental health evaluations, an officer recognizes Adam, walks up to him and tells him to reconsider. "Don't let these guys see you fold like this," he says. "It's bad for morale."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many disturbing scenes.

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